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Level 8s do not get their names for no reason. Names come from their tendencies or actions, and it comes from actions in Odelia's case. Who said she's not a crazy bitch's daughter? The things they do are similar.

"I want to hurry up and advance. I want to catch Princess of Fresh Blood with you, Jun Sung."

"Don't be hasty."

They need to go back the more they are hasty. If Park Jin Hyuk becomes a level A Lifer, Cha Jun Sung wants to take him along even if he does not bring it up. Missions do not run away.

"What's your plan going forward?"

"There isn't much other than going into level B missions with World Federation once every 1 or 2 months. Oh right! When we told them that you're alive, they asked to see you."

Park Jin Hyuk told Strategist that Cha Jun Sung is alive.

It was fun. Of course he was surprised since Cha Jun Sung had returned after 1 year and 5 months.

"Did you tell them that you went into a level B mission with me too?"

"Oh, no. They'll bother you about doing missions together if I tell them that."

Park Jin Hyuk's group understand Cha Jun Sung, but Strategist's group will probably not. To them, getting to level S is important regardless of buses or whatever.

They think of results more than the process. They'll think that they're just shortening time since they are of the mind that they'll get there anyway. They are rankers too.

"Good. It's a bother to meet them right away, so I'll earn some points and then meet them."

He wanted to hunt without thinking about anything else for a few months.

He will eliminate external elements. They can do level B missions without his help.

"Resting is good too, but level A store points are beyond what I expected. I came up too fast. It'll be best to prepare before advancing."

Cha Jun Sung was an attribute. That is why he does not have enough points he is holding onto.

World Federation decided to do the level B advancement next year. If Park Jin Hyuk's group does not take a break and instead keeps saving points, they may not be able to do everything but they should be able to match level A specifications to a point as soon as they advance.

"Ms. Violet. How are your clan members doing?"

"There are only 3 level B Lifers including me, and the rest are backed up at level C. Contribution is a more annoying system than we thought."

Violet and Cha Jun Sung's circumstances are quite different. All she wants to do is bring her clan to level B in whatever way it takes even if she needs to get them on her bus.

Though it may be unmerited, level B has a wider range of activities than level C. But if Violet causes mayhem in a level C mission, all of the contribution points go to her. There is no point even if she passes the burden onto other Lifers. Tricks do not matter because helpers measure it in real time.

'I can't get involved.'

Cha Jun Sung was going to stop Violet, but did not. Matters involving her clan are not things that he can interfere with. It is entirely someone else's jurisdiction.

"Every Monday is the day for us to get together. The location is here. Anyone object?"



Cha Jun Sung chose Monday to be their day to meet. It is best to decide on a date and time to meet so they do not have to bother contacting each other each time.

Then they talked about everyday matters unrelated to the missions since they are close to each other, before they scattered. Cha Jun Sung steadily revved the engine as well.


A large office.

A luxurious desk is sitting in an office at the end of something like a palace. Strategist is sitting there working. World Federation is a giant made from a combination of super large guilds of dozens of countries.

It was created because of Life Mission and as a place where people gather, the federation is not only run for missions. In some ways, it is like an enterprise. It is just that it is too big to be called an enterprise.

Other than when going through missions, Strategist took care of all of the issues that needed thinking. He cannot do it alone because there is a lot to do. They have a lot of people working under them, so they do the work and he makes the decisions.

"The death count is huge. Is it an adverse effect of releasing the restriction? Though it is good."

He does not mean that it is good that people died. Strategist is not so rotten that he thinks like that. He is talking about the benefit of releasing the restriction. Things do not work out for people no matter what they do, but things work for people no matter what.

"Being able to see information on level A missions means... someone opened it up."

It happened a few days ago. He was surprised when he got back from a level B mission. The level A mission list opens. It is the birth of a level A Lifer.

Level B Lifers had only been doing good for others because though E Lifers could see the list of level B missions that B Lifers opened up, they could not see anything above them. But they are seeing those benefits as well because of somebody.

Strategist stopped working and got lost in his own thoughts. A level A Lifer who appeared out of nowhere. He can guarantee that this person is not from World Federation.

There is no way he would not know if it were a Lifer in the World Federation. It is impossible for people to avoid the federation's surveillance all over the world even if they are not related to the federation itself. Unless they are taking an unusual route, that is.

Is it an individual? A group?

It is fascinating in itself that someone got through level B. He knows through several experiences. No matter how much a lifer modifies his body and battlesuit, mission difficulty exceeds the Lifer's development limit. It has been created so a minority cannot break through it from the beginning.

"Bloody Kingdom? No."

The group with the strongest force after World Federation is Bloody Kingdom. There is a possibility, but it is just a possibility.

When the restriction was lifted, they filled a 1000 person raid with level B and C Lifers, and entered a level B mission worth 30 million points.

They can complete it with the sacrifice of a minority.

The minority here depends on thought, but it is inside 100 people. They were as careful as they could be, but they could not avoid having casualties. That is how hellish the difficulty is.

So what will a 50 million point mission be like? Analyzing advancement pattern by mission from level C through E, several level 7s could appear.

Terrifying monsters.

If they create mayhem in the middle of Lifers, there would be no answer. At this point, there would be less than a 50% chance of success even if World Federation and Bloody Kingdom combined their forces.

"A strong minority is more effective than a half-hearted majority. As small as it is, it is good for hitting and retreating. But they're still level B Lifers."

This is the problem.

Lifers advance through stores. Level B Lifers can only use the level B store. Completing advancement with this?

"What could I have missed?"

Strategist thinks. His forte is that he is unbiased.

People often say:

That doesn't make sense. That can't happen. No way. People judge what others can do based on their own abilities.

It is a bad way to think. How could they judge others on their own standards?

Strategist does not say it is '100% impossible' even if it is beyond imagination, and says 'even if it is 99.9% impossible, 0.1% is possible'.

Level B advancement?

It is impossible now, but he cannot say that is 100%.

Unexpected variables come up at random in Life Mission.

He needs to find a small link. It is only frustrating when he does not know anything but if he has a clue, he can find it out by using that as an indicator.

"Variable. Something in particular that happened recently. Something we hadn't expected."

There is no reason to search through his entire memory. A few months is enough.

Oh! He remembered. Overload is alive.

He tried calling Park Jin Hyuk's group but was staying still because his request for a meeting had been rejected, but he recalled them today.

"Opening card! Right. He can open the level A store with that!"

A magic card that can give a level B Lifer, level A strength. He can complete an advancement mission with minority strength if he has help from that card.

"This idiot!"

He was forgetting something important. It is somewhat strange that Park Jin Hyuk's group is level B. Doesn't he have to take his party members along with him?

He did not think about it for long because he can guess the reason.

"I need to meet him no matter what."

Strategist clenches his fists in excitement. Rankers who have taken on level 8s have the mutants that each ranker hunted, memorized.

This is the same for Strategist. If he just gets to level A, the rest is easy.