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 Chapter 802: Death God Lake

Hearing that Xiang Mingzhi's cultivation had advanced to the Highgod Realm and successfully condensed a top rank ten godhead that had never before appeared in the four galaxies' history, Huang Xiaolong was delighted instead.

Perhaps in other's eyes, a top rank ten godhead was something that one could only fantasize about and not realize, already the greatest genius alive, but it wasn't worth much in Huang Xiaolong's eyes.

Based on Huang Xiaolong's current cultivation and talent, had he wanted to break through to Highgod Realm, there was a ninety percent chance he could succeed. Not to mention, with Huang Xiaolong's soul clarity level, his godhead would definitely be king rank or above. Chances were that it could even be emperor rank.

However, neither the king rank nor the emperor rank was what he desired.

What he desired and aimed for was the supreme rank godhead!

The lord of all godheads!

Therefore, before the eleventh hour of the Highgod Advancement Tournament began, Huang Xiaolong would not attempt his breakthrough to the Highgod Realm.

Now that Xiang Mingzhi had broken through to Highgod Realm, and with him possessing the Azure Dragon Divine Fire, it made it that much harder for Huang Xiaolong to kill him during the tournament.

'Looks like I must speed up the search for the Hundred Spirits Beast King's remaining parts, then onward to the White Tiger Divine Fire.' Huang Xiaolong inwardly thought.

Having decided, Huang Xiaolong summoned the Phoenix Clan Ancestor Huang Yixiao, telling him to announce to the outside world that he would continue recruiting Highgod Realm masters after half a year.

If other Highgod Realm masters wanted serve the Huang Clan Manor, they must do it within this half a year period. Huang Xiaolong wasn't one to wait indefinitely for them.

For him, the most important task on his to-do list had always been to improve his own strength in preparation for the upcoming Highgod Advancement Tournament.

At the moment, Huang Xiaolong had twenty-three Highgod Realm masters guarding over the Huang Clan Manor. Adding to that the Huang Clan Manor's own defensive formations he had arranged prior, it could be said that the Huang Clan Manor was like an impenetrable fort; even if the Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, and White Tiger Institute Principals personally came to attack the Huang Clan Manor, Huang Xiaolong would have no worries. Double the attack power and it still wouldn't be able to breach the Huang Clan Manor's defenses.

Hence, whether there would be more Highgod Realm masters coming was already negligible to the Huang Clan Manor's safety.

At Huang Xiaolong's announcement, that half a year later he would no longer be recruiting Highgod Realm masters, the upper echelon of the Azure Dragon Institute, Jiang Family, and other hostile forces breathed in relief.

Time flowed, half a year quickly passed by.

In this half a year, Huang Xiaolong's days were spent refining Amethyst Water Droplet Divine Pills in daytime and cultivating at night.

In half a year, Huang Xiaolong's body continued to be tempered by the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird star force, further strengthening his True Dragon Physique on a daily basis. Internally, his god battle qi and the true immortal essence force in his dantian had increased, whereas the number of the time and space law threads in his soul sea had exceeded ten million!

As far as he knew, in tens of thousands of years, there had yet to appear a cultivator at perfection stage Tenth Order God Realm who could reach this number of time and space law threads in the four galaxies.

In this half a year, another five Highgod Realm masters joined the Huang Clan Manor.

This batch of masters dared not have ill intentions, conducting themselves with sincerity. After signing blood contracts with these five ancestors, the number of Highgod Realm masters guarding the Huang Clan Manor increased to twenty-eight!

Huang Xiaolong had the fourteen masters who signed blood contracts with him make a defense line outside the Huang Clan Manor, whereas Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, and the others remained within the manor.

If it wasn't a big problem, the outer defense line would be enough to deal with it.

Half a year later, above a certain mountain range in the Sea of Flowers World, soft ripples appeared in the air as a figure emerged from the void. It was Huang Xiaolong, who had left the Huang Clan Manor in search of the Hundred Spirits Beast King's sealed body parts.

This Sea of Flowers World was located in the southern part of the Black Tortoise Galaxy and could be considered a medium-sized world surface, similar to Martial Spirit World.

From the memories of the Piercing Sky Beast King's son, Liang Guang, one of the locations where a part of the Hundred Spirits Beast King's body was sealed was precisely this Sea of Flowers World.

The Sea of Flowers World was a unique world surface in the Black Tortoise Galaxy. On this world surface, almost every land area was composed of plains, and on these endless plains grew a kind of large flower blooming with a pale red named Sunflower Orchid.

The mountain range below Huang Xiaolong was the only mountain range in the Sea of Flower World, called Beast Mountain Range.

This Beast Mountain Range spans six to seven thousand li from one end to the other was and bigger than one could imagine. It was also a heaven for demonic beasts.

In this Sea of Flowers World, the family disciples often venture into the Beast Mountain Range to hunt demonic beasts, either to sell them or as alchemy materials.

According to Huang Xiaolong's judgment, the Hundred Spirits Beast King's body must be sealed here, somewhere in this mountain range.

Arriving above the Beast Mountain Range, Huang Xiaolong spread his divine sense over the area, then he headed eastward. As far as he knows, there was a place called Death God Lake on the east side of the mountain range.

It was known that, occasionally, there would be a strange demonic qi spreading out from the lake that could befuddle one's heart, covering an area of several thousand li. If any human expert ran into this strange demonic qi, they would be turned into a monster that was neither human nor beast.

According to rumors, a late-First Order Highgod Realm master once ventured down to the bottom of the Death God Lake to investigate the reason for the strange demonic qi. Shortly after that, he fled from the lake, terrified. In the next moment, his body mutated into a half human, half beast form. At the same time, he seemed to have lost his sanity, turning into a madman.

From then on, this Death God Lake was labeled as the Sea of Flowers World's terrifying forbidden land.

Huang Xiaolong reckoned that this strange demonic qi came from the Hundred Spirits Beast King body.

It didn't take long for him to reach Death God Lake.

The lake wasn't very big, with calm waters of deep emerald. Above the lake and its surroundings floated a grayish fog. Although faint, Huang Xiaolong was able to recognize it at a glance. As expected, it was the hundred spirits demonic qi!

This was proof that beneath this Death God Lake was sealed a part of the Hundred Spirits Beast King's body.

However, Huang Xiaolong was baffled how the Hundred Spirits Beast King's demonic qi had seeped out from the sealed space when its body part was still on the altar.

Then a possibility occurred to him and his facial muscles tensed. 'Could it be...?'

Huang Xiaolong swiftly summoned the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fires, forming a protective barrier around his body. Not wasting time, he split the surface of the lake and dove to the bottom.

If Huang Xiaolong guessed it right, the reason why this demonic qi was able to seep out to the surface could only be due to the seal having loosened. That was the only logical explanation.

The more Huang Xiaolong pondered on the matter, the more convinced he was of this possibility, growing slightly anxious. In quick motions, Huang Xiaolong pricked his finger for a drop of blood essence, offering the drop of blood as a sacrifice to perform the Blood Sacrifice Law.

Just as the drop of blood disappeared below, powerful fluctuations came from underneath.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed grimly.

Different from the previous two times, the fluctuations this time were way more powerful, confirming his conjecture that the altar seal had loosened.

Huang Xiaolong sped as fast as he could toward the source of the energy fluctuations.

One thousand zhang below the lake surface, Huang Xiaolong reached the lakebed. Then, he drilled deep into the earth.

Another thousand zhang deep, Huang Xiaolong finally arrived at the gray space.

The moment he stepped into the gray space, giant waves of gray demonic qi swirled violently from all directions. It was chaos.

Watching this, the ominous feeling in Huang Xiaolong's heart increased. He hesitated for a moment before flying toward the source of the gray demonic qi.

Although the seal had loosened and things had become even more dangerous, Huang Xiaolong didn't have the liberty to think too much. He had the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fires, he should be fine... right?