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 Chapter 301: It Is Entirely My Business!

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It could be seen that Ji Lingxi had completely recovered; both her mental and physical state had been fully revived. The fear that had been stacked upon each other from being hunted and fleeing for lives had vanished upon knowing where she was now - all the anxiety was gone!

Perhaps, everything else was not a something as long as she was her to Ji Lingxi.

She was pacified, comforted, at ease and had no doubt that she was safe.

"Girl, you're really heartless." Yue Rulan teased her companion but felt that a rock in her heart had finally been lifted.

After so much turmoil, you two are finally together!

"Where is that Young Master Yun of yours?" Yue Rulan asked. "He has gone through great pains to save us this time, we must thank him properly."

Ji Lingxi nodded, her face growing hot. "Of course."

Yue Rulan continued to rib her and said, "Of course? How easy it is for you to say. I can't even think of a way to thank him for such a huge favor, why don't you pledge yourself to him instead? Tell Young Master Yun directly, there's no way you can repay his mercy; you can only offer your hand in marriage..."

She did not finish her words as her mouth was quickly covered by Ji Lingxi, who was abashed and fuming. "Sister Lan! Stop that right now!"

Yue Rulan begged for mercy as the two ladies teased and ribbed each other as young girls do.

The sound of steady knocking came from the door. "Can I come in?"

Ji Lingxi got up to open the door.

"Wait!" Yue Rulan said anxiously, "Cover me up!"

"Certainly," answered Ji Lingxi.

"Aren't you wearing clothes already?"


At the door, a young man in purple clothes stood with his hands behind his back. He was watching the snow fall in the courtyard.

Even when all they could see was his back, the youth stood tall and handsome; his raven hair was black as ink, while his purple robes fluttered in the cold wind. He stood proudly amidst the gently falling snow, his elegance paramount and ethereal.

Ji Lingxi felt her heart thumping wildly, her mouth grew dry; for long moments, she did not know what to say.

"Yun..." She coughed and continued, "Yun Yang, were you the one who saved us?"

Yun Yang turned and smiled, "It was but a small matter. Are you alright?"

Ji Lingxi suddenly felt an odd sense of peculiarity strike her.

Is this piece of log actually talking to me in such a warm tone? Is this still Yun Yang? Where is the Yun Yang who used to taunt me incessantly? Why is it so awkward to converse like this?

It was only after a pause that she replied, "I'm alright. Sister Lan's leg, however, may pose some problem."

Yun Yang looked at her and said, "Don't worry. I've done precursory conditioning on Sister Lan's leg, there won't be any sequelae left and will heal in at most three days or so. All these troubles aren't troubles to me, in my home."

How authoritative! Yet, it made one feel secure upon hearing those words.

However, Ji Lingxi felt that Yun Yang's gaze was slightly odd. Whether he was looking at her or sometimes glancing discreetly at Sister Lan, the gaze was strange, like...

Ji Lingxi cracked her head, but could not figure out the intention behind Yun Yang's strange gaze. Yue Rulan, on the other hand, had sharply noticed it's obvious intent!

Yun Yang's gaze did not speak of a craving, neither did was it a lustful stare. It was filled with care and concern but there was a difference when he looked at her and when his eyes fell on Ji Lingxi.

Yun Yang's gaze towards Ji Lingxi was like an older brother who was watching his mischievous little sister whom he did not take a good care of; it was filled with guilt and fond indulgence. It was like a father who looked upon his youngest daughter who had returned eighteen years later after being abandoned since young... It was sorrowful, but it was also full of kind affection!

Yes, kind affection!

Yue Rulan could easily identify such kind affection but Ji Lingxi barely understood it. The family that had brought Ji Lingxi up was an adopted family. She was not a biological child; the family atmosphere was unlike those of normal families, so of course, she was a stranger to such familial sentiment.

In spite of this, Yue Rulan, who understood the feeling fully well, was also stumped by her discovery.

You think that Lingxi was injured and bullied because you didn't take care of her - the reason within is a little farfetched but it's acceptable to explain the pampering fondness and guilt in your gaze. After all, we sisters know of Lingxi's feeling towards you.

Yet... what does this kind affection imply?

What does it mean for you to have similar guilt for me?

Lingxi is familiar to you but this is the first time I'm meeting you... I would believe it if you say your love extends to her family and you have similar emotions for me out of the sympathy and sorry you have for Lingxi, but is this the same kind of respect that you hold for your elders?

Do I look old now? Old enough that I can be your elder?

It was while Yue Rulan was musing bitterly that Yun Yang had stepped into the room.

Yue Rulan was doubtful but she held her ground and sat up on the bed. Her pretty eyes stared at Yun Yang as she said, smiling, "Thank you for your saving grace, Young Master Yun."

Yun Yang's gaze grew intense as he replied respectfully, "The credit is not mine to take; it was something that I ought to have done."

He paused and continued, "I have a few servants, uh, I heard that they're meticulous in serving people. I have hired four maids as well... they'll be here in a moment. They'll take care of the two of you; just ask them for whatever you need. There's no need to be courteous. Do treat the Residence of Yun as your home."

Yue Rulan spoke, "Actually, there's no need to trouble yourse-"

Before she could finish, Yun Yang went on. "The Residence of Yun is your home from now on! Stay here, it's safer. Besides, we aren't exactly strangers... Sister Lan and Lingxi need not have any reservations whatsoever."

The girls were stunned by his words.

Although Yun Yang knew of Yue Rulan's existence, they had never officially met before. This was their first encounter.

Why does your tone sound so familiar and decisive? Are we actually that close, that you can speak like this?

You act just like a head of the family, deciding everything for us. What is going on?

"How do you know my full name?" Ji Lingxi asked, barely able to conceal her surprise.

She was sure that she had told Yun Yang - 'My name is Ji Ling'; she had never mentioned the last part of her name.

In spite of this, Yun Yang was clearly familiar with her name, like it was a matter, of course, to be calling her like that. He had even directly addressed her 'Lingxi' with such intimacy...

What... what was going on?

Yun Yang rubbed his nose and said, "I overheard your conversation earlier, and your name was spoken."

The ladies exchanged looks of doubt.

Even if this were so, it's no reason for you to act as if we were so close.

The atmosphere was still oddly tense, but the girls were highly adept individuals. They felt the peculiarity but managed to hide it behind gracious smiles.

Yun Yang was obviously reluctant to speak the truth; they would let him keep his secret. When the time came for them to know, they would know. There was no need to hurry these sort of things.

As long as it was confirmed that Yun Yang harbored no ill intentions towards them, it would suffice.

Nonetheless, this Young Master Yun had a lot of secrets.... the tornado that took both of them away - what was that? The healing of a broken leg - what was the mythical medicine used to achieve such an amazing feat?

These were mysteries as of now, but the ladies had opted not to ask in polite deferment to their host and rescuer.

"Tell me, what happened? It was bad enough that I intervened directly, but I sense that this is not the end. I'm afraid there will be repercussions for my actions. It would be of great help later if I were to understand exactly what transpired," Yun Yang asked.

Once the question was out of the bag, the vehement rage, and angst which the ladies had been simmering for long days before came to a boil again.

Ji Lingxi's eyes were practically spitting fire. "It's a lunatic from God knows where. He's twisted in whatever he does, but his wealth and power are even harder to believe..."

She then narrated all that had transpired, her words and tone dripping with unadulterated rage.

Yue Rulan, sitting beside her, could not even get a word in edgewise; everything was narrated by Ji Lingxi alone.

When it came to the topic of the two noble families, Yue Rulan had wanted to stop her; she was reluctant to speak of their families' scandal but Ji Lingxi was beyond caring, so out she poured everything.

Yun Yang felt the fury soar within him.

Ji Family and Yue Family! They had actually harassed eighth brother's little sister and fiancé like that!

This was unforgivable!

Based on Tianxuan Continent's traditions and cultures, how the families had dealt with their daughters was merciless but it was their prerogative, rightfully so. Disregarding the fact that the young lord had completed all the protocols, he was sincere in asking for their hands in marriage and had thrown in an irresistibly luxurious betrothal gift. The young lord's personal ability was shocking in addition to being accompanied by guards and servants of the same level of prowess.

Both families were lacking in that aspect, how could they raise any objections? Forget that the young lord had given a lot of resources, the families would have given in ultimately without hesitation even if the man had asked to marry the two girls without giving anything in return!

The existence of the noble family's descendants was largely tied to diplomatic marriage; it was not only the two ladies - perhaps it should be said that it was beyond these two girls. They would only be considered unlucky; tragic characters lost in the background of time!

In spite of this, none of the trends, background settings or history was valid to Yun Yang. In his eyes, he had looked at it as an immense humiliation - one that needed to someone to be held accountable!

This was probably what made him different from the others.

To Yun Yang, he would have just lent some support and chipped in with some assistance if eighth brother was still here. Now that the latter was gone, someone had harassed his younger sister and fiancé.

By doing so, that someone had made this his concern. Yun Yang would shoulder the entire responsibility and burdens of this affair.

It is entirely my business!