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 Once he placed the book on the bubble, a large purple light blinded Zuhn. Zuhn brought his hand up to his face to block the light. The light started to slowly fade.

Zuhn removed his hand from his eyes and saw that the bubble around the city was gone. Zuhn made his first steps towards the city. Zuhn looks down at the Ancient Magic Book.

The book opened again and relieved a couple of words on the blank page. The book started to furiously start to write a description of the place that Zuhn was walking towards.

'This city was lost, millions of years ago. Its name was originally unknown. The legends named this place Heavenly Fought City. The reason for its name was a mystery. Everyone in the world tried to find this city, but it looks like it was turned into an Ancient Trial by someone powerful. Items in this city should be very old and powerful.'

Zuhn nodded at the book and closed it. He put the book away and continued to walk forward. The closer he got to the city the more powerful the pressure of the city gave off.

When Zuhn was around twenty meters away from the cities main entrance he stopped. When Maximus asked what was wrong, he found out midway through his sentence.

Ahead of Zuhn were two guards with spears. They were both not moving, but their eyes seemed to be piercing Zuhn's body. Zuhn felt chills down his whole body as the guards stared at him.

Zuhn swallowed and moved closer to the guards. Zuhn remembered that the city was lost millions of years ago. There was no way the guards were alive.

He was now two meters away from the two guards. Suddenly, one of the guards moved and pointed his spear towards Zuhn. The other guards also followed this action.

"State your business"

Zuhn was startled by the guards and was struggling to respond.

"U-uh... I...Would like to go inside?"

The two guards looked at one another and back at Zuhn. The guards moved their spears away from Zuhn. One of the guards pointed to the entrance of the city.

Zuhn nodded and walked inside. Once he entered the city, he heard loudspeakers to the left and right of him. They were telling him to move forward and go to the big building in the middle of the city.

Zuhn didn't really understand the city, so he went and found the middle of the city. When he entered the building, the place was a ruin. The building wasn't stable and looked like it was going to crumble at any time.

Out of nowhere a young woman in a white dusty dress walked out to greet Zuhn. Zuhn was scared half to death by the sight of the girl. Zuhn, bowed down to show respect to the woman.

The women stayed still, not moving just looking at Zuhn. Zuhn felt a bit awkward and started to speak to the woman.

"Miss, What is this place?"

"Welcome! Welcome, visitor... You are the first Human to enter this city in... 365 million days. Being the first Human visitor in so long, we have decided to give you a discount on all items in the city."

Zuhn looked around, trying to see if he saw anything that was worth anything. When he found a small orb on the ground, he picked it up and walked the woman.

The woman reached her hands out, Zuhn put the orb on her hands. The woman looked down at the orb and studied it for a couple of seconds. Before looking back up.

"This a Transformative Orb. This will cost you 89 Heavenly Divine Soul Coins."

Maximus let out a small yelp when he heard what the woman said. Zuhn asked Maximus if he has ever heard of a Heavenly Divine Soul coin.

'Zuhn, the coins she is talking about are stupid rare. Ancient trials have a really low chance of giving you one. You have no chance to get 89, plus I don't even know what the orb is. I've never heard of it, if everything here is in Heavenly Divine Soul coins, then we better leave.'

Zuhn understood what Maximus was saying, but wasn't going to give up such a good place. If everything here was truly worth a lot, why not ask the woman for a job.

"Miss, I don't seem to have any of those coins."

"Discount? You want a discount?"

"No, Miss. I don't have any money to pay for the orb. Do you have any jobs that I could do to earn money?"

The woman looked at Zuhn for a couple of seconds before replying.

"Nope. Please leave if you have no money to buy anything."

Zuhn was shot down, he even tried to ask again, but was shot back down. Maximus felt a little back for Zuhn, he was in a place that not anyone could get into.

Zuhn left the middle building and turned the wrong way to the exit of the city.

'Zuhn, the exit is the other way. Why are you going this way?'

'Maximus, she said for me to leave. I left the building, now let's look around for some items.'

'If you still form this place, you are going to be killed before you even leave the place.'

'Yes, I understand that. Though, I'm not going to steal the items. I'm going to work for them.'

'Work for them?'

'Yup, these people or puppets I should say aren't really alive. They were made by someone with great magic. They act like the demons from before, only they have their own minds and are much smarter.'

Maximus started to understand what Zuhn was saying and was shocked Zuhn was able to notice. Zuhn was walking around aimlessly trying to find someone to talk to and get a job from.

Maximus didn't have much hope for him to get a job. If he did get a job, the puppet wouldn't pay him much for it. Finally, after searching for a couple of minutes. Zuhn found a blacksmith that was repairing a weapon on his balcony.

When the blacksmith saw Zuhn walking up, he got up from his work.

"A Human? Haven't seen one of those in many years."

The man looked around Zuhn, looking if he could find anyone else with him. After looking around Zuhn for a couple seconds, he stopped and nodded his head.

The put down his blacksmithing materials and tools and signed for Zuhn to walk over to him. Zuhn understood what the man was doing and walked over to the man.

"Son, you look quite young. Though, if you are in this city you are quite strong. Are you in need of work?"

When Zuhn heard this he was filled with joy. He found someone that needed work done. Maybe if he helped him he would get paid and be able to buy items in this city.


"Alright, good. I need you to collect some materials for me. Old Sue should be down in the market district selling metals and woods. If you could bring them to me, I will reward you."

The man was speaking lifeless, not a way a normal person would speak. Zuhn started to suspect that the person who made this city wasn't from this planet.

Zuhn nodded his head at the man and walked off to the market district. Behind Zuhn, the blacksmith looked at Zuhn as he walked away. The man was smiling and laughing quietly.

Zuhn walked his way to market district, walking for a little bit he was shocked. The market district was pretty empty, there weren't many 'puppets'. After walking around for a couple of minutes there was an older woman wondering the streets.

Zuhn decided it was probably Old Sue. When Zuhn got close to the woman she turned and looked at him.

"Are you the young boy coming to grab Sole's blacksmith materials?"

Zuhn didn't answer with his voice and just nodded his head. The woman understood and moved to her store and grabbed the materials. Zuhn waited outside for a couple of minutes.

After a little bit, Old Sue came back out with multiple pieces of iron slabs. She put the iron on the ground, Zuhn walked over and tried to grab the iron off the ground.

Zuhn bent down and tried to pick up the iron. At first, his fingers slipped off the Iron. He tried again but the iron was far too heavy to lit. Zuhn looked up at Old Sue. Old Sue was staring at him with a sweet smile.

"Do you need some help?"

Zuhn looked at Old Sue, "Nope."

'Maximus this iron is stupid heavy.'

'The blacksmith sent you out here, he is probably doing a trial on your strength and mind.'

Zuhn went down to the iron once again, he put some magic under the iron to try and pick them up. Zuhn used a lot of his mental and magic strength to lift up the iron.


Zuhn used everything that he had left in himself to lift the iron. The iron got off the ground, but after three solid seconds, the iron became heavier. Zuhn dropped the iron on the floor and fell over exhausted.

"Dear, Sole didn't give you a time to give him the iron did he?"


"Well, that means once you find out a way to move the Iron, you can try."

The woman smiled and walked away from the Iron. With Zuhn still there he was talking to Maximus trying to figure out how to move the Iron.

'What if you make a spell to lift it?'

Maximus had a great idea, but it was going to be hard to make. With Zuhn's magic so far, he couldn't even lift the iron for a couple of seconds. Each time he picked up the iron, it felt heavier and heavier.

Zuhn finally gave up and slumped back down on the side of a wall next to the iron slabs. Maximus and Zuhn talked for a couple hours before Zuhn fell asleep sitting against the wall.

Zuhn woke up after an unknown time, Old Sue was staring at him with a sad expression on her face.

"Dear, It's been seven full days. Even though Sole doesn't have a time limit to deliver the materials, you deliver them soon."

Zuhn's mind was confused, she said seven days? It felt like it was only a couple of hours. Maximus said the same, saying that he was asleep for seven days.

Zuhn knew that he had to deliver the iron as fast as possible. Old Sue looked at Zuhn as she did before. She just sat staring and staring, not moving from her spot.

Zuhn got back up and went over to the iron slabs. Trying again he put his hands on the sides of the iron. He thought it was going to be heavy, so he was preparing to lift a lot of weight.

3...2...1... Go!

Unexpectedly, Zuhn was easily able to lift the iron slabs. This shocked Maximus, who was greatly confused. One week ago, Zuhn couldn't lift up the iron, but after sleeping he was able to.

'Did Old Sue change the iron slabs out?'

Maximus made sure to keep watch on the area around Zuhn, Old Sue never switched out the iron slabs. Old Sue was standing next to Zuhn with a wide grin on her face.

"Good, now please take this to Sole for me."

Zuhn nodded his head and started to walk back to the blacksmith. When he got to the blacksmith, Sole walked outside to greet him.

"Wow! You're back and it only took you seven days."

"Is that good?"

"Quite, even non-humans take several years to get these iron slabs to me."

Zuhn understood what Sole was saying, the iron slabs were a trial for Zuhn.

'Wait... Doesn't that mean that was a trial in a trial?'

"Alright son, here is your payment for the work."

Sole brought out a crystal orb, that had red and blue liquid inside of it.

"I usually only give this to people that took more than ten years to complete the task. This orb is called a Cultivation Orb. A Cultivation Orb is used for people that need to increase their Cultivation fast."

Zuhn's face turned weird, he was started to get too happy from the Blacksmiths words.

"The Cultivation Orb can instantly move your cultivation Martial Sky Emperor, which is trash. At it's highest peak it can reach Mystic."

'Mystic? Mystic was Maximus's cultivation Rank.'

"Martial Sky Emperor will make you powerful in certain continents, but continents with competitions or 8 Star Sects. It's pointless, lots of powerful people out there. It's a real gamble, of course, there is something better than it, but riskier."

Zuhn jumped at getting something better. After hearing what the blacksmith said, he looked up with greedy eyes.

"Please, tell me."

"It's called Advanced Cultivation Orb. Unlike the regular Cultivation Orb, you instantly became the cultivation rank that you get. The regular Cultivation Orb, once you get something, you only get to have an increased speed to get to that rank."

Zuhn understood the idea of the orbs. He decided that he was going to go for the advanced Cultivation Orb.

"How do I get the Advanced Cultivation Orb?"

"You are going to have to do a couple more task for me to even get close to getting one of them."

Zuhn was greedy for the cultivation orb for a reason. He was inside of an Ancient Trial and needed to more power. Zuhn agreed with Sole's requests and left the city to find items needed for the blacksmith.