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 "Ahh..." The moment Xuefeng entered inside her, Yiren moaned as the pleasure kicked in. Her barrier broke as Xuefeng pushed forward, but because she was under the effects of the Queen's pill, she didn't feel any pain.

Xuefeng felt that this whole ceremony was somewhat rushed, as he liked to take his time before the actual deed, but it was too late to complain. He didn't know what exactly will happen, so he focused solely on Yiren. It was her first time and she deserved his whole attention during this time.

He started slowly, but now that he saw that Yiren was alright, he began to increase his pace to further satisfy her. Yiren was lying on her back with her flexible legs spread fully apart giving Xuefeng unlimited access.

Her peaks swayed up and down as he slapped his waist against her's, thrusting forward with different strength. At one time, Xuefeng was pushing slowly, teasing her entrance with the tip only to suddenly increase speed and reach deep inside her, causing her to moan each time he hit the end.

He then leaned forward, lying on top of her and caught Yiren's lips before holding onto her hands tangling their fingers together. At that moment as Xuefeng was busy kissing Yiren, the Queen and the Auntie exchanged glances and nodded to each other.

The Queen approached the Wisdom Tree and placed her hand on top of its wide trunk. The spot under her palm instantly lit up and the Queen said quietly, "Goddess Mingshu, I know you can hear me. Grant me this favour and connect those two by blood, changing the man into a half-elf half Human. I'm willing to pay the price."

'... I want him... 3 months... Deal?' After a moment of wait, a neutral voice sounded in her mind. It was hard to tell what gender the person had just from her voice, but everyone in the Elf race called her a Goddess.

'You won't do anything to them?' The Queen asked with a hint of worry.

'They will be released after 3 months... He is interesting... I want to meet him... Deal?' Goddess Mingshu assured.

'Okay.' The Queen agreed and pulled away from the Wisdom Tree. After a moment, it started to shake and the leaves on the tree suddenly started to move around as if the wind blew through them. Soon all types of leaves started to detach from the branches and fly towards Xuefeng and Yiren who were still busy with themselves and didn't see what was going on.

Only after the leaves started spinning around the altar did Xuefeng react and stop his hips movements, looking at them.

"What is going on ... Auu, it burns." Xuefeng looked at his surroundings and tried to stand up but then he was hit from behind by a Fire Qi leaf on the back which lightly burned his skin.

Yiren was unaware of what was happening as she had her eyes closed and wanted more. Feeling that Xuefeng stopped kissing her, she reached out and pulled him by the neck, covering his lips with hers.

"Bam." "Uhm..." Xuefeng was hit by another leaf, this time it was a Lightning Qi one, which sent an electric shot through his body. It was much more violent than what he was used to causing his muscles to tense up. Yiren also felt the electric current pass through her body and she exclaimed sweetly thinking it was Xuefeng who was teasing her.

'Ling, is this the Ceremony that is supposed to increase my affinity to nature? ... Ling are you there?' Xuefeng asked in his mind but didn't receive any answers from her. He felt as if something was blocking their contact.

"Ah... damn it. Can't it be less painful?" This time he was hit by multiple leaves but he felt like he was being hit by rocks instead. He pulled away from Yiren's kiss as he cursed but was pushed back by another round of leaves attacking him.

He didn't know if that was supposed to happen or not, but he still covered Yiren with his body so she wouldn't get hit by them. When he tried to pull out his spear from her to provide better protection, he was hit by tens of leaves in the butt which pushed him back inside.

In a matter of seconds, thousands of different types of leaves hit Xuefeng everywhere around his body, covering and sticking to every part of his skin. Yiren was also being hit through the gaps Xuefeng couldn't cover but somehow she didn't even react to it as if the leaves didn't hurt her. He noticed that they were gently landing and merging into her skin.

'How is this fair, ahh, fuck...' Xuefeng thought in his mind then cursed after being hit by another leaf in the head. At this point, his whole body was covered by different colours of leaves and his body was glued to Yiren's as he wrapped his hands around her, holding her in his embrace.

'Well, at least this time I ended up with a beauty in my arms. That's not a bad way to die...' Xuefeng joked as he lost vision when two Water Qi leaves covered his eyes. He kissed Yiren for the last time until both of their bodies were finally coated and connected together.

Without the air, he soon fell unconscious and they were lifted from the altar. The leaf tornado carried them towards the Wisdom tree and they were sucked inside it. The leftover leaves started to calm down and returned towards the tree crown, connecting back to the branches.

The Queen and her mother stood outside of the danger zone and after everything ended, they were surprised to see both of them gone.

"Amazing... What did Goddess Mingshu say?" Auntie asked curiously as she turned towards the Queen.

"She wanted them for three months as a payment. I don't think they are in any danger. They might only benefit from that if anything." The Queen answered with confidence but her mood still worsened. She just imagined that she won't be able to see Xuefeng for the next three months just as she made him her man.

"Well, I believe in the Goddess. She never let us down so we should trust her this time too. There was only this method available. You wouldn't be able to see your lover unless you travelled to the outside world every now and then." The Auntie smiled and teased her daughter.

"Okay, I can admit that now I might have a bit of my selfishness added to the reason to change him but when we thought of this plan, I was only thinking about Yiren." The Queen shrugged and admitted.

"You won't be able to hold him down here anyway. He is the adventurous type who wouldn't stay in one place for a long time. He doesn't know it, but he has the soul of a warrior. He will be naturally loyal, protective but also determined to reach higher goals and woman love warriors.

"He will meet a lot of beautiful woman in the future and you won't be able to limit him to only you two. Think of a plan, what you want to do after he leaves so you don't end up hurt." Auntie patted her daughter on the shoulder and gave her a piece of mother advice before leaving.

The Queen looked at the Wisdom Tree for a long time thinking about what her mother said and sighed in the end. She couldn't think of the plan that would be perfect for both Xuefeng and them. The Queen decided to think about it slowly in the future. She had three months before they emerge anyway.

Giving a last glance at the spot Xuefeng and Yiren disappeared she left the hollow.


"Where are we...?" Xuefeng asked as he opened his eyes and realised he wasn't on the altar anymore. Although the Wisdom Tree was still there, the surroundings changed as they were now encircled by lush greenery. Xuefeng turned to the side and saw Yiren looking around as well. She didn't seem to be under effects of Queen's Pill anymore as her face returned to normal colour.

"Are you okay?" Xuefeng asked he stood up and lifted her from the ground.

"Yeah... I think I know where are we." Yiren looked at the Wisdom Tree and said.

"... The tree sucked us inside of it?" Xuefeng asked as that was the only thing that came to his mind. It would also explain why the Wisdom Tree was here.

"Yeah, we should be in its space." Yiren nodded.

'Hello, Fate Holder. I wanted to meet you since you came into my Holy Land. Glad, I had a chance to.' Suddenly a voice entered into his mind and greeted him.

'Who are you...?' Xuefeng asked.

'I'm your friend, don't worry.' The voice sounded once again causing Xuefeng to finally believe it was the Wisdom Tree talking to him.