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 Chapter 244: Devastating Oppression

"He's Hong Changyin, the boss of Imperial Water Royal View City Real Estate in our county. A few days ago he and the businessmen from Blue City wanted to build an industrial city in our place. I don't know how he got the government's approval as well as dragged the government's participation in this, but government issued a land requisition." Su Ben forced a smile and said.

"What's this Hong Changyin's background?" asked Tang Xiu.

Su Ben said, "He's Mr. Hong's nephew, the head of the county's commissioner court."

Tang Xiu suddenly realized. He finally understood that Hong Chanying's big influence, to even be able to buy the the county hospital's doctors. But no matter the other party's background, he didn't care. Since they dared hurt his grandmother, he would definitely make them pay a bitter and painful price. Not only just Hong Changyin, even that Commissioner Head, Mr. Hong, as well as the county hospital's leadership would have to pay a painful price.

Tang Xiu took his mobile and opened a webpage using 3Gnet, searching information about this Imperial Water Royal View City Real Estate in Qinghe County. And soon, he quickly found Hong Changyin's personal data.

"Big Brother Ben, go rest! Remember to give me the Silver Dragon Grasses tomorrow."

Su Ben nodded and left.

Tang Xiu took a blanket from the car and went back to his grandmother's room. He found his mother, Su Lingyun, sitting in a daze on the bed, whereas his grandmother was still asleep.

"Mom, please go sleep!" Tang Xiu said softly.

Su Lingyun looked up. A smile emerged on her face as she gently shook her head, "I just tidied up the room next door for you and made up the bed. It's very late now, so you have to rest. I'll call you again later at breakfast."

"Mom, I'm not sleepy now. But you obviously look tired, why would you still force yourself? I promise you that grandma's injuries will really be okay," said Tang Xiu.

Su Lingyun hesitated before nodding, "OK. I'll sleep for a few hours."

A few minutes later, after seeing his mother sleeping on the sofa, snoring, Tang Xiu quietly walked out of the house and got into his car. He drove directly to the Qinghe County's center. Since he had already found Hong Changyin's information and also had identified his face from his photo, he decided to collect the interest tonight.

At Qinghe County Hospital!

Due to Hong Changyin's background, he could make the doctors in the hospital refuse to treat the wounded villagers of the Su Village. He was also injured in the conflict and was hospitalized here.

However, Tang Xiu didn't directly drive to Qinghe County Hospital but parked his car before the shopfront nearby the hospital. He then slipped into the nearby alley quietly, a few minutes later silently sneaking into the hospital.

Tang Xiu slipped into a dark corner under the hospital building. Using his perception to scan the surroundings, he easily found the sleeping Hong Changyin in the Inpatient Department's ward on the third floor. In another bed lied a young girl.

Tang Xiu didn't take the stairs since the hospital's stairs and elevators had surveillance cameras. He moved vigorously to climb the pipeline outside the building up toward Hong Changyin's window. He quietly opened the unlatched window and entered the ward.


Tang Xiu quickly moved to pinch the sleeping girl's acupuncture point on her head. Then, he punched Hong Changyin as he immdiately fainted. As though carrying a dead dog, he shouldered him out of the window and left the hospital in the same way. When he returned to the car, he directly stuffed Hong Changyin into the trunk and drove away toward the village's foothill.


As he arrived on an uncultivated land, Tang Xiu parked his car and took Hong Changyin out of the trunk, throwing him directly on the ground.


The unconscious Hong Changyin woke up due to the acute pain. When he found himself in the countryside and felt pain after being thrown to the ground, he thought that it was a dream. He rubbed the pain away, cursing and muttering, "What the hell? How would this Father have this ridiculous dream? Who were the fucking idiots that said people don't feel pain in their dreams? Fuck... why aren't there several top beauties to accompany me playing..."

Tang Xiu grabbed his shoulder from behind, turned him around and fiercely slapped him. After directly pumping him about five to six meters away and having blood and two teeth spurted out, he smashed him to the ground.

"Do you still think you're dreaming now? There's no way in hell you'll find top beauties here. Rather, you'll have a lot of wild animals like wild boars and jackals. Or, you want me to find some of them for you to release your excessive hormones?" Tang Xiu walked to him, as he held his shoulder and sneered.

The fierce slap, the burning pain and the thick smell of blood made Hong Changyin suddenly awaken. He was not dreaming. He was sleeping in the hospital ward before, and someone had gotten him out of there.

In a split second, Hong Changyin felt cold all over his body. It was as if an iceberg had fallen to his heart. Struggling to get up, he glared at Tang Xiu and snapped, "Who the fuck are you? Why am I here? Do you know who I am?"

Tang Xiu sneered, "Hong Changyin, since I kidnapped you, it means that I know who you are. But I don't give a fuck. Of course, I didn't take you for a drink, but to kill you. Good will be rewarded, and evil will be put to justice. You also know this line. You have done a lot of evil, and it's time for the retribution. Now, do you have anything to say before dying?"

Fear was cast on Hong Changyin's face. He paced backward a few steps and stared vigilantly as he asked Tang Xiu, "Little Brother, do I know you?"

Tang Xiu replied with a dull tone, "No. We haven't met before!"

Hong Changyin suddenly recalled something as he hastily asked, "What's your surname? Is your family name Su, from the Su Village?"

Tang Xiu smiled, "Hong Changyin, since you have correctly guessed who I am, then your chance to live is nil. What I fear the most are annoying troubles, fearing someone else would be inflicted later. So you can go to hell!"

Having said that, Tang Xiu dashed toward Hong Changyin lightning fast. Hong Changyin had just started running when Tang Xiu's fist hit his back, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood and fall to the ground. Tang Xiu's punch didn't claim his life.

Because he felt that there were a lot of ways to vent his hate in exchange for his life.

"Get up! It's fucking lame if you play dead. You gotta resist, struggle and howl in sorrow! Only in this way killing you will make me happy. If I'm happy, I will make you die slowly, to taste the feeling and pleasure of being alive, which is better than dying again and again."

Tang Xiu kicked his waist and shouted.

In this open country field, the echo of his shout was as though a death incantation, causing Hong Changyin to despair. He suddenly regretted provoking the Su Village, provoking this madman.

That's right. In his eyes, Tang Xiu was a madman! Because only a lunatic would kill using brutal and cruel methods, enjoying the struggling, mirthless and sorrowful screams of his prey.

"B-B-B... B-Brother, why don't we make a deal?"

Hong Changyin struggled to stand up. Seeing that Tang Xiu didn't continue to hit him, he quickly shouted in panic.

Tang Xiu deliberately made a menacing gesture, but after hearing his words, he pretended to be interested as he smiled and said, "Ehh, you want to make a deal? You're a dead man. What can you offer me? Do you want to use money to buy your life? Hahaha... that's so fucking impossible. Today's next year will be your death anniversary. Even if the Heavenly Emperor comes, I'll still kill you!"

Hong Changyin's expression collapsed. But still, he cried out, "No no no, if you don't want money, I can give you other benefits. H-How about you come with me? If this Changyin is successful, you'll be the same, enjoying wealth and glory with me. I can let you have everything you want in Qinghe County."

"Pa pa pa..."

Tang Xiu flashed and fiercely slapped him several times, causing his mouth to be full of blood. Then, he stopped and sneered, "Do you think I'm a lunatic? A fucking idiot? Hehe... if I let you go today, I probably won't have the time to enjoy those pleasures, wealth and glory. You'll probably me killed, no?"

Hong Changyin did have this thought just now. But when he heard Tang Xiu's reply, he instantly despaired. Due to the fear, pained waist and acute pain all over his body, he almost cried as he replied, "B-Brother... t-then, what do you want? Tell me, I'll give it you."

Tang Xiu punched him again and smashed him on the ground. He walked toward him, stepped on his head and sneered, "Tell me, who's your accomplice in the county hospital who refused to treat the Su villagers?"

Hong Changyin instantly realized that the man in front of him was really someone from the Su Village. However, he had no choice but to bow under the eaves. He was really scared, fearing that Tang Xiu would kill him in this wilderness, throwing his body to feed the wild animals.

"It's Zhong Tao, the County Hospital's Vice President. He became the Vice President due to my uncle's help. I-If there's anything you want to know, I-I... I'll tell you."

Zhong Tao?

Tang Xiu memorized the name. He lifted his foot from Hong Changyin's head and snorted coldly, "Hmph. I won't kill today, but I have to find a way to make you remember today for the rest of your life! That's right. You said that you love women eh? I'll just have to cut your fucking dick, so you'll be a eunuch."

Hong Changyin's pupils contracted. Without him realizing, he curled up and begged, "B-Brother, please don't! I'm only 32 years old. I don't even have a child. Brother, please spare me and don't punish me too severely. If I become a eunuch, my family line will be cut and over!"

Tang Xiu sneered, "Don't you still have that county's Head Commissioner, your uncle? He must have a son!"

"No, he only has a daughter!" Hong Changyin quickly replied.