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 "You should add more Air Qi to the left wing, else you will be unbalanced in the air.

"They also need to be foldable so when you land for a short period of time, they won't hinder you.

"Yeah, that's right. Change the density in this part. Make it a little bit more firm.

"Let me help you model it. You should make the texture here a bit thicker and wider, or you won't lift from the ground." Yiren walked around Xuefeng and corrected him each time she found something wrong.

What Xuefeng didn't expect, was that there wasn't any art for Air Qi Wings and everyone had to design one for themselves. He now understood why everyone had a different pair of wings. He thought that the colour, the shape and the density depended on the quality of your Qi, but it turned out to be untrue.

When Xuefeng learned about it from Yiren, his first thought was to ask Ling to construct a pair of perfect wings for him, but when he saw how eager Yiren was to help, he couldn't get himself to reject her good intentions. Especially if it was him, who asked her for help.

While his dantian didn't have the same amount of Air Qi as Yiren or the Queen, it was still enough to make decent looking wings for him. After 30 minutes of adjusting with Yiren, Xuefeng created his first prototype. It was somewhat similar to what Ling sent him as an example and he shaped it the same way on the side as he listened to Yiren.

"Hmm, I think it's perfect for now. When you have more Air Qi, you will be able to make it bigger and more sturdy. We should make do with what we have now." The Queen commented as she watched from the side, lying on the bed. She was supporting her head with the hands while her naked peaks wiggled left and right each time she moved.

"Yeah, I also think so. Hihi, don't you think Xuefeng looks much cooler with wings?" Yiren nodded and sat down next to her mother. She looked at Xuefeng and admired her work as he moved around with his wings on the back.

Yiren suddenly found him a lot more handsome than before. He looked like an angel with those fine muscles sculpted on his body and wings white as pearls on his back. Ling suggested adding Fate Qi into the wings to make it even stronger, but that would make them golden and that would be too eye-catching. He decided to postpone this plan till later.

"Now that I look at him, I wonder if I should steal him from you and make him mine." The Queen smiled and teased Yiren, causing her to pout.

"No way, he is mine. You had your time with him already." Yiren jumped from the bed and hugged into Xuefeng's chest, looking back at her mother with a glare, as if she was protecting her property.

"Haha, I'm joking." The Queen laughed seeing her daughter acting sweet.

"You know that I'm here right?" Xuefeng rolled his eyes listening to the conversation between the mother and daughter duo. He slapped Yiren on the butt, causing her to giggle and run away from him.

"Should I test the wings now? I somehow feel weird with them on my back. Some practice would help." Xuefeng moved around with his wings, as he couldn't get used to having something attached into his back.

Although they were pretty light, the size of them still bothered him. Even when they were folded, they still had about one and a half meter in length. When Xuefeng spread them, he covered almost half of the room with them, as both wings added together reached around seven meters.

"It's dark already. How about you join us in bed? You will have some time tomorrow morning to test them." The Queen rose from the bed and walked up towards him, pulling him towards the bed instead. She wanted to hug with him for the whole night.

Watching as her butt cheeks lifted up and down each time she stepped, Xuefeng absorbed the Air Qi from the wings back into his dantian and followed her back into the bed. He was still a man after all. He couldn't reject when his woman was asking him to hug her into sleep.

Even if they were his only for these few days, he would still treat them like his women. He wasn't a man who doesn't take responsibility for his actions, even if these actions were kind of forced by the other party. He still felt good and later took the initiative to continue.

Xuefeng lied down and spreading his arms, hugging both beauties into his arms. They laid on both of his sides while placing their heads on his chest and wrapping their legs around his. Their soft peaks almost touched each other's, as they found their comfy spot.

Xuefeng recalled the thought that came into his mind the previous night, he shared with Yiren and agreed that it was definitely better to have two women sleeping with you instead of one. He wondered where would he put Wuying if he had to satisfy all three of them in one night. He couldn't even imagine, what would he do, if there were four of them together...

Seeing that the mother and daughter duo already closed their eyes, trying to enter the dreamland, he reached out turning off the lamp above the bed and followed their example.

Today, Xuefeng had one hell of a night. If someone told him back in the days, that he will have a threesome with two beautiful elves, one being the Queen of their race and the second, her daughter the princess, he would laugh in that person's face from a good joke. In the end, this unbelievable dream actually came true.


"Tianshi where are we going?" Xuefeng asked as he followed her into the forest, distancing themselves from their class. They were on a school trip in the mountains and they reached the viewing platform not long ago. They had a one hour break before they would be going down back to the hotel and Tianshi suddenly decided to pull him with her towards the small forest nearby.

Tianshi didn't talk to him and moved forward until they were already hidden from others view. She stopped and suddenly turned around, throwing herself into his arms, hugging him deeply.

"Tianshi... What happened?" Xuefeng asked worried, as he never seen her hugging him like this for no reason.

"I can't pretend anymore... I love you Xuefeng... I want to be your girlfriend." Tianshi looked him seriously in the eyes, confessing her love and kissed him deeply when he was still in shock. They both never kissed before, but they quickly figured out the correct way and their tongues entangled with each other.

Her delicate hand drifted downwards touching his chest and entered into his pants as she grabbed firmly onto his still soft staff. Xuefeng exclaimed in his mind not believing that it was happening and the fact that she would actually do it for him.

She pulled away from his mouth and crouched down while pulling his pants down, revealing his hardening weapon right in front of her face. Xuefeng looked around, checking if no one was around, still intoxicated with how the situation was escalating.

"Are you sure you wan... aah..." After checking that the surroundings were clear, he looked down asking, but Tianshi at the same time started licking, causing him to cry softly. He never felt this good as at this moment. Tianshi sucked on the tip while she moved her small hand up and down, enjoying the feeling of it hardening in her hand.

When it was already fully hard, she suddenly stopped and turned around pulling her jeans down, revealing her smooth bottom. Her cave entrance was all soaking wet, ready for him to slid inside any moment.

"I want it, please..." Tianshi looked at him in the eyes with obvious desire, visible on her face as she rubbed herself against his standing soldier. Xuefeng couldn't help but gulp, seeing her like that and take another glance at her round butt.

He touched it with both of his hands, enjoying the softness of her skin and didn't hesitate anymore. Xuefeng aimed with his spear and slowly connected with her body, pushing inside her. Tianshi cried softly holding onto the tree in front of her, as pain spread around her body. He stopped, pulling out a bit, hearing her react like that, but she moved her hips back slamming his spear back inside.

"Keep going... I'm fine." She looked back at him with a sweet smile and started moving with her waist for him, showing that she was alright.

"Tianshi!" Shouting his first love's name, he rammed into her once again causing her to yell back, "Xuefeng!"

He held her by the hips, filling her up completely with each thrust, causing her to moan repeatedly and cry out his name over and over again.



"Xuefeng," he didn't know why but with each Tianshi's cry, it was getting quieter until it could be almost considered as a whisper.

Something was wrong, and before he could think of a reason, he was presented with one. The scene before him disappeared and he was engulfed with silence and darkness. He wasn't in the forest anymore and his lover Tianshi also vanished.

This scene was replaced with something else. He opened his eyes and saw the Queen raiding on top of him, whispering his name into his ear.

"Good morning... don't talk loudly or you will wake Yiren up." the Queen greeted him as she bit into his ear as an act of revenge for yesterday and continued swallowing his staff inside her. Yiren lay on the side, sleeping soundly with a smile on her face, dreaming about something nice.

'Tianshi...' "Spurt." He realised it was just a dream, but his mind still drifted into that scene, as he closed his eyes. He returned to the forest and pushed one last time into Tianshi womb before instantly bursting his seeds inside her.

"Aaah... warn me next time before you come... I wasn't ready..." The Queen moaned feeling Xuefeng fire a round into her without warning. She lay on his chest, still connected with him and complained.

They lay like this for a moment, until Xuefeng sighed and rolled with her in his arms, switching positions.

"I'm going to take a shower." Xuefeng kissed her lightly on the lips, before pulling out and walking away to the bathroom.

"What happened to him?" The Queen looked at his back frowning. She obviously noticed his bad mood. She hoped that it wasn't her fault for waking him up like that.


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