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 Chapter 245: Resolving the Problems with Violence

Tang Xiu trampled Hong Changyin's body again and again, causing him to scream out repeatedly. Then he made him sit on the floor, sitting in front of him and saying with a beaming smile, "I don't think the Hong Family line will be cut off. Do you know why?"

At the moment, Hong Changyin was thoroughly terrified of Tang Xiu. Never once had he ever seen such a ruthless and lunatic person like him. He was extremely worried about his own life. However, he didn't dare to resist nor struggle. He could only squeeze out a stiff smile, "Why?"

"Because you still have your father! If I'm not wrong, your father and uncle are still alive, yes? Even if you're no longer a man, they can still find a woman to give birth to their children at their age. If there's no child conceived, then that will be your Hong Family's bad luck."

The more anxious Hong Changyin was, the more tears were revealed. He desperately shook his head and cried, "B-Brother, your hands are too noble, please spare me! Please tell me what you want, I'll do it without batting an eye."

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment, then suddenly asked, "How's your acting level?"

Hong Changyin stared blankly. Then he immediately nodded happily, "Good. I'll definitely be able to make you satisfied. What do you want me to perform?"

"Call the County Hospital's Vice President, Zhong Tao. Tell him to come here. Do remember to tell him he must come alone. If there's anyone else, I'll immediately kill you and go to a faraway place," said Tang Xiu.

Hong Changyin was stupefied. Then he nodded his head.

At Qinghe County's Water Cube upscale residential area.

Zhong Tao was awakened by his mobile's ringtone. He looked at the time as anger was revealed on his face. He picked up the phone and saw a strange number. He hesitated a moment before answering it. He then asked with a heavy tone, "Zhong Tao speaking, who's this?"

"It's me, Hong Changyin." Hong Changyin's voice came from the mobile.

Zhong Tao replied with a puzzled expression, "Boss Hong, it's very late now. Is there something you need?"

"Boss Zhong, do you remember about the matter I asked your help with today? It caused big trouble. I can't go to Qinghe County now, so you have to prepare yourself. Don't ask too many questions. In short, I've offended a great figure. And... I also want to apologize to you. Perhaps, you might be implicated by me."

"What do you mean?" Zhong Tao's drowsiness vanished in an instant. He suddenly jumped out of the bed and quickly asked, "Boss Hong, what has happened exactly?"

Hong Changyin laughed bitterly, "The specific circumstances can't be talked on the phone. In short, even my uncle won't be able to help me, lest he also be implicated. So your dream to become President of the County Hospital might be crushed. Perhaps, you'll also be thrown into jail. Alas... this is my mistake. If I have a chance next life, I'll pay you back."

Having said that, he directly hung up the phone.

Zhong Tao was struck dumb and tongue-tied as he listened to the muted sound of his mobile. His eyes blinked and then dialed the Inpatient Department's director, speaking with a heavy tone, "Zhong Tao here, is Boss Hong Changyin still in his ward?"

"Please wait a bit!"

A few minutes later, the caller was back.

"Yes? Is Boss Hong still there?" Zhong Tao asked again with a heavy tone.

"He isn't there, only his girlfriend is sleeping in the ward," the voice came again.

In this split second, Zhong Tang felt a chill down to his spine. He desperately wanted to figure out what really happened, so he called the number that called him before. A few seconds later, his call was picked up.

"Boss Hong, please tell me clearly! What the hell is going on here?"

"I've to discard this number immediately, so don't call me again," said Hong Changyin.

"Wait!" Zhong Tao shouted, "Boss Hong, where are you now? I'll come over immediately."

Hong Changyin bitterly replied, "I just came out from the Su Village and am preparing to hide in the mountain next to the village first until tomorrow morning, then I'll be away from this place as fast as possible."

"Wait for me, I'll go there immediately," shouted Zhong Tao.

Hong Changyin didn't hang up the phone. After staying silent for a minute, he then slowly said, "President Zhong, I trust you won't betray me! Since you want to know the big trouble this matter has caused, then seize the time. I'm still on the mountain foot next to the Su Village. Also, remember. You must make sure that nobody except you know where I am. And don't bring anyone with you."


Zhong Tao complied. He hung up the phone and got dressed in a hurry, grabbing his car key and rushing out.

At the mountain foot next to Su Village.

Tang Xiu patted Hong Changyin's swollen cheek and praised, "Damn, your acting skills are really good. It looks like your pitiful begging before, to spare your life, was also fake, eh?"

Hong Changyin's pupils contracted. He desperately shook his head, "No, it wasn't. Absolutely not!"

Tang Xiu thought for a moment and then said slowly, "Words can't be trusted. Prove it to me."

"How I should prove it to you?" asked Hong Changyin.

"Break one of your legs." Tang Xiu said indifferently.

"WHAT?" Hong Changyin trembled as panic covered his face.

Tang Xiu replied lightly, "If you're afraid to do it yourself, I'll help you. A good trait of mine is that I love to help others."

Hong Changyin replied with a shivering voice, "B-B-Brother... please spare me! If you break my leg, I'll be crippled for life. You're a great man, please forgive me this time. I won't dare to bully others due to my status, and I also won't do bad deeds again later. I promise you that I'll immediately shy away from you when I come across you in the future."

Tang Xiu shook his head, "I'll let you live this night, but you won't live past dawn. I'm giving you the choice to break your leg, but you can never leave safely if you don't do so. This is your last chance to live. If you won't take it, it's your choice. I give you a minute. If you don't act within this time, you'll enjoy your fucking life in hell!"

"I..." Hong Changyin cast a glance at Tang Xiu's grim expression. The despair in his heart grew thicker. In his mind, Tang Xiu was a devil, a vicious and ruthless demon.

He didn't want to die! He was rich and had a good life, he could live a squandering life for decades.

"Okay, okay, I'll break it."

Hong Changyin glanced around quickly. As he saw a stone a few meters away, he immediately crawled over, lifted it up and fiercely smashed his calf.


A piercing and miserable scream howled, echoing at the mountain foot.

Tang Xiu nodded in satisfaction. His grandmother's leg was fractured. If not for his superb medical skill, perhaps she would likely to have a sequela even if she was healed, and even become crippled. So he must make Hong Changyin who did the evil deed also taste how it felt to become a cripple.

However, Tang Xiu hated Hong Changyi's pained and anguished scream. He walked toward him, held his thigh and quickly pressed several acupoints in his calf.

Suddenly, Hong Changyin's pitiful scream came to halt.

"W-Why... doesn't it hurt?"

Hong Changyin's face twisted, slowly coming back to normal. He was dumbfoundedly looking at his blood-covered leg. It was obviously broken! He then looked up at Tang Xiu with disbelief.

It didn't hurt! Not even a little bit of pain could be felt now. If not for the blood on his calf, he would have thought that he was dreaming.

"There are things called acupoints in this world's kungfu. I sealed the acupoints on your thigh injury. One is to help stop your bleeding, and the other is to make the pain disappear. So if you dare to let out another howling ghost again, I'll stitch your mouth," said Tang Xiu indifferently.

Hong Changyin looked at him with disbelief, horror and shock overwhelming his eyes as he replied, "You know acupoints?"

Tang Xiu coldly glanced at him but didn't answer. He needed to calm his mind and wait for the County Hospital's Vice President, Zhong Tao to arrive. Hong Changyin was admittedly hateful, but Zhong Tao was even more disgusting. He was a hospital doctor as well as had a good standing as a hospital's leader, yet he turned out to make things worse for the patients and colluded in evil deeds with villains. If he didn't make him pay, then who?

Twenty minutes later. A Volkswagen sedan slowly parked nearby the Land Rover as Zhong Tao got off from the driver's seat. He then looked around and saw that nobody was here.

Just as he walked a few steps forward, a ghostly figure silently appeared behind him, punching his head, making him faint.

Tang Xiu grabbed his hands and brought him to a place a hundred meters away as he stopped and put him down in front of Hong Changyin who was sitting exhausted on the ground. He said indifferently, "Wake him up! And you better smash his leg with a stone!"

Hong Changyin hesitated for a moment before following Tang Xiu's order. He took the stone and fiercely smashed Zhong Tao's left leg. The fractured bone produced great pain, causing Zhong Tao to wake up from his stupor. He let out a pig-like scream, echoing in the wilderness.

"Hong-Hong Changyin!"

Zhong Tao could only see starlight, and then looked at Hong Changyin who was sitting exhausted in front him. Disbelief suffused in his eyes since Hong Changyin's appearence at the moment was really very miserable.

Hong Changyin bitterly said, "I'm sorry, Vice President Zhong."

Zhong Tao stared at him blankly. After several seconds later, only then did he realize that someone else was behind him. He turned and looked at Tang Xiu as his expression suddenly changed.

"You're Zhong Tao, yes? The Vice President of Qinghe County Hospital? You're a doctor, yet you cling to a powerful official to cause misfortune for the patients. You're pretty good!" Tang Xiu came before him and spoke without being salty nor insipid.

Zhong Tao exclaimed involuntarily, "Who are you?"

Tang Xiu sneered, "Who am I? I'm the executioner who enforces justice on behalf of Heaven. A butcher who punishes evil and uphold justice. You don't need to blame Hong Changyin. It is I who forced him to deceive you! Because if he didn't, he would die today. And you, your fate probably won't be much better than his."