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 A sight like this was hard to come by, a crowd of people sitting all around the streets, cultivating, but it's hard to judge them. Every cultivator would not want to miss a chance like that.

Back in the Spirit Awakening Hall, four Shadow Guard members who were in the Spirit King Stage surrounded Liu Mei, as she continued absorbing massive amounts of Spirit Essence. Most of those in the hall, who were at Grandmaster stage and lower were also cultivating. Even the arrogant Zhen Ping was sitting cross-legged and cultivated. He had been at the peak of the Grandmaster stage for a long time and with the help of the heavenly phenomenon, he could finally attempt to breakthrough.

But, why was the heavenly phenomenon so precious? It's because purple clouds were created from Purple Spirit Essence. It doesn't matter if you had a talent of Orange or Sky Blue. With Purple Spirit essence, every Spirit talent can make Purple Spirit Qi.

Why were so many cultivators stuck at one stage for their whole life? Because their Spirit Qi was not strong enough to break through the walls of their dantian! With the help of the heavenly phenomenon, for a moment, everyone in Phoenix city would have Purple Talent!

Unfortunately, it only lasted for a few minutes. But those few minutes were enough for many cultivators, to breakthrough from Spirit Master stage into a Spirit Grandmaster and from Spirit Grandmaster into a Spirit King.

You must know, that even the Liu Clan's Leader was only a Spirit King. Being a Spirit King is comparable to being a powerhouse inside the Aurora Country.

Above the Spirit Awakening Hall, the Emperor's Flood Dragon was flying happily among the purple clouds and swallowed many of them at a rapid speed.

But, nothing lasts forever. After around ten minutes, the vortex that was sucking the Purple Spirit Essence into Liu Mei's Dantian turned smaller with each passing second and soon disappeared. The purple clouds also vanished as fast as they came.

At this moment, everyone eyes in the hall opened and many cried out loudly "I BROKE THROUGH!"

The only ones who remained indifferent were Spirit Kings who knew that they wouldn't breakthrough with only this little bit of Purple Spirit Essence.

One had to know, that it had to be used instantly if one wanted to use it. If this bit of Purple Spirit Qi stayed too long in contact with different Spirit Qi, it would be quickly polluted and lose its uses.

All Spirit Kings knew that ten minutes wasn't enough for them.

Emperor Shang looked at his son and feeling that his aura changed into that of a Spirit King, he laughed heartily.

'As long as we also benefited from this, it's fine.' He thought.

He looked at her daughter which still emitted Spirit Grandmaster aura. He didn't mind, because he knew that she was wearing a Spirit Artefact that could hide her aura. He was happy that she at least reached the peak of the Spirit King stage.

'Gosh, if only I knew she would be born with a Purple Talent. I would've awaken her Spirit in the capital instead of some random mountain on my way to the capital. Ah...' He thought back to the day he saw the phenomenon for the first time.

Elder Ming on the stage also broke through after 30 years of being stuck. Tears of joy were flowing on his cheeks.

Liu Xiaobei, looking at the situation was really pleased. Although it wasn't an opportunity for him, he gained hundreds of new Spirit Kings in the Clan. Before the phenomenon even ended, he already started planning.

He sent a bunch of Shadow Guard members to go outside and search for all Spirit Kings who broke through in the crowd. Even if they were further from the hall, there were still some lucky cultivators and they needed to be recruited.

Emperor Shang knew that even if he did something, the Liu Clan would still rise in strength. Even the Shadow Guards alone gained around a hundred new Spirit Kings. That was an amount which would be enough to rule the whole country with. But he knew that Liu Xiaobei would still not dare to declare war.

If the Royal Family was in a dead end, the kingdom would definitely send experts to eliminate them. One Spirit Lord was enough to hold back 10 Spirit Kings, but one Spirit Overlord was enough to kill a hundred of them.

The Sacred Sword Kingdom had many Spirit Overlords. Two of them would be enough to destroy the Liu Clan. But unless the Liu Clan attacks, they couldn't do anything. If they did, they would create a public outrage where every clan in the country rebels.

Several guest clan leaders were looking at their daughters in pity. Now even if Liu Xuefeng has an Orange talent, they would sacrifice them for their clan's prosperity. Having an ally with so many Spirit Kings would be a blessing for them.

The only person who was left to himself was Xuefeng. He can't even cultivate yet! What bullshit phenomenon.

He could see everyone was busy cultivating. Old people, aunties, uncles, even kids were sitting cross-legged and cultivating, but not him. Everyone ignored him when they chased their own benefits.

'Just you wait, I will show you what it means to have great talent. When I'm tested, I will have the best talent in the world!' He thought unhappily.

He didn't feel it, but when he thought about that, something moved inside his head. A golden light moved inside of his body from his head towards his stomach and finally into his dantian. It searched for a Spirit inside before disappearing inside of it.

If Xuefeng saw that light, he would be sure that he knew where it came from. It was the Fate law that came into this world with him.


Liu Mei woke up and found herself lying on the ground. She glanced around and saw that everyone was looking at her.

'Did I do something wrong? I don't remember anything after I drank that liquid.' She thought to herself trying to remember what happened.

The purple hue already disappeared from her eyes and they were back to its original colour.

Liu Xiaobei saw her confused face and approached her.

"Don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong." He said as if he could read her mind.

"Not only did you awakened Purple Spirit but also created an incredible phenomenon that helped many people in the clan." He said in a gentle voice as he crouched down near her.

Hearing that her mouth did a big "O" shape and she turned towards Xuefeng instantly. "Big brother Feng! I did it!"

She ignored the Clan Leader, ran towards Xuefeng and hugged him. He was a bit surprised at the start but remembering what he said to her.

He forgot about his feelings and patted her gently on the head.

"Right, you did great. I was watching from the side. You created a big tornado and purple clouds were flying everywhere." He said.

"Really?! But I don't remember other kids do anything special. They only went towards that crystal and nothing else happened. Did I help many people?" She asked looking up from the hug.

"Yeah, you will probably be rewarded with many sweets later." He said without thinking.


Liu Xiaobei didn't mind Liu Mei ignoring him. He smiled, turned around to everyone and said "Everyone, we will be having a little break from the ceremony. As you can see, an unexpected heavenly phenomenon happened that no one was prepared for. We need to take care of the aftermath before we continue."

People gathered in the hall nodded in the understanding. Those who broke through were currently sitting cross-legged and busied themselves with absorbing the Spirit Essence to solidify their realms.