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 Chapter 225: Heavy Blows

The end of the river was not connected to an endless ocean but ended at a clear, sparkling lake with a pavilion that gave off an elegant ancient charm. A barefooted girl splashed her foot on the lake water, drenching a near lotus.

Suddenly, looking closer, Zhu Xiang found himself in the picture, in the celestial world. He no longer looked at the picture, as if he was seeing this world with his naked eyes.

He was part of this place! He was summoned to this place!

Such sensation was he was experiencing at this very moment.

The onlookers at the first-floor hall of the Lotus Blossom House looked at Zhu Xiang in contempt. They had seen many shameless people, but never once had they seen someone as shameless as him.

Of the two paintings, which was the better one and the most lacking one?

Without needing a brain, even with their toes, they could see it clearly. Zhu Xiang's painting was good, but compared with Tang Xiu's, the difference was the contrast between day and night, there was no need to compare them.

"Hey... that surname Zhu surely has learned that there will always be someone better, huh? If I were you, I'd quickly take off my pants to cover my head, running from this place. So I can stop disgracing myself again." Mocks and jeers burst out from the crowd, immediately inciting laughter.

Another one, also with contempting look, disdained, "Surnamed Zhu, you've lost. So you must honor your promise and give the painting you promised! The result has been announced, you won't be such a bastard who will renege on a debt, will you?"

"Right! Good or bad, you're the second young master of Zhu Family in Tianjin City. Don't be a sore loser who takes defeat with bad grace. You don't want to discredit your family, right?"

Among the onlookers, Professor Hu's mouth severely twitched. Only at this moment did he recover from his shock. The expression in his eyes when he looked at Tang Xiu was completely different from before. He even began to rebuke himself for underestimating him. He was also a painter, but he had judged the book from its cover by looking down at Tang Xiu solely by his age.

"Today is the first time in my life that I committed such a mistake!" Professor Hu couldn't help but force a smile and heave a deep sigh.

Then, he began to feel sympathy for Le Baiyi. Because he clearly remembered what Le Baiyi said before.

The Wintertide Fluorites and the Star Fragment Stones!

However, he knew very well that the number of ores Le Baiyi had, was more than him, they were worth twice his selling price.

Le Baiyi was taken aback. It was as if a pair of invisible hands grabbed his neck. He flushed red and couldn't even speak for a long period of time.

He was as though a frog looking at the sky from the bottom of the well! So bitter and astringent, he wanted to vomit.

Curiosity was written all over Mu Wanying's face. Prior to this, Professor Hu had said that this young man's identity was mysterious, and now she believed that. Even before, she thought she could read through Tang Xiu, what a joke.

But, she was excited. Because Tang Xiu clearly said that he rarely painted, which meant that this painting would definitely be priceless in the future.

Zhu Xiang finally sobered up under everyone's ridicule. He looked around with a vacant expression as his face began to change, from red to white, white to green, green to purple, finally changing into a pale white as though a wax paper.

He had lost! As reluctant as he was, but the fact was shown in front of him, and he had no choice but to admit it.

Suddenly, Zhu Xiang looked at Tang Xiu with bloodshot eyes. With a stern tone, he shout, "Who are you really?"

Tang Xiu replied indifferently, "I'm just an ordinary person. A student who just attended the CET. You don't need to care about me. I'm neither famous in the painting industry nor do I want to be. Fame will only bring about trouble; there's no benefit gained from it."

Zhu Xiang choked upon hearing his words and couldn't utter anything for quite a long while. He had thoroughly lost in the hands of a student who had just finished the CET!

Only now did he realize that Tang Xiu's remark made sense. The higher one stood, the harder one would fall. He was too arrogant, too domineering; he thought that he was unequalled in the world. But at present, he had disgraced himself to such an extent that he ended up miserable!

Bai Yu looked at him and sneered, "If my memory doesn't fail me, prior to this you've said that you'd give Mr. Tang the authentic work of the famous painter, Li Sixun's "Sailboats and Pavilions" painting. Since you're a local, I suppose it won't take long to take it from your home and bring it here, yes?"

Zhu Xiang stared at her with eyes blazing. Then he looked at Tang Xiu with hatred, saying, "Willing to bet means that I dare to lose. I'll go bring the painting now!"

Having said that, under numerous contemptuous eyes, he ran out of the Lotus Blossom House with an ashamed face.

At this time, a middle-aged man in the crowd shouted loudly, "Say, today that surnamed Zhu has lost so miserably, do you think he still has the face to come back? I dare say he will only send someone to deliver the painting."


A burst of laughter immediately followed from the crowd.

Bai Yu's mood was very good now. She not only vented the foul mood inside her heart, Zhu Xiang was even kicked out; moreover she even saw such a peerless-unique painting. Once this painting was known in the outside world in the future, her Lotus Blossom House's reputation would also rise.

She could already see the magnificent scene that would happen in this Lotus Blossom House in the future.

"Mr. Tang, thank you for giving me the chance to see such a good painting. Your bill today is on me. Furthermore, from now on, I guarantee that all your expenses also will be free." Bai Yu said earnestly.

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. He then nodded slowly, "In that case, I'll write a few words for you! Please do appreciate it well!"

When ones give me a peach, I give him a plum. And since Bai Yu treated him well, Tang Xiu felt that he also should give something in exchange. He didn't want to give a painting, but rather wanted to write a few words of calligraphy in return.

Bai Yu was startled. In ecstasy, she repeatedly thanked, "Great, thanks. Thank you, Mr. Tang."

Tang Xiu waved his hand and, under the watchful eyes of the onlookers, he picked up the brush and wrote scroll, writing six words in a bold and cursive style.

Elegance Paintings of Lotus Blossom House.

The characters were written in a vigorous and powerful style, giving off the vibe and charm of the elegance of an emperor and the joy of life.

The elegance itself brought about the charm of the imperial aura. Decisive and hard, along with the nuance of chivalry and tenderness.

"What good characters!"

An old man who was not only an excellent painter but also a calligrapher, widened his eyes and shouted loudly.

The moment Bai Yu saw the calligraphy, she immediately loved it. Having drowned herself in paintings and calligraphies for so many years, she naturally could distinguish the quality of the works. Although she couldn't be said to be an expert, she could see that these six characters were truly written superbly.

"One mi... no. Five million! I'll buy this calligraphy for five million!"

The old man who spoke just now blinked at Bai Yu, full of expectation.

Bai Yu's heart jolted and hurriedly shook her head, saying, "Not selling. Let alone five million, even if it's 50 million, I won't sell it!"

Disappointment was written on the old man's face. He turned and looked at Tang Xiu. With a look of expectation, he said, "Little Brother, might I ask... can you also write me a few characters? I'll buy it from you."

"Are you sure?" Feeling odd, Tang Xiu asked.

The old man nodded seriously, "I'm sure."

Tang Xiu looked around and loudly said, "Who else wants me to write some characters? Five million each. And I'll only write four pieces."

"I'll buy one!" Mu Wanying took a step and said without hesitation.

Astonished, Tang Xiu glanced at her. He then nodded and said, "Anyone else?"

Professor Hu squinted his eyes and smiled, "Coming across such a good thing today, I'll also buy one."

At this moment, a middle-aged woman stood up and shouted, "I'll also buy one!"

Tang Xiu immediately said, "Alright! The four drawings have been sold out. After this, no matter who they are, I won't write anymore."

Having said that, he immediately wrote six characters on each scroll. Soon, he had finished writing on the four scrolls. Tang Xiu then looked at the four people and directly told them his bank account.

The money came by itself.

Tang Xiu nodded contently and suddenly had an impulse. What if he wrote and painted hundreds of calligraphies and paintings on his free time and sold them? If all of them were sold out, he would become a rich man in an instant.

But that was just a passing idea. Since he also understood the profound truth that when one thing was rare, it would become very precious. If he were to draw hundreds of calligraphies, perhaps his works would become too common.

Bai Yu looked at him as she said with a smile, "Mr. Tang, do you want to return to your box? I've sent someone to clean up the dishes and sent tea and dessert there. Please wait there until Zhu Xiang sends the "Sailboats and Pavilion" painting to you."

Tang Xiu turned around to look at Professor Hu, whereas the latter said with a smile, "Let's go back and have a chat."

Le Baiyi was somewhat quite depressed at the moment. Upon seeing Professor Hu nodding at him, he originally wanted to tell Tang Xiu that he would give him his Wintertide Fluorites and Star Fragment Stones. However, since they had to go back to their box, he decided to say it later.

Right at this moment, two women came walking through the Lotus Blossom House's front entrance. Dressed in the latest stylish fashion with famous brand bags, they still gave off a graceful charm despite being in their mid 30s. Suddenly, one of the women's smile elapsed, replaced by a surprised expression.

"Tang Xiu?"

It was someone that Huang Jie couldn't forget. After a short moment of hesitation, she exclaimed aloud.

Upon hearing that someone suddenly called him, Tang Xiu, who was about to walk upstairs with the others, was astonished. He turned around and saw Huang Ji. His mouth couldn't help twitching a few times. If not taking courtesy into account, he really wanted to leave this place immediately.

As astonished as she was, Huang Jie was also quite pleasantly surprised. She took her companion and strode quickly toward Tang Xiu, saying excitedly, "Tang Xiu, is it really you? Great! I originally intended to go to Star City to look for you!"

Forcing out a smile, Tang Xiu said, "Please never say that you're looking me, would you. What I'm most afraid of is being misunderstood by people due to that."

Exposing a lamenting expression, Huang Jie smiled, "You're the second man who made this Huang Jie keep thinking on him aside from my husband. Anyways, I personally don't think that this is a coincidence. The thing is, I think you really don't know what you want!"