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 Chapter 256: Making a Clean Break with the Past

Su Lingyun said, "Xiu'er, I understand your concern and I agree with you. But I believe that Xiangfei's basic nature isn't absolutely bad. Even your uncle... Su Shangwen lost his basic nature because of money. He used to be a good person before, very kind, and used to take care of the family. He also really helped us a lot all these years living in Star City. So, Xiu'er, you have to find a way to save him if he repent in prison."

"Alright, Mom!" Tang Xiu complied.

At Qinghe County, Su Village.

Su Xiangfei quietly leaned on the courtyard wall whilst smoking a cigarette. He clearly heard the conversation between Su Lingyun and Tang Xiu.

He felt hatred! Yet, he didn't know for whom he should point his hatred to.

He experienced too many things in these couple of months. Despite considering himself very strong in bearing pressure, yet hid in the home of his sister's classmate for many days. Smoking and drinking every day, living a life that was even worse than death.

Tang Xiu was was the one he wanted to hate because he knew that Tang Xiu was the one who harmed his family. However, as he pondered and recalled everything that had happened, he suddenly realized that his family was indeed the one that pretty much bullied his aunt and cousin using their riches and powerful status.

As he recalled about that time, if not for the police finding that evidence, it would've been Tang Xiu going to jail instead of his parents.

Two lines of tears fell down from Su Xiangfei's eyes as he heard his aunt's words. Prior to this, he used to think that his aunt was a very weak person and easy to bully. He used to watch his parents bully her, yet he acted as though he was watching a drama play. But now, after he heard his aunt, all sort of mixed feelings filled his heart.


He threw the cigarette butt to the ground and fiercely extinguished it with his tiptoe. He then turned around and went straight to Su Lingyun and knelt.

"Auntie, I'm really sorry."

Su Lingyun was shocked by Su Xiangfei's action. She looked at him with disbelief as she opened her mouth but not knowing what to say. She lifted her phone but didn't end the call, whereas her son at the other end of the phone was also silent.

After a long period of time, Su Lingyun sobered up from her daze. She quickly propped Su Xiangfei up as she sighed and said sincerely and earnestly, "Xiangfei, no matter how bad our discords, we're relatives, after all; family members. Xiu'er was only afraid of me being bullied. You're older than him so you should be able to understand more about this, so don't blame him."

Su Xiangfei said bitterly, "Auntie, I don't blame him. Just like what you just said, it was because my father's mind was muddled by wealth, whereas I was also too full of myself. I did frame him initially. If it wasn't discovered, perhaps he would be the one in jail now, not my parents. So I don't hate him."

A happy expression was revealed on Su Lingyun's face. She gently patted his shoulder and said, "Xiangfei. It's good that you don't hate him. Don't you worry though! Xiu'er is someone who lives up to his word. He said to your grandmother that after two years, he will certainly get your father out of jail."

Su Xiangfei nodded heavily and said, "Auntie, the reason I came to my senses and woke up is actually because of father. When he tried to commit suicide before being arrested, he was hospitalized and I heard him shouting your name in his coma, apologizing to you. At that moment I knew that father regretted what he did to you."

Sparking and translucent tears overflowed from Su Lingyun's eyes. For her blood brother, if he could wake up and treat her as a relative and then become a good person, even if she had to pay a huge price, she was willing.

"Xiangfei, stay with your grandma at home. Wait for a few days, and then we'll go back to Star City together to see your father!"

"Alright, Auntie!" Su Xiangfei nodded heavily.

However, the trace of smile that had just appeared on his face quickly dissipated. After a moment's hesitation, he said in a low voice, "Auntie, if my older sister can't think this through and continue hating you and Tang Xiu, please don't blame her. She..."

Su Lingyun shook her head as she sighed, "I can understand if she hates me and Tang Xiu. Don't worry. I'm, after all, her aunt. I'll talk to her well when I see her."

"She left for Shanghai!" said Su Xiangfei.

"What will she do there?" asked Su Lingyun with a puzzled expression.

"She said that she would live with her classmate, find a job and settle there," said Su Xiangfei.

Su Lingyun was silent for a moment. Then, she nodded and said slowly, "Your cousin will also go study in Shanghai soon. After he has settled there, I'll ask him to find your sister."

Su Xiangfei was silent for a moment before he nodded and slowly replied, "Thank you, auntie. Please tell my cousin that I indeed behaved badly before."

At this time, Tang Xiu's voice came through the phone, "Mom, please pass cell phone to Xiangfei."

As Su Lingyun heard it, she quickly handed her mobile to Su Xiangfei, saying, "Your cousin wants to talk to you!"

A complex expression was revealed on Su Xiangfei's face. He took the phone but didn't speak.

Then, Tang Xiu's voice was transmitted, "Xiangfei, I don't care whether you're truly sincere in repenting or faking it. Do remember, if you dare to do something that hurts my mother, I'll make you experience the most miserable taste in this world. But, if you're truly able to turn a new leaf in life and kindly treat our relatives, I can promise to give you a rapid progress in your life."

Su Xiangfei replied in a bitter tone, "Having a rapid progress in life? I'm afraid that I'd be just like my father, losing myself after progressing rapidly. Cousin... Tang Xiu, I'd rather write off everything that happened before. Auntie has treated me kindly, so I won't let her down. Also, I'll be taking out my time to come back, staying with grandma and looking after her."

"Remember your own words," said Tang Xiu.

Having said that, Tang Xiu hung up the phone directly.

He wasn't someone who was over suspicious of anyone, yet he still couldn't trust Su Xiangfei fully. Therefore, after thinking for a moment, he dialed the number Kuwako Kitamiya had given him.

"Kuwako Kitamiya speaking, may I ask who is this?"

"It's me!"

"You're... Boss?"


Kuwako Kitamiya's tone immediately turned more respectful as she asked, "Do you have any command for me, Boss?"

"Have you returned to Japan?" asked Tang Xiu.

Kuwako Kitamiya shook her head and said, "Not yet, Boss. Their injuries are serious. We are still somewhere in Star City. We're preparing to go back in two days."

"Are there any female ninjas in your Northstar One Blade School? Ones that are loyal to you?" asked Tang Xiu.

Kuwako Kitamiya replied confidently, "I have four attendants who have accepted severe training from Northstar One Blade School. But I didn't bring them along with me this time. Also, I'll use the Soul Ruling Spell on them when I go back, to make them more loyal."

"Do they speak Mandarin?" asked Tang Xiu.

"Yes! They are fluent in Japanese, Mandarin, English, French, and German," said Kuwako Kitamiya respectfully.

Tang Xiu said, "In that case, after you use the Soul Ruling Spell, send two of them to Star City to protect my mother secretly. I'll send my mother's information to you later."

"Understood!" Kuwako Kitamiya said respectfully.

Tang Xiu hung up the phone. He edited the information about his mother and then sent it to Kuwako. After that, he got dressed, brushed his teeth and washed his face as he went to the hall on the first floor.

A faint scent of food came from the dining room.

"You woke up? It's lunch time."

Kang Xia carried tow dishes from the kitchen and showed a sweet smile when she saw Tang Xiu.

Looking at her, Tang Xiu realized that Kang Xia was walking in an awkward manner. He suddenly understood the reason, yet, he had no choice but lament about the mysteriousness of the creatures called humans. Kang Xia was so tired she could barely move a finger and had no strength before this, yet she was so energetic now. Looking at her bright and spirited appearance, she seemed more beautiful and breathtaking.

'Yuan Chuling was right! There are only dead-tired cows on Earth, and no land have ever gone bad after being plowed.'

Tang Xiu secretly sighed as he walked to the dining room, smiling.


Gu Yin had sat at the dining table and looked full of joy as she saw Tang Xiu's arrival.

Tang Xiu stroked her small head and said with a smile, "Let's eat! Also, a few days later, I'll take you along with me to Jingmen Island."


Gu Yin didn't care about where they would go, she only cared about being together with Tang Xiu.

Jingmen Island?

Kang Xia, who was just put the dishes on the table, suddenly had a change in expression upon hearing Tang Xiu's words. The both of them had just an intimate event, so she became especially concerned about Tang Xiu. If Tang Xiu was to go somewhere, she might not care about it. But she was a bit worried if he went to Jingmen Island.

It was because Ouyang Lulu lived there, and she was on Jingmen Island now!

Kang Xia tried hard to make her expression look normal as she asked, "Boss, what are you taking Yinyin to Jingmen Island for? Is it to play or there's something else?"

Clueless about her thoughts, Tang Xiu replied, "I'm gonna take her to see her Senior Sister as well as take her on a trip abroad along the way. I had bought an island in the Pacific Ocean before, of which I hadn't seen it yet. So I'm going there before college starts. Ah, right. I don't have a passport either. Can you help me handling the passport applications for me and Yinyin?"

Kang Xia secretly relaxed. Yet, she was secretly astonished when she heard that Tang Xiu also had another apprentice that turned out to be a woman. Then, she said, "Boss, you need to apply for a passport by yourself, and it also takes a bit of time to get it. But if you find Long Zhengyu, he should be able to get it."

Tang Xiu nodded, "Then I'll ask his help. Come sit down and let's eat! We gotta take care of our bodies."

Take care of the body?

Suddenly, Kang Xia recalled what happened between the two of them. A charming, shy expression was instantly revealed on her face as she lowered her head and sat down in front of the table.

Gu Yin raised up her small face and asked, "Master, is Senior Sister's temper good? Would she take a liking to Yinyin?"

Tang Xiu smiled, "Your Senior Sister is injured and in a coma. Her temper is very good, however. Besides, you look like her when she was small. I think she'll certainly like you."

"Hmm!" Gu Yin nodded cutely.

Kang Xia then asked with a confused expression, "How many apprentices do you have exactly, Boss?"

"There are four presently!" replied Tang Xiu with a smile.

Kang Xia continued, "I only know Chen Zhizhong and Gu Yin, and the one who's working in the hospital. Who's the other one? Why haven't I heard it from you before?"

Tang Xiu answered with a pale smile, "Some things are kinda inconvenient to say. Wait until later, then you'll know about her."