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 Chapter 231: Being Doubted

Summertime, early in the morning. The heatwave still surged on in the entire world as if it was woken up along with the elapsing curtain of the night. After having breakfast, Tang Xiu rushed to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.

"You finally came, Tang Xiu!"

With a bright expression on his face, Li Hongji stood outside the main building of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. At his side were several important leaders of the hospital as he took the lead to greet Tang Xiu.

"It's not 8 AM yet, I think. I didn't come late, did I?" Tang Xiu smiled.

Li Hongji shook his head, "No, you're not late. It's just me who is impatient. Let's walk. I'll take you to your consultation room for you to take a look. If there's something not to your satisfaction, I'll order someone to change it."

"Alright!" Tang Xiu replied. "President Li, I came to give medical service in the clinic, not to inspect the work. So you can let these leaders take care of their own work."

Li Hongji had met Tang Xiu a few times, and he knew that Tang Xiu didn't like to show off and being in the limelight. With a smile, he then told the other leaders to leave and took Tang Xiu by himself to the consultation room to have a look.

"It's a good place. But I need your help to arrange a medical staff to directly assist me if there's something I need." After seeing the consultation room, Tang Xiu nodded and said.

"I'll personally help you. So I can learn while convenient by following you." Li Hongji said with a smile.

"No can do. You're the distinguished President of the Chinese Medical Hospital. If you become the saddle horse for me and the news spreads out, it would create a disturbance, wouldn't it? Please quickly arrange it!" Tang Xiu said humorlessly.

Hesitating, Li Hongji nodded and said, "Then you wait here for a while. The service in the hospital will begin at 8:30. I'll go to arrange someone over here now."

"Thank you!"

Tang Xiu went to the examination table and sat down beside it. He looked at the stethoscope and the other medical instruments placed above, putting everything directly into the drawer. He didn't use Western medical devices and had no need of them. Traditional Chinese medical practitioners paid particular attention to close observation from the words and appearance of the patients and diagnosed the sickness through pulse-checking to trace their conditions.

A few minutes later.

Li Hongji came to the consultation room with a middle-aged woman that still looked a little attractive. The middle-aged woman wore a white coat with both hands placed in the pockets. The appearance of a well-known doctor.

"Tang Xiu, I have found someone to help you. She's called Sun Wenjing, an extraordinarily skilled doctor in our Chinese Medical Hospital. She's also very good in medicinal ingredients as well as medical skills. I've ordered her to assist you when you give consultation to the patients. If you have anything you need, tell her, she'll definitely do it right away," said Li Hongji with a smile.

Tang Xiu nodded,, "That's great. Alright, you can take care of your work now."

Sun Wenjing frowned. After she saw Tang Xiu's appearance, she felt that it was quite absurd. And now, upon hearing Tang Xiu speaking to the President with such manner, she suddenly couldn't help but ask, "President, don't go first, please. Are you joking with me? You want me to stop my work to do miscellaneous jobs for this boy?"

Li Hongji's expression slightly changed as he sternly replied with a low voice, "Shut up! Tang Xiu is a Chinese Medical doctor with outstanding skills that I hired myself. Your job is to follow the tasks assigned to you by the hospital. If you can't do it, do tell me now and I'll take it back."

Sun Wenjing reluctantly said, "President, I can comply with your order resolutely. But, you want me to do miscellaneous jobs here for this a young man; isn't this the same as wasting my time? He's very young, even if he learned from a famous teacher and has been taught by an extremely skilled Grandmaster Chinese Medical doctor, he couldn't have learned many things within such a short time period, right? Don't stare at me like that, you know that I'm speaking the truth!"

Li Hongji stared at Sun Wenjing with an unsightly expression. He then immediately looked at Tang Xiu with an embarrassed smile. "Tang Xiu, I know that you're big-hearted, so you mustn't take her remark into account. This woman only knows how to judge a person by their appearance. Forget it. I'll take her back and give you another excellent doctor."

Tang Xiu himself was quite unsatisfied with Sun Wenjing. This woman ought to have some abilities as well, or else she definitely wouldn't dare to contradict the president. However, he only needed someone to do miscellaneous jobs, someone who would execute his command unconditionally. So he nodded and said, "Then replace her with someone else! This person is shortsighted, she wouldn't be able to be entrusted with a job with heavy responsibilities either. I'm here to give medical service, not to make trouble."

Sun Wenjing's face changed greatly. She angrily glared at Tang Xiu and scolded, "What did you say? You're the one who's shortsighted and can't take jobs with huge responsibilities! You're still young, but is actually so arrogant and domineering! Our president is very polite with you because... because our President is gentle and friendly."

Li Hongji looked at Sun Wenjing with a foolish expression. Never had he ever dreamed that Sun Wenjing, who was usually enthusiastic and well-versed in social interaction, could turn out to be possessed today. Every line she spoke made him a bit more angry. He himself treated Tang Xiu politely, but she couldn't even tell what was the problem therein.

"Sun Wenjing, if you don't want to be suspended, just shut up! Hmph... no matter what you do today, if you dare to offend Tang Xiu, it's equal of offending me! I remember clearly that I've told you that I've spent great effort to invite Tang Xiu, only then this Chinese Medical Grandmaster doctor agreed to come here. And I forgot to tell you one thing. Even my medical skills are far inferior to his."

"What? Impossible!"

Sun Wenjing was shocked. She looked at Li Hongji and Tang Xiu with disbelief. But even so, she sneered as she glanced at Tang Xiu with disdain, before she turned around and left the consultation room.

She was in an extremely bad mood today. Her good hearted mother-in-law was suddenly found to have a medium-stage hepatic cancer; the cancer cells had even spread. It was impossible to completely eliminate it. Her colleague who checked her mother-in-law told her that she perhaps only had six months to a year time left.

Therefore, she was really hating herself for having poor medical skills, helpless to deal with her mother-in-law's liver cancer. She also hated those doctors who weren't really well-learned and talented but actually wore a white coat attire. Tang Xiu's age, was likely only in his early 20s. And she didn't believe that Tang Xiu was a very skillful Chinese Medical doctor, let alone that he was much more skilled than the President. In her view, the reason why the President tried to flatter him was definitely for another reason.

She was only a doctor, but there was no need for her to curry favor from a young man who had no real talent and knowledge.

Looking at Sun Wenjing's back, Li Hongji could only smile wryly inwardly. After giving Tang Xiu an apologetic look, he strode out of the consultation room.

As he came outside, he quickly caught up with Sun Wenjing. He called out to her and scolded, "What's the matter with you today? As I usually favor you, I was hoping that you could help Tang Xiu and learn a number of powerful medical techniques from him. But you ruined such a good thing!"

Sun Wenjing didn't dare to contradict him, but still, she replied, "President, please don't joke with me. If that young man is really skillful, why would he need my help in the first place?"

Li Hongji was fuming with anger as he shouted, "SHUT UP! Do you think with my character I would have to spend great efforts to prepare a consultation room for him to give medical services in our hospital if he didn't have deep knowledge and skill? If his medical skill wasn't that good, would I even try to be polite to him and do my best to make arrangements for him? I used to think that you were clever and well-versed in social interactions, but what's going on with you today?"

"So, you're not joking with me? He..." Sun Wenjing was confused.

Li Hongji replied with a deep tone, "Do you remember a woman surnamed Mu who once came to our hospital to treat her daughter's strange disease?"

Sun Wenjing nodded, "I heard about her! Not even you managed treat that little girl's disease. That surnamed Mu woman took her daughter along, running all over the country, and no one could cure her daughter's strange illness. President, why did you suddenly mention this issue?"

Li Hongji sneered, "That's right. That woman surnamed Mu had visited hundreds of thousands of doctors from all the major hospitals, even the Chinese Medical and the Western Medical hospital. No one could cure her daughter's strange illness, but Tang Xiu did. She's healed now!"

"For real? You're not faking it?"

Sun Wenjing's first response was that Li Hongji was lying.

"Do you think I'm lying?" Li Hongji sneered.

Sun Wenjing quickly shook her head. She knew clearly well about the President's character. Her abrupt reaction was driven by the contempt she had toward Tang Xiu. She didn't think the President would joke about such issues.

Li Hongji continued with a cold expression, "Moreover, you also know about the six or seven doctor experts in orthopedic and cardiology that were carrying out a surgery in a wounded patient. The patient had a steel nail lodged near the heart. You also have heard about this matter, no?"

"I wasn't on duty that night, but I also heard about it. Don't tell me... that the person who rushed to our hospital that night and removed the nail from the patient... was him?" asked Sun Wenjing.

Li Hongji sneered, "Aside from him, who has such great abilities? You... ah... I really don't know what to say anymore! Such a great opportunity and you wasted it for nothing. Forget it. The matter has gotten to this point, there's no use even if I lecture you anyway. You go back!"

Having said that, Li Hongji crossed his hands behind his back and lamented. Heaving a sigh, he walked toward the side corridor.

Sun Wenjing was stunned and tongue-tied as she looked at the back of the leaving Li Hongji. Suddenly, regret sprouted up inside her heart.

In the case... if President Li didn't lie, that Tang Xiu was really a very powerful Chinese Medical Grandmaster. Didn't she just missed an opportunity in vain? But even so, he was very young. Even if he began studying Chinese Medical skills ever since he was in his mother's womb, that would mean that he spent only 20 years studying, wouldn't it? Even if his medical skill was powerful, could it be powerful to that extent?

Thinking up to here, Sun Wenjing stopped thinking and curled her lips. She didn't go back to her office directly, but came to the Inpatient Department, looking at her mother-in-law who was receiving an intravenous infusion. At present, her mother-in-law's cancer cells were spreading, worsening her condition. If she didn't have prompt medication, let alone being able to live for a year or a half year, her time would be limited to three to five months.