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 Chapter 273: Strength Demonstration

It was dawn. The sparkling, gleaming waves reflected under the sunlight when the first ray of sunshine rose from the east. Tang Xiu, Gu Xiaoxue, and Gu Yin emerged from the seabed, returning back to the small boat as the split sea closed again.

After returning to the shore.

Ji Chimei had been waiting for a long time, standing on the shore. She then saluted Tang Xiu.

Nodding to her, Tang Xiu asked, "How's the refining of the Spirit Condensation Pill?"

Turning her hands, Ji Chimei took seven jade bottles and replied, "All the medicinal ingredients have been used and refined into seven bottles of Spirit Condensation Pill."

Receiving three of them, Tang Xiu then said, "Take a bottle and give it to Yan'er. You and Xiaoxue also take one each. As for the last one, give it to Xiaoxue for future needs."


Ji Chimei gave three bottles to Gu Xiaoxue and kept one for herself. After putting it away, she said, "Venerable Lord, I got news yesterday that there will be an auction in Hong Kong tonight. I also found an item on the auction list which looks like a Soul Tranquilizer Stone, so I intend to leave for Hong Kong and participate in the auction."

Soul Tranquilizer Stone?

Tang Xiu's expression changed and almost without hesitation, he replied in a deep tone, "Soul Tranquilizer Stone is a not an ordinary matter. The more of it you can find, the more time we can give Yan'er. So I'll go with you."

Ji Chimei nodded.

Looking at Gu Yin, Tang Xiu thought a bit and said, "Xiaoxue, I had planned to bring along Yinyin to the private island and let her have some fun there. But the plan has to change now because I don't know how much time will it take. Thus, I'll leave her with you and let her play here for a few days. After that, have someone escort her back to Star City."

"No problem," replied Gu Xiaoxue with a smile.

Pouting her lips, Gu Yin didn't utter a word. She wanted to follow Tang Xiu, but remembering she had to attend her course, she could only give up.

Having finished breakfast, Tang Xiu let Gu Xiaoxue take Gu Yin to rest as he returned to the exquisite pagoda in the seabed. Accompanying Gu Yan'er gave him peace of mind. He sat in meditation until morning and not only didn't he feel tired, he was full of energy.

After Gu Xiaoxue used the Blood Sacrifice Art for him and he rested for one or two days, his mental force and star force that had been completely consumed had recovered; now there was even faint signs of improvement.

He had prepared to refine an interspatial ring in taking a trip to Jingmen Island this time. He brought the precious ores here and was prepared to refine the ring. After all, it was inconvenient to carry a baggage each time he went out without an interspatial ring.

After lunch, Tang Xiu saw Wolf Head and his team. The serious expression on their faces made him secretly amused. He could see that Wolf Head and his team's attitude was somewhat different than before. Perhaps, after they had gone through the battle in Star City back then as well as seeing the many experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall stimulated the huge changes in their proud attitude.

"Tell me what you think," having carefully observed the twelve men for a while, Tang Xiu said lightly.

Wolf Head said, "Boss, I'm a bit puzzled here."

"Say it!"

"It's just that you obviously have a lot of experts under you, Boss. Why would you still accept us? Either those twenty experts in Star City or the guards from the Everlasting Feast Hall, nobody is weaker than me. For the past two days ever since I arrived here, I had compared notes with several guards here, and lost miserably."

"Do you really think that the experts under me are really many?" asked Tang Xiu lightly.

"Isn't it so?" asked Wolf Head with doubt.

Sneering, Tang Xiu answered, "This means that you know nothing. How could it be called many? Countless in number, endless and exhaustible. That is what the so-called having experts as many as clouds are. The Everlasting Feast Hall may have a lot of guards, but it's far pitiful a number to me. It's far from sufficient. The people I want to cultivate are the elites among the elites; the strong among the strongest. Let alone you, even the guards from this Everlasting Feast Hall are just ants in my eyes."

Wolf Head had indeed seen how strong Tang Xiu was. Yet, listening to as how Tang Xiu regarded the guards of the Everlasting Feast Hall as ants, it somewhat left him quite vexed and irritable inside. He thought that Tang Xiu was too arrogant. The other eleven men also had the same thought as they looked at Tang Xiu with a different expression.

Tang Xiu's brows slanted and said indifferently, "You don't believe it?"

"Boss, I admit that you're indeed very strong. But how could these guards of Everlasting Feast Hall be weaker than you? If they were ants, nobody in this world can be called as a powerful expert."

Tang Xiu frowned. He then turned his head to Ji Chimei at the side and said lightly, "What do you think about her strength?"

Staring blankly, Wolf Head was surprised and laughed involuntary before he immediately said, "Boss, could the elderly also be a martial arts expert? She might not even be able to beat us, right?"

Answering in a cold voice, Tang Xiu replied, "Ji Chimei, those few trees a hundred meters away outside are nuisances to my eyes."

Ji Chimei finally looked up. Her cold eyes swept Wolf Head and the others. She waved the walking cane in her hand higher and swept toward the woods a hundred meters away outside. Along with a suffocating aura bursting out from her body, invisible blade waves straightly flew toward the dozen trees that were as thick as a waist and cut them off.

"Bam, Bam, Bam..."

Dozens of big trees crashed to the ground loudly, creating a wave of dust.


Wolf Head and his team were dumbstruck and aghast, looking at the dozens of trees a hundred meters away that were cut. Their bodies shivered violently. They horrified and shocked to the extreme. As they turned to look at Ji Chimei, it was as if they were looking at a fearsome monster.

Retracting back her aura, Ji Chimei put away her walking stick and said indifferently, "The Venerable Lord's power is not something ordinary people like you can ever fathom. Although I can destroy the entire Jingmen Island with a fist, but compared to the former Venerable Lord's power, I'm nothing but lower than an ant. You coming across the Venerable Lord and he valuing you, that's your good luck. Do remember. Whoever amongst you dare to doubt the Venerable Lord again, I'll kill him first."

Inadvertently releasing her killing intent, Ji Chimei made Wolf Head and his team turn deathly pale. Their bodies were shrouded by a chilling-cold aura in the air as they wanted to retreat, yet losing their abilities to move and act. It was as though their bodies were no longer in their control anymore.

Terror! This elderly was too terrifying. Could she be still a human being?

Wolf Head and the others shifted their visions toward Tang Xiu. At the moment, their thoughts of Tang Xiu being too arrogant vanished instantly. Seeing Tang Xiu lifting his head, they suddenly felt their bodies becoming lighter as they regained their control over their bodies.

"You... you just said that you can destroy the entire Jingmen Island with a punch?" asked Wolf Head, shivering.

Letting out a mocking laugh, Ji Chimei said, "The entire Jingmen Island? Is this place even big enough to be in my palm? If for not because of scaring you, let alone destroying Jingmen Island with only a punch, I can even blow this whole planet and come out unscathed."

"How could this be?" Wolf Head exclaimed in fright.

With an indifferent expression, Tang Xiu said, "She said correctly. A lot of people are able to destroy a planet with a snap of their fingers. You're just ordinary people, there's a lot of things you don't know of. For now, you don't need to understand it. But remember my words. Perform well. If you do, I can train you so that in the future you can step into the air and traverse the universe."

Wolf Head swallowed his saliva desperately. If not because Ji Chimei showcased such unfathomable might just now, they would have never believed Tang Xiu and Ji Chimei. But seeing is believing, and they finally realized that they were probably much weaker than ants in front of them.

Loyalty and performance!

Only now did Wolf Head and his team feel clear about this. They heard that Tang Xiu could make them very strong, but they had never seen him showcasing such an unfathomable method. But through Ji Chimei, they could see it at the moment.

This was the true ability they wanted to learn from Tang Xiu. To learn such fearsome power that no ordinary person could ever have. For this, they were willing to pledge their loyalty to Tang Xiu as well as working for him loyally.

"Good. I will no longer speak on this matter anymore. Everything you saw today, I want it to rot inside you, to never be disclosed to anyone else," Tang Xiu ordered. "In addition, as I'm leaving for Hong Kong, the twelve of you will go directly to that private island I bought! I'll text the coordinates to Wolf Head's mobile. Remember, you are free to find a place to settle there before I arrived. I'll contact you later after I get there."

"Yes, Sir!"

Wolf Head and the others saluted respectfully.

The twelve men left. Looking at the Mo brothers, Tang Xiu said lightly, "Follow me. We're going to Hong Kong for the auction. All the issues there will be under you two brothers to take care of. I'll send someone else by September."


Mo Āwen and Mo Āwu replied respectfully.

Tang Xiu then looked at Ji Chimei and lightly said, "Let's go! We can't be late for the auction. That's right, did you bring money? I'm tight on money right now."

"The young lady gave me 10 billion. If it's really the Soul Tranquilizer Stone, she will transfer more if it's not enough," answered Ji Chimei.

10 billion?

Lifting his brows, Tang Xiu asked curiously, "How much funds does the Everlasting Feast Hall have currently?"

Ji Chime shook her head, "I don't know. I never ask about business issues."

Tang Xiu smiled and boarded the car directly.

Four people boarded two cars and quickly drove toward Jingmen Island Port. They must travel by water from Jingmen Island to Hong Kong since the two places were quite near in distance and could be reached within a few hours. What surprised Tang Xiu was that Everlasting Feast Hall didn't have a private jet, but had a super-luxurious cruiser. Even though the cruiser was not larger, but it could board hundreds of people on it.

"Boss, Little Boss bought this since she usually explores the nearby islands every two years," Mo Āwen, who was following at Tang Xiu's side, explained in a low voice as he saw his astonished expression.

"This cruiser is quite good. Let's go! I want to reach Hong Kong as fast as possible." said Tang Xiu with a nod.


Mo Āwen led the way to board the cruiser.