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 Chapter 243: The Fast Change in Attitude

Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.

Feeling uneasy inside, Dai Xinyue found the five patients from Su Village. After grasping their conditions, she then rushed to the Inpatient Department Director's resting room.

"Knock, knock..."

"Come in!"

The Inpatient Department Director's voice came out from the room.

Pushing the door, Dai Xinyue entered the room and saw the director seating on a single bed, fixing his coat.

"You are?"

The Inpatient Department's Director didn't pay much attention to Dai Xinyue. He just felt that she was somewhat familiar and curiously asked.

"Director, I'm Dai Xinyue, an intern. There's a little matter that I need to speak to you about," she said.

The director was a bit annoyed. He had been busy for a day and night. He had only slept for 2-3 hours before being woken up. But he didn't reveal it on his face, nodding, "Tell me!"

"Director, five patients have just arrived. Although they received medical treatment, they haven't been admitted to their wards. For now, they are staying on the corridor's floor. Might you help arrange them a few wards?"

Upon hearing it, the Inpatient Department's Director angrily replied, "Our hospital is simply too crowded. We don't have enough wards and you still want me to arrange wards for them?"

Dai Xinyue replied with a low voice, "Yes, I want to speak to you about this."


The director angrily said, "You're also a doctor in our hospital, don't you also know the current situation the hospital is in? You directly looked for your superior, have you learned the hospital's regulations? Everything must be done orderly according to normal procedures. Tell me, from which department are you?"

Dai Xinyue hesitated, replying in a low voice, "I do miscellaneous jobs and assistant work for the outpatient service."

"Outpatient Clinic Building?"

The director's brows raised. He then snorted coldly, saying, "Then do your miscellaneous job properly. Don't come looking for me for this kind of matter in the future. Also, tell your superior..., ah right, who's your superior?"

Dai Xinyue said bitterly, "Tang Xiu!"

"Huh?" The Inpatient Department's Director cried out, "Then tell to this Tang Xiu to manage his subordinates well, not bothering me with unimportant matters..."

His voice came to a halt. As though recalling someone, the anger on his face froze. He then looked at Dai Xinyue and asked, "... You... who did you just say is your superior?"

Dai Xinyue said, "Tang Xiu. He gives medical services in the Outpatient Clinic Building. He came to our hospital recently."

Various expressions passed on the Inpatient Department's Director's face. Finally, a trace of a smile was revealed on his face as he said, "You're Tang Xiu's assistant, yes? What's your name? Dai..."

"Dai Xinyue!"

The director nodded repeatedly, the smile on his face becoming thicker. "Ah right. You're Dai Xinyue. I heard that Tang Xiu received an apprentice a few days ago and her name is Dai Xinyue. I never thought that it would be you! So you looked for me because of Tang Xiu's order?"

Dai Xinyue truthfully said, "Yes, he ordered me. Those patients seem to be from his hometown."

The Inpatient Department's Director immediately stood. He then said with a deep tone, "Come with me! I just remembered that our hospital still has two other wards that are reserved for acute patients. Since those patients are Tang Xiu's distant relatives, then I'll arrange it for them."

He wasn't stupid!

The present Star City Chinese Medical Hospital's standing couldn't be compared with the past! Either the hospital's or Tang Xiu's reputation, it spread out far and wide. Not to mention the large number of patients that came from across the province, even the patients throughout the country also had heard the news about them.

Moreover, a few days ago, journalists from the TV station wanted to do an interview. The President knew that Tang Xiu was reluctant to be in the limelight so he declined. Although he was the Inpatient Department's Director and seemed to be getting promotions quickly, he also had his own self-awareness. He was not someone to be compared with Tang Xiu at all. Even the President must be polite toward that young ancestor. He didn't have to recall that Tang Xiu just came to the hospital for less than a week, but the President himself accompanied him on meals for a few times already.

Ten minutes later, the patients from Su Village were placed in two spacious wards. Temporary wards were added with three sickbeds each! Even so, the room was still spacious even though there were seven or eight villagers from the Su Village plus the patients already inside.

"All of you stay here. The hospital's leaders have told me that you're exempted from fees and your medical expenses will also be reimbursed. Since you have family members, I won't send nurses to look after you. In short, you can contact me if there's anything you need. I'm the director of this Inpatient Department, so I'll definitely complete the service." The Inpatient Department's director spoke, all smiling.

The patients and their relatives in the wards showed grateful expressions. But they were also deeply confused and puzzled inwardly. In particular, Su Quan. He was usually the typical smart person who was adept at discerning people's thoughts from their body language. Recalling the attitude and manners they displayed before and comparing it with the present, he immediately understood the problem.

After hesitating, his eyes landed on Dai Xinyue. Although she was a beauty and her attitude very amiable, she was unlikely to be someone of great standing. So he went to her and asked in a low voice, "Pretty doctor, might I ask what's happening here? We, the patients' relatives, are also aware that the hospital is in a shortage of wards. But how could we suddenly be given such good wards? Even all five patients were completely admitted here?"

Dai Xinyue lightly smiled, "My Master asked me to look for the Inpatient Department's Director."

"Who's your Master? Does he know us?" Su Quan's got more confused and asked again.

"My Master is Tang Xiu. He's also a doctor in this hospital," said Dai Xinyue.

Tang Xiu?

Su Quan was surprised and stared blankly. A disbelieving expression immediately appeared on his face as he asked, "Your Master wouldn't be the same Tang Xiu who's schooling in Star City First High School, would it?"

"Haha, that's right!" Dai Xinyue laughed, "My Master was indeed schooling in Star City First High School before. Also, he just attended this year's CET."

Su Quan's lips twitched a few times. He suddenly realized that the small boy in his childhood memories seemed to be different now. Not only did he become a doctor in this Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, he even had a beautiful apprentice now. Much to his surprise, even the director of this Inpatient Department personally arranged wards for everyone.

Looking at the shocked Su Quan, Dai Xinyue chuckled and said softly, "Actually, the reason as to why you can't find wards here is mainly my Master's fault. If it wasn't for him, you would have directly been admitted to the wards when you come to our Star City Chinese Medical Hospital."

"Huh?" Su Quan was surprised again, asking with a confused expression, "What does it mean?"

Dai Xinyue laughed, "Do you know why our hospital is in a shortage of wards now?"

Su Quan nodded, "I asked around. I heard that an extraordinarily skillful Divine Doctor appeared here. No matter what illnesses the patients contracted, that Divine Doctor is able to treat them within a short period of time. So a large number of patients across the country also heard about him. Then, what you mean... you mean..."

"You're smart! That's right. The person who created the current situation is my Master, Tang Xiu!" Dai Xinyue laughed.

Su Quan's lips twitched a few times, unable to utter any words. Yet, the warmth and gratitude that filled his heart didn't diminish. He knew that if it wasn't for Tang Xiu, perhaps his fellow villagers would still be lying in the corridor.

"Where's your Master? Can I see him?"

"I don't know where Master is right now!" replied Dai Xinyue.

Su Quan was disappointed. Suddenly, his face flickered. He recalled that Tang Xiu's grandmother was also injured because of this incident. Since he knew about the matter with the villagers of the Su Village, he must have made a trip to Qinghe County. Quickly, he took out his mobile and dialed Su Ben's number.

"Hey, Big Brother Ben. Have you seen Tang Xiu?"

At the Su Village.

Su Ben was chatting with Tang Xiu when he received Su Quan's call. Upon hearing his question, he said, "Yup. We're chatting right now."

Su Quan immediately said, "Quickly give him your cell phone! I want to talk to him!"

Su Ben 'okayed' him and then handed the mobile to Tang Xiu, laughing, "Well, the one in the phone is looking for you."

Tang Xiu smiled faintly. He and Su Ben had a good relationship because his grandmother's and Su Ben's houses were only separated by a wall, so Tang Xiu usually liked to follow Su Ben playing when he was a child. He also had a good relationship with Su Quan because they were of similar age and hang out together when they were children. Catching fishes in the river, climbing trees to scoop birds' nests.... They were very close childhood friends.

"Quan, you're looking for me?" Tang Xiu said with a smile.

"Tang Xiu, it's really you? You also arranged the matter with Star City Chinese Medical Hospital?"

"Haha." Tang Xiu laughed, "Have you settled down? I called them before."

Su Quan said with astonishment, "Damn, amazing. You kid is so amazing now! With a call from you, even the Inpatient Department's Director was alarmed, personally arranging two wards for us. What is most unbelievable is that you're the mysterious Divine Doctor of the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital."

Tang Xiu teased him, "Okay, okay. You, kiddo, don't cry alright? When will you come back from Star City?"

"I'll be back tonight! The five wounded folks have their families to look after, I was only responsible to escort them. Wait for me there! It's been two years since I have seen you, we gotta drink a few bottles!" said Su Quan.

"Alright. I'll be waiting for you!" Having said that, Tang Xiu gave the phone back to Su Ben.

Su Ben put away his mobile and laughed, "Well, you two were inseparable back then, playing and growing up together. You and Quan are the smart ones, and the two of you are the most kindred spirited children in our village as well as best buddies."

"Big Brother Ben, you're wrong. Didn't I also play with you?! I still remember, we always followed behind your ass all over the place back then," said Tang Xiu.

Su Ben involuntary laughed.

Being together with Tang Xiu, he smiled and laughed a lot more than he used to.

Taking out the cigarette from his mouth, Tang Xiu then changed the topic, "Big Brother Ben, tell me. What has happened to the village? Who's the culprit behind the troubles in our village? They are so rampant and arrogant, yet they can also get the government's approval. They seem to have a very powerful background?"