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 "Hehe, maybe this time you will finally make me come..." The Queen teased seeing Xuefeng grabbing at her legs.

"Aha, you think you are so invincible? Well, let's see how are you going to handle this!" Xuefeng smirked seeing the Queen acting so cocky and lifted her legs up placing them on his shoulders.

"Wait, what are you, aaaah..." She tried to stop him as he made her lay in such an embarrassing position but it was too late as he instantly plunged his sword inside her scabbard.

Xuefeng leaned forward pulling her legs with him and kissed her in the lips forcefully, grasping her peaks with both hands. He has been pulling his hips back to the moment the head was just about to slip out and then pushed it back in all the way down to her womb, causing her to cry out each time his hips slammed into her bottom.

She was already aroused from the previous session so when Xuefeng suddenly started crashing into her with a different method, waves of pleasure dashed into her brain making her unable to think. If not for Xuefeng holding onto her mouth, he was sure her tongue would be out, wiggling all around, spreading saliva everywhere.

Seeing how obediently Yiren was waiting for her turn, Xuefeng decided to reward her. He let go of the Queen's legs but he didn't stop pounding her feeling the endless Air Qi swarming into his dantian as he spread her flexible legs wide apart.

He held onto Yiren delicate body, fondling all of her curves and sucking on her erected nipples. If she couldn't become one with Xuefeng, she decided to at least let him have a great time and allowed him to do whatever he desired.

"I was...Ahh... Ahh... Joking... " The Queen tried to speak but with each thrust from Xuefeng's waist, unexpected moans escaped her mouth stopping her attempts, leaving her brain empty. Xuefeng heard her struggling but didn't stop, smirking to himself.

She wasn't controlling the output of Air Qi anymore as the stream was naturally flowing inside Xuefeng. It didn't take long for him to fill his dantian until he reached balance and his body started rejecting excess Qi. Only after he increases his Spirit Qi, he will be able to gather more.

Hearing her mother's cries of pleasure, Yiren smiled and escaped from Xuefeng arms, lying on her mother's abdomen. She leaned forward and started licking Queen's cave doorbell touching with her tongue Xuefeng's moving staff from time to time.

"Aaaah..." The Queen couldn't withstand both of their assaults and finally surrendered, reaching the breaking point. She cried out when her muscles tensed and her body stretched like a bow as if an electric current travelled to each part of her body. The fact that Xuefeng didn't stop pounding her while she reached the moment of ecstasy, intensified the effects.

"Hu... hu..." The Queen dropped to the bed breathing heavily as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She finally realised how much she missed it.

"You think, we are done? You wanted it so badly and now you give up? Let's see how I'm going to fill you up. Get ready for a meal and remember to absorb everything." Xuefeng smirked recalling her earlier bravery. Now she was lying without any strength left, defeated by his proud weapon.

Without giving the Queen any break, Xuefeng picked her up, holding her in his embrace and stood up.

"What... are you doing...?" The Queen grabbed onto Xuefeng's neck out of instinct feeling the change of position and opened her eyes to see what he was doing.

"Hold onto me..." Xuefeng called out as he held the Queen up by her legs and sent his soldier back into war. He slid back inside without any problems as her cave was already shaped perfectly just for him.

"Noo, wait... Ahhh, I just came..." She cried out trying to stop him but she was too late to halt his actions. The Queen let out a soft moan as he started ravaging her oversensitive place once again. She was still in the moment of her weakness and each of his powerful thrusts prolonged the effect.

The Queen had no choice but to hold tight, while wrapping her hands around his neck, letting out multiple moans as he hammered her without mercy. This was the first time she felt so much pleasure to the point she didn't want it to end. Her experience with Xiao Feng couldn't compare to the one with Xuefeng.

Her insides were being filled as she cried a love song into Xuefeng's ears, arousing him even more. She could feel his staff pulsing and pushing at her walls with each heartbeat as if it was ready to burst at any time. Even without much strength left, she forced her hips and legs to assist him as she pushed him forward.

"...I want it... aah... shoot it..." Queen's whispers entered into his ear as she moaned, breathing hot air.

"If you want it that badly, I will satisfy your wish..." Feeling that he was already at his limits he decided to meet her demands. Hearing her seductive voice he whispered back and lightly bit her pointy ear, rubbing it with his tongue inside his mouth.

"Aaaah" "What...? Ahh..." Suddenly, the Queen cried out and tightened around his staff causing him to be unable to hold back anymore. He didn't expect such abrupt change and burst all the leftover seeds he had deep inside her.

They dropped back onto the bed while Xuefeng continued to fill her up.

'Could it be the ears fault?' Xuefeng thought, seeing the Queen almost passed out from pleasure with an empty look in her eyes. He couldn't think of any other reason.

"I will clean it!" Yiren watched interestedly from the side and seeing that Xuefeng unsheathed his sword, she volunteered to finish the job. Seeing her so eagerly licking, he felt bad for not taking enough care of her today.

"I'm sorry I couldn't entertain you much today." Xuefeng felt a need to apologise.

"Don't worry, if I can aid you in improving your skills, then I'm glad to help." Yiren looked at him with a cute smile as she hugged her toy into her face. She continued to lick it clean while wiggling around with her ears. Only now did Xuefeng realise this movement and couldn't help but test it his theory.

While she sucked on the tip, putting the head in her mouth, Xuefeng reached out grasping her ears with both hands.

"Uhmm..." Yiren instantly reacted as her eyes opened wide and she gobbled the head deeper into her mouth exclaiming loudly. He didn't stop and began rubbing, continuing the experiment.

"Not the ears..." Yiren backed away with her head, clearing her mouth and called out to him weakly as her face instantly turned red.

"They are that sensitive?" Xuefeng asked in disbelief as he rubbed, even more, causing Yiren to moan softly.

"No more... It's too much..." Yiren begged as she started to lose her strengths. Only then did Xuefeng stop and looked at Yiren with an interested smile.

"Does it really feel that good?" Xuefeng asked Yiren while he caressed her cheeks.

"Yeah... But only if we have feelings for the second person. If it was someone else we are not feeling much..." Yiren explained as her breathing started to stabilize.

"Haha, interesting." Xuefeng laughed finding out a new method against the Queen. If she decides to force him into something, he will try it out on her once again.

"How is your Air Element? I could feel that mother was helping you gather Air Qi. You can try using the art I taught you earlier." Yiren suggested as she lifted herself up weakly. The earlier effects of Xuefeng research still didn't die away.

"I already filled my dantian with Air Qi. When I increase my main element, I should be able to raise others too. For now, I will make do with what I have. Let's test it." Xuefeng reported and stood up thinking of examining his new abilities.

He felt the Air Qi inside his dantian and choose the simplest air-ball attack as his test. He walked out of the room to the balcony and reached of with his arm. A ball started to quickly condense on his palm and then launched forward in the direction he was pointing, flying into the endless tree crowns.

"Nice, now I need to learn the Air Wings and I will be able to fly." Xuefeng grinned happily as he walked back into the room. He also notices that it was getting dark already, which surprised him how much time they spend on their fun earlier.

"Master, will you teach me the last art we are missing? Now, we will be able to fly together in the sky." Xuefeng sat down next to her and bowed to her, requesting.

"Haha, sure. My best student deserves to know everything." Yiren giggled as she lifted his head up and saw his gentle smile.