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 After leaving the house, the Queen didn't fly towards the Palace but instead jumped from the bridge and fell towards the mist. Beautiful wings once again spread from her back and she flew towards the base of the Parent Tree.

Under the mist, there was nothing other than the endless trunks of trees that were the base of the cities above. It looked like the roots of each tree were connected to each other, preventing the water current from bulldozing them.

Because the Parent Tree was surrounded by a dense web of roots and trees, the water was much calmer compared to the outside of the cities. If you flew out of the city and looked around, you would see a gigantic whirlpool in the distance where all the waters from the Holy Land were streaming in its direction.

The Queen flew to the base of the Parent tree and landed on the platform in its middle section. At the end of it, there was a small entrance protected by two guards. The Parent Tree was so enormous that it wouldn't be surprising if there was a small city built inside of it.

"Welcome back, Queen." Two Guards greeted her and bowed as she approached to which she responded with a nod.

She passed through the entrance and after a short walk in a narrow tunnel, the Queen entered into a spacious tree cavern. The setting looked close to Yiren's Red Blossom Tree cave, but it was a slightly bigger version.

There was also no island with water in the middle of the cave but instead, the place was filled with greenery. The cave was illuminated by the shiny tree that looked almost similar to the Wisdom Trees, Xuefeng saw today, but larger.

The leaves on its crown had nine different colours and it looked as if they were alive. When the Queen came closer, she could see that the leaves were actually made from Elemental Qi. Fire Qi leaves were dancing like an actual fire and Air Qi Leaves were almost unnoticeable as they took their natural form which was air.

One of the most interesting parts were the Ether Qi leaves which were completely black. They seemed like there was nothing at that spot but at the same time, that nothingness was also in the shape of a leaf creating an illusion that there is something there. It was like space was bending at that place, forming into shape.

"How did the building of an altar go? I see it's almost finished." The Queen approached the Wisdom Tree and saw the altar made out of the Wisdom Tree roots in front of it. Yiren's Aunty stood next to it and was using her Earth Qi to reform the roots.

"Yeah, it should be alright now. I used a lot of Qi to form an altar form Wisdom Tree roots. I hope it will work." Auntie wiped the sweat from her forehead as she looked at her work.

"It will. With the help of the Wisdom Tree, anything is possible. If Yiren knew what we are doing, she would agree with us, but we can't tell her now else Xuefeng will figure it out." The Queen assured as she rubbed the top of the smooth altar.

"All you need to do is to ensure that she doesn't lose her innocence before we attempt the bloodline ceremony. It's good that Xuefeng was reasonable and wanted to take things slow, else the whole operation would be already over." Auntie reminded.

"Yeah, I already figured that out. I made a bet with Xuefeng that I will join them tonight. I will control the whole situation." The Queen smiled imaging her playing with Xuefeng again. She couldn't wait to release her inner fire once again.

"Heh, you and your horniness. Can't you wait until you pass the crown to Yiren, so you can leave and find your man?" Auntie chuckled seeing the desire in her daughter's eyes.

"What for? He probably has a wife and kids already. Also, I prefer younger men and he probably aged, looking like an old man. It's a waste of time. I will just satisfy myself with Xuefeng from time to time." The Queen shrugged not feeling anything towards Yiren's father. It has been so long she almost forgot how he even looked like.

"True... there is always an option to find someone else, but I guess you would be fine with a deal like that. The problem is, would Xuefeng be fine with it?" Auntie smiled as she stated the most important issue concerning this deal, Xuefeng consent.

"I can give him so many benefits. There is no way he won't be fine with it. It should also be fine with Yiren... " The Queen disagreed as she already planned everything. She was only less confident with Yiren but she still thought everything will work out.

"Well, it is your call. Anyway, where are they right now?" Auntie shrugged and changed the subject.

"They should be in the palace right now, why?" The Queen answered confused.

"Shouldn't you check on them if they are not doing anything?" Auntie asked as she created a round ball with Water Qi. The Queen finally realised what she meant and her face turned serious. She looked at the clear water ball and soon a 3D hologram appeared inside of it.

"Damn, they are already on top of each other. I'm going." Seeing that Yiren was sitting on Xuefeng lap and kissing him passionately, the Queen cursed, dashing out of the cave.

"Hehe, you kids sure are lively." Auntie laughed as she turned off the hologram and went back to working on the altar.


Going back in time a few minutes, Yiren was still explaining various Air Qi arts she knew, making sure Xuefeng remembers everything.

"Okay, so this was the art for manipulating the Air Qi into different shapes. There is only one art left and I saved the best for last, Air Qi Wings." Yiren said in a good mood as she sat on Xuefeng lap, wrapping her hands around his neck and waiting to receive her usual reward.

Xuefeng already knew what she wanted as they repeated this process a few times already. He was sitting cross-legged on the bed when Yiren sat on him but Xuefeng still grabbed her by the bottom, while giving her a promised kiss. He enjoyed the plump sensation that was filling his fingers.

Elves clothes were thin as well so it didn't even feel like he was touching through them increasing the pleasure.

"Wasn't there only three kisses in the deal?" Xuefeng teased as he separated from Yiren. She wanted to continue their tongue battle even after they reached their appointed limit.

"I want more this time." Yiren leaned once again with a desire for more. Her tongue slipped into Xuefeng's mouth as she played with his. She even started to add new things to their kiss like biting Xuefeng's tongue lightly and slowly allowing it to be pulled away. It felt weird at first, but Xuefeng somehow found it interesting later on.

Xuefeng moved one hand from Yiren's butt and grabbed onto her perky chest. If she wanted to continue, then he wouldn't hold back. She was still in her less revealing dress, but it wasn't a challenge for Xuefeng to get rid of it fast.

With one quick movement, he pulled out his tongue from Yiren's mouth and lifted her dress upwards pulling it through her head, getting rid of it. She had only her panties left as she didn't have any bra on causing her bare bosom to drop right in front of him. He didn't hesitate to launch his attack on them, sucking greedily.

"Hihi, I thought I was the one who wanted more but it seems like you are the one in need." Yiren giggled feeling his tongue roaming around her nipple. She held his head while he sucked as she brushed her hand through his golden hair.

Feeling something was awakening under her in Xuefeng's pants, she reached out with her free hand and dived in, trying to find it. Her hand soon met with a familiar shape and held onto it, touching everywhere.

"It's so hot and hard already, I think it wants to leave and meet its new master." Yiren smiled sweetly as she rubbed around the head and pulled Xuefeng pants a bit, allowing her to see it.

"Thud." "Umm..." Suddenly, something dropped on the balcony, scaring Yiren and causing her to squeeze Xuefeng's staff hard. He cried out and pulled away looking towards the balcony. He didn't expect to see the Queen appearing out of nowhere on their balcony.

"I thought we made a deal earlier, that you will wait for me? Hu?" The Queen approached them, then grabbed Xuefeg's head giving him a deep kiss on the lips and asked with devil's smile.