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 Chapter 272: The Feelings Between Master and Disciple

Whilst hugging Gu Yin and gently stroking her supple beautiful hair, Tang Xiu calmly said, "A lot of women have crushes on me. Don't tell me that you don't know that an outstanding man will attract women just like flowers attract bees and butterflies?"


Gu Xiaoxue was amused. She suddenly found that this enigmatic and profound Grand Master of hers unexpectedly had a humorous side.

Tang Xiu looked through the window and slowly asked, "What Ji Chimei did recently? I had ordered her to find some herbs to concoct the Spirit Condensation Pill, how's the progress?"

Holding back her smile, Gu Xiaoxue replied, "All the herbs needed have been gathered. Elder Ji is about to refine the medicinal pill. If all goes well, she should have refined that Spirit Condensation Pill by now."

Tang Xiu's face flickered. He nodded and said, "The Spirit Condensation Pill has a great effect on me, Yan'er and Ji Chimei. It will even have a good effect on you. Also, I have prepared a list of medicinal ingredients, with a total of 3650 types of herbs, of which I'll hand over to you later. You have to find all these herbs with your every power. However much you can find, buy them all. I also told Chen Zhizhong about this. He's running a medicine business, so you can contact him after you get the list."

Surprised, Gu Xiaoxue asked, "Grand Master, with so many medicinal herbs, would it all be used to concoct pills?"

Nodding, Tang Xiu replied, "Those 3650 kinds of medicinal herbs altogether can be refined into seven types of pills. Each type has a wonderful effect for all of us. One of which is the Nascent Amassare Pill. It will help you to break your Golden Core, breaking through to the Nascent Origin Realm."

Nascent Origin Realm?

Gu Xiaoxue's eyes turned bright. She firmly decided inwardly that she must find all the necessary medicinal ingredients needed to refine the Nascent Amassare Pill. She determined to refine the pill as fast as possible and breakthrough to the Nascent Origin Realm.

"By the way, did the people I sent have arrived?" asked Tang Xiu suddenly.

"You mean, the Wolf Head team?" asked Gu Xiaoxue back.

Nodding, Tang Xiu said, "It seems they are here in the Everlasting Feast Hall."

"They had already arrived before I went to Beijing. I already arranged for them to stay there and wait for your arrival. But Grand Master, I don't understand. Our Everlasting Feast Hall has a lot of experts, yet why did you still recruit Wolf Head and his team, these retired soldiers?" asked Gu Xiaoxue

"How many people do we have? Don't forget. One day I'll return to the Immortal World, and the enemies that I'll be facing the are the Supremes. Although they don't feel like deliberately training their henchmen, them how many hundreds of millions powerful lackeys do they have around them? Who amongst them don't have troops of Immortal legions to guard their territories?" said Tang Xiu calmly.

Gu Xiaoxue held her breath and immediately understood Tang Xiu's intention.

Indeed! These Supreme Immortals were beings at the apex who stood at the summit and presided over trillions of Immortals. It would be strange if they didn't have a large number of subordinates.

Sighing, Tang Xiu continued, "Once, I also thought that my own strength was sufficient enough. That no one could shake me until I was... But from thereafter, only then did I understand one tough truth; a pair of fists will never be able to face four hands. Having formidable strength is no doubt important, but having a group of loyal, devoted and powerful subordinates around you is no less significant. That time in the past, if I had a group of loyal subordinates to protect me, even if my enemies wanted to get rid of me, they wouldn't have been able to do so so easily!"

With a dignified expression, Gu Xiaoxue replied, "Grand Master, I understand your thoughts. The Everlasting Feast Hall only trained twenty well-qualified children in the last decade. It appears this number is far from enough."

Surprised, Tang Xiu asked, "Twenty children?"

"For the last ten years, every year I left the Everlasting Feast Hall for a period of time, going outside to broaden my experience as well as looking for some well-qualified children. All of them are orphans from the streets who are suitable to learn cultivation techniques and were selected by me. I adopted them when they were very young; the oldest one is only six years old while the youngest is one or two years old."

Frowning, Tang Xiu asked, "You teach them cultivation techniques?"

Shaking her head, Gu Xiaoxue replied, "No. I don't teach them cultivation techniques. I teach them only basic Body Tempering techniques for cultivation. On one hand, it can help them to change their physique; on the other hand, it will also make them accumulate their foundation from an early age. Hence, by the time they reach the peak of Body Tempering Stage, I can pick out the outstanding candidates and teach them more advanced cultivation techniques. Actually, this is also on behalf of Master's orders."

Tang Xiu suddenly understood, "If so, I'll teach cultivation techniques to the experts trained by the Everlasting Feast Hall after I have some free time later. Anyways, put their names on a list and give it to me later. Do remember, I don't care if they have a heaven-defying aptitude nor do I require them to be powerful. What I care about are their nature and loyalty."

"Understood!" replied Gu Xiaoxue with a nod.

The big guy from the Everlasting Feast Hall who was driving the car was crazily startled upon hearing Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue's conversation. A longing and surprised expression burst intensely from his eyes.

They were all orphans and lone children Gu Yan'er had brought up. They had been through brutal training by experts. Having an absolute loyalty toward Gu Yan'er, they would even immediately draw their blades to commit suicide or break the enemy lines if Gu Yan'er willed it. Likewise, they also knew that neither Gu Yan'er or Gu Xiaoxue were ordinary people. The path they had taken was the bloody and thorny one, however it also was the path for them to become extremely powerful experts.

In particular, he could hear clearly the conversation between Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue. The most shocking to him was the place mentioned by Tang Xiu, the Immortal World.

The Supremes of the Immortal World, as well as the hundreds of millions of Immortal Legions.

This was a world he had never once imagined existed, making him passionate and not being able to wait to become a super-strong expert immediately. He wanted to go to the Immortal World, experience the grand, magnificent scene of the Immortal World as well as fight with the powerful experts there.

"About those twenty adopted children you have trained, take me to see them once we've arrived in the Everlasting Feast Hall. I'll bring ten of them with me," said Tang Xiu.

Surprised, Gu Xiaoxue asked, "Master, where do you want to take them?"

"I bought a private island and am preparing to develop it into a blessed land for cultivation. Thereafter, it will be our main headquarters. Anyways, there are two guys I remember, Mo Āwen and Mo Āwu. I'll also take them with me! I'll give the place to both of them to manage," said Tang Xiu faintly.

"Alright!" replied Gu Xiaoxue with a nod.

At the Everlasting Feast Hall.

After the car entered the parking lot, Tang Xiu took Gu Yin out and then looked at Gu Xiaoxue, saying slowly, "I'll see her now."

Gu Xiaoxue nodded. She motioned several security guards that greeted them and then walked toward the sea along with Tang Xiu and Gu Yin.

"Master, it's the sea."

Even though Gu Yin was more mature than her peers. But she was, after all, still a child. Seeing the gleaming reflection of the sea waves in the sunlight, she was immediately excited.

Faintly smiling, Tang Xiu lifted her up and jumped onto the boat anchored to the shore, whereas Gu Xiaoxue floated midair as the boat automatically sailed toward the sea.

"Open it!" said Tang Xiu.

Gu Xiaoxue nodded and unceasingly pinched her fingers, forming seals. The seawater in front of them separated, revealing a passage leading to the seabed.

"Wow! It's so magical!"

Gu Yin's eyes stared wide as she exclaimed.

Smiling, Tang Xiu said, "If you practice hard, you can also do this later."

Wearing a dignified look, Gu Yin nodded heavily and said seriously, "Master, I must cultivate seriously. I have to be as powerful as Martial Niece Xiaoxue."

Martial Niece?

A helpless feeling rose inside Gu Xiaoxue's heart as her mouth twitched. She was indeed a Martial Niece to Gu Yin according to seniority. However, it was Gu Yin's age that made her rather depressed.

After the blue sea opened, Tang Xiu and them came to the seabed. Whilst looking at the exquisite pagoda that effused golden light, Tang Xiu spoke, "Open it!"


Gu Xiaoxue quickly made a seal and shouted in a deep tone:

"Of the Heaven and Earth Profound Emperors, Only I Alone Am the Sole Revered Sovereign!"

The golden light bloomed over and the pagoda's door slowly opened.

Handing over Gu Yin to Gu Xiaoxue, Tang Xiu said, "Her cultivation is still low and cannot withstand the chilling atmosphere inside. Use your True Essence to protect her."

Two minutes later, Tang Xiu arrived next to the ice bed on the seventh floor. He looked at the coma induced Gu Yan'er laying on top of it. His expression turned soft as he lifted her up gently and hugged her silently.

Seeing her yet again calmed Tang Xiu's heart. Either the good and bad emotions he experienced after meeting his grandmother or paying homage to the Tang Family's ancestors, all of them disappeared at this moment.

Mentioning about affection, Tang Xiu also had received a lot of apprentices, but the one that was very close to him was Gu Yan'er. She was like a daughter to him, for he personally brought her up, teaching her martial arts and directing her to the cultivation path. In the past, his mother was the person he had always been missing, this was the reason as to why he devoted himself to take care of her after his mother, shifting all the affection he had toward Gu Yan'er.

"Yan'er. Master is seeing you again."

Caressing her beautiful hair that covered her face, Tang Xiu said softly.

At the side, Gu Yin looked at Gu Yan'er with a curious look. Clever as she was, she realized that her Master really cared about Gu Yan'er and was rather feeling at a loss inwardly, but she stood still beside Gu Xiaoxue, waiting in silence. She had already guessed that the woman in the arms of her Master was her Senior Martial Sister.

For Gu Xiaoxue, she actually felt contented and satisfied at this moment.

She could feel the concern and affection Tang Xiu had toward her Master. Prior to this, she thought that her Master had suffered so much for her Grand Master that she felt it wasn't worth it.

Yet, at present, she finally understood. She realized that the feelings and affection that her Master and Grand Master had toward each other truly came from their true nature, for every word and deed was just following the genuine intention inside their hearts.

"Master, please wake up quickly! Xue'er has found Grand Master. You'll certainly be very happy after you see him!"

Gripping her fist, Gu Xiaoxue prayed secretly inside her heart.

Turning and looking at Gu Yin, Tang Xiu said, "She's your Senior Martial Sister, Gu Yan'er. Because of me, she has suffered a lot of hardships. She is seriously injured now and continuously falls unconscious from time to time. Later on, you must respect your senior sister just like you respect me."