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 "Mom, what are you doing here and why did you kiss him?" Yiren blushed, seeing her mother appear out of nowhere when she was almost naked, doing special stuff with Xuefeng.

"Well, we had a deal with Xuefeng that I can join you guys tonight but I didn't expect that you will start so early," the Queen shrugged as she blamed everything on Xuefeng.

"Xuefeng what is going on? What bet?" Yiren turned towards Xuefeng and asked in confusion.

"Well... remember the bet about who will win the first round? Your mother proposed a bet where I would win one hundred Fate Stones if I won. Your mother wanted to join us tonight if she won." Xuefeng didn't want to take it all on himself so he separated the blame. After all, he could reject Queen's bet.

"Mom?" Yiren looked back at her mother with a questioning gaze while she pouted, puffing her cheeks.

"Oh come on, how long are we going to prolong this conversation. If you don't start moving with your hand, his dragon will run away." The Queen stopped Yiren's complains as she took off her shoes and jumped onto the bed behind Yiren. With one hand she grabbed onto Yiren's chest mound squeezing it and the second on top of Yiren's hand that was still holding Xuefeng's erect staff.

"Mom... You can't be serious..." Yiren complained. She used to listen to her mother's advice about these matters but it was different if her mother would actually join them.

'Eh, I knew this would happen. There is no way I'm getting out of this, this time. Well if I can't stop it, I might as well enjoy it.' Xuefeng thought in his mind as he gave up resisting and lay down on the bed while watching the mom and daughter duo.

"Don't worry, your mother will teach you how to do it properly. Don't you want Xuefeng to feel the most pleasure? Listen to me and Xuefeng will never forget this night. Take off his pants so we can see it," the Queen ignored Yiren's complains, assuring that everything will be alright and ordered.

With her mother insisting like that Yiren didn't have other option but to comply and listen to her. She let go of Xuefeng's staff allowing her mother to continue the up and down movements by herself and with Xuefeng's help, she got rid of his pants. Now there was nothing stopping them to play with his toy.

"Watch and learn," the Queen moved to the side and dived downwards towards Xuefeng's staff and started licking it right away.

"First you have to lubricate the whole staff so it will be easier for you if you want to give it a quick rub." Yiren also lay down leaning on Xuefeng's thigh and watched from up close as she listened to her mother's instructions.

The Queen licked the base from the bottom to the top a few times while stopping near the head and gave it a few wiggles with the tip of her tongue. After giving the head a few small kisses, she slowly travelled downwards with her tongue dancing around and arrived near Xuefeng's cannon balls.

"This is the place where the seeds are stored so you have to remember to stimulate this area as well." The Queen worked with her hand sliding up and down on the shaft as she started sucking on the balls after explained it to Yiren.

"Okay, show me what you learned." Seeing how eager Yiren was to try, the Queen smiled and passed the baton to her. Yiren didn't waste time and instantly launched her attack wrapping the base with her tongue.

She repeated the sequences just as her mother taught her, but when Yiren reached the head she thought it would be better to change it a little bit. Instead of only playing with the tip of her tongue, she swallowed the whole head inside her mouth and began her assault with her tongue.

It felt similar to battling with Xuefeng's tongue which she enjoyed so much. Recalling the hand movements, she tried to adapt and started moving while brushing the ends of the glans with her lips. Her tongue also continued to dance around the tip causing Xuefeng let out a breath of satisfaction.

"It feels great Yiren... Right there..." Xuefeng praised her as he reached out holding onto her golden hair so they won't interrupt her. The approval boosted Yiren's confidence and she was even more eager to do more.

'Quick learner huh?' Queen's eyebrow twitched seeing her daughter learn so fast and even invent new tricks and methods.

"Xuefeng likes when you take it deep into your throat, you should try pushing it further." The Queen smiled playfully and proposed.

Feeling that Xuefeng's dragon was actually trying to push forward each time she was going downwards, Yiren decided to try it out. It was so thick and long that Yiren didn't know if she can make it, but at the same time didn't want to give up before she tried.

With each cycle, she continued to reach further down his shaft and her small mouth started to quickly fill up. Yiren didn't even swallow half of Xuefeng's sword and the tip was already hitting the back of her throat.

Feeling the pleasant change of setting, Xuefeng unconsciously pushed with his hips forward while holding onto Yiren's head causing it to enter straight into her throat.

"Cough, cough... You pushed too quickly..." Yiren couldn't take the sudden thrust and pulled out abruptly, coughing a few times. She looked at Xuefeng with a cute angry gaze.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't stop myself." Xuefeng smiled bitterly as he scratched his nose.

"Let me show you how it's done." The Queen smiled expecting such an outcome and took the lead. She started with a playful lick around the head before she swallowed deeply with one swift movement reaching the back of her throat instantly.

"Ahh..." Xuefeng moaned from the Queen's aggressiveness and grabbed her head with both hands. When another round came, he pushed forward with his hands and hips filling her whole mouth with his meat scepter. The Queen didn't have the same reaction as Yiren allowing him to do as he wished.

His staff entered deep into her throat as she swallowed the whole thing inside. Instead of pulling out, repeating the motion, she started moving in and out while leaving the hard sword in her throat.

Seeing Xuefeng joyful expression, Yiren felt regretful that she wasn't the one who was pleasing him. Waiting for the moment her mother drew the sword out to breathe, Yiren reached out quickly and snatched her rightful possession, trying for the second time. This time she knew what she was supposed to do.

"Haha," Xuefeng laughed seeing Queen's unhappy face. She was having a great time, but her daughter stole her fun.

"You think this is funny?" the Queen grinned looking at laughing Xuefeng and threw herself at him stealing a long kiss from his mouth.

"Yeah, what are you going to do?" Xuefeng asked with a smirk when they separated as he slapped Queen's perky butt and kissed her again, this time adding his tongue into the mix. She was dominating him all the time but this time she delivered herself to him on her own will.

Xuefeng lifted her dress up, sneaking his hand inside her underwear and grabbed her butt cheek without holding back on his strength. The Queen opened her eyes wide open glaring at Xuefeng but didn't back away from him. She somehow liked the confident and dominating Xuefeng, who didn't hesitate to use force to get what he wanted.

At the same time as Xuefeng played with the Queen, Yiren was improving her swallowing skills. Xuefeng didn't forget about her as he pushed further and further with each movement of his hips. She was slowly getting used to having a long and sturdy thing in her mouth trying to enter into her throat so it didn't force her to cough anymore.

Trying to beat her mother, she forced herself to the limits and finally reached the end, touching Xuefeng's waist with her lips. She could feel Xuefeng's staff pulsing inside her throat with each heartbeat. Yiren noticed that with each thrust, her mouth was adapting to its shape, making it easier and faster to slid down.

"Uhmm..." Xuefeng exclaimed as he battled with the Queen's tongue when he felt Yiren increase the pace of her movements. His dragon was invading her throat more easily and swiftly causing the edges to rub more intensively. Xuefeng was proud for lasting longer than normal but with the sudden change, he wouldn't be able to endure any longer.

He wanted to warn her about the incoming burst but the Queen was holding him tightly with her hands wrapped around his neck, not letting him go.

"Spurt...spurt." "Uhmm..." Xuefeng couldn't hold back anymore and finally exploded. His initial burst happened the moment Yiren swallowed the whole thing once again causing it to be shot straight into her stomach. Because of the unexpected change, she couldn't help but pull out a bit, causing the second load to land inside her mouth.

Realising what was happening, Yiren received everything sucking to the last drop and tasted the liquid for the first time. It was surprisingly tasty, having a sweet flavour. She couldn't help but savour each droplet as she swallowed the whole load. Seeing few leftovers coming out from the tip after she let go, Yiren dived once more to clean it.

"I guess you will have to save the next one for me. Yiren didn't want to share." Feeling Xuefeng reaction, the Queen pulled away from him and saw that Yiren already finished her actions, stealing the treasures away from her.

"Let me have a short break at least..." Xuefeng knew what she was thinking and asked for a moment of pause, but she ignored him, slowly approaching her target.

"It's time for the main events of the night..." The Queen grinned, licking her lips lewdly as her inner desires couldn't wait anymore.