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 Chapter 276: Malicious Intention

The accident was but only a small episode for Tang Xiu. With his current strength, he was fearless even if the enemy was of a great force. If the other party pay compensation sincerely then all was well, but if they dared to provoke him again, he didn't mind cause them injuries that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

"I didn't like your performance just now," seating on the Hummer's rear seat, Tang Xiu spoke in a cold and detached expression. "I never provoke others, but I'll strike whoever dares to attack me. Do remember these words as well as the following. Whoever dares to be unbridled in front of us, strike them to death, force them to apologize, hit them to kowtow and admit their mistakes. Do this regardless of their identities."

Overbearing! Tyrannical!

At this moment, Tang Xiu showed the domineering manner that was engraved deep into his bones.

Mo Āwu replied in a deep tone, "We'll engrave your words in our hearts, Boss."

Looking at Mo Āwen, Tang Xiu said indifferently, "Call Tian Li later to investigate those kids' backgrounds. Looking at their attitudes, they won't let this go. Be prepared in a timely manner, and counterattack if they still dare to provoke us."

"I'll inform her immediately," said Mo Āwen.

Sitting at Tang Xiu's side, Ji Chimei hesitated for a moment before asking, "Venerable Lord, do you want me to take care of those kids' families personally?"

"No." Tang Xiu shook his head, "Your task is to participate in the auction. If that thing is really the Soul Tranquilizer Stone, obtain it no matter what the cost. After that, return to Jingmen Island as fast as possible."

"I understand," said Ji Chimei.

Rainbow Auction House.

It was one of the largest auction houses in Hong Kong. Either in terms of size and fame as well as the auctioned goods, this auction house enjoyed a good reputation over the past decades. Apart from the wealthy and powerful in Hong Kong, there were also a lot of those from the mainland and abroad that took their time to come to the Rainbow Auction House in Hong Kong, hoping to buy and obtain goods they liked.

According to Tang Xiu's knowledge, the Rainbow Auction House had a lot of shareholders, and they were the renowned, super-rich people; even Li Juren also possessed shares of this auction house.

"Please show the invitation."

Eight guards in black suits stood on both sides of the styled entrance of the auction house, whereas two beautiful females in cheongsams checked the guests' invitations.

Walking with her stick, Ji Chimei handed the invitation over. After it had been checked, the four got their seat numbers and passed the door smoothly. The welcoming lady inside then led them to the auction venue inside. The venue was large enough to accommodate nearly a thousand people.

At this time, the number of guests that had arrived already reached the hundreds, yet a steady stream of guests was still coming in. The four then sat on a sixth-row seat in the auction venue according to their seats' numbers.

"How long until it starts?" Turning to look at Ji Chimei, Tang Xiu asked.

Looking at the time, Ji Chimei replied, "It will begin at 6 PM. It's 5:38 PM now, so it will start 22 minutes from now."

Tang Xiu nodded. He had once participated in the auction in Jingmen Island before and spent a lot of money there. He also had seen how those wealthy people competed over the goods they liked, as well as saw how they went all out to throw money.

Binhe Road, at the corner of the Zhu's residence.

Jiang Yu, Chen Fei, and Du Yang were smoking with grim expressions with more than twenty burly men scattered around. They had been beaten and lost face, so they didn't want to let the matter stop there.

"Qi Changqing, if you don't want to join us then quickly scram. What the fuck are you watching here for? This Young Master is in a damn bad mood, you'd better get the fuck out to avoid being beaten by me," Jiang Yu blew out a smoke, cursing at Qi Changqing who was leaning on the Porsche in front of him.

Staying silent for a moment, Qi Changqing slowly shook his head and said, "Jiang Yu, I know that you're angry, but I gotta tell you to investigate these people first before retaliating. You too know that knowing your enemy will grant you victory, these words are not meant to be taken lightly!"


Chen Fei scolded him with a cold expression.

Looking at his three buddies, Qi Changqing suddenly felt that they were really retarded. At this moment, he also felt that he was also an idiot for fooling around with them for so many years. He had a faint feeling that the owner of that Rolls-Royce was not an ordinary man. Thus, he didn't want to get involved in this. In the case that it would lead to trouble, his position in his family would also be greatly affected.

After a moment of silence, he waved toward two big men and entered his Porsche. Starting the car, he quickly left.

However, he didn't really leave, and instead turned around the building in front for a half-turn and then parked near the building. After he entered the building, he and the two big men entered the room and looked down through the glass windows, watching Jiang Yu and the others.

Gloomy and grim, a cold glint flashed in Jiang Yu's eyes as he spoke in a sinking tone, "That surnamed Qi has left. After this, he's no longer one of us. Whoever dares to have a relationship with him later will have a fallout with me, Jiang Yu."

Chen Fei sneered, "That fucker just wanna look decent and proper eh. But he's just as coward as he used to be. I knew that he was a timid one, but I never expected that he'd be this damn cowardly. After we finish that kid, we gotta look for an opportunity to push Qi Changqing into the pit later. We gotta let him know that he's nothing but a fart if he doesn't join us brothers."

The solemn and traumatic Rolls-Royce event hovered inside Du Yang's eyes. He had sent someone to check on the owner of the car, yet there was no news until now.

He had a very keen intuition about the danger, of which he obtained when he was eight years old after being kidnapped. The same feeling arose inside his heart when he saw that young man. Being beaten was humiliating, but he probably wouldn't want to join in this if he hadn't been beaten.

"I think we gotta fully investigate their backgrounds before we retaliate. The three of us are indeed quite powerful in Hong Kong, but still, it's hard to say if we can become the real masters of our three families in the future. If we make a mess this time, our positions in our families will be greatly affected. Especially for you, Jiang Yu. Even though you are the eldest son of the Jiang Group, but your old man favors your younger brother more," Du Yang extinguished his cigarette butt and spoke in a heavy tone.

Upon hearing it, Jiang Yu fell silent immediately.

He may be arrogant, egotistical and unruly, but he was not a fool. The person who could own a Rolls-Royce, if he hadn't rented it or wanted to show off, that person probably really possessed a big power. His current position at home was rather awkward. So, if he really poked a big basket, perhaps it would be his younger brother that would take over the position as the head of his family.

After staying silent for half a minute, Jiang Yu slowly said, "You're right. But I absolutely can never let go of today's matter. Didn't that kid said he'd send someone to deal with it? Let's wait and see who will take care of this matter. Also, Du Yang, haven't you already called someone to investigate the owner of this Rolls-Royce? How long till you get the news?"

"I'm not sure. It should be fast, though," said Du Yang while shaking his head.

Just as these people were having a chat, three Audis stopped near the Rolls-Royce. The cars' doors opened as Tian Li, looking cold and grim, got off the car along with six big men in black suits.

Looking at the three youths coldly, Tian Li walked straight to them and spoke, "Who hit my Boss's car?"

Upon seeing Tian Li, the Jiang Yu trio were slightly surprised for a moment. They often visited Hong Kong's Everlasting Feast Heal to meals, thus they naturally knew who Tian Li was. Every time they saw her, she always greeted them with a smile. This was the first time they saw her looked so indifferent and cold.

"Tian Li, you're saying that the owner of this Rolls-Royce is your boss?" Jiang Yu felt relaxed at this moment. In his eyes, the Everlasting Feast Hall was but only a simple, pure restaurant business. Even if its business was very good, but it paled in comparison to the Jiang Group.

Tian Li said coldly, "Tell me. Who hit my Boss's car?"

"It was me. What do you want to do now?" Jiang Yu snorted coldly out of anger.

Hearing it, Tian Li strode in front of him. Without saying a word, she fiercely slapped his face. Her force was quite heavy as the other side of Jiang Yu's swollen cheek became red and swollen. The latter staggered backward a few steps before heavily falling on the ground.

"Tian Li, you're looking for death!"

Chen Fei was shocked and instantly became furious. He swiftly motioned the big men around him and shouted to the back.

Tian Li snorted coldly. Her figure instantly flashed in front of Chen Fei. She raised her hand and fiercely slapped his face. The force she used this time was even greater as Chen Fei was directly sent flying.

"Kill this slut!"

Jiang Yu crawled up from the ground with difficulty and angrily roared.

In an instant, more than twenty big men around and the six brought by Tian Li clashed. At the same time, they also wielded knives and sticks they were carrying on their waists and sleeves.


Retreating two steps, Tian Li held her arms and glanced at the fighting around, cursing in disdain.

Coldness flashed in the six big men's eyes she brought. Their wrists fluttered as sharp daggers appeared in their hands. Almost without hesitation, they quickly greeted the twenty big guys.

"Bam, bam, bam..."


The six big men of the Everlasting Feast Hall moved extremely fast. Their martial arts were many times stronger compared to those twenty big guys. In just half a minute, they had completely steamrolled them to the ground.

Sweeping the swollen Jiang Yu and Chen Fei who had a shocked expression on their faces, Tian Li's eyes finally landed on Du Yang, saying coldly, "Originally, I thought you and Qi Changqing were the most intelligent amongst the four of you. But now it seems that he's smarter than you as he doesn't mix with you in this incident."