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 Chapter 242: Mysterious Medical Skill

Su Changhe had high prestige in Su Village. These years, he led the locals in planting fruit trees, growing grains and was the first to help any families that had problems or difficulties. He always lent a hand without complaining or regrets. Even his son, the current chief of the Su Village, admired him endlessly and was very filial.

"Xiu'er, do you remember me?"

Su Changhe was a gentle person. The wrinkles on his face immediately stretched upon seeing Tang Xiu, a thick smile blossoming on his old face.

Tang Xiu laughed, "The old village chief grandpa."

Heartily laughing, Su Changhe replied, "Mmm. Not bad, you've grown up into an adult. Hasn't it been two years since you last came back? And you look taller now."

"Indeed. I haven't come back for nearly two years. If not for the accident I had before, perhaps I would have come back earlier," said Tang Xiu.

Su Changhe nodded, "Even though you're not surnamed Su, but you're the child of our Su family village. I just heard from Little Ben that you brought your grandma back to treat her wounds yourself. Tang Xiu, treating an old person's broken leg isn't a minor matter. It would be fatal if your treatment isn't good. Do you have confidence?"

Tang Xiu assertively said, "I'm confident, old village chief grandpa. I've been acting as an on-duty doctor at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital recently, and I can also be considered as a doctor now."

Su Change was shocked, "You're working at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital? That's not right! You should only be a high schooler now... and just attend CET this year! How would..."

Tang Xiu smiled, "Old village chief grandpa, your memory is pretty good. It's true that I really just finished my CET, and you can check my CET's scores by dawn. As for the why I'm giving medical services at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, the hospital's President was the one who invited me."

At the side, Su Ben suddenly spoke, "Tang Xiu, you know someone with authority in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital? The other wounded from our village were sent to Star City. Just when I got to the old village chief grandpa's house, Genzi called me saying that they had just arrived at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, but..."

Tang Xiu knitted his brows, "But what?"

Su Ben forced out a smile, "They heard that a divine doctor emerged there recently, and caused a large number of patients across the province to flock to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. There are indeed doctors on-duty now, but no wards available."

Tang Xiu took his mobile and dialed a number.

"Hello, Master?"

Dai Xinyue's voice came out of the phone. It seemed very chaotic there, as it was pretty noisy.

"Are you in the hospital?" asked Tang Xiu.

"Yes, Master. There are too many patients tonight, it's quite busy. Is there something you need, Master?" said Dai Xinyue.

"I need you to check if there are five injured people surnamed Su from Qinghe County that are waiting for treatment. After you find them, arrange several wards for them."

"Master, I... I don't have that authority," Dai Xinyue hesitated.

Tang Xiu smiled, "It's alright. If you can't, go to Sun Wenjing. And if she also can't do it, go directly to Li Hongji. In any case, help me arrange it tonight."

"Understood!" Dai Xinyue put down her mobile with a distressed expression.

Tang Xiu glanced at Su Ben and Su Changhe, saying, "Please don't worry! I called someone to arrange it, so it should be done quickly. Big Brother Ben, keep contact with them for the updated situation over there. Let's go inside now! I'll treat grandma."

"Let's go inside!" Su Change waved and quickly said.

The dim light was swaying inside the dilapidated roof of the house. The rope-tied light bulb kept swinging by the wind as light and shadow repeatedly changed. Squatting at Zhang Shi's side, Tang Xiu gently lifted her leg, saying, "Grandma, it will be slightly painful when I treat you, so please bear it for a while. I'll be able to treat your injury soon.

Zhang Shi smiled, "Go on! I can bear it."

Tang Xiu nodded. He took the silver needles from the box and quickly sealed the acupoints nearby the broken bone. His fingers rubbed in-between the silver needles in a constant rhythm. Soon, the purplish-red swollen area on Zhang Shi's leg turned into purplish-black, the swollen area turning bigger.

About half a minute later, Tang Xiu's finger slowly took one silver needle. In a split second, black blood spurted out. After all the silver needles were removed, black blood also spurted out from the areas not pierced by silver needles.

"Xiu'er... this..."

Su Lingyun's pupils contracted, fear gushing from her eyes.

Tang Xiu serenely said, "Her bone is fractured, and the broken pieces pierced the capillaries, resulting in internal congestion. So we must clear up the congestion first."

Su Lingyun suddenly understood, her anxiousness a bit relieved.

Tang Xiu pinched a silver needle. By the time the black blood stopped flowing, his hands held the broken bone area as he exerted strength on both of his hands, adjusting back to the bone's positions. Controlling his Star Force, he restored the fractured bones to its previous positions. Tang Xiu also adjusted the two granule sized bone sediments into its original location accurately.

"It's painful..."

Thick sweat overflowed from Zhang Shi's forehead, falling down on her wrinkled face.

Tang Xiu's hands were entirely covered with Star Force. Even though he knew his grandmother had to endure great pain at the moment, Tang Xiu grew a bit uncomfortable. But he repressed it since he had to treat her leg injury. He reduced his strength slowly and used Star Force to seep into his grandmother's leg injury. Star force could nourish and repair bones and muscles, taking the role of accelerating the healing.

A few minutes later, some of the pained expression on Zhang Shi's face disappeared as her tightened brows eased a lot.

After ten minutes, Zhang Shi looked at Tang Xiu with astonishment. She could only feel a weak pain from her leg now; she couldn't even feel it if she didn't pay attention.

Half an hour later, the pained expression on Zhang Shi's face completely disappeared and was replaced with a thick sense of comfort. All the pain in her leg completely disappeared. Instead, it felt cool afterward, along with a feeling of warm. It was as if her insides were being warmly roasted.

After an hour, Tang Xiu loosened his hands and looked at his grandmother. She was sleeping soundly now. Motioning the others into the room to keep silent, he then pulled the quilt over, covering her and hinting at everyone to leave the room.

At the courtyard.

Su Lingyun asked hastily, "Xiu'er, how' your grandma's injury now?"

Tang Xiu smiled faintly, "I've handled it. Grandma will be able to recover in a week. But she probably can't walk around much within this time. Ah, right. We also have to find two planks and tie them to her broken leg, lest a secondary fracture happens."

Su Lingyun immediately replied, "I'll go get it now!"

Tang Xiu nodded with a smile. He looked to the old village chief, Su Changhe, Chen Huiying and Su Ben as he said, "It's late. All of you should take a rest now! We'll chat after dawn."

Su Changhe, Chen Huiying and Su Ben didn't move. They stared straight at Tang Xiu with a somewhat disappointed feeling inside. Yet... they were also curious.

Chen Huiying, who was someone who couldn't keep the matter in heart, spoke, "Tang Xiu, you aren't joke with us, are you? Even for children that grow their bones the fastest, it's impossible to recover from a broken leg in a week, no? It takes at least 100 days for one to recover from serious injuries, but you..."

Tang Xiu interrupted her and said with a smile, "Second Aunt, I won't explain how, neither can I change your old ideas. Let's see a week later. I assure you you'll be surprised."

Su Changhe's lower lip twitched, but he eventually didn't speak. He only shook his head and sighed before turning around and leaving. Chen Huiying also shook her head and turned away.

Su Ben was silent for a few seconds. His fist gently punched Tang Xiu's chest as he smiled and said, "Tang Xiu, I believe in you. You're smart since childhood, and you almost never lie. Since you said you can make your grandma can recover as before, then it will surely happen."

The feeling of being trusted... was really good!

Tang Xiu smiled and patted his shoulder, saying, "Are you sleepy now? If not, care to have a chat with me?"

Su Ben looked at the back of his mother. He then pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and asked, "Do you want one?"

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before taking it. The years when he was muddle-headed, he also experienced drinking and smoking. He lit it up, taking deep puff as he then said slowly, "Big Brother Ben, how about you come with me to Star City?"

Staring blankly, Su Ben replied with a confused expression, "What will I do there?"

"Help and work for me," said Tang Xiu smiling.

Pondering for a moment, Su Ben then shook his head and said, "Tang Xiu, I know that you're a skilled person, setting up your own company. But I know nothing except farming and building houses. I won't be of any use to you, so forget it. I won't go with you!"

Tang Xiu smiled, "It's not like you can't learn, right? If you're willing to work hard, I promise you that you'll have a very good progress. Big Brother Ben, our ancestors are typical peasants who are resigned to their plot of lands, toiling over it with their backs to the sky. They get up early in the morning, living a life from nine to five for every sunrise and sunset for generations. Don't you want to change this predicament?"

Su Ben hesitated, "Then what are you going to arrange for me to work on?"

"You'll become a security guard!" said Tang Xiu.

A disappointed expression was written on Su Ben's face. He forced out a smile, "How much money can a security guard earn? A few villagers, who left the village to work as security guards in Shanghai, only get 5,000 to 6,000 yuan a month. But after subtracting their food expenses, they don't even have 2,000 yuan left for a monthly salary."

"They are they, you are you. If you work hard and can bear hardships, let alone 5 to 6 thousand yuan a month, you can earn 50 to 60 thousand."

Su Ben asked with a foolish expression, "Where and how would a security guard earn so much money?"

Tang Xiu smiled, "That depends on for who you work for. So let's decide! You come with me to Star City and work as an ordinary security guard. You'll earn five thousand yuan a month with accommodation and meals included. If your performance after three months is good, I'll promote you as security captain. By that time, you'll be paid ten thousand yuan. How is it?"

"I'll do it!" Su Ben's eyes lit up as he replied without hesitation.

Tang Xiu laughed, "Alright. We grew up together. Although you're a few years older than me, you and I know each other deeply, so I can feel at ease if you learn some important business secrets."

"Just leave it to me, I'll do it well." Su Ben laughed.