Carla Salvador was standing in front of their house waiting for Patrick's text message. Her smile can't be measured by how she felt that day she went home. She was so happy and it could be the memorable day of her life because for the first time she said "yes" to her suitor.

Carla was a sixteen-year old teenager and a grade 11 student in their school. She was hailed for her beauty and brains, that most of the time she always represent her school for academic competitions and beauty pageant which some of her classmates envied.

She never entertained suitors before because her mother forbade her. She was still young and needed to concentrate more on her studies. But that changed when a transferee named Patrick Dominguez became her classmate and captured her heart since the day she met him.

Patrick courted her for two weeks before Carla gave her big "yes" to him. Her mother didn't know about her relationship with Patrick and she didn't have an idea that her daughter will be dating tonight. Carla knew that the moment her parents will found out that she has already a boyfriend, they will get mad at her and forced her to stop her relationship to him. She has no plan to tell them their relationship and that will keep it a secret.

Carla was excited because it will be her first date and she's expecting too much from it. She even day dreaming with how her first date will look like; a dinner for two with a lighted candle in a cozy restaurant or in the garden with a lot of flowers with musicians playing romantic music. She will be enjoying every moment with Patrick and it will be a memorable night to cherish.

"Carla, Honey! Come inside now dinner is ready!" Her mother said. She was busy inside their kitchen preparing for their meal.

"Coming, mom!" She answered.

Still waiting for Patrick's message. She knew Patrick will come to fetch her and have their romantic date together for the first time. Her classmates and most of the girls in their campus will envy her more because her boyfriend was the campus heartthrob.

"Hey honey, come inside now your dad's waiting in the kitchen." Susan said and she's in front of the door.

"Mom, I'm not yet hungry. You can eat with dad and tell him I'll skip my dinner tonight." She answered still her eyes on her cellphone.

"Don't you dare not to have dinner with us young lady! What is it in your cellphone that your eyes can't ignore to look at?" Again, Susan asked, her voice became louder.

"It's nothing mom. It's my classmate Jonah, we...we will be making our research work together tonight." She lied and tried to gaze on her mother's reaction.

"Tonight? Why tonight? It's already late honey. You can do your research tomorrow." Her mother said raising her eyebrow.

Carla Tried to smile. "Mom, I have to. They will no longer make me part of the group if I won't join them tonight. Besides it won't take long. I will be home before nine." She explained, hoping she will allow her.

"It's already dark outside and it's too dangerous for you to be out there. I will not allow you, not this time Carla." Susan said and this time she's angry. "Get inside now and I'll be calling your classmates about it. It's not right that they will not include you in their group just because you were not able to come tonight." She added. She shuffled her feet to her daughter.

"But mom? Just for tonight, please? Nothing wrong will happen to me. They're going to fetch me and bring me home before nine tonight. Please mom?" She said. Carla embraced her mother and hugged her just to convince her to let her go.

Her mother gazed at her, she was thinking if she will allow her daughter to be with her classmates to do their school research. She's been a good daughter to her ever since. She was a consistent honor student and maybe it will be alright to allow her besides it is for the school requirement.

"Alright, I trusted you honey. But make sure you will be home before nine?" Susan asked.

Carla nodded, this time there's a big smile on her face.

"Really mom? You're allowing me now?"

"Yes, but you need to tell your father about it." She said caressing her daughter's beautiful face.

"Oh, mom thank you, thank you! You're the best mom ever!" She kissed her mom's cheek.

"Make sure no more suitors or boyfriend yet?" Susan reminded her.

The smile on Carla's face slowly faded. She nodded but felt guilty. "I will mom."

Carla immediately ran inside their kitchen and went to see her dad to ask his permission. When she saw her dad eating his meal, she told the same lies she told her mother. And as expected her father gave his permission to go. As for her it was always easy to ask her father's permission than her mother.

Her cellphone beeped. She looked on her phone and saw Patrick's message. She read it and learned that he will be fetching her in a minute. Her mom was already inside eating dinner with her dad. She got her shoulder bag and placed her cellphone inside.

"My classmates here, got to go mom, dad!" She kissed her mother then her father.

"Are you sure you're not going to eat your dinner first honey?" Her mother asked again smiling at her.

"No mom. No time now. See you later mom and dad!" And she went outside their house and gazed her eyes on the street.

Carla's heart suddenly jumped as she saw her boyfriend outside the gate of their house. Patrick was on his motorcycle waiting for her. As usual, Patrick is wearing his handsome smile as he approached her. They embraced and kissed each other before Carla rode back on Patrick's motorcycle.

Patrick turned the engine on and immediately drove the motorcycle and left the place.

Susan almost cried when she saw her daughter lied to her. She saw Carla embraced and kissed the young man while looking on the window. Now she knew that her daughter has a boyfriend. The worst was, she learned to tell lies.

"What's wrong?" her husband asked.

Susan shook his head. "Nothing." She answered and dried the tears using her thumb.

Her husband held her hands. "Don't cry. You knew that this will happen. You should not be surprised because our daughter has grown up to be a lady." He said and tried to smile and show to her that there's nothing to worry about.

"I know. But she should have told us. She doesn't need to make lies. We are her parents and she should not lied to us." Susan burst into tears and embraced her husband for comfort.

Martin caressed his wife's back. He placed his hand to his wife's shoulder and pulled her towards his side.

"What we're going to do now is to try to understand her situation. We talk to her and tell her that we loved her and there's no reason for our daughter on not to tell us about her relationship to that guy. There's no reason for us to get angry and judge her for what she did because we are her parents." Martin said and kissed her wife's forehead.

The night was humid and the moon was bright. The stars are like crystals scattered on the dark sky. The clouds are dark in color slowly crawling to cover the moon's face. As the nocturnal birds flying everywhere and communicating with their high-pitched sound.

Carla was so excited. Her smile cannot be erased at that moment because she was sure that she will be enjoying the night with her boyfriend. They will be eating on a classy restaurant with their favorite music playing, and the most romantic of all is when Patrick will give her Roses, a dozen red roses. She can't wait for that moment. Patrick was her first boyfriend and she will be with him for their first date.

Patrick parked his vehicle in a place where Carla's didn't expect. They were in a vacant lot far away from the main road and residential area. Carla was puzzled and wondered why they were on that eerie place.

"Wha...what is this place?" She asked nervously.

"Where here to celebrate our first date, right?." Patrick answered.

He grinned while helping Carla to get down from Patrick's motorcycle.

"Why here?" She asked this time her face became serious.

"Don't you think how romantic here? It is dark and there's the moon and the stars. Can't you hear the music made by the insects?" Patrick took three steps proudly.

Carla felt her body became numbed as fear slowly crawling at her. "You're insane!" she shouted.

"Yes I am!" Patrick laughed. "Do you think I am really in love with you Carla?" He asked while touching the beard from his chin.

"But you said you love me and I believed you."

He laughed again. This time Carla noticed that she was already crying and fear is the only emotion she felt that time.

"Sorry my dear, it's all lies. Just like what you said to your parents, you lied." Patrick said.

Carla noticed that the Patrick she knew was no longer the same Patrick who was standing in front of him.

"You're insane! Please bring me home!'" She pleaded to him.

Patrick Laughed. "Why would I do that? You're mine now sweetie." He offered his hand to her. "Come! Let me bring you to our paradise!"

Carla shook her head. "No! I have no time for this Patrick, if this is a joke please stop it right now!" She shouted.

"Do you think this is a joke Carla?" He said laughing. "Then you are very wrong!" He added.

Carla thought that it's useless to talk to Patrick now. The guy she loved was insane and she needed to save herself from him. She needed to do something escape to escape.

"Come my sweetie. It's time for our romantic date." Patrick said and started to move his feet towards Carla.

Carla felt her feet shaking as Patrick moving towards her. She held her shoulder bag in her right arm and swung it on Patrick's face. She ran towards the rough road using the light of the moon as her guide to see in the dark. Her heart pounded on her chest while running on the bushes away from Patrick.

She needed to reach the main road and look for some motorists or a residential area to ask for help. Now she realized that if she only listened to her parents she will not be in this situation. She was running for her life from the person she trusted and loved most.

When she reached the highway, Carlo saw two men seated on the back the compartment's car. For the first time, she felt that she's safe and without any hesitation she immediately approached the two men.

"Help! Please help me!" She shoutedgasping for air to breath.

The two men stood and looked at each other. They ran towards her and showed their concern to her.

"What happened?!" The middle-aged man asked.

"Someone tried to **** me. Please help me!" She pleaded. She tried to breathe as she felt the burning sensation from her chest.

Again the two men gazed at each other.

"Come with us!" The thin man said and opened the car. "Get inside!"

Without any doubt, Carla got inside the car crying.

The middle-aged man took his phone on his pocket and dialed a number. Then someone answered his call and he said;

"She's here." He grinned and fixed his eyes on Carla who was weeping inside the car.

It's almost ten in the evening and Carla's parents were now worried. They are on the living room still watching for the late news. They are waiting for their daughter to talk to her and tell her that they're not mad at her. This time they will allow her to engage in a relationship, but they have to know her boyfriend personally.

From the outside, Carla was running and still crying. She opened the gate and went in front of the door. She saw her parents still awake watching the late TV programs which they didn't do before. Carla knocked on the door three times but her parents didn't seemed to hear her knocking.

"Mom! Dad! I'm here. Please open the door!" She shouted. Carla watched them still watching TV or maybe they are already sleeping. This time she pounded hard the wooden door. "Mom! Dad, please open the door!"

She was almost jumped when she heard the siren of a police vehicle as the red and blue colored lights shattered everywhere. She saw her parents stood and opened the door. Carla embraced her mom the moment the door opened.

"Mom, I'm so sorry. I won't do it again." Then she cried.

Two policemen came in front of Carla's parents. One of them took his hat and bowed to them.

"Ma'am and sir, we've found your daughter." The policeman said.

Carla was puzzled. Looking both her parents. "Mom, dad I am here!" She said. Again they seemed not to noticed her. Her mom embraced her dad and started to wail.

"We're very sorry, a motorist found her lifeless body dumped on the highway near the Bayer's forest." The policeman said in a sad tone.

Carla's parents hugged each other and wept.

"No! That's not true! I'm alive! I am here mom! No!!!" Carla said.