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 Chapter 247: The Su Village Big Event

Tang Xiu drove back to the mountain near Su Village. He then threw Zhong Tao's dead body to feed the wild animals in a remote part of the mountain. He then returned back to where his car was parked and frowned.

He took care of the dead body! But how should he take care of the car?

After hesitating for a long period of time, he decided to drive the car far away. He remembered that there was a small lake about several kilometers away. So it shouldn't be a problem throw the car into the lake.

After more than an hour later dawn came as Tang Xiu finally had erased all the traces and drove his car back to Su Village.

"Yo, aren't you Little Xiu?"

Just as Tang Xiu stopped his car, an uncle passed by and approached. He circled around the car twice as his eyes then landed on Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu knew this man so he smiled, "Uncle Danian, you wake up so early!"

Su Danian looked at him with a surprised expression. He also glanced at the Land Rover SUV a few times, then speaking curiously, "It's pleasantly cool in the morning, so it's a good time to uproot the weeds from the land. Anyway, when did you learn to drive, Little Xiu? You also have such a good car. This is a baby, I can tell. Although your Uncle Danian only knows a little about cars, I can see that this car is quite expensive, right?"

Tang Xiu smiled, "Uncle Danian, cars are just means of transport. It's nothing surprising!"

Su Danian nodded as he exclaimed in admiration, "People in our country love to drive good cars, and they all like to pretend to be big shots, comparing themselves with others. You have a good disposition, just like when you were still a child."

"Uncle Danian is overpraising me!"

Tang Xiu and Su Danian chit chatted for a while before he returned to the courtyard. He didn't expect that his mother, Su Lingyun, had woken up and was washing her face and rinsing her mouth right there.

"Mom, why don't you rest more!"

Su Lingyun smiled, "Your grandma woke up and said she's hungry, so I couldn't sleep much longer. I got up to make her breakfast. Xiu'er, I didn't see you at home, what were you doing?"

Tang Xiu didn't want to tell her that he got revenge on Hong Changyin and Zhong Tao because he knew his mother's character. If he told her, she would be anxious and scared for a long time. So he lied, "I just drove around in the vicinity. It's been nearly two years. There's not much change in our hometown, it seems."

Su Lingyun shook her head, "People here are too poor, so it isn't strange that there's not much change here. Alright, you go sleep now, Mom will prepare food immediately."

"Alright, Mom!"

Tang Xiu replied and soon came to his old room.

The walls and furniture were familiar. He lived here for several years. The memories of those years were unforgettable; even comparing what he experienced in his 10,000 years in the Immortal World.

"This place truly gives off a homey feeling!"

Tang Xiu sighed deeply inwardly. Warmness filled his chest as he felt slightly tired. Contemplating for a moment, he then laid down on the bed without changing his clothes and slept.

Two hours later, more than half of the village's folks flocked to the Su family's dilapidated courtyard. Some of them looked curiously at the Land Rover SUV parked outside the courtyard, whereas some others looked gratefully as they talked to Su Lingyun.

"Little Yun, Quan has told us about the matter when he got back. We're really thankful, especially to Tang Xiu. If it wasn't for him, perhaps Fourth Uncle would still be in the Inpatient Department's corridor in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital!"

"Lingyun, you really have a good son! He has grown up and has a good future ahead of him. This time, if it wasn't for him, those folks who went to Star City would have suffered."

"Tang Xiu is still young, yet he's so reliable. He's really the pride of our whole village. I have heard that he's also skilled in medical skills, a Divine Doctor who's in charge of the Outpatient Department in Star City Chinese Medical School. Young, promising and amazing!"

"Lingyun, you've taught your son well-"


As shocked as she was, Su Lingyun listened to everyone's praises with happiness. Having her son praised by her fellow villagers made her happier.

Just as she was happily replying to them, two black cars arrived. Every Su villager looked at those two cars curiously.


The two black cars stopped nearby the crowd.

As four big and burly men came out of the car, a man wearing gold-rimmed glasses followed. It was a middle-aged man who looked refined in his manners as he slowly came out of the car.

After seeing the middle-aged man, the villagers of the Su Village had a great change in their expressions. Some young villagers even began to prepare some handy weapons, preparing to fight.

The middle-aged man's expression slightly changed. He quickly let out an amiable smile and said, "Folks, please don't be so tense. We're not going to cause you trouble this time. Our boss knows we were too excessively aggressive, so he specifically send me to apologize to you."

As the old village chief, Su Changhe was quite brave. He paced a few steps to the front of the middle-aged man and growled, "We don't need your apologies. Our fields will never be sold to you, so I advise you to spare the effort and just get the hell out."

The middle-aged man forced a smile, "Elder, please don't be angry. This time, I'm under the imperial order from my boss. If I just leave and go back without a good result it won't be good for me. This time, not only am I here to apologize to the Su Village, I'm also here to compensate the families of the injured from yesterday's conflict."


The Su villagers glanced at each other in dismay, wearing uncanny expressions on their faces. They didn't know what kind of medication the other party had taken. It was perhaps another scheme of theirs!

The middle-aged man continued, "Everyone, our boss suddenly had a nightmare last night. In his dream, he was being punished for his evil deeds he committed before. Finally, a subordinate who worked for our boss a year ago suddenly broke into the hospital and injured him. If not for being seriously injured, he would have come to personally apologize to you."

A strange expression was written on the faces of the Su villagers.

"How are you going to compensate us?"

Su Changhe asked with a heavy tone, along with a disdaining expression.

The middle-aged man quickly motioned the middle-aged strongman and received a black bag from him. Then he raised it and said, "Our boss said that for each injured villager, we will pay 100 thousand yuan as compensation. Since there's six injured, we'll give 600 thousand yuan altogether as compensation."


All the villagers were shocked. They never dreamed that this matter would unexpectedly be reversed so greatly.

Could it be that the Boss of Imperial Water Royal View City, Hong Changyin, had his head broken by someone?

The middle-aged man said loudly, "For the families of the six injured, is there anyone present now? If so, please come forward to receive the compensation."

The Su villagers looked at each other. Most of them suddenly felt envious of the wounded villagers. Had they known that the Imperial Water Royal View Real Estate would give so much money, they would have come forward to be beaten before!

100 thousand!

It was a huge sum of money for the Su Village's folks. With 100 thousand yuan, they would definitely be the richest here.

"Me! My mother was injured."

Su Lingyun braved herself as she stood and spoke.

100 thousand for her, at present, was a very ignorable amount, because the net monthly profit from her restaurant exceeded 100 thousand yuan. But her mother was, after all, wounded. Since the other party was willing to pay compensation, why wouldn't she accept it?

The middle-aged man asked, "Is there anyone else?"

Su Change said, "The other injured and their relatives have gone to Star City. If you sincerely want to compensate them, just give the money for the other five to me. I'll give it to them when they come back."

The middle-aged man hesitated, "This... would this be alright?"

In a split second, all the Su villagers voiced their trust in the old village chief, saying he was an extremely honorable person and that everyone was relieved entrusting the money to him.

The middle-aged man nodded. He took 100 thousand from the black leather bag and handed it over to Su Lingyun and gave the remaining 400 thousand yuan to Su Changhe.

"Everyone! We have given you the compensation money, but there's another thing our boss wants to tell all of you. The plan to levy your farmland and the establishment of the industrial site will also be abandoned. We will no longer trouble you in the future."

Su Changhe glanced at the money in his hand and looked at the sincere look of the middle-aged man. Then, he spoke with a deep tone, "Each and every one of us here are only ordinary people. If you don't provoke us, we naturally won't bother you on our own initiative."


The middle-aged man replied. Then he boarded the car and quickly left.

The Su Village's folks talked about what happened outside the courtyard. Su Lingyun herself held the 100 thousand yuan and walked into the courtyard in a hurry. There was no established bank in a rural village so there were no means to guard the money. Su Lingyun then came to Tang Xiu's room and saw that he was sleeping. After hesitating for a moment, she put the money into the desk drawer.

At noon, Tang Xiu woke up from his sleep. He found that the Imperial Water Royal View City Real Estate's people had come over and compensated the injured people. He was quite satisfied with this conclusion. He then went to the county downtown to deposit the 100 thousand yuan into his grandmother's bankbook. He had originally planned to leave a sum of money for his grandmother, but since she gained 100 thousand yuan, Tang Xiu gave up on this idea for the time being.

"Tang Xiu!"

Su Ben and Su Quan came to the courtyard. Seeing that Tang Xiu was chatting with Zhang Shi, they immediately called him out enthusiastically. There was a bag in Su Ben's hand. His usually reserved and rarely speaking self was now was somewhat smiling.

Tang Xiu came forward and hugged Su Quan. He then smiled, "Quan, I heard that you sent my grandma to the County Hospital. Thanks, brother."

Su Quan replied with a smile, "Why are you thanking me? No need for that between us. Besides, I originally intended to send your grandma to Star City, but she refused and said that she didn't want to give you trouble."

Tang Xiu nodded slightly. He then looked at the bag on Su Ben's hand and asked, "Big Brother Ben, could it be there's Silver Dragon Grass inside that bag?"

"Yes! I just went home and searched around and found 16 strains of Silver Dragon Grass. Also, Su Quan and I went to the mountain in the morning and found a dozen strains more. There are a total of 28 strains in this bag," said Su Ben.