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 "Hehe, I drank everything. Sorry, mom." Yiren giggled seeing her mother taking over after her.

"It's okay sweetie, I will get the next one. Let your mother enjoy herself for a bit now." The Queen said playfully as she started taking off her dress.

She glanced seductively at Xuefeng turning her head behind while slowly lowering her outfit revealing her pale and smooth back. He wanted to see her full breasts but she hid it in front of her, teasing him. When her dress was down to her waist, she slowed down, even more, exposing her bottom bit by bit.

She stuck it out closer to Xuefeng so she was within his reach and when her dress was finally down to her knees he couldn't help but slap her ass, squeezing once again. Her forbidden garden was already overflowing with her juices, signifying that she was already ready for action.

Throwing her dress to the side, she sat across his chest with her back facing him and spread her crevice, allowing him to see everything up close. After twenty-five years without any visitors, her doors were already tightly shut and needed someone to unclog the entrance. Having her flower right in front of him Xuefeng couldn't help but attack fiercely with his tongue trying to loosen it up a little bit for the upcoming fight.

At the same time, the Queen leaned forward and started taking care of his fallen soldier, healing him up back to the previous shape. He was turning soft after already finishing his service, but the Queen didn't have any rest in her plans and forced him to fight once again.

She swallowed him without any warning and he slid into her throat without any problems. As she pushed in and out, she could feel it getting harder and thicker inside her. It didn't take long for it to regain his earlier glorious form.

"See, it's already this lively. It turns out you still wanted more. I guess I can't say no and not help you." the Queen pretended to sigh seeing the long sword that grew inside her mouth and pulled her butt away from Xuefeng face sitting on his abdomen.

After rubbing the head on her entrance a few times, she lowered her body, allowing the captain to slowly discover the new territory. With the help of the Queen's love juices and Xuefeng's saliva, the journey was smooth-sailing. He could feel the tip of his staff splitting the tight canyon as it pushed forward.

"Ah... It didn't even fully enter and you already reached the end..." the Queen exclaimed feeling something hitting her womb. She tipped forward with her back facing him and leaned with her hands in front of her for better comfort, moving only with her hips. She also placed her legs underneath his for support and began to raiding on top of him without holding back.

Xuefeng felt a little pain at the start as he just came and she didn't even allow him to have a little break, but then he noticed that the pain was gone alongside with all the tiredness.

'Don't waste time and start absorbing Air Qi with her help. Did you forget how she helped you with gathering Lightning Qi? I already analyzed this Air Qi Art. Don't waste this opportunity.' After feeling completely refreshed, Xuefeng heard cold Ling appear in his mind and remind him of the important fact.

A moment later a bunch of information was sent into his brain and she vanished without waiting for his answer.

'Seriously... all she thinks about is cultivation. There is no fun in between. I bet if it wasn't for cultivation she wouldn't bother to come out...' Xuefeng commented in his mind as he slapped Queen's butt thrusting with his hips a few times causing her to let out a round of soft moans. He kind of started to enjoy dominating this scheming Queen.

After reading through the Air Qi Art Ling sent him, he decided that was time for him to take control over this party. Xuefeng sat up, reaching over to the Queen and pulled her into his embrace. Having her legs trapped under his, she was easily caught and her noble peaks were quickly seized.

He didn't stop pounding her as he lied down with her in his grasp while clutching strongly onto her perky buns. With Ling's help, he was overflowing with energy and even the Queen could feel something was different. She tried to turn her head to look at him, but the moment she did, her cherry lips were sealed by him forcefully, leaving her no choice but to fight back.

"Mhmm... Xuefeng..." She moaned as Xuefeng pinched her nipples, stretching them in different directions and ravaged both of her mouths without holding back. The Queen called out his name when he finally let her lips alone, but then she was suddenly flipped to the side and Xuefeng positioned himself behind her.

Grabbing her butt cheeks he started pounding her from behind pressing the Queen to the bed. All of her previous dominance was gone under the power of Xuefeng's strong thrusts. She lied down moaning into the quilt allowing him to continue as she finally felt the forgotten waves of pleasure.

"Ahh..." Glancing to the side, Xuefeng saw Yiren who was watching them curiously this whole time waiting for her turn and he reached out, pulling her into his embrace causing her to cry in surprise. He wasn't that forceful with her as he gently grasped onto her chest buns and stole her a kiss.

Having the proud Queen under him being ravaged with his dragon and sweet Yiren in his hands, he felt it was time to test the method he received earlier from Ling. It basically described how to gather, absorb and transport Air Qi into his dantian. Each Elemental Qi was different and if handled without guidelines, it could bring more harm than good.

With his meat scepter inside the Queen, he started giving her signals as he searched for Air Qi. Unfortunately, unless the Queen allowed him to steal from her, he wouldn't be able to take anything from her. Xuefeng knew that, but he was hoping that the Queen will be generous once again and allow him to use her.

'Ahh... I am permitting you to have me but you want more... too greedy, ahh...' the Queen commented in her mind suppressing the occasional moans as she agreed to help him, starting to slowly gather Air Qi from the surroundings and transfer it towards Xuefeng. She decided that she will definitely ask Xuefeng to pay off that debt later.

Feeling Air Qi swarming towards him, Xuefeng smiled feeling grateful and started absorbing it then transporting into his dantian. The Queen was releasing it in small portions so Xuefeng could continue to bring her more and more pleasure.

"I also want it..." Seeing how her mother's legs shivered from the pleasure she received, Yiren also wanted to taste it. She kissed Xuefeng passionately, trying to gather his attention and pouted.

Looking at her cute expression he wanted to pull out and finally show some love to the lonely Yiren, but then he was pushed back by the Queen's legs.

"Don't... Yiren you will have to wait until tomorrow. I need you to stay pure for some time longer. Don't mind what I said earlier as the plans changed. You will find out tomorrow." The Queen lifted herself up stopping their actions. Her face was all blushed but she still tried to act serious and explain it to Yiren.

"Why does it seems to me like you want to take Xuefeng all to yourself..." Yiren pouted not buying what her mother said.

"The method to increase Xuefeng affinity to nature is closely related with your purity. If you lose it, we won't be able to help him with his cultivation." The Queen let go of Xuefeng's staff and crawled towards Yiren, explaining further.

"So you don't want to steal him away from me?" Yiren asked hesitantly as she side glanced at Xuefeng. She wanted all the best for him, so if her mother was telling the truth, she didn't want to ruin it,

"Of course not...I love you... I wouldn't do anything to hurt you." the Queen hugged her daughter confirming. Xuefeng watched the touching scene, but instead of crying, his dragon started jumping around warming the room from its hotness. The scene of their large chests touching each other was very arousing and his brain engraved it into his mind.

"Look, someone is already waiting for another round. Lie down with me or he won't be able to hold still," the Queen saw Xuefeng raging hot sword jumping up and down and pushed Yiren down on the bed.

Seeing how the situation played out, Xuefeng didn't wait and plunged into Queen's crevice. He didn't forget about Yiren as he reached out and started rubbing around her sensitive bell.

The Queen continued to supply him with Air Qi as she held onto Yiren's head and kissed her lips. With her free hands, they mutually massaged their chests, squeezing and caressing each other nipples.

It felt much different for Yiren than when it was Xuefeng who massaged her as if her mother knew exactly where to touch so they both can feel good. She copied her mother's techniques allowing her to feel the same.

The time passed quickly in this matter until Xuefeng finally reached his limits and pulled out bursting out the golden seeds all around them. It shot so far that it even reached their faces causing another battle to start. This time the Queen didn't waste the opportunity as she licked the liquid of Yiren's face and her body.

Yiren smiled cutely accepting the challenge and began to clean her mother's chest. It didn't take them a long time until everything was gone. Xuefeng lied down breathing loudly after finishing his job.

Although he didn't fill his dantian fully with Air Qi so he could achieve the elements balance, he was still satisfied as he reached almost half. He can always fill the next half later.

"Oh, so you are exhausted already? I thought you wanted more Air Qi?" The Queen looked at him and smirked.

At the same time, as the Queen said those words, Xuefeng felt a refreshing sensation all around his body.

'Fuck, not again.' He cursed as he realised what was Ling's opinion about the next actions. He sighed lifting himself up and jumped on the cheeky Queen once again causing her to laugh out playfully.