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 Chapter 238: Other Relatives

In the following days, Tang Xiu still gave medical services in the hospital. The number of patients he treated also increased. His fame spread rapidly, and it was not only limited to Star City. Even throughout the country, his fame attracted a lot of patients.

Furthermore, as he gave medical services in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital these days and was able to cure a lot of very difficult and incurable illnesses, his reputation greatly spread in the medical community, even Presidents from several major hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai contacted Li Hongji, inquiring about Tang Xiu.

At dusk.

As Tang Xiu left the hospital's consultation building, he saw Long Zhengyu leaning on his car and smiling at him.

"Why did you come?" Curious, Tang Xiu asked.

Long Zhengyu patted the car's door, saying, "CET's results will come out tomorrow. But I'm not here to congratulate you in advance, though. Anyways, I heard that you've been giving medical services in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital these days and have received hundreds of pennants?"

Tang Xiu laughed, "Yeah. But forget about those pennants. Those things are not useful, just the grateful regards of the patients' relatives that matters, so I gave them to Li Hongji. It's up to him what to do with them."

Long Zhengyu gave a thumb up and exclaimed, "To be honest, I really have to thank my good-for-nothing little brother. He did the rightest thing in his life for taking you to me. Let's go, I've booked an anteroom in Long's Dining Hall. The two boys-Bai Tao and Chu Yi just got there. Let's have a drink tonight, not going home until we're drunk."

Tang Xiu was about to sit on co-pilot seat, but Long Zhengyu stopped him and took a document folder out of the driver's seat. He handed it over to Tang Xiu, saying, "You drive. Let me test your driving skills."

Puzzled, Tang Xiu replied, "But I haven't gotten the driver's license yet, and you want me to drive?"

"Open the document folder and have a look!" Long Zhengyu laughed.

Opening the document folder, Tang Xiu found his driving license inside, along with two keys. Taking the keys, he then asked, "What are these?"

"Well, I gave you the house, so you can consider it as me supporting you, no? Gifting you the house without a car, it won't do. I don't know what kind of car you like, however. So I just bought the same car as Lulu's. Well, you can consider it as lover's model anyway."

"Land Rover's Range Rover type?" Tang Xiu was surprised.

"It seems you really know Lulu's disposition well. Yup. The color is exactly the same as hers, white! And it looks great too. The car is parked in the Long's Dining Hall's underground parking garage." Long Zhengyu said with a smile.

Tang Xiu was at a loss whether he had to be happy or cry, saying, "You're really taking us as a couple, aren't you? I tell you, my relationship with Lulu is pure. But, I do like that car a lot. Thanks a bunch for gifting and sending it to me! Anyway, let's go, tonight's drinks are on me."

"Well, since the famous Young Master Tang wants to bleed, then I'll be sure to be blunt." Long Zhengyu said with a laugh.

Tang Xiu sat in the driver's seat. He took the time to feel and familiarize himself with the features of the car before he started it, and then started driving. At first, he wasn't skilled roadwise, but after a few minutes of attunement, he gradually grasped it.

He didn't violate any traffic regulations even though it was his first time and drove to the Long's Dining Hall's underground parking lot. Satisfied, he patted the steering wheel, nodding, "A good car is a good car indeed. This one is a lot cooler than the car for driver training!"

"Do you like my Maserati? How about I give it to you?" Long Zhengyu.

"Nope. Forget it! You got a strange smell inside your car." Tang Xiu shook his head and said.

"Strange smell?" Long Zhengyu was puzzled. "No way! My car's cologne is the best in the world. It's priced at several hundred thousand per bottle! Except for its fragrance, where would have any strange smell?"

Tang Xiu teased him, "Who knows how many women have you played with in this car? It'd be damn strange if there's no strange smell at all! Let's go, take me to see my car!"

"Damn you, buddy!"

Long Zhengyu didn't know whether he had to laugh or be angry as he then got off from the co-pilot seat.

Quickly, he took Tang Xiu to a brand new white Land Rover SUV, saying, "Well, you wanna try it and have a lap since you didn't drink anything yet?"

"Forget it! But, isn't it way too good a license plate you got here? Three sixes is kinda showing off, isn't it?" Tang Xiu shook his head and lightly laughed.

Smiling, Long Zhengyu said, "The car was purchased with your ID card, and the car's license plate was also done with your ID card. Six six six, go go go. I think it looks good, no big deal."

Tang Xiu shook his head, "Let's go upstairs and drink. Anyways, for those two guys to come to Star City, that matter is over, right?"

"Yeah, completely. 90% of the Zhangs' assets have been divided by us, whereas the leftover 10% went to some unimportant chaps of the Zhangs and to the banks. This time, all of our parties have eaten to the full. Bai Tao and Chu Yi joined late, so they only got a little, but they had gotten down their capitals as well. They also have added several billion in investment into the big project's preparation. A few days later, every group leader of our clique will gather to divide the shares." Whilst walking, Long Zhengyu spoke.

Tang Xiu, "Bai Tao and Chu Yi are scions from respected families, but they don't give off the vibes of hedonistic scions from rich families whatsoever. That's why I like them. Especially Chu Yi, he's very smart and reliable. Damn! If you didn't mention it, I would have forgotten it. I still owe him some money!"

"You owe him money? For what?" Long Zhengyu was puzzled.

Tang Xiu smiled, "Chu Yi sent me a box of precious medicinal herbs and I haven't paid him for it yet. Well, forget it. I won't mention this matter for now since I'll pay it back a while later after I got some money. Besides, he's a rich boss, he's not short of money."

Long Zhengyu laughed, "That's true. But, are you short of money recently? I bumped into Kang Xia a few days ago when you called her to transfer you some money."

A few days ago?

Tang Xiu understood in a flash, asking, "You mean that 20 million?"

"Yea!" Long Zhengyu nodded.

"I was going to buy something and needed 20 million. I only had a few million so I called Kang Xia to send more! Actually, it's real. I'm really poor, having no money and can only become a freeloader. But you're the famous Young Master Long, young and rich, would you please give me some pocket money? You don't have to give much, thought. If you have the nerve to give me 1.8 billion yuan, I'm sure I won't refuse it." said Tang Xiu. [1]

"Go to hell!" Long Zhengyu laughed and cursed.

The two laughed merrily and finally arrived at the presidential suite of Long's Dining Hall. Seeing Bai Tao and Chu Yi, the four young men gathered and begun drinking.

"Ring, ring, ring..."

Just as Tang Xiu was about to double up the foreign wine into his stomach, the mobile in his pocket rang. He took out the phone and saw the caller ID. It turned out to be his mother. He immediately made an excuse to the others. Whilst walking outside, he answered the phone and said with a smile, "Hi Mom, something up?"

Su Lingyun's slightly crying voice came out of the phone, "Xiu'er, can... can you come back now? Your grandma... your grandma is injured. I want you to accompany me back home to see her!"


An honest, genial face appeared in Tang Xiu's memory. Although 10,000 years had lapsed, he still clearly remembered his grandmother's face. He also remembered how she deeply cared for him in his childhood, more than she cared about the Su siblings.

"Mom, no need to worry. Can you tell me what's going on exactly? Grandma is in the countryside, how was she hurt?" asked Tang Xiu.

Su Lingyun answered, "I don't know the details. But it looks like some people bullied your grandma and beat her. It's your second Aunt next door who called me. Your grandma has been sent to the county hospital by them, but I don't know anything else."

Tang Xiu replied with a deep tone, "Don't worry, Mom! I'll go back to South Gate Town immediately to pick you up. We'll go to ancestral home tonight! Trust me. As long as I'm there, grandma won't have any troubles!"

"Alright!" Su Lingyun replied.

Tang Xiu hung up the phone and went back into the room. He then spoke with a heavy tone, "Something happened in my ancestral home, so I have to leave now. Please continue your fun and put the bill on me since the Long's Dining Hall's membership seems to provide this service."

"Tang Xiu, what happened? Do you want our help?" Long Zhengyu was confused and asked.

Tang Xiu shook his head, "No need for now. I'll contact you if it's necessary later! Well, I gotta go now!"

Having said that, he picked up the document folder and quickly left the presidential suite.

Coming down to the underground parking lot, ignoring that he had just drunk a lot, he drove the SUV and quickly returned to South Gate Town.

At this time, with worry all over her face, Su Lingyun was standing in front of the villa's courtyard entrance, waiting. Upon seeing a car stopping in front of her and Tang Xiu getting out from it, she was astonished and immediately asked, "Sonny, where did you get this car from? Also, when did you learn to drive?"

"I went to a driving school to take the driver's license test some time ago, and I just got it today. The car was gifted by my friend! Mom, take your things. We'll go to our ancestral home tonight."

"You... you'll drive us there? Are you sure you can do it?" Su Lingyun said.

"Mom, I have a driver's license, so naturally it won't be a problem," said Tang Xiu.

Su Lingyun nodded, "My luggage is already packed up. Pack your stuff first, perhaps we'll have to stay there for some time."

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. Then, he dialed Kang Xia's cell number. After she picked it up, he said, "Can you do me a favor? It's private!"

"What happened?" asked Kang Xia.

"My mother and I need to go to our ancestral home. Although there are nannies here to look after Yinyin, I don't feel relieved. Can you stay in my house in South Gate Town while I'm away to take care of her?" said Tang Xiu.

Kang Xia said, "No problem."

Tang Xiu thanked her and then entered the villa to pack his things. A few minutes later, he casually grabbed several sets of clothes. Then, along with his mother-Su Lingyun, he drove the car toward his ancestral home's direction. Since he only got his driver's license, he didn't drive too fast and could only use the navigation system to find the road there.