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 10 sentinels float in a rectangular form. They are in proper arrangement so that they can go into battle at any time.

Right now, the sentinels are empty. Excluding the cyborgs sitting in the cockpits, all personnel have gone down to the ground.

They can only clear large areas with bombs. They need to go in themselves and dig in if they want to take care of the smaller parts more carefully.

1 raid was dispatched in this area.

A 1000 person force unit was scattered out to carry out their mission to annihilate mutants.

In other words, 10 forces.

"Hyper Kick!"


A level 6 mutant Ghost Deer's back is destroyed under one Lifer's kick.

Disgusting chunks of flesh fly with that impact. The advantages for insect series mutants are powerful force, health, and defense. Of those, defense is the best but it is over once that collapses.


A grenade goes into the caved in back.

An explosion inside.

The Ghost Deer stretches helplessly. Its organs are crushed. Similar things happen nearby. Lifers grouped in forces bomb straggling mutants and are overwhelmingly on offense.

"Alright alright. Hurry up and clear this, then rest."

The force leader speaks as he brushes traces of the Ghost Deer from his leg.

His battlesuit's lower body, under the knee to be precise, is abnormally developed.

He had modeled it with more focus on one area. His may not be like that of Rankers, but his battlesuit is a 7 combination that is on a similar level to that of most large guild masters. He is actually the master of a large guild with roots in the Netherlands.

The force he brought in is made up of elite guild members. The 100,000 that entered together are ranked by ability in World Federation as well.

"As expected from master's Hyper Kick! It's one hit for a man."

"If you can get past 9 combination, you won't fall behind Rankers either."

The force leader felt lifted by the members' compliments. If only there wasn't a difference in the combination numbers, he would pack a hit that wouldn't fall behind any other battlesuit.

Even if the combination count is the same, the types of combination considering factors like whether it is specialized for battle or support make a huge difference in power and ability.

The force leader was sure.

If the Hyper Kick reaches 9 combination, not just his lower body but his entire body would be strengthened.

"We're done here. It looks like the other forces are finishing up as well."

One by one they reported that they had completed their duty via their radio channel.

There are several radio channels. It gets messy if 100,000 use a single channel. They have force channels that at least 100 people use. Only Strategist got integrated management of all of the channels in the communications sector at headquarters, and everyone else acted within the channels they were allowed.

[Raid 85, respond.] [Raid 85 responding.] [Forces are coming in over the radio in order, but we've been disconnected from forces 841 and 846. 8 forces get together immediately and find what happened to them.]

The force leader's face dropped at the new mission. This was the same for the force members. They lost contact with 2 forces. This is a bad sign.

"The raid channel was quiet."

A tranquil jungle.

They heard several explosions in sequence because they were fighting mutants, but losing connection with 2 forces is a separate matter.

If something had happened to them physically, they would have ignored channels and yelled 'Help!' into the radio. But there had been nothing.

"This is worrisome."

"Damn it!"

The mission experience of the 100 people here combined reaches over tens of thousands.

Veterans among veterans. They thought of the worst case scenario first.

"It would be nice if they were just being lazy, but there's no way that's the case. In this kind of situation, there's a high chance that they were killed without a sound. It's 200 people."

They could understand with level E, level D, and level C Lifers with battlesuits.

But for that to happen to level A and B Lifers?

[Force 849, go to the location I call out.] [Yes.]

The coordinates sent over raid 85 leader's radio enters the direction they need to go in, and it gets marked in the battlesuit helmet.

"Alright, let's go."

"Huh? Fo - force leader, over there..."


Right before the force leader moved in the direction marked. A few force members discovered something and pointed.

Then at that moment...

Black shadows flew violently through the air at the force members' heads. They were thin cloth-like fluttering tentacles.

It penetrated exactly 90.

Level A Lifers reacted and avoided the attack, but all level B Lifers were killed.

"What - what on earth is this!"

"Ugh! They got away again. Huh? 10 lived again? This is really funny."

The place that the few dead force members had pointed, where the sound was coming from. The surviving level A Lifers turned their heads.

"They've advanced a lot when they used to die on contact. They avoided my surprise attack?"

Sunlight reflects off the white hair that falls to her waist. Her skin that looks soft like silk distracts them.

The nude Evil Queen walks out from the jungle. The 10 people are unable to move. A heavy pressure crushed them.

The force leader beat that pressure and took steps backward.

His experience until now tells him.

That woman isn't a human. She is a level 8 mutant at the least.

He can understand why they lost connection with 2 forces. Level B Lifers got swept away like sand in a wave with one surprise attack. Of course there's no way they would be able to get in contact with them.

On top of that...

Their minds became heavy like their bodies, and their mouths felt heavy too. For it to be this difficult for pioneer like level A LIfers to get a word out.

Evil Queen rolls her eyes. They roll around like toys. It isn't fitting for someone with such a pretty face, like something out of a horror movie.

Only a couple seconds had passed since she appeared, but it felt like a thousand years to the Lifers that had been reduced from a force to a party.


Evil Queen made the first movement. She looks like a weak female human, but she was so fast that not even a level A battlesuit could detect her.

"Hurry up and report!"

No one could get to their senses.

The force leader's realization was when they finally got a grasp on the situation and flew everywhere like grenade fragments. All he has to do is open his mouth.


The sight of the force members tilts. It is strange. The world reverses.


The force leader looked at themselves and hardened like plaster.

He wants to ask. Why is she looking at them like that. To tell him since they can't see.

The 9 people other than the force leader are divided into dozens of pieces as her tentacle is brandished like whip. Their battlesuit outer armor rips like paper.

"It's the same pattern. 90 die in the first round, 9 in the second, and 1 survives in the end. So this is how 100 people are put together."

"This is crazy! You crazy bitch!"


The force leader aimed a Hyper Kick at Evil Queen's neck. It is a frantic struggle for survival with dozens of tons of power behind it.


Evil Queen lifts her arm. Her thin straw-like arm blocks the attack of a 7 combination battlesuit that is thicker than a woman's waist.

Very lightly.

It wasn't actually light. The surface that Evil Queen is standing on is unable to withstand the Hyper Kick, and collapses. The impact had gone through her.

"You aren't weak. It would have taken some time if there had been 100 people like you."

There's no need for her to awaken. Being in her human state is plenty.

It's just that they become bothersome like flies if there are a lot of them.

[Save me!]

Evil Queen's hand goes through the battlesuit's chest.

The force leader's chest is also penetrated.

He spoke over the radio right before he died unlike the others. It is because he was able to compare the similarities that existed when Evil Queen massacred the first and second forces and then the third force.

Not even a level A Lifer would have been able to withstand it without having gone through the 7th stage of body modifications and a 7 combination battlesuit.

The force leader who had been so proud of his Hyper Kick had only been half level A Lifer. That means he was weak.

A level A Ranker could easily take on one party.

"The path is fun. I get to warm up. Let's see. There are still a lot."

Evil Queen's senses transcended even those of level 9.

They are so developed that she could hear a needle falling from several kilometers away.

She can feel it.

There are a lot of Lifers like this nearby. Much more than she's killed already.

"They're coming on their own."

Until now, Evil Queen went looking for them herself.

But this time, they came to her from all different directions. Is it because she killed them later than she normally did?

Evil Queen used to be human, so she knows a lot about machines. This kind of armor will have a means for communication inside.

700 Lifers heard their fellow Lifer's scream and surround Evil Queen. A few already began reporting. Soon, they will see Evil Queen's appearance.

But they won't be able to determine species or identity with just that.

"I think it'll be fun this time."


Evil Queen ran toward the encirclement.

It might take longer than when she killed 100 people, but it'll still be easy if they have similar abilities.