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 Zuhn opened his eye to find that he was surrounded by fire. A thick smell of blood and death filled his nose. Looking around there was destruction everywhere. Buildings were on fire, bodies lay in the streets.

Zuhn came back from his Ancient Trial in the same place that he left. Zuhn left to go cultivate what felt like only three months. Though, he couldn't believe that his whole sect was destroyed only in a couple of months.

Shaking his head, Zuhn got up to go look around. He was on guard, because of the recent smell of the fire and death. He walked around for a couple of minutes before coming across a body that he knew.

Dou Si laid on the ground. Half of his face wasn't there. Zuhn moved closer to see the full damage, half of Dou Si's face was missing. Zuhn let out a small sign.

_Who was strong enough to kill Dou Si?_

There was only a small group of people on the continent that were able to defeat the White Roses. Even if people were able to defeat White Roses, they were still going to have mass casualties in the process.

Zuhn took in his breath before moving away from Dou Si to try and find survivors of his sect. He loved his sect from the moment he met everyone.

The sun started to set, Zuhn wasn't quite sure how long he was walking around trying to find someone, but it must have been a couple of hours. Zuhn didn't want to give up on searching for his sect, but he knew that if they were destroyed it was pointless to look for other bodies.

Fortunately, right about the time, the sunset Zuhn sensed countless people around him. Right when Zuhn noticed the people he understood what had happened.

Around Zuhn there were around twenty people around him. Fifteen people were Gold ranked, while five of them were around early Sky Martial ranked.

This made Zuhn a little bit worried, he didn't mind facing the people that were Gold Ranked. Everyone in his sect was around Gold, meaning they weren't super strong compared to Zuhn himself.

There were only countless people in his sect that even had a chance of beating him in a one v one battle. The amount of that could have a chance of beating Zuhn could be counted on his hand.

Meaning that the people that were around Zuhn weren't from his continent. Zuhn's only thought was that the people that were around him were invaders.

Having this thought, Zuhn slightly started to sweat from the people. Zuhn wasn't sweaty because he was scared, actually, he was quite happy. It had been a while since he was able to fight people that were going to be a challenge.

Shortly after Zuhn found out that he was surrounded there was a strong urge of killing intent coming from behind him. The killing intent was getting closer and closer. Finally, the intent became too much for Zuhn to bare.

He turned around to see an older man, around his mid-thirties staring back at him. Zuhn felt a small chill go down his back, even though the man in front of him was only in the Gold cultivation, the man still gave off strong intent.

The aura coming off the man was becoming too hard for Zuhn to handle. As the man walked forward, the weaker Zuhn became from the pressure. Suddenly, Zuhn remembered that he had three cultivation orbs from his Ancient Trial.

Zuhn's mood switched from being slightly scared to be extremely happy. Zuhn remembered that with the three orbs he was able to make the advanced cultivation orb.

Remembering that he needed to combine the three orbs to make the advanced cultivation orb he felt defeated. He didn't know how he was supposed to combine the orbs.

Zuhn thought if he used his Ancient Magic Book that he would be able to combine the orbs. He reached down to his waist and searched for his book. He moved his hand around to try and find the book. After a couple of seconds, he gave up.

Zuhn couldn't find his Magical Book. Along with being not able to find his Magical book, he wasn't able to find his magical dagger either. Finding out that he was defenseless would leave Zuhn in danger of the men around him.

Taking in a deep breath, Zuhn stopped worrying about the people around him and sat down. He sat down in front of all the men that were around him. Zuhn memorized most of the book and was able to read back with his memories.

Thinking back he was able to remember a certain sense. The sense was called Magic Sense. With This sense, Zuhn was able to sense magical beings around him. The magic sense was also able to sense people with high cultivation.

Zuhn decided that it was time to use the spell. He looked through the description of the spell. After reading the spell and recreating it in his head a couple of times he was ready.

*Magic Sense*

Rainbow waves flowed out of Zuhn and went out in every direction. The rainbow waves hit all of the people around Zuhn. Once Zuhn found all of the people he smiled.

Most of the people were giving off fake auras. Even though this is the first time Zuhn had ever seen someone give off a fake aura, it was interesting to him.

Zuhn started to laugh out loud, causing the men around him to become confused. With Magic Sense, Zuhn was still able to see the men. He saw their faces turn from deadly, too scared.

They couldn't understand what was happening to Zuhn. All of the men pulled out their weapons. They all had different types of weapons when Zuhn noticed the weapons he couldn't help but laugh.

The men were holding small daggers along with a couple of longswords. There was even someone that had a bow. All of their weapons gave off a special hint of magic.

When Magic Sense, Zuhn was able to understand what this meant. Which brought a whole new vibe to the battle that was around him. The people that were around him were holding magical weapons.

Magical weapons were quite rare, they were very hard to find. Though, if you were experienced enough you were able to craft them. When Zuhn was in his Ancient Trial he saw multiple magical weapons.

At first, he didn't understand them. He didn't know why they were so expensive, but after thinking about it. He knew that the weapons must have been Magical weapons.

Zuhn used his mind to move one of his cultivation orbs. The orb was light green, it was quite small. It looked like a small marble. Zuhn opened his mouth and dropped the orb into his mouth.

Zuhn didn't chew the orb, he just swallowed it whole. After the orb entered his body he smiled. He felt the energy move through his body. He could feel his power rising. Several surges of power started to hit his body.

With each surge that hit, his power would increase by several folds. What felt like forever all of the power from the orb hit Zuhn. It had been only a couple of seconds since Zuhn out the orb in his mouth.

Zuhn was able to move his cultivation to Martial Sky Emperor. Zuhn remembers from the guy, that Martial Sky Emperor is the worst cultivation rank that a person could get from the cultivation orb.

Zuhn's smile was still on his face, but inside of his mind, he was quite mad about what he got. Now, Zuhn completely outranked everyone that was around him. Zuhn was holding back his cultivation, but the people around him were still scared.

Even though they couldn't notice Zuhn's cultivation. They still noticed that something happened to the teen that they were surrounding. Zuhn took a deep breath, he felt the man in front of him getting ready to attack him.

Zuhn predicted that the man was going to charge at him in under ten seconds. The man in front of Zuhn turned his body red. Bright red covered the man's body, his weapon was an axe.

The axe head also turned bright red, the man took a step forward. Showing himself to Zuhn, Zuhn didn't let the man have a chance. He launched an attack at the man.

Even though Zuhn didn't have a weapon, his body another was enough to block all attack from someone from Gold cultivation. With a deadly smile on Zuhn face, he pushed forward with all his might towards the man.