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 'Ling, are you here?' Xuefeng tried to contact Ling once again, but there was still no response from her.

'You won't be able to contact her. Your Fate Fragment was left outside, while only your mind entered into my space. Your body is currently undergoing a transformation and it will take a while, so you will have to stay put for now.' Wisdom Tree called out again in his mind after reading his thoughts.

'How do you know I have a Fate Fragment and what do you mean by transformation?' Xuefeng looked at the Wisdom Tree and asked. He felt weird talking to a tree but tried not to think about it else he might offend it.

'How do I know? Well, it's quite complicated, but I can say that I was once one of them. This world is much more complicated than you can imagine. About your body, I'm changing its structure so it will be more suitable for Elemental Cultivation. Isn't that what you wanted?' Wisdom Tree explained and asked.

'Yeah, I guess.' Xuefeng nodded but still felt a bit sceptical. He didn't think they need to involve themselves so much just to change his affinity to nature. The Queen didn't tell him anything about it.

'Human body isn't perfect for cultivation and have many flaws, which I'm going to fix for you.' Wisdom Tree assured him reading through his worries.

'Okay, I understand. Do what you must. By the way, what are we going to do while we are here?' Xuefeng finally agreed and looked around his surroundings asking the question that was bothering him from the start.

Yiren stood next to him, waiting patiently as he looked at the Wisdom Tree lost in thoughts. She didn't hear the conversation between them so she didn't know what to do now.

'First start building a house for you two. You might only be here with your mind, but your mind gets tired as well. You need a place for you two to sleep. Use your imagination thinking what you want to happen and I will make it happen. You are in my world so everything is possible here. I already scanned your brain for every information so I will know what you mean when you imagine something.' Wisdom Tree described.

'Wait... so you...' 'Yeah, I know you don't belong to this world. I was quite fascinated by the ideas you humans created on the planet called Earth. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.' The moment she said the last sentence, Xuefeng froze, thinking that he was exposed and Wisdom Tree instantly confirmed his worries.

'Will there be any privacy for us while we are here?' Xuefeng asked in his mind speechless hearing her read his mind all the time but didn't receive the answer. After not hearing anything from it for a moment, Xuefeng turned to the side looking at the naked beauty.

"Did the Wisdom Tree talk to you?" Xuefeng asked Yiren who looked at his face all this time.

"Wisdom Tree can talk? No, it didn't. What did it say?" Yiren shook her head.

"Well, it said we will stay here for a while so we should build a house for us first. Look." Xuefeng simply explained before deciding to try the imagination feature the Wisdom Tree talked about.

He closed his eyes, imagining himself in a cool outfit he got for his sixteen birthday from Tianshi consisting of a T-shirt from a famous brand and a pair of stylish shorts. He also wore a pair of his favourite sneakers with ankle bamboo socks and a pair of new boxers.

"Wooow! How did you do it? Never seen clothes like that." Yiren cried out as a set of clothes suddenly appeared on Xuefeng's body. She quickly approached and felt the fabric of the shirt asking in wonder.

Xuefeng opened his eyes and checked out his look. It was just as he imagined which made him ecstatic. The quality of the fabric was even better than the original he wore on earth.

"You just need to imagine what you want and the Wisdom Tree will materialize it for you," Xuefeng answered her as he jumped a few times testing the shoes he missed so much. People in this world were mostly using sandals or leather boots which weren't as comfortable as modern sneakers.

"Okay, I will try." Yiren nodded excitedly and closed her eyes thinking of her favourite dress, but nothing happened even after they waited for a moment.

"Hmm, it doesn't seem to be working..." Yiren opened her eyes and looked at Xuefeng disappointedly.

"Let me try." Xuefeng didn't know why Wisdom Tree only listened to him but he didn't ask and tested it by himself instead.

He recalled every outfit that Tianshi wore as she was the only female Xuefeng was hanging out with and imagined Yiren wearing the same clothes. When one day he was visiting Tianshi's home, Tianshi changed into her casual home outfit and she looked amazingly cute in it.

This time he had his eyes open the whole time and he could see that the moment he thought about it, clean clothes started to appear on top of Yiren.

In a moment, she had a white crop top shirt with a cute bunny design and a sports bra underneath that adjusted to her chest. Her belly was visible as the top was only reaching up to her belly button. She also had a black circle skirt with multiple red roses.

He also gave her a pair of white sneakers and white knee socks with red hearts on the top. He kind of fall in love with the knee socks and since the moment he told Tianshi how he liked them, she started wearing them more often.

"Oh, it worked. Wow, this is so soft. Those shoes are so nice. Much more comfortable than sandals. Oh, my chest doesn't move around anymore each time I'm jumping." Yiren face brightened seeing the new outfit and jumped, turning around as her skirt lifted with her movements.

"Cough..." Xuefeng coughed suddenly and Yiren stopped, looking at him. She saw him reaching out his hand with something black. When she took a closer look she saw what looked like underwear and finally realised her butt was still naked.

"I forgot about this..." Xuefeng approached her and gave her black lace panties Tianshi once bought when she took him for a shopping spree.

Yiren took them curiously and wore them through her sneakers before correcting them on her butt. They were matching perfectly as Wisdom Tree already noted down her measurements. Xuefeng somehow felt more embarrassed when she was putting on her panties than when she was fully naked.

"Hmm, how do I look?" Yiren asked after putting everything on. She was still a little shocked by how Xuefeng could think of such new designs of clothing.

"Cough... You look very sexy in this outfit... You can look in the mirror and see for yourself." Xuefeng coughed to get rid of the embarrassment and created a big mirror for her to look at. He was getting better each time he tried the imagination feature and got used to it pretty quickly.

"Oh, I can see myself so clearly. This bunny is so cute. How did you create those shoes? And this dancing bottom of the dress makes you feel so free that it shouldn't disturb you even if you are running." Yiren looked in the mirror surprised there was such a clear picture of her. She watched her outfit in each direction and asked.

"Aren't they nice? Well, I was just casually thinking of some new types of clothing. I'm glad you like them." Xuefeng smiled seeing Yiren happiness.

"Yeah, thank you!" Yiren threw herself into his arms and kissed him as a thank you gift. He didn't know why but she looked much more sexy with her clothes on. He received her kiss as he slipped his hand under her skirt supporting her by her bottom.

'You just put those clothes on her, so why are you thinking of taking them down of her? Also, aren't those socks used to pleasure man? I saw those videos in your memories. Do you have any plans like that after giving them to her?' Wisdom Tree suddenly asked inside his mind causing him to pull away from Yiren and cough a few times.

'Fuck, I was just curious okay? I didn't have such plans at all... Can you not spy on my thoughts?' Xuefeng asked speechless in his mind.

'Nope, hehe.' Wisdom Tree laughed for the first time and turned silence.

"Did something happen? You started coughing a lot recently..." Yiren asked concerned.

"No, it's alright. Let's build our house before we do anything else." Xuefeng shook his head and decided to finish the job first before he will finish their first time together.

"Sure!" Yiren agreed immediately excited for living with Xuefeng. It will almost feel like they are a family. She was happy Xuefeng can stay with her for a little bit longer.