Roughly a month after Charles first took Knightgale out, Sir convinced him that he could let Knightgale out without a leash. Charles relented easily when Sir gave him pouty eyes and placed gentle kisses all over his face.

Knightgale usually came home when it was just starting to get dark, but then one night he didn't.

"Do you think something could've happened to him, Sir?" Charles asked with tears in his eyes. Sir pulled Charles into a hug, trying his best to comfort the man.

"I'm sure that Knightgale can protect himself. He's grown into quite the muscular cat," Sir said, hoping that he could protect himself.

"But what if-"

"We're not going to ponder about the what if's. We're going to go to bed and he will be here in the morning, okay?"

"Okay," Charles said.

Sir kissed him over and over until the cat was forgotten for the night.

Sir awoke when he heard loud meowing coming from above his face. He woke up, thankful that Knightgale hadn't gone to trying to wake him up with his claws.

Knightgale paced back and forth, a little angrily, as Sir got up and changed. He didn't want to wake Charles up so early.

Sir followed the cat out the door and through the neighborhood.

Knightgale stopped multiple times so that Sir could catch up.

Sir was starting to get cold from the early morning autumn air and cursed himself for not grabbing a jacket.

After walking who knows how long, Knightgale slipped under a bush and walked out holding a little kitten by the scruff off the neck.

Sir gasped as Knightgale sat it down and went back under the bush. He understood why the cat hadn't come home last night.

The kittens would have been so cold last night.

Knightgale walked out with two more little kittens, all with different patterns.

Sir picked them up into his arms, holding them close. He hoped that he would be able to heat them up a bit by holding them closer.

Knightgale lead the way back home. Where Charles awaited them.

"Where were you?" Charles asked with panic staining his features. "Both you and the cat were gone this morning. I didn't know w-" he cut himself short when he saw the kittens in Sir's arms.

"Knightgale lead me to these babies this morning. It was really early so I didn't want to wake you," Sir said sheepishly look anywhere but at Charles.

Charles let Sir pass but not without giving him a very loving kiss.

"We have to take them to the vet before we keep them. I don't want them to be sick and then get Knightgale sick," Charles said, grabbing their jackets.

"Are we going right now?" Sir asked. Charles chuckled as an answer and took the kitten from Sir so he could put on his jacket.

They had walked quickly to the vet and were able to be seen right away.

Charles and Sir sat in the waiting room, both slightly nervous with the outcome.

The both looked up as the vet walked back through the door.

"The kitten are healthy for being found abandoned. You are going to have to use tea on a rag to help with their eyes. And they need to drink milk for a week or two more. If you would wait here I will get you the cats in a carrier and I'll get you a syringe with a small enough nipple for them," the doctor then went back to the room.

Charles looked at Sir with a face of pure relief. Sir smiled back and kissed the top of Charles's forehead.

The doctor came back with the cats and Sir carried them home.

"I love our family," Charles said letting the kittens free.

Sir smiled down at him and agreed.

Knightgale, wrapped around the kittens, meowed his agreement.