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 Chapter 274: The Mansion in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island was one of the most prosperous cosmopolitan cities in the world and was known as the Pearl of the Orient. Along with the passing time and development, it had become an expensive place, the haven of the world's gourmet, a shopping paradise and the cradle of dreams.

Luxurious cruise ships anchored in the Victoria Harbor and attracted a lot of eyes on the shore. After all, the price of this luxurious liner surpassed most of the other luxurious cruisers in this port.

"Boss, the car is here."

After making a phone call, Mo Āwen was following Tang Xiu toward the shore as he whispered.

"The Everlasting Feast Hall has people in Hong Kong?" asked Tang Xiu in surprise.

"We have a branch here. The Everlasting Feast Hall has a total of five branches in the country. Apart from Jingmen Island's branch, we also have branches in Hong Kong and Macau. Before coming to Hong Kong I called the head of the restaurant here," replied Mo Āwen.

"I see!" Tang Xiu nodded. Considering that the Everlasting Feast Hall had such a huge amount of funds, it indicated that their business was not only limited to Jingmen Island. After a moment of silence, he asked, "Aside from the restaurant business, what else do we have?"

"Jewelry, antiques, and real estates," answered Mo Āwen.

"We have so many businesses? Does Xiaoxue manage all of them?" asked Tang Xiu in surprise.

Mo Āwen laughed, "No, Boss. The Little Boss only controls the overall management. Each business of our Everlasting Feast Hall is managed by a special head. Such as the one in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing and Shanghai, Tian Li is the one who manages them, whereas Hao Lei takes care of the jewelry business and Chen Shaohua takes care of the antique business management. As for the real estate business, it's being managed by Jin Cheng."

Quickly, Tang Xiu saw Tian Li, the head manager for the restaurant business. She wore a professional blazer, an elegant loose long hair, was wearing gold-rimmed glasses and looked to be in her 40s. All in all, she gave off the aura of an accountant.

"Hi, Boss."

Whilst Tang Xiu was looking at her, Tian Li also did the same. But she was quite shocked since Tang Xiu was so young.

Tang Xiu nodded lightly, "Work hard. First, arrange accommodations for us! We will be staying here today and leaving tomorrow."

"The mansion has been arranged, Sir."

Tian Li opened the car's door for Tang Xiu and replied respectfully.

"Ah, Chief Tian?"

Suddenly, a surprised voice sounded nearby, followed by a middle-aged man suddenly running over followed by several men and women behind him.

Tian Li turned around and her brows slightly slanted when he saw the man. It was Hongfeng Advertising big boss, Hong Fu, and also a Hong Kong's Everlasting Feast Hall's regular patron. She smiled slightly and nodded, "Hello, Boss Hong."

Hong Fu laughed, "It's quite unexpected that I'd bump into Chief Tian here. Yesterday, I invited you to play golf, but it's a pity that you had no time. Anyways, these people are..."

Turning around and looking Tang Xiu in the eyes, Tian Li hesitated before she replied, "Boss Hong, this is my Boss. As for playing golf, we'll talk about it later. My Boss has just arrived in Hong Kong and is tired, so I can't accompany you. Let's talk later."

Hong Fu was stunned as his eyes landed on the calm Tang Xiu. He knew a lot about the Everlasting Feast Hall, but he didn't expect that its Boss turned out to be such a young man. A few seconds later, he promptly pulled out a business card from his pocket as he approached Tang Xiu and smiled, "Hello, I'm Hong Fu. The owner of Hongfeng Advertising. I'm honored to meet you today... might I know the gentleman's surname?"

Tang Xiu took the card and swept his eyes over it, saying faintly, "I'm surnamed Tang. I apologize, I have no business card."

The smile on Hong Fu's face froze before his expression went back to normal instantly. He was a business veteran and believed that Tang Xiu must also have a business card. This excuse meant that not only the other party didn't want exchange business cards, but he also didn't want to associate with him.

"It's alright. Mr. Tang is the boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall and is quite a mysterious figure in our business circle. For a long time now we've wanted to know who the owner of the Everlasting Feast Hall is, but I didn't expect that you'd be so young. Since Boss Tang just arrived in Hong Kong then I won't disturb you. But if you have free time later, you can call me and have some drinks," with his smooth personality, Hong Fu said with a smile.


Tang Xiu nodded and then quickly boarded the car.

The two-car started and quickly disappeared at the far end of the road.

The several men and woman behind Hong Fu arrived as one of the middle-aged men looked at him and said indifferently, "Old Hong, that young man is crazy! He's just the little boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall, why did you need to be so polite to him?"

Hong Fu turned around and forced a smile, "Do you really think that he's just the little boss of a restaurant? Hahaha, the Everlasting Feast Hall is not your ordinary restaurant!"

The middle-aged man was confused, "What's unusual about it?"

"The headquarters of the Everlasting Feast Hall is on Jingmen Island. I've been in Jingmen Island for many times and also visited the headquarters. Speaking of the restaurant, the Everlasting Feast Hall also has an upscale villa there. They also have branches in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, and Shanghai. So, the annual income is huge."

That middle-aged man said, "But even if the Everlasting Feast Hall is not a small enterprise, but it couldn't be bigger than your Hongfeng Advertising, no?"

Shooting him a glance, Hong Fu shook his head, "Did you not hear what I said, that the boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall is very mysterious? Do you really think that he only has a culinary business? I have learned about this culinary enterprise and found that this Everlasting Feast Hall also has deep relations with Grand Fortune Jewelries. In other words, the two enterprises belong to the same owner. Do you think my advertising company can be compared to Grand Fortune Jewelries?"


The middle-aged man's face slightly changed as even the other men and women were also surprised.

They knew about the Grand Fortune Jewelries. The enterprise had billions of assets at least. Its head was Hao Lei, a renowned businesswoman. A lot of businessmen in Hong Kong were curious about the secret boss of the Grand Fortune Jewelries whom the famous Hao Lei worked for.

"If the boss of the Grand Fortune Jewelries and the Everlasting Feast Hall is the same person, that means the identity of that young man is rather extraordinary," said the middle-aged man who had just spoken said with a change in tone and attitude.

Hong Fu sighed, "China is a big country and has numerous generations of powerful figures hidden. A lot of them are not open to public yet have a lot of power. It's kinda a pity though. That young man surnamed Tang is reluctant to have a close relationship with us!"

The middle-aged man laughed, "It's kinda a given, though. It's our first time meeting, after all. The more frequent we see him, the more chances we have to establish a friendship. Anyhow, let's go to my place and have an afternoon tea. We also have to attend the auction tonight!"

"OK, let's go!"

Hong Fu turned his head and replied with a smile.

Qianshui Bay Road 13, Hong Kong.

Here lied a grand and luxurious mansion, covering an area of 18,000 square feet that was valued in the hundreds of millions. Aside from the three-storied main building villa, there was also an independent warehouse, gym, teahouse, sauna room, and indoor swimming pool.

When two luxurious cars arrived in front of the courtyard front entrance, two security guards in black uniforms saluted and opened the electric gate with a remote control.

In front of the main building's door.

In addition to a garden, there was also an outdoor swimming pool. Ten men and women stood at both sides along the wide pathway leading to the main villa as they focused their attention on the coming cars.

"Boss, we've arrived," Tian Li, who was sitting on the co-pilot seat, got off and opened the rear door and respectfully spoke.

Out of the car, Tang Xiu saw the standing men and women on both sides and asked slowly, "Where's this?"

"This is the real estate bought by Little Boss in Hong Kong. She came to Hong Kong twice in the recent years and stayed here. Yesterday I received news that Elder Ji will come to Hong Kong, so I tidied up this place in advance. Except for the maids who are in charge of daily maintenance, there's no one else living here," replied Tian Li respectfully.

Tang Xiu nodded and walked toward the villa's main building.

The villa was luxurious and had an impressive interior decoration. Looking around, Tang Xiu quite liked this villa since this was more luxurious than his villa in South Gate Town.

"Do you want to rest or is there anything else you need, Boss?"

Following beside him, Tian Li asked softly.

Tang Xiu sat down on the sofa and lightly replied, "I'll take a rest and go to the auction later. You can go busy yourself, I'll call you if there's anything I need."

"Understood!" Tian Li nodded and turned away.

Looking at the standing Ji Chimei and the Mo Brothers at the side, Tang Xiu said lightly, "Chimei, there's still time. Teach cultivation techniques to the both of them! I'll take a rest first, call me when it's the time to go."

"Yes, Lord!" Ji Chimei nodded respectfully.

Joyful expressions burst out from Mo Āwen and Mo Āwu's eyes. The brothers suddenly felt fortunate of having Tang Xiu as their Boss. Perhaps, if they were to follow their original life, they probably wouldn't be taught cultivation techniques for a short period of time.

"Thank you, Boss!"

The two knelt and couldn't repress the excitement on their faces.

Tang Xiu shook his head, "No need to thank me. You know what I think. Loyalty is of the utmost importance. Xiaoxue has told me about your performances as well as how dedicated you have been all these years. She's very satisfied and I hope you can make me satisfied later."

"Yes!" The two answer solemnly.

Waving his head, Tang Xiu motioned the three to manage their business as he went to the second floor. As he came to the main room, he found that the decoration inside had a feminine touch. There were also a lot of woman's clothes inside the cloakroom, which made him realize that Gu Xiaoxue should have used this room before.

Immediately after, he looked for another room next door and took the documents of the purchased private island from his suitcase. All the legal and relevant documents had been taken care of and given to him when he bought the island, but he had yet to read it carefully due to a lot of matters. Thus, taking the time before he went out, he decided to familiarize himself with it thoroughly so he could have a better understanding of the situation there.