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 After leaving the bathroom, the Queen wore her dress and slipped away without waking Yiren up. She changed into a new set of clothes back in her room and flew away from the palace to check how was the preparation for the ceremony. Verifying that everything was alright and ready, the Queen came back to Yiren's room.

"Why are you still not dressed? I was busy for an almost an hour, preparing stuff for you and here you are, cuddling while kissing in the bed..." The Queen entered the room through the balcony and frowned, at what she saw.

When Yiren started hugging into Xuefeng, she didn't want to let go of him anymore. He ended up being pulled by her under the quilt, as they cuddled and teased each other. It later led to other activities like kissing or groping.

Xuefeng sat down embarrassed, seeing the Queen already came back and Yiren followed him, as she placed her chin on his shoulder.

"Hehe, It's my fault. I pulled him with me, so we could play a bit." Yiren smiled cutely at her mother, then kissed Xuefeng on the cheek.

"Okay, go get ready. The ceremony is ready and the earlier we start the better. It will probably take a while to finish." The Queen rolled her eyes and ordered.

She absorbed her wings back inside and walked into the room. Today she was wearing a different style of a dress, with the golden ornament supporting her full chest and two stripes of delicate white cloth falling out of it. They were wrapping around her back, creating an "X" shape and connecting back around her waist, to then split and fall on both her front and bottom.

Both sides of her slender legs were exposed, drawing attention from men who wanted to see further. Xuefeng was also tricked into looking as his gaze followed her legs but doesn't matter how long he looked, he couldn't see anything beyond that.

'Can't others see her butt when she is flying? Her skirt would fly all over in that outfit...' Xuefeng thought of a question that bothered him. He didn't want anyone to see his women's body other than himself.

"Give me a few minutes and I will be ready." Hearing that the ceremony was ready, her eyes brightened and she dashed towards her garderobe to prepare.

"I saw your gazes a moment ago, do you like my outfit?" The Queen approached Xuefeng, who was still sitting on the bed and asked sweetly, as she turned around showing him the whole dress. She acted like a lovestruck teenager waiting for praise from her first boyfriend.

"You look stunning, but I don't want others to see so much of your body. I want you all to myself." Xuefeng pulled her by the waist and placed her on his lap, admitting what was bothering him.

"Haha, don't worry, I'm all yours. Also, we won't be seen by many people today so it's alright." The Queen smiled satisfied with his compliment. She felt good inside hearing him worry about her.

"By the way, I saw you always wearing this golden crystal on your neck. It doesn't look like a Fate Stone? What is it?" The Queen looked at his naked chest and spotted a golden crystal necklace hanging there. She grabbed it delicately and inspected it before asking.

"Well, it's kind of storage artefact, where I can store my Fate Qi. I have a special ability to regenerate and heal from any injury with the help of Fate Qi. That's why I wanted to gather many Fate Stones." Xuefeng answered truthfully.

"So you were lying to me earlier, hmm?" The Queen asked with a devil smile.

"I just didn't tell you the whole truth, okay? I can't tell anyone I meet all my secrets you know?" Xuefeng shrugged.

"Well, I can forgive you this time. Also, I guess, I have good news for you. When I was gathering Spirit Stones in the outside world, I found a cave that had a similar stone placed on the weird platform. I tried to pick it up but I was stopped by strange energy and then a female voice entered into my mind. She said that I'm not divined to be a holder..." The Queen fondled with the crystal and recalled her encounter.

"Where is that cave?" Xuefeng stopped her, calling out suddenly.

"Well, I think you humans call it a Central Region but I'm not sure. She also said that in exchange for keeping that place a secret, she can predict a future for me. I agreed and she said that one day a fate holder will appear in my life and change it for the better. I didn't believe her at first, as already many years passed, but after meeting you and seeing this crystal, I understood it. You are the holder, right?" the Queen looked at him with hope.

'It must be Lixin! So that vixen is still alive. She must have found a way to separate from her host, else there is no way she would be able to stay alive. Only she has the ability to see the future and use mind attacks.' Xuefeng wanted to answer but was stopped by the sudden exclaim of Ling in his mind.

"Yeah, I could be considered as one." Xuefeng nodded to the Queen and asked in his mind, 'Who is Lixin? Another fate fragment?'

"I knew it. I chose wisely." The Queen smiled and gave him a kiss.

'Her holder was quite active during Thunder Goddess times. She already reached Fate King level and acquired her second innate ability during that time. If what the Queen says is the truth, then she must have separated from her holder and kept her abilities. Ask her if she remembers the exact position, so we can visit her in the future. I won't be able to take control over her, as she specializes in the mental attacks, but we can help her find a new fate holder.' Ling explained.

"Do you recall where the cave is located? I might visit there in the future, to check it out." Xuefeng asked the Queen, lifting her chin so he can look her in the eyes.

"Yeah, I know, but I will only tell you after you keep your promise from before." The Queen smiled and winked at him with a tease.

'Damn, she planned this from the beginning to trap me...' Xuefeng frowned as he finally realised what her ploy was. She would use this information, to lead him by the nose.

"Haha, don't worry, I am not evil. After this ceremony is over I will tell you everything." the Queen laughed, seeing his face and assured him.

"I'm ready! Ha! And who is the one playing, look at you both." Yiren cried out, as she already wore her clothes and skipped towards them. She saw her mother sitting on Xuefeng's lap and rolled her eyes. She was being scolded by her mother for the same thing she was doing right now.

"Okay, let's go then. We still need to teach Xuefeng how to fly." The Queen ignored her daughter's complains and let go of Xuefeng, leaving to the balcony while delicately swaying her hips with each step.

Xuefeng picked up a clean set of clothes, that was prepared for him and wore it with the help of Yiren who was eager to help.

"It's quite spacious here, so you should begin by flying upwards first. If you fall, we can always catch you. Don't save on your energy and swing as strong as you can." The Queen explained the basics, as folded wings appeared on her back.

Xuefeng created his own, recalling the shape from yesterday and started to feel the air with them, as he spread them to their maximum length. He recalled how Yiren was launching into the sky at the platform and repeated her motions.

He checked his footing for better support and give a few test swings in preparation for the real one. He took a deep breath and after the last test swing, he jumped into the sky while pushing his wings down with all his strength.

He launched a few meters into the sky and folded his wings only to follow with another swing flying even higher. He felt the wind blow into his face and he had to admit that he enjoyed staying in the air.

After a few quick motions, he was already high in the air above the balcony, causing the girls to become smaller and smaller. Deciding he was already high enough, Xuefeng stopped raising and allowed himself to fall while folding his wings.

"Wooooohooooo!!" After falling a few meters he spread them to the limits once again and glided in a nice arc away from the palace while yelling happily on top of his lungs.

"I guess we don't need to worry about him falling. He is having great fun right now." Yiren commented, while she watched him and flew into the air as well. The Queen shook her head smiling and followed as well.