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 Chapter 230: Acting Like a Snob

"Don't worry, Boss! This Scarblade is your follower; even if I die, I'll become your ghost. Tell me what do, I'll give my best." Scarblade Qiang nodded.

Tang Xiu nodded contentedly. "I just found that nobody guards the storehouse in front of the door. Bear in mind that the recipe I gave you must be kept a secret. Also, the production process of the fermented wine must be done in a separate plant. The workers you hire must be responsible for only one process. Wait until you've rebuilt the winery. By that time, you'll going to be producing wine on a large scale. Then I'll order Kang Xia to hire a large number of security guards. Everything must be done in absolute secrecy."

"I got it, Boss. I won't let another soul aside from me know the winemaking process, as well as the recipe. I'll arrange some people to stand guard here and absolutely won't let anyone come in." Scarblade Qiang said.

Tang Xiu patted his shoulder and said, "Good. I have said everything I should tell you. As for the rest, do your best to manage it."

"I'll send you out!" Scarblade Qiang quickly said.

Tang Xiu didn't refuse him, allowing Scarblade Qiang to escort him out. Only, he suddenly realized that there was no transportation in this block. But he didn't let Scarblade Qiang give him a ride. After having walked for two kilometers, he happened to see a taxi.

"Little Brother, where are you going?" The taxi driver asked.

"Go to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital." Tang Xiu said.


The taxi driver replied and started his car. Tang Xiu quickly arrived at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital's entrance. After having paid the fare, he didn't go to the hospital directly, instead going to a bank nearby.

He promised to give Gu Yin some money, but he didn't have much cash on him, so Tang Xiu decided to make sure to stash some cash at home to prepare for a rainy day.

Inside the bank.

There were a lot of people inside, withdrawing and depositing money. After taking a number, Tang Xiu stood in a corner and waited quietly. It was a small bank, having only three counters.

After an hour, Tang Xiu frowned deeply. He realized that his number was big and there were still 23 people in front of him. However, the numbers were preceded by the A and V labels. There was only one counter for the A label, whereas for the V one, two counters were on service. Most of the time, there was nearly nobody handling the service for one of them.

"It's almost 4 PM and there are only five people in front. I don't know how long I should wait!"

Tang Xiu smiled wryly and shook his head. He felt that waiting here was a waste of time. He planned to come to the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital to see Li Hongji today, having a look at his office and treat a few cases. But who could have thought that he would be delayed in the bank for this long?

At this time, a young man with sunglasses came to the number machine. After taking the number, the number was immediately called, whereas the young man directly went to the V counter.

Tang Xiu frowned, puzzled. After hesitating for a moment, he quickly recognized someone with a manager badge in the lobby. Then, he went over and asked, "Hello. Might I ask something? That person has just arrived, why would he get the service directly? Whereas my turn hasn't come even though I've been waiting for an hour?"

The lobby manager was a middle-aged woman. Upon hearing his inquiry, she said, "Show me your number, please!"

Tang Xiu handed it over.

The lobby manager looked at it. She then gave the number back to Tang Xiu, saying, "Your number is an ordinary one and that person is a VIP client, so he can go directly to the VIP counter. If you want to be the same as him and not have to line up, you can upgrade your account and become our bank's VIP member."

"How can I become your bank's VIP member?" Tang Xiu was puzzled and asked.

"Your account should be no less than 100 thousand, with the deposit period being more than two months. May I ask about the recent transactions in your bank account in the last two months? Do you have more than 100 thousand yuan of deposit every day?" The lobby manager said.

Tang Xiu stared blankly for a moment. Then, he shook his head, saying, "No."

A bit of contempt was revealed in the lobby manager's eyes as she said indifferently, "If not, then please wait! The others are waiting, so you also have to do the same!"

Tang Xiu's face changed slightly, as he then spoke with a deep tone, "I think your bank also has more than one way to become a VIP client, yes?"

Impatience could be seen on the lobby manager's face. "Of course this is not the only way. But do you have 1 million in your account? Or a transaction of more than 1 million yuan? Well, if you do, you can also enjoy the VIP treatment."

Having said that, she didn't give any more chances for Tang Xiu to speak and strode to the other side.

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and strode over to catch up with her. Then, he said with a deep voice, "You just said that I can get a direct service if the transaction is more than 1 million."

The lobby manager sized Tang Xiu up before replying, "Then take another number and replace it to a V label. But I might as well tell you that if your transaction is less than 1 million, the VIP counter won't give you any services."

The young man who just came had already finished his service. As he was passing by Tang Xiu and the lobby manager, he heard their conversation. A bit of disdain was revealed on his face as he berated, "Buddy, don't act like you have money so brazenly. At your age, you are transacting more than 1 million? Bah, it's a lame joke..."

Having said that, he shook his head and walked toward outside with contempt on his face.

Being despised?

Inwardly, Tang Xiu secretly smiled.

Shortly after, he went to the number machine and took the V label. After his number was announced, Tang Xiu immediately went to the VIP counter. Then, he spoke to the staff in front of him, "Hi, I want to withdraw some money."

The staff took Tang Xiu's bank card and asked, "How much would you like to withdraw?"

"1 million, cash!" Tang Xiu said.

"I beg your pardon? How much?" The staff stared blankly for a moment, before immediately turning surprised.

"1 million!" Tang Xiu confirmed.

The staff turned his head to a middle-aged man, the top leader of the office, and spoke a few words. The latter then turned toward Tang Xiu and said, "I'm really sorry, Sir. The amount of money you want to withdraw is rather big; we haven't prepared that much in cash. Therefore, I'd have to trouble you to make an appointment in advance and wait until tomorrow."

"But your bank's lobby manager told me that this VIP counter only handles the transaction of more 1 million yuan for non-members of the bank. And now, I want to withdraw 1 million. But you tell me that I have to make an appointment first. Isn't this too ridiculous?"

The staff forced out a smile, "Sir, I hope you can forgive us. We only work here, while the rules and regulations of the bank are like this. So we have no choice on this either."

Tang Xiu knitted his brows and said, "Then you tell me, how much can you provide if I want to withdraw now?"

"If you're going to withdraw at least 500 thousand, you should make an appointment in advance." The staff hesitated before answering.

"Then I'll take 500 thousand." Tang Xiu said.

The staff spoke again with the middle-aged leader. Then, he got up and said, "Sir, I'd have to trouble you to enter the VIP private room next door. Since you want to withdraw a large amount of money, we'll handle the business inside as to avoid any accidents."

"So troublesome!"

Tang Xiu sighed. He now had the urge to establish a bank of his own. But although China gave permission to open private banks, there were many problems and numerous issues that were interlinked with the government. The relationship was inextricably linked, so he could only wish.

Carrying a black bag provided by the bank, Tang Xiu gave up on his plan to go to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital and directly rode back to South Gate Town. After returning back home, he called Li Hongji and told him that he would go to the hospital to give medical services tomorrow. Naturally, Li Hongji was overjoyed and repeatedly promised that he would be waiting for him in Chinese Medical Hospital early in the morning.

In the evening, after Gu Yin's course tutor had finished teaching her, she and Tang Xiu chatted for awhile before he gave her 20 thousand yuan as Gu Yin's donation.

Star City's Baishi Hotel.

Yang Xianyu was holding a book, reading it quietly next to the room's window, whereas a frail, crooked old lady was asleep on the bed near him.

"Ring, ring, ring ..."

His mobile phone's ringtone interrupted his reading. He looked at the time and saw that it was already 8 PM. He didn't know who would call him at this time. Taking up his mobile and seeing the name ID on the screen, his face suddenly changed, as he immediately pressed the answer key.

"Hello, President Li, Yang Xianyu here."

"Hello, Mr. Yang. I didn't disturb your rest by calling this late, did I?" Li Hongji's laughter came out of the phone.

Yang Xianyu quickly said, "No, I wasn't sleeping. Ah, President Li, the reason for you call, could it be that Tang Xiu is prepared to give medical service in your hospital?"

"Yes. He just called me and said that he'll come tomorrow morning. If you're still in Star City, please come! Yang old fogy, Jiang Feng has mentioned me about it everyday recently." Li Hongji said.

Yang Xianyu laughed, "Haha, I know. And President Li, thanks. Despite you being so busy, you still remember my wife's matter. I want to invite you to a drink after Tang Xiu treated her."

"No problem!"

The phone was hung up.

An excited expression could be seen on Yang Xianyu's face. These days were quite hard, bringing him suffering. He had visited a number of hospitals in Star City with his wife, but there was no hospital that could treat the strange disease his wife contracted. So now he placed all his hopes on Tang Xiu.

Immediately, he began to call his children, telling them to rush to Star City tonight no matter how busy they were. After that, he called Jiang Feng, thanking him unceasingly.

"Old Li, we've been friends for many years, so you don't need to be that polite. Take a rest earlier. I'll accompany you to Star City Hospital tomorrow." Jiang Feng spoke on the phone.

"Old Jiang, are you going too?" Yang Xianyu stared blankly for a moment and hesitated as he asked.

Jiang Feng was also surprised. He immediately laughed bitterly, saying, "You don't have to tell me, I won't forget about that. Besides, I also had some matters with him before. Well, forget it then. I won't go tomorrow."

After hesitating for a moment, Yang Xianyu said, "That's not necessary. You must come! The matter between you and Tang Xiu had been written off. I can tell that he's not a petty and narrow-minded person, so he won't mind."