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 Chapter 234: Regrets

The youth's expression changed, looking awkward. He was secretly regretting inwardly, knowing that his mouth ran cheaply yesterday, offending a Chinese Medical Hospital's doctor. Furthermore, based on rumors, the said doctor was even an amazing divine doctor.

He smiled obsequiously saying, "Doctor, I'm really sorry for being arrogant before. A great person such as you, please don't mind and ignore the offense of a lowly person like me. Yesterday, I heard that an amazing divine doctor came to this Chinese Medical Hospital who often gives good consultations and cures illnesses quickly."

Tang Xiu was not a narrow-minded person. Hearing the young man's apology, he slightly nodded and looked at the middle-aged woman sitting in front of the consultation table. "Which part of your body feels uncomfortable?"

The middle-aged woman answered, "It's my back!"

Tang Xiu checked her pulse. Her pulse indicated that her body was in good condition, only, there was a symptom clogging up blood in her waist. Therefore, he got up and said, "Get down on the sickbed over there. I'll give you a Tuina massage once. You should have strained the muscles in your lower back."


The middle-aged woman followed Tang Xiu's instructions and lied down on the sickbed.

After Tang Xiu traced the middle-aged woman's waist, he shook his head and said, "It looks like your condition is not as simple straining your lumbar discs muscles. It's much more serious, the lumbar disc in your waist is dislocated. If you want to fix the bones' position, I'm afraid that it will be very painful. Can you withstand the pain?"

The middle-aged woman quickly asked, "Can it be cured completely?"

Tang Xiu nodded, "No problem. But it will take a few days to complete the treatment. You have to come twice a day, in the morning and evening, at the same hour! Three days should be enough."

The middle-aged woman nodded earnestly, saying, "I can bear it. I'd have to trouble you for it, Doc!"

Tang Xiu nodded and started the Tuina massage on the middle-aged woman. As he began to increase his strength, his fingers massaged across the middle-aged woman's waist bones therefrom.

Once and twice, each and every time was stronger than the last!

A painful expression was written on the middle-aged woman's face. The more strength Tang Xiu exerted, the thicker the pained expression on her face. And even afterward, she repeatedly screaming again and again.

Ten minutes later, when the middle-aged woman was almost at her limit, only then did Tang Xiu stop. "Lie on the bed for now. Wait until the pain in your waist subsides."

Immediately after, Tang Xiu called another patient in. After the patient was treated, only then did the middle-aged woman get up from the sickbed. After getting up, a surprised expression appeared on her face as she said, "It really doesn't hurt anymore! Even my waist feels warm and comfortable."

Tang Xiu said, "Do remember what I told you. Come back in these three days. If nothing happens, I'll be here for three days."

"Alright! Thank you, doctor!" The middle-aged woman said gratefully.

Seeing such an amazing ability from Tang Xiu, the young man sincerely admired him. He faced Tang Xiu and said, "I really have to thank you, Doc! My mother's lumbar disc has been disturbing her for a few years, often feeling pain while she's sleeping. If you can completely cure her, no matter how much money you request from us, we'll pay you!"

"Tang Xiu was surprised, "Is your family very rich?"

The young man hesitated for a moment, "We're not too rich. But I can say with certainty that our financial state is much better compared to the average family."

"If so, then you can give them to charity! That can be considered as thanking me!" said Tang Xiu.

Giving it to charity?

The young man was surprised for a moment. He originally intended to donate the money via the red envelope to Tang Xiu, yet he was refused. He could feel that Tang Xiu was definitely saying it from his heart. For a moment, he was quietly ashamed inwardly for his superficiality and his previous arrogance.

Inside the Inpatient Department.

Accompanied by the Inpatient Department's head, Li Hongji came to a VIP ward. When he saw that a hospital doctor, Sun Wenjing, was in the ward next to the patient's bed, he immediately asked, "Why are you here?"

Seeing the President's arrival along with the Inpatient Department's head, Sun Wenjing quickly replied, "President, my work is done for the day, so I come here to take a look at my mother."

"This patient is your mother?" Li Hongji was surprised.

Sun Wenjing nodded, "Yes!"

"What's her illness?" asked Li Hongji.

With a bitter expression, Sun Wenjing answered, "She has a medium stage liver cancer, and is undergoing the hospital treatment."

Medium stage liver cancer?

Li Hongji secretly sighed. If it was an early stage cancer, it'd be possible to cure it. But after the cancer cells had spread, it'd be simply as difficult as reaching the blue sky! He wanted to say a few words to console Sun Wenjing, but didn't know what to say. After secretly shaking his head, he said, "Take good care of your mother! If you're too busy with your work in the hospital, I'll give you a holiday."

"Thanks, President. I have many relatives, so my job won't be affected!" shaking her head, Sun Wenjing replied.

Li Hongji nodded. When he was about to leave, he suddenly recalled something. With a strange expression on his face, he said, "Your mother's illness is very difficult to cure. How about you take her to Tang Xiu and let him examine her?"

"Tang Xiu?"

Sun Wenjing stared blankly for a moment before her expression immediately changed.

In the last two days, a divine doctor was widely rumored to be giving medical consultation and treatment in the hospital. After she asked around, she knew that the widely rumored divine doctor turned out to be Tang Xiu. Now, she was deeply regretting her judgement of him solely based on his appearance, even refusing to become Tang Xiu's assistant.

However, even if Li Hongji said it, she was nevertheless somewhat unable to believe it. Because she didn't believe that Tang Xiu could treat her mother's medium stage cancer. Furthermore, she didn't give Tang Xiu face before, and now, if she asked for Tang Xiu's help, she would die due to embarrassment!

Looking at Sun Wenjing's expression, Li Hongji could tell her thoughts. He then faintly said, "Go and try! Tang Xiu's medical expertise is very powerful. Also, remember what I told you before. His medical expertise is better than mine. A lot of strange illnesses I can't tell heads or tails, but he's able to cure them. Perhaps he really has a way to treat a medium stage liver cancer patient. If you think you can't lose your face, ask your relatives to take your mother to him."

"President, is he really that powerful just like in the rumors?" Hesitating, Sun Wenjing asked.

"He's amazing! The reason why I asked you to take your mother and find him, is actually that of my own selfishness. I expect him to create a miracle in the medical field." Said Li Hongji.

Sun Wenjing's face constantly changed. Finally, a firm expression could be seen on her face as she said with all seriousness, "President, I'll take my mother to see him!"

Li Hongji nodded, "Go! He has a very good character. When facing patients, he won't even care about your actions toward him before."

An awkward expression was revealed on Sun Wenjing's face once again as she lowered her head and didn't utter another word.

Time flew by quickly.

Tang Xiu got quite a headache. It was almost lunch break, but the queue outside was still quite long. He didn't expect that today's patients would unexpectedly increase. This morning, he already treated 40-50 people, whereas the rest who were waiting in line outside was perhaps double that.

After hesitating, he turned to Dai Xinyue and said, "Go outside and ask whose illness is rather urgent. I will only treat three more patients before taking a rest. The consultations will resume again at 2 o'clock."

Dai Xinyue complied quickly and walked outside.

Shortly after, three emergency patients were taken to the consultation room. After Tang Xiu treated them, one was cured on the spot, whereas the other two's illness had turned for the better.

"Give way please!"

When Tang Xiu was about to take his white coat off and go to the cafeteria for lunch, noises came from outside. As the crowd made may, 4-5 people with patient pennants, whom were possibly the patients' relatives, came to the consultation room. Someone who was at the forefront was the family of Tang Xiu's first patient, Yang Xianyu.

"What are you people doing here?" Looking at their pennants as well the five people, astonishment was drawn on Tang Xiu's face.

Yang Xianyu smiled, "Divine Doctor Tang, you're a highly respected divine doctor. We know that you don't care about money, so we're too much embarrassed to give you red envelopes. Therefore, a family member of the patient who knows that you also have cured my wife contacted me. Each one of us wants to give you this pennant to express our respect and gratitude."

Tang Xiu was at a loss whether he had to laugh or cry, "My current status is a doctor. It is my duty to save people from impending death and help the patients. Your actions... Ah, forget it. I accept these pennants. And thank you for your good intentions."

Yang Xianyu and the others immediately revealed smiles, saying deeply gratefuls word of praises and then leaving.

"Collect them and put them away!" said Tang Xiu to Dai Xinyue.

"Ah?" Dai Xinyue was astonished. "We won't hang them on the wall?"

Tang Xiu shook his head, saying, "No need. The patients and their families sent the pennants to express their gratitude. We've received them, so we don't need to care about these external objects."

Awe and respect were written all over Dai Xinyue's face as she nodded heavily. It was only a short one to two days ever since following Tang Xiu, but her medical expertise had been rapidly improving and she had learned too many things. She even hoped that it would keep going.

She had an idol, who was her grandfather. A quite famous Chinese medical senior doctor who dedicated his life to save the dying and heal the injured and had done good deeds for the entirety of his life.

But in all fairness, she thought that her grandfather's medical expertise wasn't as good as Tang Xiu's, even much inferior. Therefore, her new idol now was Tang Xiu. Even in her heart, she already considered Tang Xiu as her teacher.

Half an hour later, at the Chinese Medical Hospital's cafeteria.

Tang Xiu and Dai Xinyue were having lunch whilst chatting about topics regarding medical treatment. Tang Xiu thought that she was really good. And in particular, he really liked her diligent, studious and modest attitude. Therefore, he was also willing to teach her as much as he could.

In these two days, he saw a lot of patients in the hospital as well as their relatives. Looking at their distressed expressions when they arrived and their overjoyed expressions leaving, it caused his heart to be full of satisfaction. Ever since he returned to Earth, he found himself having a distinct mentality that was completely different than when he was in the Immortal World.

At present, he was a full passion for life, with fighting spirit filling his being. Whether it was making money, taking care of family or practicing cultivation, he felt that this kind of life was also another kind of happiness in itself.

"Excuse me!" A female voice was heard.

Tang Xiu stopped. As he turned his head, his expression suddenly became cold, because the person coming was Sun Wenjing.