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 Volume 7 / Chapter 190

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Life Mission's virtual version is a game, and the reality version is like the name reality. The framework is similar, but the game and reality are clearly different.

There is no choice but the ecosystem of mutants and Lifer levels to become differentiated. However, it is not impossible to fit them together if forced to.

The reality version is marked by the alphabet, but the virtual version uses 5 advancement evaluations to judge Lifer ability. Levels 1 through 5 are separated into Beginner, Experienced, Expert, Pioneer, and Perfection.

Experts can basically be seen as somewhere between levels B and C. Pioneers are A and B, and Perfections are S and A. It is distinguished in between levels because there are huge differences following body modification, battlesuit configuration, and equipment.

Perfection in the virtual version is a level S Lifer in the reality version. Each has different terms from start to end, but it is certain that Perfections and level S Lifers can reach the peak of force.

When the virtual version was creating buzz, only 36 Lifers advanced to Perfection. They are the 36 rankers.

They can advance to Expert level with just time investment and effort, but the difficulty rises significantly once they go over from Expert to Pioneer.

So how hard would it have been to go from Pioneer to Perfection? It cannot be explained just by saying that it was difficult.

There are 3 conditions for advancing to Perfection. There is no higher place to reach once all of those conditions are met. All they have to do is look down arrogantly.

First, passive skills and occupational skills must be mastered. This is possible through labor over several days, months, years.

Second is going through the 9th stage of body modifications and owning a 9 combination battlesuit.

This is where hell comes in. There were countless Lifers with the 8th stage of body modifications and 8 combination battlesuits. Life Mission was commercialized for 10 years. There is a gap in the beginning, but the only difference is in who gets there first because there is a decided limit.

Stages 1 through 4 of body modifications are guaranteed successes in the virtual version, but the probability of the character dying becomes higher with stages 5 through 8.

Only 2 or 3 out of 10,000 people succeed in their attempts at stages 7 and 8, and the rest fail. It can be seen as absolutely diabolical. A tremendous amount with experience and proficiency were dropped. There was a backflow of blood.

But stages 5 through 8 are fine because the character does not get deleted. The character becomes deleted starting with level 9, and tens of thousands of Pioneers collapsed here. There are often cases where one person makes 2 or 3 attempts.

Imagine a character they spent day and night creating over several years being deleted. It is horrible.

There was even a lot of news of people who committed suicide or became invalids. That is the risk of body modification.

Battlesuit configuration is not as big of a deal as body modification because battlesuits only break in failure and recovery is possible with points. The 10th stage of body modifications and 10 combination battlesuits are only possible after Perfections and the probabilities only become more atrocious, while the process remains the same.

Only Cha Jun Sung got to this stage and had power that differentiated him from other rankers. When he reached the 10th stage of body modifications, he prayed to a god he does not even believe in to help him. Once these 2 conditions are satisfied, only the last encounter is left. If time and luck are necessary for the 1st and 2nd, the 3rd needs everything: time, luck, and ability. It is a hunt for level 8 mutants.

Since the population is small, it is work to find their habitats and work to kill them. It is a contradiction itself to hope for a one-on-one battle.

They go in hordes if they are at a disadvantage, so they have to expect large numbers. They could only become Perfections once they got through this hellish process.

The reality version is not much different when they look at it. They need to complete level advancement missions to become level S Lifers.

Actually, it must be harder.

The virtual version fights against level 8 with stage 9 of body modifications, but stage 8 needs to fight in the reality version. The gap between 1 level is quite large too. Could it be fortunate that they are not advancing alone but in groups?

If Cha Jun Sung wants to get to level S normally, he needs to complete a level A advancement mission. But he has the opening card. If he uses this, a store that is one level higher opens up. He only needs to complete a level B advance mission.

His body configuration already surpassed human limits when he became a mutant, and his battlesuit is already made of 10 combinations. If he matches the specifications he lacks like with other parts, he will be done with the basic settings. He will become a Perfection.


"It's small. Small."

Cha Jun Sung reads through the mission list carefully. Thinking of the missions as books, he is perusing them. That is how meticulous he is being.

One month passed since Park Jin Hyuk's group entered a level B mission on the request of World Federation and Strategist. They are not coming back. It seems they will be late. He does not have negative thoughts. They are not weak people.

"I can see what mutant needs to be caught just by reading the mission description. I can automatically draw out the special features of each mutant."

He completed a level B advancement mission a day earlier. Was it easy? No, it wasn't.

Cha Jun Sung went in alone, so he had to take on a huge volume. He fought with his mind and body while locked in the mission for over 3 weeks.

Even though he packed a lot of equipment to go in, he was a bit uneasy towards the end.

It took a long time because he had not awakened, had to go through the mission with constraints, and was exhausted. He also got hurt a lot.

"What should I do?"

As he became a level A Lifer, level A missions and store opened up.

He did not use his card however. There is only one chance to use it, so he cannot waste it. He needs to use it after careful deliberation.

The key is in points. He spent more than half of the 100 million points that Life Mission gave him while purchasing B class equipment. He filled it up again through several level B missions, but he does not have a chance in the level S store when he sees the price of equipment in A. He is not sure, but he thinks he might need 10 billion points.

"I don't think I need to go through body modifications....."

Cha Jun Sung tested how much strength he could exert without depending on his battlesuit while staying in this world where he has more freedom in his actions.

He has superhuman strength just by strengthening his body even in his human state without awakening. He could beat a super hero.

He does not know how much influence the 10th stage of body modifications has in reality, but it looks like he won't need to do it from his current state. Lifers go through body modification in order to withstand the pressure from battlesuits. If he cannot endure it with this body, he can figure it out then.

To put it simply, this means that body modification is not the first purchase order. The first is full configuration of his battlesuit, the second is purchasing weapons.

He will not purchase weapons in level S. Firearms and heavy weapons become heavier and increase in power as they go higher in level.

However, the proximity range of swords cannot help but have limits on size. He can lift them with body modification and battlesuit strength though they are big and heavy, but they are not easy to brandish because of the body structure.

Is it the difference between shooting and brandishing?

Even in the virtual version, sword weapons are flocked in the elite level rather than legend. Cha Jun Sung's weapon, the Ultimate Hades Blade, is elite level as well. This means that there are swords at legend level too.

The basic specifications of weapons go higher as the level increases because it is a game. The reason why he got an elite anyway is because it is +18 but also because the Overbooster and Ultimate Hades Blade have a good synergy.

[Ultimate Hades Blade]

- Ultimate Hades Blade: 1 billion points, 200 million achievement points

- Description: The ultimate sword that gets its name the god of death, Hades. It is created with the best metal in Life Mission adamantium and falls behind other weapons in the sword line on various fronts, but it is specialized for drawing which is something a Blader cannot live without. If it is linked to the battlesuit's system while holding the hilt, the booster explodes and brings the drawing speed up to its limit. It is the best weapon for blows and slashes.

The Ultimate Hades Blade's guard can raise the drawing speed on its own, and 4 small boosters are built into it.

On top of that, Cha Jun Sung's Overbooster raises the speed and though only momentaneous, it surpasses the speed of sound and supersonic speed. Even in the case of a level 9, unless it is prepared, it will miss the moment he draws it.

He used it against Evil Queen several times, but he had not used the booster.

He had made her aware with frivolous attacks. He saved his attack to stab her but used it in the end of the battle, and succeeded in cutting her in half.

A sword that is specialized in one thing rather than various but minor functions. That is the Ultimate Hades Blade and the essential weapon that Cha Jun Sung needs.


[You have purchased the Ultimate Hades Blade. 1 billion points and 200 million achievement points will be deducted.]

There is no room to consider it.

Cha Jun Sung did not hesitate. He thought that it was a lot and as soon as he paid the price of the weapon, the number of points he has plummeted.

He only has a couple hundred million left. He cannot use the level S store even if he opens it. He does not even have enough points to buy from the level A store.

"So it's a matter of whether I should do a level C every few days, or whether I should just get a ton of points from level B."

Both have their pros and cons. The amount of points he will earn is similar, but level C is annoying because he needs to repeat it while level B is dangerous because the difficulty level is higher.

It did not take a long time for him to make a decision. Level B is more fitting for him, but he becomes disconnected from Park Jin Hyuk as the amount of time he spends inside a mission becomes longer. He does not know when they will return, but it is more comfortable to go in and out of missions if he is to keep checking. They need to discuss the direction that they will be going in from now on.