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 Ten miles away from the White Rose Sect was a camp filled with thousands of people. Each person in the camp was skilled and ready to fight the coming war against White Rose.

For multiple years they have waited for this day. They waited and waited, they heard rumors that White Rose Sect had a very powerful leader. Though, they did tons of research and didn't find the leader.

The Legendary Scroll Sect brought all their powerful disciples to fight against White Roses.


*Ding* *Ding*

Alarms were going off all throughout the sect. Inner core disciples understood what was going on and quickly put on their gear and took out their weapons.

The inner core disciples moved to the locations that they were assigned to beforehand. While the Outer core disciples were confused about what was going on.

"All students prepare for combat! Prepare for Combat!"

A voice sounded telling all the students to get ready to fight. After the voice sounded almost all of the outer core disciples got their gear ready.

Inside the core part of the sect, Liu Lihua and Zuhn's other disciples were getting ready to fight as well. Scouts that were put up around the sect spotted the Legendary Scroll Sect ten miles away.

They were all geared and were seeking blood. A couple of the scouts got to close and were killed. Zuhn stood next to his disciples with a calm expression on his face.

Zuhn wasn't too worried about the people that were coming to try and invade his sect. His true strength was insanely strong compared to his current strength.

"Ju Sheng, These two elders are very powerful."

Zuhn nodded his head.

"I'm going to put you at the back of the group. We don't want to put you in danger, you have nothing to do with this fight."

Zuhn was kinda mad after hearing what Liu Lihua said to him. Though, he really didn't care because he was planning to watch anyway.


"Come in!"

Tommy opened the door and walked over to Liu Lihua.

"Lihua, the enemy is approaching the sect. They will be here in a couple of minutes. Also, all the inner and outer disciples are ready for combat. They have been placed around the sect and on the walls."

"Alright, Thanks, Tommy. You can leave now."

Tommy bowed down and left the room.

Liu Lihua turned around to everyone and spoke.

"Everyone! We are about to go and fight an extremely strong force. Though, just remember that we are fighting not only for White Roses but also for Master!"

Liu Lihua poured her heart out into the speech in front of her friends and comrades. Zuhn sat off to the side and had a small smile on his face. Zuhn was quite happy to see what Liu Lihua as becoming over the years.


Outside of White Roses Elder Shi and Elder Nei were slowly walking to the front gates. Behind them were thousands of soldiers from their sect. The soldiers stopped only four hundred meters away from the outer walls.

The two elders looked at each other and walked towards the wall. They were both in a full suit of armor. Elder Shi's armor was bright red, while Elder Nei's armor was cyan colored.

They both had longswords at their waists with their hands on them. Liu Lihua and the other disciples of Zuhn were on the wall looking down at the Elders.

Zuhn was also on the wall, off to the side watching the two sides.

Liu Lihua and Zuhn's other disciples all jumped off the wall. They landed in front of the two elders.


"Elders Shi and Nei... What do I owe the pleasure?"

Liu Lihua looked at the two Elders with great caution. She could feel the power coming off the two. She wasn't scared of their power, but she was slightly worried.

"Miss Lihua, we said ten years ago that we would be back to take over White Roses. Well, Miss time is up. I've talked with Elder Nei and we agreed that we will give you one more chance to give up."

Liu Lihua kept his face emotionless.

"Never going to happen, as I told you last time. You are going to have to take this place by force."

The two elders nodded their heads and turned around. The two sides returned to their armies and waited for the battle to start.

Zuhn took a calculation of the two Elders. Zuhn was pretty sure the two Elders were both Late Staged Martial Sky King's. They were pretty strong for the Ziom continent.

Zuhn took out some fruit from his pocket and started to slowly eat them while watching the army that was approaching.

After the two Elders returned to their army they sent out the attack order. Thousands of elite soldiers rushed at the wall, they all were armed with decent gear.

White Roses elite members were on the outer wall shooting arrows at the troops that were coming. Na Yu was killing tons of people with every pull of her bow.

She smiled slightly after realizing how many people were coming to attack them. Na Yu was the head of the army, she personally trained countless people to use a bow.

They were all on the wall with her, shooting hundreds of arrows every second. Even though the archers on the wall were doing good work, the swarm of people wasn't ending.

Soon the soldiers got close enough to the wall to jump on to it. The archers had to aim down to shoot them while they tried to jump up. Dou Si and the other swordsmen were ready for them when they got to the top.

The clash against swordsmen started shortly after the archers started to get overrun.

Liu Lihua made the call to move back the archers into the city below the wall. From there, the archers got on top of buildings to shoot at the invaders.

The swordsmen on the wall were holding up against the invaders fairly well. Though, they knew that the people that were sent first into battle were the weaker ones.

Zuhn moved off the wall and now sat on a taller building in the city. He was quite interested in the fighting that was happening in front of his eyes. He couldn't help but feel proud of what his disciples have accomplished since he has been gone.

Dou Si and his group of disciples were starting to be pushed back by the invaders. Outer core disciples were scattered throughout the town. They were slowly starting to get attacked by the invaders.

Countless of the outer core disciples were falling to the invaders. Though, the invaders were losing more and more people to the archers that were shooting over the wall.

After two hours of fighting the outer wall was completely overrun. Multiple elite members of the White Roses were killed on the wall. The invaders lost most of their first wave of people.

Dou Si took an estimate that White Roses lost around forty elite members and over 800 outer core disciples. While the invaders lost four hundred low-level elite members and around 1500 normal soldiers.

Liu Lihua took a breath after hearing what Dou Si said. She was pretty relieved to know that she won the fight in terms of fighting against the elders.

Liu Lihua's relief was short-lived, "Liu Lihua, the second wave of invaders are coming towards the wall."

The first wave of invaders was completely killed by the outer core disciples and elite members. The second wave of invaders was on their way.

"Quickly! Get the archers on the wall!"

Liu Lihua rushed towards the top of the wall. When she got on top all she could see was death all over. Hundreds of bodies were on the wall, blood was flowing everywhere.

Multiple archers made it back to the wall and started to fire on the second wave of invaders. Na Yu was also on the wall, she noticed that the second wave was much stronger than the last.

Zuhn still stayed on the tall building in the town. Still watching the battle unfold. Zuhn was pretty confident in his disciples.

A black dot on top of the wall caught Zuhn's attention. Zuhn looked closer at the dot. Zuhn face turned to shock when he saw who it was.

Zhao was sitting on the wall looking down. He was trying to be stealthy, he had multiple spells on his body to hide from the invaders. Zuhn was pretty sure he was the only person that was able to see him.

The more Zuhn looked at Zhao the more people he saw around him. Zuhn's grin grew, the people around Zhao were some people from his old group.

When Zhao became Zuhn's disciple, Zuhn was planning to make an assassin department for him. Though, he gave up on the idea. Now, Zuhn wished he did it.

Zhao was now in the Martial Sky Realm, turning him into a strong opponent.

Below the wall, the second wave of invaders was wearing stronger armor. The arrows that were being shot by the normal archers were bouncing off.

Na Yu's arrows and a couple elite archers were still killing the soldiers. Because of the last wave of invaders, not everyone was on the wall. Most of the archers were still in the town shooting over.

The wall was quickly overrun again, Dou Si and Liu Lihua once again left the wall returning to the city.

"Dou Si, It's time to fight seriously."

Dou Si nodded his head towards Liu Lihua. Colorful auras surrounded the two. Dou Si's aura turned blue, while Liu Lihua's aura turned red. Zuhn sat up a little after seeing their auras turn colors.

Both Liu Lihua and Dou Si rushed at the invaders with full force. Dou Si sent several colorful slashes towards the invaders. Multiple people were sent flying after getting hit with Dou Si's slashes.

Liu Lihua, on the other hand, ran at insane speeds. She slashed her sword multiple times and stopped. Behind her, multiple invaders stopped and fell to the ground.

Blood flowed out of their bodies as they hit the ground. Na Yu sat above Liu Lihua and Dou Si sending powerful spells of arrows to the invaders.

The battle has been raging on for well over four hours. The outer wall was completely taken over. The bulk of the fight was happening in the town of the outer core.

Zuhn's disciples were mostly pushed back to the inner disciple wall. The disciples along with Zuhn were now sitting on top of the wall watching the fight below them.

Na Yu wasn't injured but she was tired and almost out of magic after the fight. Liu Lihua and Dou Si felt the same, they used a lot of their power during the fight.

The second wave of invaders quickly died. Leaving only around three thousand invaders left. Two thousand of which were a mix of Early and Middle staged gold cultivators.

Around 900 of the invaders left were a mix of Late and peak ranked cultivators. Dou Si was very surprised when his scouts reported that 100 people were in the Martial Sky Realm.

In the second wave of invaders, White Roses lost ⅔ of their Outer disciples and over sixty elite members. Luckily, the fighting stopped. The scouts that were watching the camp noticed that everyone was waiting.

No one was getting ready to fight, most of their soldiers were sitting around campfires eating and resetting. When the scout reported their findings to Dou Si. Dou Si told the other disciples, Na Yu was slightly happy. She quickly found a place to rest, as well did most of the military.

Shortly after Na Yu went to sleep, Dou Si soon followed. Liu Lihua sent multiple elites to keep watch on the walls. She was the only one that didn't get any rest.

She sat on the outer wall and looked out at the enemy. Zuhn quietly made his way to the wall. He concealed his power to the point that if someone looked at him he would be early gold. He walked around the wall acting like he was helping pick up weapons from the invaders.

Zuhn kept looking at Liu Lihua to try and see if he could figure out what she was thinking. In front of Liu Lihua farther outside of the wall in the sky, there was a small light.

The light was getting bigger and bigger as it came closer and closer to the city walls. No one noticed the light until it was too late. The light turned out to be a fireball.

The fireball struck the outer wall, sending flames all over the wall. Liu Lihua reacted quickly and jumped off the wall. The flames spread to everyone on the wall. Killing everyone except for Zuhn, Zuhn wasn't affected by such weak flames.

Zuhn didn't want to attract any attention and quickly disappeared into thin air. Reappearing on the inner disciple wall with his original clothes on.

Looking in front of him he could see the whole outer disciple wall bright orange covered in flames. Below the wall were people running to the wall, casting spells to try and put the fire out.

Alarms rang throughout the town, calling anyone that was able to fight to head to the middle of the town. Zuhn took a deep breath and launched off the wall gliding towards the middle of the town.