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 Chapter 275: Traffic Accident

After taking out the documents, the first thing Tang Xiu took out was a stack of photos. He didn't read the documents in a hurry but instead picked up the stack of photos and looked at them carefully.

In the photos was a very large island amid a blue ocean, along with intertwining hills and lush trees. It was very beautiful to behold. There lied a magnificent European style castle on the central peak of the island, along with a flat and smooth road that branched out to three directions. One was leading to the castle, one to the parking lot nearby and the last one to the aircraft apron.

Nine hills were spreading toward the sea along with a European small pavilion on each hill. A road lied downhill toward the sea area whereby some cruisers were anchored on the private pier.

"It's a Nine Dragon Island. The Nine Dragons Spitting Pearl!"

He gazed at the pictures. The more he looked at them, the more content he felt. The blessed land he used to cultivate in the Immortal World was called the "Nine Dragons Spitting Pearl Secret Area". Merely looking at the exterior landscape, it was similar to the one inside his mind. The only difference was that the Nine Dragons Spitting Pearl in the Immortal World was a hundred times bigger than the Nine Dragons Island.

"After I have fully taken over this Nine Dragons Island, the first thing I must do is to contact the closest real estate company and develop it as fast as possible. It's a pity that the Long Family's real estate company doesn't operate in the region, or else it would've been easier," after sighing inwardly, Tang Xiu then read the detailed information. However, he didn't trust the reliability of the information since the documents themselves were not too detailed.

"Knock, knock, knock..."

Whilst reading the documents and analyzing them, the door was knocked.

"Come in!"

Tang Xiu put the documents down and spoke lightly.

The door was opened as Ji Chimei spoke to him, "Venerable Lord, it's time to go."

Nodding, Tang Xiu replied, "Wait for me. I'll be there shortly."

"Yes, Lord!"

After Ji Chimei left the room, Tang Xiu packed up the documents and put them into the document holder. He then went to the bathroom to wash his face and then came to the villa's courtyard. To his surprise, the two cars parked there were not the previous ones Tian Li used to pick him up, but a Rolls-Royce limousine and a Hummer.

"Where are the cars we came in?" Tang Xiu asked in surprise.

Mo Āwen who stood in front of the Rolls Royce limousine's door, replied with a smile, "They are parked in the garage. A few years ago, the Little Boss liked to collect all sort of cars; I ordered it from abroad."

"How many cars are in the garage now?" asked Tang Xiu.

"Four. Except those two there are also two sports cars," answered Mo Āwen.

"Taking this car is kind of exaggerated, no?" Tang Xiu forced out a wry smile.

Mo Āwen laughed, "Boss, this is Hong Kong, there are a lot of luxurious cars here."

The wry smile on Tang Xiu's face immediately disappeared. Upon thinking about it, expensive places such as Hong Kong had a lot of rich people. It was even reported in the news, on the internet and TV that the rich in Hong Kong were also particularly fond of buying all sorts of luxurious cars.

"It looks like the richest man, Li Juren, is also in Hong Kong."

The thought crossed Tang Xiu's mind as he boarded the car through the door opened by Mo Āwen. This was his first time riding on a Rolls-Royce limousine. The interior design was super luxurious and was especially comfortable to ride on. There were sofas, small tables, LCD TVs and a refrigerator inside.

"The life of the rich is truly extravagant!" Tang Xiu sighed in his heart.

Twenty minutes later, as Tang Xiu was feeling drowsiness, he suddenly felt the car shaking and its body quickly swayed to the side, hitting the fence on the roadside.

"What happened?"

Tang Xiu woke up suddenly and growled.

Mo Āwen had stopped the car at this time. He turned around and smiled, "It's a few sports cars; one of them crossed over despite the red light and hit our car."

Tang Xiu looked through the window and saw a red car nearby that had also hit the curb. A young man and woman came out from the car. The young man was wearing earrings and had his hair dyed purple, looking handsome, and had an angry expression on his, whereas the girl was wearing sexy clothes and looked a bit pale.


At the moment, three other sports cars stopped in the vicinity. Even though nobody came down from the three sports cars, but they were honking their horns.

Looking at Mo Āwen and knitting his brows, Tang Xiu said, "Go out and see them. We have limited time, we can't be delayed here."


After he got off, the purple-haired young man angrily raised his arm and shouted, "What the hell is wrong with you? Do you feel so awesome driving a Rolls-Royce that you dared to block my car? Do you know who I am?"

"Who are you?" Mo Āwen looked grim as he asked.

The young man slapped the cover of the Rolls-Royce and loudly said, "Jiang Yu. Have you heard of me?"

Mo Āwen replied in a cold and detached manner, "Never heard of you. It was you who hit my car. This matter will be taken care of by others and you'll have to discuss the compensation with them."

Having said that, he dialed Tian Lie's cell number.

Jiang Yu sneered, "I must compensate you? What damn joke is this? Who are you people? What great person is inside, hah? Come out and see me."

Mo Āwu and Ji Chimei came out from the Hummer. The short tempered Mo Āwu snorted coldly and growled, "I'll give you a chance to get the fuck out of here. I don't give a damn who you are, some people will check on your identity later and they will take care of the compensation matter with you."

Jiang Yu frowned. He knew that he mustn't fight if the odds were against him. However, he couldn't accept being scolded by others. Immediately, he waved to the other sports cars to stop by.

"A Yu, you can't solve such a trivial matter?"

Three young men hugging a sexy girl each came to Jiang Yu, smiling. They glance at the Mo Brothers before their eyes finally landed on Ji Chimei. One of the youths mocked, "A Yu, like I said, you're too careless. Our car's speed is fast, isn't it? When you were driving, were you kissing your pretty girlfriend? Hahaha... take a look, the old woman is so old, it's your fault if you scared her."

Jiang Yu sneered and pointed to the Mo brothers, saying, "These two fellas offended me. I'm kinda unhappy with it. Whoever among you help me teach them a lesson, I'll take you to have a 'blissful' time tonight."

The young man rolled his eyes and cursed, "You damn idiot! Don't you know a smart man doesn't fight when the odds are against him? Take a look at them! They are so damned sturdy and tough. You're only courting trouble if you fight them. Alright, I'll take care of this; some people will take care of them later. We gotta go hurry! In case the traffic cops come here, we will spit out some bullshits again later."

Whilst pointing at the Mo Brothers, Jiang Yu stepped back and roared, "You two wait. I'll remember you! Wait for this father, I, to make you kowtow and apologize to me!"

"What a big tone!"

Tang Xiu got off the car and swept over the several youths with a cold and detached look and said indifferently, "Did the two of just hear what he said? For such a rampant kid, don't tell me that he's unworthy to be cleaned first and kowtow to you?"

The Mo brothers were startled for a moment. Then, Mo Āwu smiled widely and moved in an instant as he appeared in front of Jiang Yu and fiercely slapped him.

Just with a slap in the face, he sent Jiang Yu flying for four to five meters before he hit the ground outside heavily, whereas Mo Āwen fluttered and kicked the young man who had just spoken.

Shaking his head, Tang Xiu turned and walked toward the Hummer. He didn't want to waste his time on these trivial silk pants.


The other two youths' faces changed greatly as one of them roared loudly.

Mo Āwu shot a grim smile, punching him and sending him to the ground as he stood still there and asked in a stern tone at the pale youth, "Tell me, who are these bastards?"

The youth's legs were somewhat trembling, but he still growled, "You're in bad luck. Jiang Yu is the eldest son of the Jiang Group's boss, Chen Fei is the heir of Wanyuan Real Estate, and Du Yang is the young master from Du Kang Winery. Whoever you are, you just hit the three of them, you will pay a terrible price for this."

"And you? Whose family's young master are you?" Mo Āwen asked and mocked.

The youth stepped back unconsciously and growled, "I-I didn't offend you, so you don't need to hit me. I-I am from the Qis, Qi Changqing."

Glancing at him with cold and detached look, Mo Āwen said indifferently, "Count yourself tactful enough. Take them and get the hell out of here. If any of you appear before me again, you'll end up worse than this. Tell the elders of that surnamed Jiang that he must pay compensation for hitting our Boss's car."

Having said that, he, Mo Āwu and Ji Chimei turned around and walked toward the Hummer.

Shortly after, the Hummer started and left, leaving the Rolls-Royce there. As for the aftermath of the matter, Tian Li would rush here later, they didn't need to take care of it.

Qi Changqing and the four sexy girls supported Jiang Yu, Chen Fei, and Du Yang up. Qi Changqing shook his head and said, "Jiang Yu, Chen Fei, you were really too rash this time. The price of this Rolls-Royce limousine is at least tens of millions of Yuan and I'm afraid that the people who own such a car are not simple. However, I have never seen that young man in Hong Kong before. If my guess is right, he should be coming from outside Hong Kong."

Jiang Yu's cheek was swollen. There was also a bloodstain on the corner of his mouth. He was thrown and had his head hit the ground heavily. He covered his swollen cheek and roared with hatred, "I don't give a fuck about who he is. Daring to hit me- they must prepare for retaliation. If I don't make them kowtow and apologize to me, I'll change my surname to his."

With the same hatred and anger, Chen Fei also shouted, "There are a few untouchable people we can't afford to mess with in Hong Kong. But that kid is absolutely not one of them. I will send some people to find and kill him."