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 When he checked that everyone is here, he said "As there are a lot of you, we will be doing it in the batches of 10. The youngest will go first. When I read your name, go to your corresponding place on the stage and sit down. Someone will give you a bottle which will contain a drop of Spirit Awakening Liquid. After you drink it, close your eyes and try to feel your spirit. Even if you can't, the Spirit Awakening Liquid will help you awaken it.

After you finally feel your spirit, stand up and come over to the platform where the transparent crystal lies. You will have to place your hand on it so we can check your talent. Is everything clear?" Elder Ming asked after he finished explaining.

Everyone nodded. Their parents already told them what should be done. Only Xuefeng listened as Elder Ming didn't explain to him anything about this ceremony, but judging from the explanation, it didn't look that hard.

Xuefeng will be the last to participate but he didn't mind. He would have more chances to observe others.

When Elder Ming called first 10 kids, they quickly sat down on their places. After a moment, a few servants distributed a small bottle to each of them. They followed the instructions and drank the Liquid inside.

They all closed their eyes and focused on their mission. If they could feel their spirit and then awaken it while also nourishing it, that would be perfect for them. They would have a chance to rise their talent by one with that method. That's the power of the Spirit Awakening Liquid.

After a minute, one boy suddenly opened his eyes and stood up. He looked happy, so he probably used the liquid correctly and upgraded his talent. He walked towards the transparent crystal and placed his hand on it.

It quickly lit up and the boy's face warmed up. The crystal was called Talent Measuring Crystal and its role was as the name suggested, to measure talent.

After you awaken your spirit, you don't have any Spirit Qi in your dantian yet. Talent measuring Crystal uses its own Spirit Qi to copy the person talent into its own Spirit Qi. This way, even kids like this can be measured.

After Talent Measuring Crystal withdrew its Spirit Qi from the boy's body, it started to change colour. After a moment it changed into a clear dark green.

Elder Ming nodded with approval.

"Dark Green talent right of the bat. Pretty good start." Liu Xiaobei commented.

'Phi, they are happy with Dark Green talent. I have a Dark Blue Talent. Worship me.' Zhen Ping smirked, but then looked at his sister who had Purple talent and stopped his thoughts.

"Stand to the side, you will later enter the Spirit Treasury to get your first spirit artefact." Elder Ming said to the boy.

"Yes!" He bowed excited. He knew that having a Dark Green talent would guarantee him a good future.

After the boy with Dark Green talent stepped down, another opened his eyes and stood up. He repeated the process of his predecessor, and it turned out he was also a Dark Green talent.

"Haha, not bad, what do you think Emperor Shang?" Liu Xiaobei laughed as he asked the Emperor who was sitting next to him.

"Indeed, not bad. Your Liu Clan always had talented young cultivators so it's not surprising. I'm much more interested in how your son will do. To catch up to everyone, he would at least need a purple or a black talent." Zhen Shang agreed and commented.

"Indeed, but let's leave that to heavens." Clan Leader Liu agreed.

After 10 minutes, everyone from the group woke up and tested their talents. In the first batch, there were 4 Dark Green, 5 Light Green and 1 Red talent. The person with a Red talent was a little bit dejected but he would still be useful for the clan.

It took another 30 minutes to test another 3 batches, but unfortunately, only one Sky Blue talent appeared throughout the testing.

Now, it was time for the 5th batch and listening to the Elder Ming call, Liu Mei tightened her grip around his hand. Feeling her grip, he patted her on the head to give her some courage.

"Go, and don't come back without at least a Purple talent." He said gently.

"Okay!" She finally let go of his hand and joined the rest. Although she was the smallest, she was the oldest from her batch.

Xuefeng was left alone on one side of the stage, while all others who were already done, stood on the opposite side.

He felt like an elephant in the zoo, as everyone was looking at him curiously. Especially the ladies who came with various clan leaders.

'What if I have to marry him later?' They all thought.

One by one another batch was getting checked for their talent, but no one has shown anything new. After only one kid was left, everyone focused their sight on her.

It was Liu Mei who was left alone on the stage, but even after 5 minutes, she still did not show any signs of waking up. When Elder Ming thought something was wrong, he looked at the sky and exclaimed loudly. "The purple clouds!"

Above the stage, there was a round hole in the ceiling. It was the size of a stage and it would only be opened during the Spirit Awakening Ceremony. Not many people knew why, but it had an important reason.

Those, who could awaken Purple talent and above, would create a special phenomenon in the sky.

At this moment, many purple clouds were gathering above the Liu Clan and they were descending towards the Spirit Awakening Hall.

Hearing Elder Ming's shout, all the guests stood up from their chairs abruptly. Liu Xiaobei even dashed in a blink of an eye towards the stage.

As the Purple clouds were only about 100 meters above the Liu Clan, Liu Mei eyes opened. She looked at the purple sky and suddenly her pupils changed into purple. Spirit essence in the air created a vortex as it was sucked towards Liu Mei Dantian. Purple clouds entered through the hole in the ceiling and joined the vortex.

Elder Ming knew that the phenomenon could not be stopped so he did not interfere with the process.

Outside the Clan territory, the crowd was going crazy. It's been a long time since they witnessed a Spirit Awakening Phenomenon.

"Is this caused by Liu Clan Young master?"

"There is finally a person with a Purple talent born inside our City. What a day to be alive."

"Quickly, go cultivate! During the Heaven Phenomenon like that, Spirit Essence from a few kilometres around the city would gather in one place. We can't waste that opportunity." One middle-aged man said to his buddies.

Everyone who heard him started to feel the Spirit Essence in the air and truly, they could feel their bodies being surrounded by a boundless amount of it. When one sat down to cultivate, many followed and soon everyone in the crowd sat down and started cultivating in silence.