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 Chapter 253: Tang Xiu's Intentions

The masked woman closed her eyes slowly. As confident as she was in her own strength, but Tang Xiu defeated her with very strange methods. She was really clueless whether what he said was true or false.

It was shameful! Shame was burning her heart like a fiery flame. To be captured and being a captive was the most painful thing she ever experienced in life.

At the other side, the fighting ended at a very rapid rate. Ichiro Yamamoto was shot dead and more than 40 Japanese ninjas lost their ability to fight back. Apart from four or five injured amongst them, the rest were all killed, whereas Tang Xiu's subordinates, except for two wounded, all came out unscathed.

"How should we deal with them, Boss?"

Upon seeing Tang Xiu's arrival, Zhong Tiekui's eyes swept over toward Kuwako's body on his shoulder before asking with a deep tone.

Tang Xiu replied with an indifferent expression, "Kill them all!"

"Understood!" Zhong Tiekui replied in a high tone.

As he was about to kill the assassins...


Kuwako, who had her eyes closed, suddenly opened her eyes and cried out.

Tang Xiu motioned Zhong Tiekui and threw her to the ground as he then spoke lightly, "What do you want to say?"

Kuwako glared at Tang Xiu and asked with a sinking tone, "Who are you people?"

"You don't need to know who we are. You only need to know that we're your enemy. Yuan Zhengxuan is my friend. You wanted to deal with him, so you will naturally become my enemy."

Kuwako nodded. Her gaze swept over the four or five severely wounded ninjas. After thinking for a few seconds, she looked at Tang Xiu again and said, "I'll agree to one of your conditions, but you have to let them go."

Tang Xiu sneered, "Conditions? What can you give me?"

"You have two options, for which you can choose one. Firstly, I can ransom them. Secondly, I'll become your slave for three years if you let them go."

Ransom money or becoming a slave?

Tang Xiu replied with an inconceivable expression, "I can understand ransom money as you should be a Yamamoto clan member. These ninjas should be from the Northstar One Blade School. But, I've never heard of becoming a slave nowadays."

Wolf Head suddenly frowned as he quickly came to Tang Xiu's side and spoke, "Boss, I know about the Northstar One Blade School. This school has a very unusual custom and each and every person there is very ruthless, yet they also have an iron law that, if the successor of the Schoolmaster of the Northstar One Blade School were to fall into the hands of the enemy, they agree in become their enemy's slave for three years in order to live. But three years later, the opposite party must return them. Otherwise, the Northstar One Blade School will put everything on the stake to get revenge on the opposite party even if their school face destruction."

"This Northstar One Blade School is kind of strange, aren't they?" replied Tang Xiu with astonishment.

Wolf Head forced a smile, "It's the sick mentality of the Japanese, I think. How could ordinary people be able to understand them! I think that since we've killed so many people from their side, it's best to just kill them all! Lest we leave future troubles behind!"

Tang Xiu thought for a moment before looking at Kuwako and saying, "How much ransom money will your Yamamoto clan and the Northstar One Blade School be willing to pay?"

Kuwako replied, "My life is worth 300 million USD, whereas their lives are worth 50 million USD. The five of them altogether would be 250 million USD. So the total ransom money is 550 million USD."

550 million USD? More than 3 billion RMB?

Tang Xiu's eyes flickered as he looked at Kuwako with a hard-to-believe expression. Although he was also rich and had total assets of more than 3 billion RMB, if he could get the money, he would be able to directly solve his financial crisis at present.


Tang Xiu pulled out a cigarette from his pocket. The team leader quickly took his lighter to help him ignite it. After deeply inhaling, he then said slowly, "You're the heir of the Yamamoto clan and also the future Schoolmaster of Northstar One Blade School?"

"That's right," answered Kuwako.

"Alright, how about we change the condition?" asked Tang Xiu laughed.

"I'll only accept one of these two conditions. Anything else, you'd better kill us now!" Kuwako frowned and replied.

"Just listen to my words first and then decide whether you'll comply or not," said Tang Xiu.

Kuwako didn't speak.

Tang Xiu then continued, "Be my subordinate. Later on, after you become my subordinate, this Tang Xiu will never limit your freedom and will also let you go back to Japan. However, you must carry out my orders in the future."

"Dream on!" replied Kuwako in a cold voice.

Tang Xiu said indifferently, "I'm not asking you to be my subordinate in vain, I'll give you benefits. The benefits are something that countless of people can never imagine even in their dreams."

Kuwako shook her head, "I don't lack anything. Give up thinking of buying me!"

Tang Xiu motioned the other people around them and they immediately scattered. After there was only Kuwako and him, Tang Xiu then slowly asked, "What do you think about my strength?"

Kuwako's pupil shrunk as she nodded, "You're very strong. Even my Schoolmaster perhaps won't be more powerful than you."

"I can make your strength to surge up greatly if you become my subordinate. I guarantee that if you practice according to my methods for three years at the most, your strength will soar by tenfold," said Tang Xiu.

"Hmph." Kuwako sneered, "Is your strength even ten times stronger than mine? Impossible."

"You're mistaken. My ability is not limited to just straight up killing. If you didn't come that fast and gave me enough time to arrange a good formation array, I dare say I'd be able to wipe out all those 40 plus people of yours within half a minute."

"You know about formation arrays?" Kuwako was overwhelmed with shock as she asked with a flabbergasted expression.

"I know a lot of things, formation array is just only one of them. I'll offer you again. If you can completely pledge your allegiance to me, I can help you in secret so it will be easier for you to become the head of the Yamamoto clan as well as the Schoolmaster of the Northstar One Blade School. I can even help you develop these two powers to become the most powerful forces in Japan."

Kuwako stared at Tang Xiu and asked with a deep tone, "Who are you in the end?"

"If you want to know my identity, you have to agree to my conditions. After you go back, you can investigate about me slowly. But the premise is that you are alive and able to go back," said Tang Xiu indifferently.

"There's nothing that can make me believe you," said Kuwako whilst shaking her head.

Tang Xiu pointed at Kuwako and said, "Do you think I need to lie to you?"

Kuwako was silent. She wasn't repugnant of submitting herself to a powerful expert, but she always felt that if she decided it now, it would be too hasty and careless. After half a minute of pondering, she then asked slowly, "Are you not afraid of me betraying today's oath after I leave?"

"Why should I? You won't dare violate it," replied Tang Xiu with a smile.

"From where this confidence of yours come from?" replied Kuwako with a sneer.

Tang Xiu said indifferently, "So long as you do as I say, I guarantee that you'll believe it!"

"Do what?" asked Kuwako.

Tang Xiu grabbed her palm and used the Mitsubishi army knife to make a bloody scar. Then, he also bit his finger and dropped a drop of his blood on her palm. He then said with a deep tone, "Don't reject. Be quiet and don't move. Receive the sensation that will enter your body, you'll find out the benefits you're about to get later."

Kuwako instinctively wanted to reject it, yet, upon hearing Tang Xiu's words, she thought that Tang Xiu was about to scam her. In order to find out about what Tang Xiu would do, she then slowly relaxed.

Tang Xiu's finger pressed the wound on Kuwako's palm. Along with the control of his mind, the drop of blood on her palm gradually seeped into her body and slowly moved through her blood vessels and fused inside her heart.

"Soul Ruling Spell!"

Tang Xiu's fingers pinched a series of imprints on Kuwako's palm as he tapped the star force condensation at the tip of his finger on Kuwako's palm, controlling it to flow into her heart along with her blood vessels, entering her heart and fusing with the drop of his blood therein.


At present, Kuwako felt that there was only darkness in front of her. A sweet taste invaded her throat as she spurted out a mouthful of blood. If Tang Xiu didn't move to the side to avoid it, the blood would've sprayed onto his body.

Tang Xiu panted heavily in secret. The requirement for the Soul Ruling Spell was extremely harsh. If the other party had the thought to repel it, he would simply be unable to do it with his current cultivation base. Fortunately, Kuwako didn't repel it and relaxed her mind entirely.

Standing in the dark, he was already able to feel Kuwako's body condition. He was sure that if he wanted her to die, he could make her heart explode if he willed it.

"Y-You... what did you do to me?" Kuwako erased the blood on the corner of her mouth, looking at Tang Xiu with an aghast expression.

Tang Xiu said indifferently, "It's a Soul Ruling Spell. It rules over your life. If you dare to betray my orders and intentions, as long as I will it, your heart will explode and you'll die a tragic death directly."


She also had the feeling of her life force being controlled by another. She now realized that she could even "see" the situation inside her own body. She could even see the bloody archaic runes above her heart that was more bright and colorful than her own heart.

"My body!"

Kuwako slowly felt the unusualness and the abnormality of her body. Even though she couldn't move at present, she could clearly feel that an amazing and mysterious power was bursting out from the blood. A layer of glimmering luster slowly gushed out from the blood vessels and was integrated into her internal organs, fusing into her muscles and tendons, finally settling in the bones.

Her constitution was getting stronger.

Tang Xiu said indifferently, "You can feel it now? Like I told you, I will give benefits if you become my subordinate. Likewise, the benefits you can have later are far more than these. Say the oath and pledge your allegiance to me and I'll teach you one cultivation technique. Later on, if you cultivate diligently, your strength will certainly soar for more than tenfold within three years."

Kuwako swallowed her saliva desperately. She looked at Tang Xiu and asked, "Are you a Sorcerer? And you just cast a black magic on me?"

"A sorcerer?" Tang Xiu replied with a disdaining expression and continued, "People who call themselves sorcerers are nothing but trivial conmen! If I continue cultivating for a few more years, my cultivation will breakthrough substantially, even the most powerful sorcerer on Earth will be no more than the tip of my finger."

Kuwako's heart throbbed and palpitated faster.

She clenched her teeth and then said with a heavy tone, "Please give me back my ability to move."

Tang Xiu stretched his hand to relieve the seals on Kuwako's acupoints and didn't even to put his guard up, as he didn't believe that Kuwako thought to move against him this fast.

Kuwako moved her body up and down. Following that, she then knelt in front of Tang Xiu with her right fist on top of her left chest, whereas her left hand made a special hand seal and vowed, "I, Kuwako Yamamoto, swear an oath to serve the man in front of me as my Master starting from today. His command is my wish, and I shall never betray him. If I were to violate this vow, let me be forever imprisoned in the thousand cold pools."