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 Chapter 264: The Rejection from the Heart

"Ring, ring, ring..."

Tang Yunpeng's mobile rang. As he answered the call, he said a few words and then put the mobile away, "Mother, Second Uncle, Tang Dong and Tang Yan are in Beijing Airport, they will arrive an hour later at the latest."

The smile on Qin Changyue's face was getting bigger. She then sighed, "Your Second Uncle is staying in Jingmen Island and hasn't returned for a full five years already. I didn't expect that because of Xiu'er's matter, he would also take a special trip here. Finally, our Tang Family have all been gathered together."

Tang Guoshou at the side snorted coldly, "Hmph, Second Big Brother hid in Jingmen Island all these years and enjoyed a peaceful life, leaving me and Eldest Brother to deal with the terrible mess in Beijing. This time he's coming to Beijing, so I have to make him bleed and give me a few slaps."

Qin Changyue laughed, "Third Brother! You and your Eldest Brother are actually well aware inwardly, right? Even though Second Brother lives in Jingmen Island, but he has brought us, the Tangs, many benefits all these years. But alas! You don't want to give him face. Besides, the waters in Beijing are too deep, so if our Tang Family is defeated one day here, we'll have Jingmen Island as our retreat point."

Tang Guoshou was silent for a moment before he forced a smile and said, "Sister-in-law, I actually understand what you're saying. It's just that, when I think about how Second Brother enjoys life in Jingmen Island while Eldest Brother and I are being kept busy in Beijing, it kinda makes me quite vexed! Bah, let it be. I won't grumble in front of so many juniors."



The other Tangs couldn't help laughing.

Quickly, Tang Guoxing, along with Tang Dong, Tang Yan and the other four or five other family members arrived. Tang Guoxing's body wasn't in a good condition. He was quite frail, looking sick and pale, yet, he was particularly in high spirits when he bickered with his Third Brother, Tang Guoshou.

At the highway intersection in Beijing.

Tang Xiu's Land Rover was stopped by the police because of his license plate's number limit. As a result, the highway police patrol was examining Tang Xiu's driving time and discovered that his length of experience as a driver was in violation of traffic regulations.

"Officer, could you get around the regulations this once?"

Sitting in the driver seat, Tang Xiu asked the traffic police officer.

The expression of the several traffic police officers was serious. One of them shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, Sir. I'll have to ask you to get off the car."

At this moment, Tang Min, who was sitting in the back seat, slowly opened the rear window. She handed out a credential document and said lightly, "Stretch the rules. We have important matters."

The traffic police took the document. As he eyed it, his complexion changed greatly and immediately saluted toward Tang Min and respectfully spoke, "Hello, Minister Tang, I didn't know that you were in the car, so I hope you can forgive us. Please..."

Having said that, the traffic police officer returned the document to Tang Min.

Tang Min nodded. She then faced Tang Xiu and said, "Let's go! It's alright."

Tang Xiu's eyes swept traffic police officers outside. He started his car and drove toward the two Audis that were parked on the roadside two hundred meters in front. He secretly lamented inwardly: "Authority is really a good thing. If it was ordinary people, perhaps not only would they have to accept fines and have penalty points on their driver's licenses, they also might have to face an administrative detention."

At Tang Family's ancestral residence.

Tang Xiu parked the car as his eyes flashed. Just as he entered the entrance to the lane, he saw four armed security guards standing guard over there. Along the way, at least a dozen or so guards were pacing back and forth in the vicinity, either the ones that were in the open or hidden. At the front door of the Tangs' ancestral residence there were also two guards in military uniform with white gloves and armed firearms.

However, the sight that attracted his attention was not those guards but the dozens of members of the Tang Family that were standing outside the courtyard. The first one who caught his eyes among the crowd was the silver-haired old lady who was in front.

"Second Sister-in-law, Tang Xiu, let's go."

Tang Min smiled.

Tang Xiu nodded calmly. He then turned around and looked back. He saw that his mother was somewhat restless and anxious. He then spoke to her, "Mom, let's get off!"

Su Lingyun hesitated before she nodded silently.

Qin Changyue's vision had been staring at the three cars. When she saw her husband, Tang Guosheng, she rushed excitedly and asked, "Where's my grandson and my Second daughter-in-law?"

With a smile hung on his face, Tang Guosheng pointed at the Land Rover Tang Xiu and Su Lingyun were getting out from.

Qin Changyue's eyes instantly locked on Tang Xiu. She walked toward them staggering somewhat. As she arrived in front of Tang Xiu, her quivering hands grabbed Tang Xiu's arms with a face full of excitement as tears broke down from her eyes as she sobbed, "Y-you... you're my grandson, my dear grandson?"

Tang Xiu frowned and somewhat had the urge to repel the old lady, as well as rejecting the other Tangs. After a moment of silence, he said slowly, "I am, nominally."

Qin Changyue forcefully hugged Tang Xiu with tears flowing down. She wailed and cried.

Tang Xiu didn't struggle. His expression was tranquil as ever and was quite helpless as he felt Qin Changyue's tears wetting his clothes.

He could really feel the familial affection!

This kind of stirring emotions, this kind of excitement, the feeling of crying tears of joy, it caused him to be in a particularly complicated mood.

Only after a long period of time did Qin Changyue release Tang Xiu after Tang Min persuaded her, yet her hands were still grabbing Tang Xiu's hands tightly. Then, she looked at Su Lingyun and said excitedly, "You're Little Yun, the one Yunde said? My Second daughter-in-law?"

Su Lingyun was very emotional. The familial affection shown by the Tang Family touched her heart. She nodded, "Yes. I'm Su Lingyun, Yunde's wife."

Qin Changyue's other hand grabbed her and said with tears flowing down her face, "Child, our Tang Family didn't do right by you all these years, hence, the both of you-mother and child, have been living outside the family. I believe that you must have endured a lot of pain and hardship. But you can rest assured that after we found you, we-the Tang Family will never let you receive a little bit of bitterness ever again. Whoever dares to bully you later, tell this old woman, then I'll sacrifice everything in my short remaining life to fight them."

Su Lingyun's eyes were also filled with sparkling crystalline tears as she nodded repeatedly and heavily. She enjoyed the feeling of being recognized by her husband's family as well as enjoying the sudden atmosphere of affection.

Qin Changyue pulled Su Lingyun and Tang Xiu. As the came in front of the other members of the Tang Family, she said, "I'm introducing you to them. They are all part of our Tang Family..."

Tang Xiu abruptly interrupted her and said indifferently, "There's no need to introduce us. I still have important things to do later on, so take me to see Tang Yunde! If I can cure him then it would be for the best, but if I can't, that means his fate isn't good."


Apart from Tang Guosheng and Tang Min, a dozen members of the Tang Family looked at each other in dismay. It was as if they couldn't believe their ears!

This... what was this nonsensical remark?

Tang Xiu finally broke from Qin Changyue's grasp as he spoke to Tang Guosheng, "You should still remember what I've said to you before. You have your Tang Family, whereas we have ours. The Tang Family's distinguished status is not for us-the common people. Thus, you don't need to waste the time and feelings. Take me to see Tang Yunde, otherwise, my mother and I will leave immediately."

Tang Yunpeng shouted out of anger, "Tang Xiu, why did you say that? Even if you think that we're only strangers, but we are still your relatives after all. In the presence of so many of your elders, how could you..."

Tang Xiu waved his hands to interrupt him and said with a cold and detached expression, "Don't use the elders to pressure me. I was born and grown up in the Su Family. If not for my mother insisting on it, I don't even want to be surnamed as Tang. So leave the familial affection out when you talk to me. I'll ask you one last time, where's Tang Yunde?"

"Xiu'er, you shut up!"

Su Lingyun was angry as she scolded him.

For a moment, Tang Xiu was silent. After that, he stepped back and said, "Mom, I respect your decision, but I also hope you can understand my choice. I have no feelings toward the Tang Family members whatsoever. No, not at this moment. And I'm afraid that it's very hard to have in the future. And truth be told, I actually didn't want to come to Beijing, but I have given a promise to you and grandmother to cure Tang Yunde, which is also the promise I gave when I attended to his father's illness."

At this moment, all Tang Family members' faces had turned quite unsightly.

Tang Xiu couldn't care less about them. During the 10,000 years he was in the Immortal World, the only people he remembered were only his mother and maternal grandmother, who occasionally doted on him. People that were tied through blood to him, yet without emotional attachment, were unable to hold him. This time, the reason he chose to come to Beijing was only because of his mother.

Su Lingyun fell into silence. She had experienced very few dramatic scenes and she didn't know how to deal with the situation at present. Her son refused to recognize the Tang Family, so she was having a complicated and mixed feeling inside, but she also didn't want to force him.

Tang Guosheng sighed to himself. He then spoke to break the deadlock, "Tang Xiu, it doesn't matter if you don't want to recognize us. I know and understand why you deny these family members inside your heart. But even so, I believe that even if your heart is made of stone, everyone will still be able to melt your heart with our conducts and deeds hereafter. The offspring of the Tangs are the Tang Family's descendants. We have never cut off our familial affection nor have we ever abandoned and left our own blood behind. Let's go! Your father should have been sent here, I'll take you to see him personally."

Tang Xiu nodded and grabbed Su Lingyun's hand. On one hand, he wanted to give her courage, and on the other, he also wanted to show the Tang Family that, at present, he had the ability to protect his own mother as well as telling them that he didn't need anything from them.

A few minutes later, the Tang Family members took Su Lingyun and Tang Xiu to the deepest parts of their ancestral residence. As Su Lingyun looked at Tang Yunde that was lying on the bed, big tear drops fell down from her eyes.


Feeling sorrowful and sad, she cried and flew toward the edge of the bed. Her hands that were full of calluses tightly grasped Tang Yunde's skinny palms.

Twenty years. It had been twenty years thinking every day and night, dreaming of seeing her husband again. Today, the dream finally turned into reality. She cried and wept bitterly. Telling all the thoughts and missing feelings, venting all the grievances and sorrows she endured all these years.

At this moment, even if she had to die, she'd die with a smile in her face.

Tang Xiu, who stood at the side, looked at the unconscious man on the bed, the skinny Tang Yunde, who looked as though firewood. He sighed inwardly. He had never thought that by the time he saw this man, it would be in this situation. After calmly waiting for several minutes, waiting for his mother's emotions to stabilize, he gently patted Su Lingyun's shoulder and said, "Mom, let me have a look! If I can cure him, you can be sure that I'll do everything I can."


A strong and intense expectation burst out from Su Lingyun's eyes as she quickly retreated to the side.