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 Chapter 236: Treating Cancer

Dai Xinyue shook her head and smiled, "How could I do that? Little Senior Sister's gift is surely something I like."

Having said it, she gently untied the rope. As her eyes landed on the painting, her expression turned slightly surprised, with amazement immediately following.

Initially, with Gu Yin's age, even if she painted something, how good could it be? However, the painting was really good. The painting theme was a landscape of a green hill and a stream with a very familiar villa at the foothill. After carefully analyzing it, she realized that the villa on the painting was this exactly same villa she was in.

"It's a great painting!" Dai Xinyue sincerely exclaimed.

Tang Xiu was also startled upon seeing the painting. With astonishment in his eyes, he asked with a smile, "Yinyin, you copied the background from our villa, right?"

Gu Yin laughed, "Master, usually, when I don't have any classes, I get bored and try to find things to pass the time. Then I realized that painting is kinda exciting."

Tang Xiu laughed, "Alright, I'll teach you how to paint when I have free time later."

"Okay!" Gu Yin nodded, smiling.

"Where's Mom? Why isn't she at home?" asked Tang Xiu.

"Grandma went to the restaurant, she said she will come back quite late." Answered Gu Yin.

Tang Xiu said, "By the way, a few days later, I'm going out of town, and I'm gonna take you with me."

Gu Yin was pleasantly surprised, "Really? Where are we going?"

"I'll take you to see your Senior Sister." Said Tang Xiu.

"Huh?" Gu Yin was curious. "Master, I have a Senior Sister? Why didn't I hear you speak of her before?"

Tang Xiu didn't answer her question, instead went to the kitchen and saw that the nanny was making dinner. Then, he decided to go to Sun Wenjing's house after having supper.

Star City's upscale residential area, the Amethyst Gold Garden.

Inside of a more than 160 square meters' house with exquisite decoration, with high-end furniture placed in an orderly manner. At the moment, Sun Wenjing was sitting on the sofa, facing her two big brothers and younger sister's questioning. In particular, the expression on their faces was gloomy.

"I'm telling you, Tang Xiu is the most skillful doctor in my Chinese Medical Hospital. He's even hailed as a Divine Doctor. Even the hospital's president has admitted that his medical skill is far inferior to his. If he can't cure our mother's illness, nobody in this world could do it. So you don't need to say anything anymore, just let him try to cure Mom." Said Sun Wenjing with all seriousness.

Sun Jianhai was the deputy director of Star City Finance Bureau and was the eldest son of the family. At this time, he deeply looked at his sister, Sun Wenjing, and said, "Did Li Hongji really say that even his medical skill is not as good as Tang Xiu's?"

"Yes. Initially, President Li arranged me to be his assistant. But I judged him solely by his appearance then. I thought that even if his medical expertise is very good, but how powerful could he be at such a young age? But only later did I know how outrageous my thought was. He's very skillful. Three out of four patients that came to our hospital for treatment were healed on the scene by him. As for the other patients, their condition also eased greatly after his treatment. As far as I know, ever since yesterday when he began to give medical service in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, he has received more than 20 pennants sent by the family members of the patients."

"More than 20?"

Sun Jianhai was shocked, even Sun Jianjun and Sun Wenmin were also astonished. They all knew that when the patients' family members gave pennants to doctors, that meant they were showing their wholehearted gratitude.

Sun Wenjing continued, "There's also another thing that you don't know. There was a mother with her sick six or seven-year-old daughter. They traveled to each major hospital across the country and even visited Chinese and Western medical doctors. But no doctor was able to cure her. Finally, Tang Xiu, who came across them by chance, cured that child's strange illness! Therefore, when Dr. Tang comes, do not treat him with contempt. I myself am unable to cure Mom, so our last chance is on him."

Sun Jianhai spoke deeply, "If he can really cure Mom, I'll do anything he wants. Second Sister, arrange 200 thousand yuan. If he can cure Mom, give him the money as a thank you gift."

"No! We can't give him money!" Sun Wenjing angrily said.

Sun Jianhai was surprised, asking with a puzzled expression, "What do you mean?"

"Tang Xiu agreed to treat Mom under three conditions. One of which, is that he wants us to come up with 100 thousand yuan to be donated to the hospital's patients who come from destitute families. He himself doesn't want money."


Sun Jianhai and the others were stupefied. This era they lived in, money seemed to have become a yardstick for measuring everything. Nowadays, would even there be someone of noble character and unquestionable integrity, let alone a kindhearted youngster?

Sun Wenmin asked, "Big Sis, what are the other two conditions Dr. Tang stated?"

At the moment, Sun Jianhai and Sun Jianjun were also curious.

Sun Wenjing said, "One of the conditions is that I have to take Mom out of the hospital and bring her back home, while he'll come to our home and treat Mom here. The other one is, that no matter if he cured Mom or not, our family must never disclose this matter. And we're not in any way to talk about it to anyone."

Sun Jianhai slowly said, "I understand his concern. There's no medical service all over the world that can cure medium stage liver cancer. So he doesn't want to cause a sensation. I didn't expect that so young a doctor with such superb medical expertise would be this low-profile. To be honest, I'm really anticipating him now."

Sun Wenmin said, "Eldest Brother, I'll provide the 100 thousand yuan! Regardless of whether he can cure Mom or not, I'm willing to provide the money and donate it to the Chinese Medical Hospital's patients with destitute family conditions."

A trace of smile was revealed on Sun Jianhai's face as he nodded silently.

Half an hour later, the bell rang. Sun Wenjing dashed to the door and opened it, seeing Tang Xiu and Dai Xinyue standing outside.

"Dr. Tang, Dr. Dai, sorry for troubling you." Sun Wenjing said politely.

Tang Xiu shook his head and entered the hall. Then, he saw Sun Wenjing's brothers and sister. After a brief introduction, he exchanged a few pleasantries with the others and finally said, "Where's the patient? Take me to her to have a look at her condition."

Sun Wenjing said, "Come with me!"

In a spacious and bright room, Sun Wenjing's mother leaned on the bed, watching TV. As she saw her children coming with Tang Xiu and Dai Xinyue, she immediately sat up and smiled, "Child, is this the Dr. Tang that you and President Li have talked about?"

"Yes, Mom. He's Dr. Tang." Answered Sun Wenjing.

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile. While looking at the elderly woman's slightly pale face, he said with a gentle expression, "Elderly lady, I'll have to check the condition of your body first. And when I begin to treat you, perhaps you'll have to endure very painful aches. Would you be able to endure it?"

The old lady smiled, "Don't worry, doctor! What painful things have this old woman not taken in life anyway? There are a lot of knife marks on my body, however much it hurts, I can endure it all."

"You have a lot of knife marks?" Tang Xiu was puzzled.

The old lady laughed, saying, "Before I got sick, I undergone several surgeries. Also, I'm a woman with children, shouldn't giving birth be the most painful? Whatever the pain is, you can rest assured that I can bear it, Dr. Tang!"

Tang Xiu suddenly understood. He smiled as he nodded and said, "In this world, mothers are truly the greatest existences. The saying is really justified. That's why filial affection is the most important of all virtues. Your children are truly good, elderly lady!"

Having said that, he took the old lady's wrist. Through sensing her pulse, he immediately discovered that there were indeed many noxious existences inside her body. This kind of toxin should be called "cancer cells" by the medical community. Moreover, most of the toxin was in her bloodstream!

"Doctor Tang, what have you found from your examination?" Sun Wenjing quickly asked nervously after seeing Tang Xiu take back his hand.

"I don't have 100% assurance to cure her, but there's hope. Help me prepare a basin of warm water and a few clean towels. The two of you, come and help the elderly lady take her clothes off, leaving only her underwear." Said Tang Xiu.

Warm water! Towels!

Sun Wenjing and the others prepared them quickly. After the old lady's coat had been taken off, she laid on the bed.

Tang Xiu said, "Go and pour another half a cup of warm water again. Do remember that it's best to keep the temperature between 30 to 40 degrees."

"Understood!" Sun Wenjing quickly poured another cup of warm water and handed it to Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu took the bottle of diluted Body Refining Liquid from his pocket. He dropped three drops of it into the cup and handed it to Sun Wenjing to let the old lady take it.

The Sun siblings didn't ask Tang Xiu about what he put into the water. They stood with a fully trusting attitude and quietly watched from the side!

Tang Xiu said, "You'd better hold the elderly lady's arms and legs, and immediately put the towel in her mouth to let her bite it. Or else, she'll move her body due to the acute pain when I begin using the silver needles."


The Sun brothers acted accordingly to Tang Xiu's instructions.

A few minutes after the old lady had taken half of the cup of warm water mixed with Body Refining Liquid, her body began to slightly shiver. Furthermore, with the passing time, the pain became more intense. If it weren't for her four children holding her arms and legs, perhaps she'd have already curled up and convulsed.

Whilst watching sweat overflow from the pores all over the old lady's body, her color gradually becoming red, Tang Xiu immediately took the silver needles and quickly pierced nine big acupuncture points on her body.

After having finished everything, Tang Xiu stood still at the side, waiting for the old lady's response.

The shivering body of the old lady turned more intense. The pain made her faint and sober up repeatedly, founding herself still alive. Sun Jianhai and Sun Jianjun complexions turned unsightly to the extreme, yet an extremely loving and distressed expression was also there, whereas Sun Wenjing and Sun Wenmin had tears flowing down their faces unceasingly.

Looking at their appearances, Tang Xiu secretly appreciated them inwardly. To have such filial children, this old lady's whole life truly was worth it.

"Ah? What smell is this?" Sun Jianjun suddenly frowned as he covered his nose and asked.

"It's foul stink!" said Tang Xiu.

Sun Jianjun was puzzled, "Foul stink? From where is this foul stink coming? Mom's body..."

Tang Xiu explained, "In my opinion, the cancer cells inside her body are toxins that are harmful and detrimental to her body. It mixed with her sweat, emanating the foul stench. You must endure it and make sure she lies flat. Or else, if the silver needles on her body are moved, it will be very dangerous."