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 Chapter 265: Cousin

Under everyone's watchful gaze, Tang Xiu grabbed Tang Yunde's wrist and his fingers pressed at his pulse, quietly feeling it. What made him rather grateful was that, while Tang Yunde's pulse was rather weak and suffered severe loss of vital energy, it was still sufficient to support his bodily functions.

Furthermore, even in this condition, he could still live eight to ten years more!

Releasing his wrist, Tang Xiu pulled him up and set his body sitting straight. Whilst pressing his five fingers on Tang Yunde's head, he directed his star force and released his spiritual sense.

Brain domain. It was the most mysterious part of the human body. When Tang Xiu became a Supreme in the Immortal World, he had been able to utilize and control 60% of his brain area, whereas the rest 40% he had never been able to develop or use it.

As Tang Xiu examined him, his face turned unsightly. He found that Tang Yunde's brain nerves had been severely atrophied with blood congestions in the neuronal nodes. The congestion had even coagulated, and there were signs that it had blocked the blood supply to the brain. Furthermore, the part of brain ventricles connected to the mind sea had been cut off, leaving a particular ash-grey substance blocking it. It was precisely this ash-grey substance that trapped his consciousness in the mind sea, causing him to be unable to perceive the outside world.

Trapped consciousness- Tang Xiu had experienced it once before.

When a wisp of his soul crossed over to the Immortal World in the past, whereupon it emerged on someone else's body there, it was trapped therein for three months, and eventually came out of the predicament by chance to become the owner of that body.

The feeling of having one's consciousness trapped was very depressing as well as painful! Wanting to rest yet unable to sleep, floating and drifting in the endless darkness, driving one to wish for death. If one's mental constitution was tough, they might be able to persist for a long time, otherwise, they would be driven to insanity, mentally disoriented and devoid of any strength and capability of thinking.

Four or five minutes later.

Tang Xiu slowly retracted his palm and quickly kept his spiritual sense. He would still be able to save Tang Yunde, but the process would be very dangerous. The danger was not just applied to Tang Yunde, but to him as well.

"Xiu'er, how is it?"

Standing at the side, Su Lingyun asked with anticipation.

Looking at his mother's expression, Tang Xiu sighed inwardly. While he had low emotional intelligence, with his superb intelligence, how couldn't he be able to feel his mother's anticipation at this moment?

"Mom, is he really important to you?"

After staying silent for a moment, only then did Tang Xiu speak.

Resolutely replying, Su Lingyun said, "Very. The both of you, father and son, are very important to me."


Tang Xiu savored her answer inside before he finally made a decision. His gaze turned to Tang Guosheng and spoke in a heavy tone, "I dare not 100% guarantee chance of curing him. But I'm willing to give it a try. Prepare a spacious place where nobody can't disturb us. Also, find me a set of silver needles."

Tang Guosheng's eyes lit up as he asked in a deep tone, "I'll arrange it immediately. Aside from silver needles, what else do you need?"

"If your Tang Family has the ability, go to the medicinal herb market or herbs shops and buy a lot of Dragonfume Grass. Bear in mind that this herb is extremely scarce and very expensive. However many you can find, buy them."

Dragonfume Grass?

Tang Guosheng turned and shouted sternly, "You all heard it. All of you look for it; and be quick about it. Within three hours, all that Tang Xiu needs must be found."


A dozen Tang family members rushed outside.

Tang Guosheng then gave Tang Xiu and his mother a look whilst secretly sighing. Having been silent for a moment, he said mildly, "Tang Xiu, it would perhaps take some time to find the medicinal herb you need. It's night already, so let's have dinner first! Even if you're not hungry, your mother is."

Tang Xiu took a look at his mother who grabbed Tang Yunde's hand as he silently nodded.

"I'll cook. I'll cook for you myself," said Qin Changyue quickly as she hurried to leave the room after saying that.

A warm feeling sprouted inside Tang Xiu's heart when he looked at her back. He indeed rejected the Tang Family's members, but seeing Qin Changyue's actions, he could see that each and every expression and action brought along a deep affection and love within.

He was not someone whose heart was made of stone. Qin Changyue spoke a few words and hurriedly left; it touched his heart. He even began to silently recognize this paternal grandmother of his for the first time.

"We're also going out!"

Tang Xiu turned to Tang Guosheng and said.

At the main hall of the residence.

Tang Xiu sat leaning on the sofa and closed his eyes. He had decided to treat Tang Yunde, for which he had to conserve his strength and maintain his spiritual force at the peak.

It was because he'd have to use his spiritual sense if he wanted to clean up the ash-grey substance blocking the brain ventricles and the mind sea. If he was an Immortal and used his spiritual sense, it would be a cinch. But the present him was too weak, not even having the confidence to clear those ash-gray substances in one go as well as clearing the blood congestion and nourishing the atrophied brain nerves along the way.

The human brain was very complex. He was perfectly aware that he only had one chance. If it couldn't be done at once and in the case that other problems cropped up with Tang Yunde's brain, it would likely claim Tang Yunde's life.

If his mother was willing to wait, he'd rather do that. If he was stronger he'd be much more confident. But, he didn't want to do it. His mother had waited in suffering for her husband for twenty years, waiting to serve him after she saw him.

After nearly an hour.

Qin Changyue entered the main hall in an apron. With an expression full of affection, she looked at Tang Xiu and said softly, "Grandson, the meal is ready. Call your mother and let's have a meal together!"

Tang Xiu opened his eyes and nodded to her amiably. He got up and went to the next room, finding his mother holding Tang Yunde's hand and telling him all her thoughts and feelings in the last twenty years. Tang Xiu once again sighed inside before his hand touched his mother's shoulders, saying, "Mom, let's eat! Eat and drink to the full to raise your spirit, so you can better chat with him."

"Alright!" Su Lingyun turned around with a trace of a smile on her face.

It seems to her that at present, the sweetness of life had come to her after having gone through bitterness. Her two biggest wishes for two decades, one was to have her son to pass the CET smoothly and be successfully admitted to a prestigious university, and the second was to find her missing husband. She got both wishes now, making her quite content. Although her husband was still in a coma at present, if her son could really cure him, she would no longer complain even if she died.

There were only four people on the table for dinner.

Tang Guosheng, Qin Changyue, Tang Xiu and Su Lingyun.

The dining table was full of fragrant dishes as Qin Changyue constantly served the mother and son the veggie dishes. She wore a bright smile on her face, causing Tang Xiu to have a good appetite. He wolfed down two full bowls of rice and also ate a lot of dishes.

At this moment, Tang Xiu could finally feel that the Tangs truly cared about his mother and him as well as clearly felt the atmosphere of familial affection. With only a word from Tang Guosheng, the dozen members of the Tangs, including their daughter-in-laws who were holding children, left their ancestral residence to find Dragonfume Grass.

"This family... is very good." Lamenting inwardly, Tang Xiu put down the chopsticks after eating to the full.

"Grandpa, grandma!"

At this time, a voice came from outside the dining room as a young man strode inside. After he saw Tang Xiu, he fell into a daze, wearing a hard-to-believe expression in his face.

Tang Xiu was also astonished, for he didn't expect that it turned out to be Chu Yi. More so after Chu Yi called Tang Guosheng and Qin Changyue maternal grandfather and grandmother. So to say, that meant he was his... cousin?

"Tang Xiu, how... are you here?"

Chu Yi stared at Tang Xiu with a silly expression as he murmured.

Faintly smiling, Tang Xiu got up and replied, "Surprised?"

"What surprise? It's a shock! I just can't believe, that you... you turned out to be my cousin."

"Please don't speak about being relatives yet. Are you hungry? Have a meal first," said Tang Xiu faintly.

The smile on Chu Yi's face finally faded away as he rubbed his hands and smiles, "I just had a meal. I was managing something in Tianjin City recently so I didn't know about this. Fortunately, my mother called me, so I hurried back from Tianjin City. Anyways, I've sent some people to find the Dragonfume Grass you need. However many they can find, I'll have them delivered shortly."

Curiosity hung on Tang Guosheng's old face as he asked, "You knew each other prior to this?"

Chu Yi chuckled and smiled, "Yes, Grandpa. And we kinda have a strong relationship. Tang Xiu was my brother prior to this, but never would I have thought that he turns out to be my cousin. If Bai Tao and Long Zhengyu knew about this, they would have been shocked."

Astonishment suffused Tang Guosheng's eyes. He knew very well about his grandson's personality. Intelligent, sensible, thoughtful, as well as prudent and possessing keen foresight. Ordinary people simply wouldn't enter his eyes. He didn't know as to how would this grandson of his know Tang Xiu.

Qin Changyue, however, didn't notice nor mind this. She just smiled upon seeing Chu Yi's arrival, yet her vision was reluctant to part from Tang Xiu.

After hesitating for a moment, Tang Guosheng then asked again, "How did met him?"

Chu Yi smiled, "I was in Star City with Bai Tao. The famous young master of the Long Family in Star City, Long Zhengyu, is our friend. We met Tang Xiu through him. Grandpa, you don't know that this cousin of mine possesses superb abilities, even Bai Tao and I truly admire him."

Staying silent for a moment, Tang Guosheng then said, "I had arranged people to investigate him, yet we only know that he did have a friend called Long Zhengyu, but we actually never thought that you also know him. He's indeed very capable; my asthma has been cured by him."

Chu Yi grinned, "Grandpa, he's not only amazing in the medical field! He..."

"Chu Yi!"

Tang Xiu frowned and growled at him.

Even though Tang Guosheng did send someone to investigate Tang Xiu, but after all, the time was too tight, so the information was not thorough and complete. Therefore, when he heard his grandson's remark, he became more curious, "Chu Yi, tell me! I really want to know what other aspects this grandson of mine has!"