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 Volume 7 / Chapter 194

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[Level A Mission: Path of Blood ] [Goal: Attainment]

[Description: Princess of Fresh Blood Odelia. The youngest of the 3 males and 4 females born from North America's Evil Queen and South America's Bon Load. She is without a doubt the youngest in her bloodline, but she is wicked just like her mother. She tortures humans and mutants alike, putting their blood in her pocket to use in creating her path of blood. Lifer Cha Jun Sung must track Odelia's trace, the path of fresh blood, and obtain her pocket.]

[Reward: 1.1 billion points. Lucky box.]

It is an incredible amount of points if not comparing to that time with Red Eye.

North America is Evil Queen's area, which means it is also Odelia's area. She could mobilize tens of thousands of mutants with a flick of her hand. She is the craziest of the crazy, an unmatched bitch. The sisters are only slightly different in tendencies, none of them are normal which is fitting as they are Evil Queen's daughters. He does not know about the 2nd daughter because he has not seen her, but wouldn't she be the same?

Killing Odelia is the condition for completion, but he expects obstacles. She will have escort mutants since she has the title of princess. In the virtual version, a few level 7s and many level 5 and 6s guarded her. This means that he needs to get rid of everything related to Odelia in order to end it.

"It was Dallas, right?"

In the virtual version, Odelia's home was in Dallas.

The other sisters had been scattered around near the Washington area. It is Evil Queen's consideration. She allowed family, those loyal, and even level 8s who were friendly to reside in America, and chased the others away to Canada. She did not kill them. They are a power that is a waste to kill. If she leaves them alone, they could at least play the role of a protective wall.

Beep beep!

Cha Jun Sung turns on the electronic map saved on his PDA. a big and clear hologram forms in the air. He purchased it in the level A store. It is not just something to look at but has additional functions like marking and detailed descriptions, so this one map is priced at 10 million points.

"Register the coordinates for Dallas... Where was I dropped?"

He needs to know where his initial summons area is. If he just knows where that is, he can register the location and link the path to Dallas.

Honestly, this is just a guess too.

At this point, there is no way for him to know if Odelia is in Dallas when he is in reality and not the virtual. The reason why he is sticking to Dallas is because he thinks it is better than wandering around without a place in mind. It is best to search the places with highest probability first. It would have been frustrating if he entered with a blank slate, not knowing anything.

North America is big.


Of course it is big.

The land that Evil Queen gave Odelia alone is easily multiple times the size of Korea.

The distance to the mutants they had to kill in lower level missions was short because the active regions were small.

But they began to widen starting in level C and now surpassed the size of countries in level A. He might have to search through all of America just to find Odelia.

Think about digging through all of this. It is basically a tour of America. And if he trespasses on another princess' area by mistake, it will become bothersome.

The difference in difficulty level is huge between level A and lower level missions, but there is a lot of information he can use. He cannot ignore the fact that he caught her in the virtual version, including the fact that he prepared to catch her.

That is why Cha Jun Sung chose Odelia. He can make the most of the information he has on her home and combat style.

"And I need to find the unidentified figure."

The figure Black Demon talked about. He will be killing 2 birds with 1 stone by looking for him as well.

Human? Mutant?

He will be incredibly strong since he said he will kill Evil Queen.

"First... Odin, find out where we are."

[Maximum output wide scan activated, condition search of location within 10km radius... Search complete. Estimated small city Houston.]

There are 2 types of scans.

The kind that uses a magnetic field to search for life or the area, and the type that interlocks satellite and battle suit for a more fine-tuned search. In this case, it can even read road signs.

It is just that energy consumption is severe and the range is limited.

This means that he cannot use it whenever he wants to.

If he could use it as he pleased, he would be able to find Odelia right away.

Cha Jun Sung enters the name of the small Houston city Odin told him in the electronic map. A bright blue line links a path to Dallas. Times are also marked by the distance and method he will move. It looks like it will be quick if he goes on the road by booster. The important thing is whether or not Odelia is in Dallas.

As soon as the path was linked, a red dot which is probably Cha Jun Sung blinks in Houston. He enlarged the electronic map and found a path that he can move through. It is not a normal path he would be able to arrive in in the shortest time possible. Battle suits can become cars and planes. Getting on the road is a basic, and he can go over a mountain if he needs to.

"Shall we get going?"

Cha Jun Sung crosses his arms. Fire comes out of the two boosters on his heels and quickly pushes him forward at a speed of 100km/hr. Cha Jun Sung got out of the city and got on a road that shows him a different world from Korea.

Objects speed by him. There are no attacks from mutants.

It is not that there are no mutants, but their traces and strength were very faint. This kind of city will be level C, so that means there is only one reason.

They have already been swept through by Lifers on a mission. And then they must have been filled in with underlings from another land.

Even if they clean up an area, this cycle will just continue unless they dry up the seed. That is how an ecosystem works.


A mission is a giant frame.

What does that mean?

Inside Path of Blood, the level A mission Cha Jun Sung is doing, dozens of level B, hundreds of level C, thousands of level D, and tens of thousands of level E missions are scattered.

Cha Jun Sung does not know the exact range of Odelia's area either. All he knows is that in one word, it is 'wide'.

There are bound to be Lifers going through missions separately from Cha Jun Sung somewhere in that area. On Cha Jun Sung's way to Dallas, he encountered countless mutants. He ignored the underlings and let them go. It is a bother to deal with each of them.

He either took a space to relax or took on mutants above level 5. But there other times when he stopped, and that was when he came across a situation that he could not just ignore and pass by.


He does not know how many people there were in the beginning. Hundreds of Lifers were in fierce battle in the middle of a large city on his way to Dallas.

Mutants, stimulated by the sweet smell of human flesh, wreak havoc. He frowns because there are so many of them. It seems they already reached over 1000 and the number kept increasing.

Cha Jun Sung watched the battle from on top of a high building and sighed.

Just by looking, it looks like a raid made of level C Lifers. He is not sure if it is confidence or conceit, but it seems their mission is annihilation related to Black Goblins. It is crazy.

Black Goblin is level 6. It looks like a goblin that appears in comic books and has dark black skin as though it were dyed in India ink, so it is a Black Goblin.

There is a mix of adults and younger Black Goblins, and there is a level 7 head Black Goblin in their cove creating a mess. It is a configuration where they cannot avoid annihilation.

"They put their faith in numbers and came in."

Cha Jun Sung took out his Hades and shook his head in pity. Level C Lifers were given the ability to enter level B missions when the restriction was lifted, and force personnel could increase to raids.

It is speculation, but it seems they entered a level B mission with a full raid.

The way they are armed is incredible. It was the best they could get on level C standards.


Cha Jun Sung jumped down from the building and dug in among the Black Goblins. He is so fast that the level 6 Black Goblins did not even notice him.

Hades dances. It takes simple actions like stabbing and chopping, but the Black Goblins' bodies are perforated and cut.

Cha Jun Sung hunted the higher level 5 and 6 Black Goblins. He left the level 3 and 4s for the other Lifers to handle. He is not trying to get in their way. The strong and weak ones are the same to Cha Jun Sung anyway.