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 Xuefeng flew in the sky and with each minute he was getting more skilled. He was doing loops and barrels in the air as he laughed, having fun. But you can't blame him. The dream of flying like that is in the hearts of each human on earth. He was still a teenager after all, which amplified the fun.

"Xuefeng, wait for me!" While Xuefeng flew around playing around he heard a shout from afar and hovered in place. He saw Yiren approaching and realised that he forgot about them while he engrossed himself in flying.

Xuefeng thought that it would actually be hard to fly, thinking with the earth theory in his mind, but the same rules didn't apply in this world. He felt much lighter in the air as if the Air Qi wings were lifting him up.

"How do you feel?" Yiren asked as she arrived near him. Now that he looked from another perspective,

"Amazing. It's such good fun to fly. I feel so free." Xuefeng answered as he turned around midair.

"Haha, then now it's your turn to fly while carrying me. Catch me!" Yiren laughed playfully and threw herself into Xuefeng arms with one last swing or her wings and absorbed them back before she reached him.

"W-wait... Ah, got you. Why are you so reckless, what if I didn't catch you!?" Seeing her drop at him he quickly reached out to grab her but because of the weight which he wasn't prepared for, they dropped a few tens of meters down until he finally stabilized.

"Hehe, I knew you will catch me." Yiren giggled as she hanged on Xuefeng neck. He picked her up in a princess carry position and looked at her speechlessly. He knew she would be fine even if he didn't catch her but that was still risky.

"Where are we going now?" Xuefeng asked seeing the Queen arrived.

"Follow me." The Queen also rolled her eyes seeing her daughter playfulness and answered simply before falling down. Xuefeng saw her skirt flip as she fell, revealing what was inside and felt happy they were still close to the palace, so not many people from the city saw them flying around.

"Hold me tightly," Xuefeng warned before he followed the QUeen example. He had to be much more careful though as Yiren could slip from his arms in every second, She added an unnecessary problem for him but he couldn't say no to her.

They flew downwards into the mist for a while until they arrived near the platform and gently landed after the Queen. After they landed, Yiren eagerly held onto his hand as they walked towards the cave entrance.

The Queen also wanted to grab his second hand but then recalled that she was actually in public and held herself back. She didn't want the public outrage to start before her plan even starts. She somehow felt jealous towards her daughter for having a loving man like Xuefeng and the fact that she didn't need to hide it, but she quickly suppressed those emotions.

All that mattered for her was that Xuefeng cared for her as well and that's what was important for now.

The Queen was greeted by the guards, but when they saw Xuefeng was coming in with her, they became suspicious and blocked his way. It was well known that Wisdom Tree was their race treasure and now the Queen brought the human to visit it. Even they didn't have permission to enter inside.

"Do you think I'm air? If I'm bringing him here, it means he has my approval. Do you have any opinions about my actions?" The Queen called out from behind them in a hostile tone causing a cold sweat to appear on the guards back.

"No, Queen." They gave Xuefeng one last look and stepped aside allowing them to pass.

"Oh, so we are going to see the real Wisdom Tree. I'm getting curious." Xuefeng commented as they walked into the passage.

"Yeah, you will see how amazing it looks. But I don't know how it might help you increase your Nature Affinity." Yiren wondered.

"You will see." The Queen smiled mysteriously keeping them in suspense till the last moment.

They walked through the passage for a moment before they finally entered the cavern and Xuefeng was instantly shocked. Although the tree looked similar to the portable version he had the nine types of leaves were a new feature. He even spotted leaves that looked like Spirit Stones, transparent blue with a crystal body.

"Ha, I told you. I was also like this the first time I saw it." Yiren saw his face and jumped excitedly pulling him forward so he can see from up close.

'This Winsom Tree is weird. Everything I see in this Holy Land is new to me, which I don't like... I guess there was still a lot of mysteries surrounding the Fate Kingdom...' Ling complained about her insufficient knowledge.

'Don't worry, we will figure it out.' Xuefeng didn't know why, but he felt a deep satisfaction grasping that the all-knowing Ling didn't know something. He still comforted her in the end.

"Ah, Aunty! What are you doing here?" Just then, when they walked towards the Wisdom Tree, Yiren notices that her Auntie was standing next to the altar, so she let go of Xuefeng hand and dash to greet her.

"Hello! How are you feeling today my dear? I'm here to help with your ceremony. I was helping your mother set it up earlier." Auntie smiled as she hugged Yiren and patted her on the head, explaining her presence.

"Oh, what is this all about? There is an altar that I have never seen before. Is it part of the ceremony?" Yiren asked her auntie in the hope she will reveal some details.

"Good morning, Auntie. I would also like to know." Xuefeng greeted her as well and joined her questions.

"Good morning. Well, let my daughter explain." Auntie smiled and gestured towards the Queen who caught up to them.

"There will be only us four present during the ceremony and it is quite simple. You just need to make love with Yiren on this altar." The Queen smiled cheekily at Xuefeng and spilt all the beans without wasting time.

"What? You want us to do it on this altar? How is it going to improve my Nature Affinity?" Xuefeng asked as he didn't understand. Yiren was also troubled. She didn't expect that this would be the reason her mother wanted to keep her virginity. In her mind, they were supposed to do it after the ceremony.

"You are going to absorb Yiren's virgin blood with the help of the Wisdom Tree and because Yiren is a High-elf, your affinity to nature will increase as well. There is no other method. Only virgin blood is powerful enough to help you." The Queen explained in a simple manner.

'It actually might work. I can't see through this Wisdom Tree but everything that is connected to the Fate Kingdom can achieve wonders.' Ling added.

'What is this Fate Kingdom you keep bringing up.' Xuefeng asked Ling hearing her mention this term for the second time already.

'You will naturally learn when you get strong enough.' Ling answered and disappeared as quick as she came. Xuefeng couldn't do anything other than sigh and turn towards the Queen and agree to the plan.

Seeing Xuefeng agree, Yiren blushed and looked down. She was excited and at the same time scared, but she also didn't want to back down as she wanted to help Xuefeng. She glanced back to Xuefeng and realised he was already near her, looking at her flushed face.

"Let me help you." Xuefeng saw her grabbing the corner of her dress to take it off, so he reached out to help her. She was quickly stripped by him and then it was his turn.

"Eat this. You will be relaxed and you won't feel much pain." After Xuefeng clothes also dropped to the ground, the Queen approached and gave Yiren a red pill, which she swallowed after a moment of hesitation.

"Good luck." the Queen gave Xuefeng a deep kiss and said sweetly before standing to the side. Xuefeng looked at the Auntie's face to see if she was bothered by them kissing like that but she acted like she already knew and wasn't bothered.

He didn't ask them to leave as they already said they are going to be present during the ceremony and turned back to Yiren. He was surprised that she was even more flushed than she was before and her breathing noticeably quickened.

"Xuefeng... I want it." Yiren called out as she grabbed Xuefeng's staff and stroked it seductively. Xuefeng could already see her love juices flowing out of her crevice. He was surprised that the pill was working so fast.

"Do it on the altar before the effects of the pill worn out." The Queen reminded from the side seeing them being so slow.

Xuefeng nodded and picked Yiren up and lay her on the smooth tree altar. It was about two meters in length and about one in width so they had some space for manoeuvre.

Yiren looked at Xuefeng with desire as she couldn't wait to connect with him. He stroked his spear on her wet entrance a few times making sure it was hard and strong before finally giving Yiren what she wanted.