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 Outside of the walls of the Windwood Sect. The Sect leaders of Dark Star and Overwhelming Sect were waiting. They have been fighting the Windwood sect for around 8 hours now. They didn't really lose anyone fighting the outer and most of the inner disciples.

While Wang and Zhou sat in a big tent outside of the battle eating breakfast they got a message. The message read that one elite group and six groups of rebels were killed.

At first, they really didn't mind, them losing that many from attack the Windwood Sect wasn't bad. Then the messenger kept reading. The messenger said that they were all taken out by three people.

When the two sect leaders heard this they spit out their food.

"By three people?"

The messenger flinched at the tone of the sect leader.

"Sir, there is more."

"Yes, Yes... Keep reading."

The messenger than told the men that white roses feel down when they were attacked. The soldiers that survived say that it was a one-sided battle, the three people were complete killers.

The soldiers were able to escape because someone super powerful got in the way of their killers.

The sect leaders lost their breath, who were these four people that were powerful enough to kill so many? When the news of the killings reached both sides of the battle the soldiers were shocked.

Both sides have never heard of the four people. Each side was equally scared of the four people. The elders in Windwood knew that Zuhn was one of the four people that killed those people.

When some of the elites made their way to the place that the people were killed. They all threw up at the sight of the bodies. Each of the people killed was cut into pieces.

The soldiers that were killed also had white roses around and on their bodies. The four people were named "White Roses" by the soldiers of the battle.

The inner disciples and the core disciples have made a barrier blocking the invaders. Big and small groups have been created to defend against the attackers. Shi Huang has been speaking with the two sect leaders attack his sect.

Many of the inner disciples have started to switch sides. There are some groups that are just fighting for equipment and the experience. The was one certain group in the inner disciples. They were called "Dark Shadows".

The Dark Shadows was a group that was made from the battle. Inside the group was multiple inner and core disciples. They weren't fighting for Windwood or the sect that was attacking.

They were similar to White Roses. They were there just to kill people, they aren't as known as White Roses. Though, there were people that knew about their group.

Unlike the White Roses, the Dark Shadows attacked groups that were left alone. They were mostly seen after the White Roses attack. They were out killing multiple groups that were apart of the uprising from the inner disciples.

They were quite skilled in killing people, rumors from the soldiers that they were contract killers. Others thought they weren't even from the sect and just came to kill people.

After Zuhn and his disciples were all cleaned up and their weapons didn't have blood on them. They made their way to the barrier made by the remaining disciples.

There were a couple people that made themselves leaders of small areas in the battle. Multiple strong core disciples were the leaders. Yin Wan wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Yin Wan was the number one person in the sect, apart from Liu and Zuhn. Zuhn soon asked around and found out that Yin Wan was one of the first Core disciples to be killed in the battle.

It was said that he was killed during the first hours of the battle. His body was found around his house. People found it strange because he was located behind the Core Disciple wall.

Meaning, most people think he was either killed by Dark Shadows or by an assassin of the enemy sects. Dark Shadows being brought up again peaked Zuhn's interest.

Zuhn was starting to hear a lot about Dark Shadows. The battle outside of the barrier started to get more fierce. It had now been two days since the battle has started.

The barrier stayed together for a full two days. Though, on the third day, the barrier finally broke after a full charge from the two sects. Many groups started to be killed. One after the other groups fled for the inner walls.

Dark Shadows were killing countless people had they moved into crowded areas. Zuhn and his three disciples stayed out of the fight. They all watched from on top of the inner wall.

Watching people run up to the wall begging to be let in. Only Core disciples were able to come in. The guards on the wall didn't open the gate if you were a core disciple you had enough strength to just jump the wall.

White Roses, Zuhn's group stayed up on the wall. The guards didn't mind it, because they knew that the group was strong. The auras coming off the group was huge.

The Dark Shadows leader, Zhao Buwei was one of the new core disciples that were supposed to be given a house before the attack. He had lots of friends and contacts in the inner disciples.

Once Zhao announced about the Dark Shadows, multiple people joined. Zhao really enjoyed the group, White Roses. He wanted to try and be like them. Zhao was very smart when it came to killing people.

Though, his big weakness was getting to carried away. When he gets too carried away he could kill people down to smashed bones and blood. His actions at the beginning of Dark Shadows made lots of people leave.

Leaving behind only the true killers. Everyone in the group knew who the White Roses were. They were a powerful killing group like theirs, they also knew what they meant to their leader.

Zuhn and his group decided that they were going to patrol around the Core Disciple's area and find out what was going on with the groups. While they were walking they found a man wearing black with a cloak concealing his face walking in front of them.

When the man saw the four people he stood still. The man looked super excited, Zuhn told his disciples to stop. Liu and Dou both pulled out their weapons. They both concealed the weapons in their cloaks, ready to defend their master at any time.

_No way! Is that the four members of White Roses!_

Zhao stopped in his tracks as he gazed at the four people. When they stopped in front of him he almost fainted. The four members noticed Zhao, it looked like they had their weapons out.

"No, No! White Roses, I'm your number one fan!"

Zuhn turned his head a little bit after hearing what the man said.

_White Roses?_

Zuhn was the first to reply to the man, "White Roses huh? I like that name."

Zhao quickly nodded his head, "I'm the leader of Dark Shadows!"

When Zuhn heard that he was the leader of Dark Shadows his attention increased on the man. Zuhn sent small bursts of magic towards the man. When they reached the man, he flinched a couple of times.

Zhao moved his hands around his whole body after feeling a weird sensation. He then looked back up at the four people in front of him.

"White Roses, can we Dark Shadows join you?"

Zhao really wanted to join the White Roses, they were all psychopaths with incredible strength. Everyone in Dark Shadows was a fan of White Roses, they all wanted to join as well.

Zuhn thought about his request for a couple of seconds. Before reaching for his weapon. Once he got his weapon with an extreme speed he threw the weapon at the man.

The man without hesitation grabbed the knife out of the air before it got close to him. Zuhn smiled at his reaction speed and nodded to the man.

"Yes, You guys can join White Roses. How about you tell your friends that are around you to come out."

Zhao wasn't shocked that the leader of White Roses was able to see the rest of his group around him. When the group of people came out to the street there were around ten people.

In total there was 8 men and two women. There were eleven people if you counted the leader. Zuhn decided to make this group of people swear loyalty to him. Zuhn also made Zhao one of his main disciples.

The others will be later made into veteran members of White Roses. Now White Roses was a proper group, everyone in the group was at minimum Silver 8.

Their group now had the strongest group in Windwood if not the whole region. Zuhn and the rest of White Roses made their way back to the Zuhn's house. There they started to discuss the future of the battle and White Roses as a whole.