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 Chapter 254: Smooth Solution

Seeing Kuwako's oath to the end, Tang Xiu then said serenely, "Get up!"

Kuwako stood up and asked, "Master, are you really able to make me strong?"

"If, in the future, your way of handling my matters and your performance pleases me, I'll make you very powerful, to the extent that you've never dreamed of. Don't doubt my capability nor question my words. I might be unable to accomplish it now, but you will see for yourself later," said Tang Xiu.

Kuwako nodded and suddenly asked, "Master, you..."

Tang Xiu interrupted her and spoke with a deep tone, "Don't call me Master, just call me Boss."

"Understood!" Kuwako answered immediately.

"Alright. Now tell me what you wanted to say," said Tang Xiu

Kuwako asked, "Boss, can you also use the controlling arts on those five? I think they also have heard the contents of our conversation. I'm afraid..."

"I'll kill them," said Tang Xiu.

Shaking her head, Kuwako said, "They are the experts that have been painstakingly nurtured by my school. It would be a pity if they were killed. If you can control them and let them follow my commands later, I'll have trusted subordinates."

Tang Xiu shook his head, "Perhaps they are experts in your eyes, but they are just trash to me. They're not worth the consuming of my mental power to control them. However, I'll impart my Soul Ruling Spell to you, so you can cast it on them."

"I can learn it?" Kuwako quickly asked.

"You can't learn it for now, but after you cultivate and have inner qi inside your body and then turn it into True Essence, you can cast this Soul Ruling Spell fully. Alright, I'll impart to you the cultivation technique now," replied Tang Xiu.

Having said that, Tang Xiu arbitrarily taught Kuwako a set of a very ordinary immortal cultivation technique from the Immortal World. Two hours later, Kuwako had been able to grasp it completely. She was even able to convert the True Qi into True Essence in her first try. Although the amount of True Qi she converted was less than 1%, she clearly felt herself becoming stronger.

"Your aptitude is quite good and you're still young. If you cultivate well, you'll have limitless achievements in the future," said Tang Xiu calmly.

A pleasantly surprised expression suffused inside Kuwako's eyes. Even though she was a bit uncomfortable of becoming Tang Xiu's subordinate all of a sudden, but the benefits she obtained balanced the uncomfortable feeling inside her heart.

"Thanks a lot, Boss!"

Tang Xiu waved his hand and also imparted the Soul Ruling incantation to her, saying, "What purpose did you have in coming to China this time? Was it in order to rob the scientific and technological information from Yuan Zhengxuan?"

Kuwako nodded, "Recently, Yuan Zhengxuan's laboratory developed a biochemical bacterium. If these biochemical bacteria are used as weapons, it will have a very powerful effect. A few years ago, a professor from his laboratory was bought by an American arms dealer, of whom he got the information from. Later on, many forces in various countries in the world also learned about this news. Therefore, we came to China in an attempt to obtain the core data and information about the biochemical bacterium from Yuan Zhengxuan."

Tang Xiu instantly understood, "Alright, I got it. Now, go and subdue those ninjas. Then take them and leave China! As for robbing the biochemical bacteria as well as its research and developments into weapons, keep out of it and don't participate in this business again in the future. Also, if you encounter any problems after you go back, contact me as fast as possible. If I can help you, I'll send some people to assist you."

"Understood!" nodded Kuwako.

Under Tang Xiu's instruction, the five ninjas were taken to the factory by Kuwako. Tang Xiu then stood outside the factory as he saw Yuan Zhengxuan rushing toward him in a hurry.

"Tang Xiu, I already learned about the situation here. Thank you. I'm really thankful. If it wasn't for you, I'm afraid that Little Ling and I would have died. And perhaps, even... even the core data and information my company has would also have been seized by them." Yuan Zhengxuan said with gratitude all over his face.

Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, "It's alright. This is what I should do. In fact, I'm the one who made a mistake here if I must say. I did promise you to deliver the core information, but since I was occupied by many things, I forgot about it. I have yet to carry out my promise."

As Yuan Zhengxuan heard it, he immediately laughed, "It's alright. As long as this core information can be preserved, I feel relieved. I also have made up my mind after this incident. Even though I can't get the money, I'll end the experiment thoroughly. I'll directly sell all the research materials that can be used as weapon to the military and I'll change my business orientation to another fields."

Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and asked, "Uncle Yuan, might I ask you how much this biochemical bacteria developed in your laboratory can sell for?"

Yuan Zhengxuan stared blankly for a moment. His face changed immediately and asked, "How do you know it's a biochemical bacterium?"

Tang Xiu pointed to the factory building and said, "That woman is my subordinate now."

Yuan Zhengxuan suddenly realized. A forced and bitter smile hung over his face as he said, "It's actually not worth much, it should be around... 1 billion USD."

Tang Xiu's face changed a bit. He then nodded and said, "Well, it's indeed very valuable. Alright. I've done everything I could, so I'll leave the collateral and aftermath to you!"

Yuan Zhengxuan nodded, "My men have already sent the dead bodies to the crematorium; I've a contact there. I'll also call some people to clean this place up. In short, however, I owe you a great favor; I'll bear this in my heart. If you need anything in the future, feel free to call me."

Tang Xiu nodded slowly. Suddenly, his face changed slightly as he recalled something. He then immediately forced out a smile and said, "Uncle Yuan, now that I recall, I do have one matter that needs your help."

Puzzled, Yuan Zhengxuan asked, "What is it?"

"Do you know someone at the Bureau of Transportation, Uncle Yuan?" asked Tang Xiu.

"I do! The Chief of the Bureau of Transportation is my buddy. I also have some contacts in the traffic police division," said Yuan Zhengxuan.

Tang Xiu said reluctantly, "When I received your call, I was in Qinghe county at my ancestral home. Because I tried to rush here earlier and as fast as I could, I was speeding all the way here, and I just got my driver license. The most important thing is that I was truly speeding very fast. Even if I didn't reach 200 km/h, it shouldn't be far from that. So as to avoid trouble, I parked my Land Rover in a remote urban area."

Warmness filled Yuan Zhengxuan's. He laughed loudly, "Tang Xiu, this is just a trivial matter. Leave it to me! I guarantee that nothing will implicate you when you're driving your car later. Tell me the address and I'll send someone to pick up the car tomorrow and send it to you."

Just as Tang Xiu said his thanks, he looked at Yuan Chuling who was somewhat in a daze at Yuan Zhengxuan's side. He punched his chest gently and laughed, "How was it? Were you scared shitless? You didn't expect that I'd kill the enemies by myself, did you?"

Yuan Chuling came back to his senses, the complicated expression suffusing his eyes slowly disappearing as it was then replaced by admiration and worship as he looked at Tang Xiu and cried out, "Eldest Brother, you gotta teach me your Kung Fu! I must be as good and powerful as you!"

Tang Xiu laughed involuntarily, "If you can swallow the bitterness and the pain, I can let others teach you, but it seems that you must go to college. So just enjoy your college life well!"

Yuan Chuling shook his head, "Even if I go to College, I can still practice martial arts. So let's quickly decide it. I'll be following you to practice martial arts later."

Tang Xiu smiled faintly, "Got no problems with that. But before I teach you martial arts, you gotta get up at 5:30 AM every morning, squat for an hour and run 10 kilometers. Then, you also have to run 10 kilometers in the evening. If you can persist until September the 1st, I'll teach you martial arts then."

"For real?" Yuan Chuling's fighting spirit soared.

Tang Xiu looked at his round stomach as he laughed involuntarily and said, "Real!"

Immediately after, he turned toward Yuan Zhengxuan and said, "Uncle Yuan, I'll have to trouble you to deal with the aftermath. We'll leave first! Please do contact me if you need anything!"

"Alright!" Yuan Zhengxuan nodded.

Tang Xiu didn't bid farewell to Kuwako Yamamoto, instead, he left with Zhong Tiekui and Wolf Head, altogether 32 people quickly leaving the abandoned factory.

Since Wolf Head and the other eleven retired special forces had promised to follow him, he had let them go their own ways. And, as they had completed his test, Tang Xiu was thinking what to do with them. Suddenly, his complexion flickered as a plan sprouted inside his head.

"Wolf Head, you guys did a good job this time. It can be said that you got my recognition. So I'm going to let you spend a few days freely in Star City first. Wait there until I handle some issues here, and then I'll take you to the island I bought in the Pacific Ocean. After that, you will stay there," said Tang Xiu slowly.

The twelve men, including Wolf Head, looked at each other and nodded in unison.

Tang Xiu then looked at Zhong Tiekui as he smiled, "Tonight all of you have done a good job; I saw your abilities. Alright, this will conclude everything for this matter. You're all dismissed!"


It was 4:00 AM.

Tang Xiu returned to South Gate Town. He hurried back to Star City overnight and didn't tell this matter to his mother. Therefore, he decided not to return to Qinghe County for the time being. The matters there should almost be solved, and he wanted to handle some issues in Star City before going to Jingmen Island and then rushing to see the island he bought.

At the second floor of the villa.

Tang Xiu gently opened the door to Gu Yin's room. As he saw her soundly sleeping inside, he nodded with satisfaction. He then went to his own room, pushing its door and turned on the lights conveniently.

"Huh..." Tang Xiu's face was solidified as a dull expression filled his eyes.

On his bed laid a woman wearing only underwear on her fabulous body. The woman's sleeping position was very attractive. Delicate and exquisite contours, along with bewitching and seductive vibes. Despite his perfect self-control, Tang Xiu couldn't help but have his imagination running wild at this very moment.

"There are so many rooms downstairs and Kang Xia is actually sleeping in my room. This woman... could it be that she isn't afraid that I would come back suddenly and then do something untoward to her?"

Tang Xiu shook his head and was about to turn off the lights, going to the guest room. But on the bed, Kang Xia suddenly moved and opened her eyes.

"Who is it?"

Kang Xia, who had good alertness, suddenly grabbed the cool summer quilt to cover up her body and then jumped from the bed.