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 The battlefield was still raging on, the battle has reached the inner disciples. Most of the inner disciples were still being killed, but there were some who were able to fight back.

Multiple groups started to appear in the inner disciples. Most of the groups were made to defend the sect. While others were made to join the attackers.

Zuhn and the rest of his disciples were sitting on the core disciple wall. They were all just taking a rest and watching the fights happening below them.

Zuhn, Liu and Na Yu were quite calm. They all have seen death and didn't mind it much. Dou Si, on the other hand, was quite scared. He was confused why Zuhn his master wasn't helping the sect.

He was also confused by how strong Na Yu was. Back when he saw her in the alley, his master said she would lose against him. Though, he changed his mind after seeing how strong and fast she is.

_What is master doing?_

Everyone sat on the core disciple's wall for a couple of hours. Down below them, the battle was reaching the core disciples walls. Everyone in the sect was up and either in battle or about to be.

"Alright, Time for us to leave!"

Zuhn stood up and jumped off the wall. The rest of his disciples soon followed, they all begin to run on top of the roofs. They all ran for several minutes until they reach what looked like a burned down house.

Zuhn stopped and landed outside the house. The other soon followed and landed by his side.

"Okay, for the first part of my plan we need to lure multiple groups over here."

Zuhn pointed in different directions, the others nodded their heads.

"Alright, get going. I'll be waiting here for their arrival."

Everyone moved in different directions, going out to find groups to lure to the area. Liu was the strongest out of the three. Meaning she was able to bring over one elite group from the Dark Star Sect.

While Dou Si and Na Yu were able to bring three groups each. The groups that they brought were all people that were apart of the uprising from the Windwood sect.

When the three disciples came back they vanished in thin air and found their way to Zuhn. Zuhn stood atop of the highest peak looking down. The groups below stood confused, looking around at each other.

Out of nowhere white roses started to fall out of the sky. All the groups started to question what was going on.

_White roses?_

The elite group started to grow suspicion. The leader of the group shouted, "Everyone! Get ready for an attack."

Zuhn and his disciples witnessed the great scene of the flowers falling from the sky. Zuhn took out his dagger and put it in the air.

"Go, Go my disciples go and kill everyone!"

The three disciples didn't hesitate for a second and jumped off the building. Screams of people dying below Zuhn gave him a sense of thrill.

Zuhn took a look at the battle below him. The white roses on the floor started to turn crimson red from all of the blood. He watched all of his disciples killing all of the attackers.

One by one people were dying, blood filling the streets. Zuhn noticed that Dou's actions were weak at first. He was humanely killing people, trying to not make them suffer.

Unlike Liu and Na, Dou was killing people slowly. After about five minutes of straight killing people. Dou's actions started to speed up. Zuhn noticed that huge killing intent came from Dou, but Dou wasn't killing for him anymore.

Dou was killing for fun, "Master! I finally understand your fun! All of you come at me!" At this point, Zuhn couldn't help but laugh. He already knew that Dou would become a killer. Every disciple of his would soon become cold-blooded killers.

Dou was fully covered in blood and kept killing anything that moved around him. Liu was also killing people quickly, she already knew her master's natural. What she was doing really didn't affect her much on the outside.

Her face stayed calm and emotionless, just like Zuhn's when he kills. But on the inside, she is bursting with joy. She really loves the feeling when she kills people.

Na Yu was the only one that was already a killer before becoming Zuhn's disciple. She already killed tons of people before she got to this region. She wasn't a psychopath like the rest of the disciples but she didn't mind killing.

Zuhn was itching to join the battle but decided not to. He wanted to see how strong his disciples are. He also wanted to watch the show from above. He was laughing too much from the people dying.

Soon the three disciples grouped up, in front of them was the Elite group from Dark Star. They were the only ones able to survive against the people in front of them.

The three disciples killed multiple people of the elite group. They were about to wipe the whole group, but Zuhn jumped down to stop them. When the survivors of the group saw that they stopped attacking. The remaining ones ran away.

"Master! Are we going to let those people go?" Dou wasn't happy, he really wanted to keep killing the people.

"Dou Si, We need to let them go and tell their commanding officers about what they just saw."

Zuhn smiled and patted Dou Si's shoulder.

"Alright, everyone time to head back to the wall. You all need to get cleaned up before we go back into the public."

The three disciples were all covered in blood. Around them hundreds of bodies laid, Zuhn looked around and raised his arms.

"Look! Look what you all did."

The three disciples looked around smiling, looking at all of the bodies. There were two people that were still moving. Liu Lihua was about to kill them when she was stopped by Zuhn.

Zuhn walked over and pulled out his knife. He walked over to the two, he killed the first one. Letting the blood spurt all over Zuhn. The second man saw this scene and wished he was already dead.

The second man turned out to be the leader of the Dark Star elite group. Zuhn put a spell on the man, this made the man not able to move. The man couldn't move, but he could still feel pain.

Zuhn slid the knife around the man's face, the man's face moved in pain. Zuhn kept moving the knife around before stabbing him in the heart a couple of times. Before leaving the body, he took up the knife and licked the blood.

A sensation went through his whole body. It had been a while since Zuhn had precipitated in a huge killing, he was quite happy about the outcome. Zuhn and the rest of his disciples left the area and went towards the inner wall.