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 Sand and dust were blinding Lie Xuefeng eyes as he was falling from the cliff. If any, it had a hint of regret. Although he was falling to his death, his face was engulfed in calmness. If there was a presence of other emotions, it would be regret.

He was 16 years old this year and lived in a small city, around 100 kilometres away from Shanghai. Although he wasn't handsome, he was smart and loved sports. Like every young teenager, he was also interested in love. For him, there was one particular young girl in his class that he had a crush on.

Her name was Xiao Tianshi. She was the class president, and everyone liked her. She was the prettiest girl in the class, as well as in school. If she didn't understand something in her homework, he would often help her. This way, after the first year of high school, they became close friends.

Liu Xuefeng was smart, funny and kind to others. There was no reason not to befriend him. Many female friends of Xiao Tianshi often joked that they should date, but she only lowered her head, shyly.

The problem she had, was not that easy to crack. Not many people around her knew that, but she was the daughter of one of the richest man in China. Her mother didn't want her to live her childhood in the spotlight, so she bought a small villa in a small city and started rising her there.

Her father didn't agree at first, but compromised, when his wife promised that he will be the one to decide their daughter marriage when she turns 18.

Even if people in the city thought they were slightly rich, they wouldn't connect them with Xiao family. This way, Xiao Tianshi could live her childhood quite peacefully.

When Liu Xuefeng finally got the courage to ask her out, she didn't want to lie to him anymore.

She told him about her situation, but he didn't give up.

He was from a normal family and there was no way her father would allow him to date her. His only option was to study more and get into best university with her. With her father connections, she had a place guaranteed, but he would have to apply alone.

Who would have thought that his plans would be ruined about a month later, during their yearend trip?

They were supposed to hike in the local mountains with the whole class. Everything went well from morning till afternoon and they finally had to descend from the mountains. Xiao Tianshi wanted to have one last photo with him, so she dragged him towards the cliff.

When they were done and wanted to go back, the cliff suddenly started to crack. Feeling that he was losing the ground under his feet, he did the only logical thing for him. He pushed Xiao Tianshi with all his strength.

If they started to run towards the other side of the crack, they would both fall.

This way at least one person would survive.


As he was falling, he could hear Xiao Tianshi scream.

'At least she is safe.' he thought.

As this cliff was 70 to 100 meters, it would only take 4 seconds to fall to the ground from that height.

With this last thought, he closed his eyes and got ready for an impact. T The ground at the valley under the cliff was filled with sharp rocks, he barely felt the slightest pain before he died.

'I probably died instantly heh,' he deduced.

He tried to open his eyes but couldn't. He actually didn't feel anything.

'Hmm, so what now...' he thought but then exclaimed in his mind.

'Wait... I can think! If I can think, I shouldn't be dead right?' He was pretty confused.

He was left with his own thoughts alone for a moment before something finally changed. Earlier he was in complete darkness, but now he could see a bright light in the distance.

He was getting close to it with huge velocity. In a moment his whole surroundings were enveloped by that light.

Grey shadows started appearing all around him. They soon transformed into flying people. Yes, people. He also noticed that he was flying with them towards one direction.

'Souls...so I'm really dead.' he got quite a fright looking at all those grey faces. Every soul had a poker-face as they flew together.

He looked around, but he didn't see anyone behaving in any different way. He was the only person who was looking around.

Liu Xuefeng tried to stop for a moment, but a strange energy was pulling him together with everyone.

After a moment, he could finally see his destination.

He could see the split in the road and two gates. One was white, and another was black.

Almost all souls were flying towards the black gate, only some of them flew towards the white one.

It was almost his turn to step on one of the paths when suddenly a golden light shone in front of him.

All the time he was being pulled by strange force but thanks to the golden light he stopped in one place.

It hovered in front of his face as if it was looking at his expression.

Liu Xuefeng tried to touch it and the light didn't run away from his hand. He could feel the warmth emanating from it.

"Come here, boy."

Suddenly he heard a deep, emotionless voice in his mind. The force pulling him appeared again and he passed through the white gate.

He could see a small queue of souls in front of two white robbed men. One was old and the other middle-aged.

Those souls were much brighter than those grey ones flying towards the black gate.

But he didn't see that any of them had a golden light hovering next to them.

"Interesting, it's been a while since I have seen a fate law choosing someone." The old man said to himself.

"He must have accumulated a lot of karma in his past life." The middle-aged man nodded.

"Boy, as you were chosen by a fate law, we can agree to one of your wishes." The old man called out.

"Uhm..." Liu Xuefeng was tongue tight. 'What are they talking about.'

Seeing him confused, they explained.

"You are currently in the place called Middle Heaven. This is a place where all the souls gather after their physical self, dies. After they come here, we split them into two groups. People with positive karma will have a chance to reincarnate directly. Those with negative karma will have to be judged before we decide if they should reincarnate or perish."

"Am I going to forget my memories after my rebirth?" Liu Xuefeng finally asked a question that was bothering him.

"Normally, before everyone reincarnates, they have to drink a special soup that will make them forget all their memories. But you can make use of your wish and keep them."

"I wish to keep them." He instantly replied.

"Wow, so fast? You don't want to think more? How about having superpowers in your next life instead?" An old man asked with an interested expression.

"I don't want to forget her..." Xiao Tianshi face flashed in his mind.

The old man nodded with understanding.

"Okay, your wish shall be granted. But because the amount of memories is too huge, we must reincarnate you as a teenager. Do you agree?" Old man warned.

"Sure." He already lived for 16 years, so he didn't mind.

"I have one more question, will I be reborn back on earth?" He asked to confirm his thoughts.

"Unfortunately, not. That's the only wish we can't fulfil. Because you died, your life link with that world was severed. You can only reincarnate into a different world. But don't worry, as a fate law holder we will not mistreat you." A middle-aged man explained this time.

"If you don't have any more questions, then you can go through the portal behind us." He pointed behind him.

Liu Xuefeng sighed. 'So, I won't meet her ever again...'

He took a deep breath, took one last look at his surroundings and flew towards the portal.

He didn't notice but before he entered it, golden light hovering near him, moved quickly and sank into his skull.