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 Chapter 171: Generals of the World Revere Shangguan!

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For this grand affair of the militants, Tie Zheng's wedding had almost given up all traditional wedding practices of Empire of Yutang. He had brought the bride out with her head covered in a head scarf to display to the wedding guests.

According to the Empire of Yutang's old culture, Tie Zheng, a general who held such a high status, would have to go through a number of ceremonies that would have been utterly troublesome for his wedding. However, Tie Zheng had promised and both old marshals had gone to his in-laws' home, as well as the home of the President of Board of Civil Appointments. They had spent a good amount of time to persuade and advise, so the old father-in-law could only go along with their request, despite his initial reluctance.

As a winning shot, the Old Marshal Qiu had said something that had won over the dear President to his side - there would never be another woman in this entire continent to have a wedding as glorious as your daughter ever again!

A wedding of this scale had never been done before, and was unprecedented in every way! What else were you doubtful about?

When the old president heard his word, he immediately became an enlightened man. Smiles broke out on his face and he had no more objections.


Watching Tie Zheng and his bride on their wedding march, the four-hundred-thousand-strong army cheered in excitement, as could be expected.

Howls and wolf-whistles came in waves. For a moment, the thousands of miles outside of the southern gate seemed to have been surrounded by wolf packs. These military men finally had their moment of release; all the unrestrained men were so excited that their necks had flushed red from it.

Tie Zheng was not offended at all, laughing as he said loudly, "Quiet! Quiet, all of you! F*cking hell, you rascals. Your father has served the wedding wine today, what else are you cheering for? Have some manners!"

The ten generals before the hundred thousand Steel Calvary of the eastern troop stood up abruptly as they howled into the sky, "We want to see the bride! Do you call these manners?"

All hundred thousand soldiers roared in enthusiasm as well. "We want to see the bride! Don't worry, we will behave!"

Then it was the northern troop's turn - "We want to see the bride! We will be well-mannered!"

The southern and western troops then followed suit.

The cheers came from every direction; all of them wanted to look upon the bride, all of them said that they would be on their best behavior!

Tie Zheng was exasperated as he hollered, "Even your father hasn't seen her. *ss is what all of you are seeing!"

"We will agreeable to seeing *ss too!"

The four hundred thousand men hollered all at once, their words growing increasingly raunchy. Everyone was swaying left and right in bawdy laughter.

On the stage, Han Sanhe and the other generals who were enemies exchanged a look and suddenly stood up as well, shouting together, "We wish to see the bride as well! We're well-mannered men too!"

Ow, ow, ow...

The area immediately outside the southern city gate had reached its boiling point.

At this point, no one regarded each other as enemies as they howled and cried in unison.

Tens of thousands who were living for the commotion had even put their fingers into their mouths to make shrill wolf-whistles.

When tens of thousands of people wolf-whistled at the same time, it was an unimaginable scene to behold.

For once, laughter, howls, and whistles blended into a big ball of merry sounds.

Tie Zheng chortled and brought his bride to the stage along with his groomsman and bridesmaid.

Behind the bride and groom was the royal congratulatory decree. It was His Majesty's reminder - Tie Zheng's limelight today must not be overshadowed, no matter what happened.

When they reached the stage, the eunuch who delivered the royal decree recited it to Tie Zheng in a low voice and left quietly. The ceremony was so abrupt it was like he had never appeared.

The city gate suddenly turned quiet.

A unit of people had exited the city, they and their horses were clad in black clothes and armor; their speed extremely slow.

The person in front who was leading the unit was an old woman holding onto a crutch, walking over at an unhurried pace. Beside her was Yutang's emperor, dressed in royal yellow, his clothes rich but casual.

The emperor walked over slowly, holding Old Mistress Shangguan.

There was a huge plate behind the both of them with four big golden words painted. It had been written personally by the emperor - "Shangguan Family of Generals!"

What had attracted even more attention than the plate were the people carrying it - it was hefted on the shoulders of six children who were moving forward, carrying the huge plate with all their might.

On their heels were three thousand palace guards in black.

It was a merry affair of the militants, of course, the Shangguan Family of Generals had to be there!

There was also the reigning monarch of the Empire of Yutang, His Majesty the emperor Yu Peize. He had come in casual clothes, indicating that he was attending this grand event in a personal capacity.

On the stage, Qiu Jianhan and Leng Daoyin stood at the front, shoulder to shoulder while Tie Zheng was next to them. The three of them congregated and held their place.

Han Sanhe, who was in Empire of Dongxuan's side, stood up to get a better look at the scene. He took slow steps forward and stood side by side with Qiu Jianhan and Leng Daoyin.

Immediately after, gray-haired generals from each of the other three nations stepped forward.

Seven old generals stood in a single line.

They disregarded the animosity among themselves as they stood straight and solemn, their gazes directed to the front, watching the approach of the huge plate.

Nearly five hundred thousand people outside the southern city gate stood in pin-drop silence.

Finally, the plate stopped about a thousand feet from the stage. Another stage, albeit a smaller one, was propped up where it had stopped.

The emperor and the old mistress ascended the stairs.

The plate of the Shangguan Family of Generals hung high on the stage; there were eight large flags raised on both sides of the platform, higher than the rest of the generals' flags.

Each large flag had the same four words - Shangguan Family of Generals!

The old mistress sat in the center while her six grandchildren sat in a row behind her.

The emperor stood up and went to the front of the stage, turning to face the old mistress.

Silence permeated the air.

Qiu Jianhan and the other six generals of high status spoke with their mightiest effort.

"Stars of the sky encompasses the Big Dipper!"

In response, all four hundred thousand militants hollered at the same time.

"Generals of the world revere Shangguan!"

"This is a grand event of the militants which takes place once in a million years; homage is paid from four directions, heroes come from all places. There is no militant in this world who does not revere The Family of Valiance, the Shangguan Family of Generals!"

Qiu Jianhan spoke loudly, "The grand event of militants begins first by paying homage to the family of generals. Attention! Soldiers, bow to the family of generals!"

All seven old marshals straightened themselves before bending over into a deep bow.

As one, four hundred thousand militants bowed in respect.

On the stage, the emperor bent low as well.

The old mistress sat gracefully and accepted the honor without moving a finger.

Behind her, all six children kneeled down to return the respect they had been given.

It was the Shangguan Family of Generals' well-deserved honor to be saluted by the world's militants, the homage by the latter came from sincere hearts. The Shangguan Family of Generals had been the strongest beacon of the army in this half of the continent; they were the very symbol of faith!

The tug-o-war among the nations had been long on-going, it had never stopped for all these hundreds of thousands of years. Yet a family of generals that had contributed so meritoriously and sacrificed so tragically, its generations of descendants unwavering even to their deaths, a family of generals who protected the nation and guarded homes so faithfully and loyally -only the Shangguan Family of Generals could fit the description.

The vicissitudes of life seemed to flash through the old mistress' eyes as if she had once again seen the rows of ancestral tablets in the ancestral hall of her home.

Such a superior honor of homage paid by the world's militants - in exchange for the rows of ancestral tablets. Could all of you fathom the emotions? Have you all felt it before?

Turning her head to look at her six grandchildren, her heart was filled with sadness.

The six children were flushed with radiance, their faces glowing with pride while their tiny statures straightened perceptibly.

The resolution in their eyes was intense like an all-consuming flame.

This is my family!

This is the Shangguan Family of Generals!

When I grow up, I want to guard the honor of the Shangguan Family of Generals too!

These were the thoughts shared by all six of the children.

The old mistress could see right through them, even as she sighed deeply in her heart.

Guard the honor of the family of generals. It may sound easy, but do you all know the price that is to be paid for it?

It was a thought that she did not dare entertain.

If any one of these six tiny humans now could have a good end in the future... she believed that the ancestors of Shangguan who were long gone would smile too!

However, for the past four generations of Shangguan Family of Generals, throughout the duration of over a hundred and fifty years, no man had escaped the fate of perishing in war. Could one among these six children break the curse?

The homage paid to the family of generals by the world's militants had also signaled the official start of today's grand military wedding.

Old Mistress Shangguan stood up to invite the emperor to sit; everyone, including His Majesty, was only an audience today.

Today's main character was Tie Zheng, as well as all the soldiers gathered there.

Qiu Jianhan and Leng Daoyin went over to sit, their seats coincidentally placed next to Han Sanhe's.

Han Sanhe nodded with a smile but Qiu Jianhan snorted and turned his head to the other side while Leng Daoyin rolled his eyes and ignored him.

Both men had suffered losses due to this bastard for tens of years in the battlefield. How could they show him any kinder expression? Besides, they might be engaged in more wars after today and it would have been the doing of this person.

Han Sanhe smiled. "The lion-hearted duo of saber and sword... ever so direct in your demeanor."

Qiu Jianhan and Leng Daoyin could clearly hear the implication of Han Sanhe's 'lionhearted duo' as 'dog-hearted'. Exasperation grew as they turned their heads over and said, "Han Sanhe, your father will make you drink to your death today!"

Han Sanhe shrugged and stroked his beard calmly smiling. "This old man is terribly afraid, of course."

Leng Daoyin was already breathing hoarsely in rage.

"This old man is the master of ceremonies today. I have a great responsibility and no time for arguing with you, old thing." Qiu Jianhan was flushed red with anger as well.

Beside them, the old generals from the other three empires looked over, reveling in their bickering. "We've not seen the dog-hearted duo of saber and sword for so long, your valiant bearing is more vibrant than it used to be, and rings true to your reputation!"

It would have been a compliment if one disregarded the first half of their words but if one were to listen to it in full, it was undoubtedly intended to slight!

Qiu Jianhan stood up abruptly, the murderous rage that surrounded him was so intense that the aged generals around him took an unconscious step back.

Qiu Jianhan chortled. "Good children, do not be afraid. I have no intention of beating you up!"