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 Chapter 218: Closely Related

Zhang Xinya took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in her heart and said, "Deal. 100 yuan per minute, Now lend me your phone!"

"Take it!" Tang Xiu handed over his mobile.

Zhang Xinya took it. She got up and walked to the side and quickly dialed a number. After she whispered with the other side for a while, she then hung up the phone. Just as about to go back to her seat, she suddenly turned, recalling Tang Xiu's words about some secrets on his phone. Then, she immediately checked the phone's contents.

Two minutes later, just as she opened the call log, several familiar names reflected in her eyes.

Ouyang Lulu?

Chen Zhizhong?

Chu Yi?

Bai Tao?

She remembered Ouyang Lulu's cell number and had even memorized it perfectly. When she opened the name ID and saw the number, an incredible expression was cast on her face.

The number was... real?

Zhang Xinya turned and carefully looked at Tang Xiu over. Then, she returned back to the seat at Tang Xiu's opposite side. Swaying the mobile phone in her hands, she asked, "What's your name?"

"Shouldn't you introduce yourself in a polite manner when you're asking someone else's name?" Tang Xiu said indifferently.

Zhang Xinya paused. She forced out a smile and said, "You're really a freak, you know that? Alright, I'll introduce myself. I'm Zhang Xinya, a singer star. And you?"

"Tang Xiu, a student!"

"Looking at your young appearance, I know that you should be a student. But how do you know Ouyang Lulu? She's an islander of Jingmen Island. Are you from there also?" Zhang Xinya said.

"Nope, we're just friends." Tang Xiu answered.

As curious as she was, Zhang Xinya asked, "You are her friend? How haven't I heard of you from her before?"

"She might feel no need to say it since I'm not someone important to her. Well, questioning time is over, shouldn't you give me back my phone? Also, you just used it for four minutes, that should be 400 yuan, thank you." Tang Xiu said.

Zhang Xinya handed the phone back to Tang Xiu. After a moment of hesitation, she spoke in a low voice, "About that... can we talk about it? I'm Ouyang Lulu's friend. So are you. So let's just forget about the money, OK? Since we also introduced each other, it can be regarded as fate, right?"

"No, that is that, and this one is another matter! Just give me the money!" Tang Xiu shook his head and said.

"Why are you so hell-bent on money?" Zhang Xinya replied angrily.

Tang Xiu said, "You know that money is a good thing. You can buy food, drinks, clothes. In addition, for the parents, they can bring up their children. For a young man, it can be used to marry a wife in the future, raising children..."

"Stop, stop, stop!"

Being at a loss whether she had to laugh or cry, Zhang Xinya said, "Who doesn't know the usefulness of money? But we're both Ouyang Lulu's friends. I also know Bai Tao and Chu Yi. That's right, I'm an acquaintance with Chen Zhizhong also. With so many layers of closely related personal contacts between us, how about we exempt money in this? You too know that the friends of our friends are my friends too, right? Since we're friends, always talking about money will hurt the sentiments and feelings between us."

Despite being incensed, Tang Xiu smiled, "Do we even have sentiments between us?"

"Ugh..." Zhang Xinya was speechless.

"Don't try to befriend me. You owe me money and that's that. Pay it!" Tang Xiu said.

Zhang Xinya stared angrily at Tang Xiu. Forcing out a smile, she said, "I have no money on me. I lost my wallet and all my luggage. Or else I wouldn't be hiding here."

"So basically, you don't want to pay your debt?" Tang Xiu asked.

Zhang Xinya fumed with anger, "Do I look like a person who will renege on a debt?"

"Looking at your behavior, that would be very likely." Tang Xiu said with a deadpan expression.

Zhang Xinya was so angry that she breathed heavily for awhile. After thinking deeply for a moment, she reached out her hand and said, "Gimme your phone, I must call someone."

"You haven't paid for the previous one, why should I lend you my phone now? You also just peeked on my phone's information. And I haven't settled the score with you about that!"

Zhang Xinya flared up again, "Who the hell wants the information on your phone? Just gimme quickly. If you want your money, lend me the phone."

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment and then handed his phone over again.

Zhang Xinya took it. She picked Ouyang Lulu's number and directly called it. After a few seconds, Ouyang Lulu's voice came over. Since Zhang Xinya pressed the loudspeaker, Tang Xiu could also hear it.

"Honey, do you miss me? In fact, I also miss you! Our hearts at last are linked as one, yes?"

Zhang Xinya was stunned. Tang Xiu was also helpless and rolled his eyes.

"Cough, cough..." Zhang Xinya coughed dryly a few times and probed, "Lulu, it's Zhang Xinya."

"Ah? Xinya? Y-y-you, are you... How come you're using Tang Xiu's phone to call me? You... Whoops, so fucking damn! Don't take what I just said seriously! I... I was just joking!" From the phone, Ouyang Lulu's shocked and awkward voice came out.

"Relax! We're good sisters, so I won't laugh at you! Anyways, you really know this Tang Xiu? Judging from your words, you seem to be very close to him, no?" Zhang Xinya smiled softly and replied.

"You can say that. I know him inside out. I even know which direction his bedside is turned to... ..." Ouyang Lulu said before she abruptly stopped speaking. She realized that there are some subtle meanings that would easily be misunderstood from her words.

A strange expression was written on Zhang Xinya's face. She glanced at Tang Xiu a few times before she said with a smile, "Since your relationship is at the 'candidly sharing everything' stage, he will give you face, yes? Do me a favor, would you? I just borrowed his mobile and he wants to rip me off. Help me convince him I'll pay the debt when I meet him again later."

As ashamed and angry as she was, Ouyang Lulu shouted, "Xinya, don't' talk nonsense, will you? My relationship with him is but a pure chaste friendship. But heck, how do you know about this anyway? Alright, where are you now?"

Zhang Xinya said, "Star City Airport, I just came here by chance."

"And why would Tang Xiu also be at the airport?" Ouyang Lulu was surprised.

"Even if you ask me, how would I know? Just talk to him quickly, that I'll pay him later." Zhang Xinya said.

"Give the phone to him! I'll speak with him." Ouyang Lulu chuckled.

Zhang Xinya directly handed the phone to Tang Xiu and said, "She wants to speak with you!"

Tang Xiu took it and rolled eyes with a foul mood to Zhang Xinya before he spoke, "Lulu, do pay attention to what you speak later. Don't make others misunderstand. Also, I have heard what you just said, and since she's really your friend, I won't bother with it again! Alright, if there's nothing else, I'll hang up!"

"Wait, wait! Why are you at the Airport? Are you coming to Jingmen Island? If you are, I'll go to the Jingmen Island's Airport and wait for you." Ouyang Lulu quickly called out.

"No. I'm going to Tianjin City!" Tang Xiu said.

"What are you gonna do there? Is there anything good there?" Ouyang Lulu asked doubtfully.

"Yes, there are some good things I wanna buy there!" Tang Xiu answered.

"You want me to go with you?" Ouyang Lulu hesitated and asked.

"You're in Jingmen Island, while I'm in Star City. How come you want to go with me? Alright, take care of your business, and if you're done with it, we'll talk again later! Do remember to contact Kang Xia. She's the one who handles every issue related to the business aspect. She can make any decisions on my behalf." Tang Xiu replied snappily.

Ouyang Lulu cried out, "Can I not see her? That woman has no good intentions toward you."

"Huh?" Tang Xiu was quite puzzled, and asked, "Why would she have no good intention toward me?"

"This..." Ouyang Lulu hesitated. Then, she hummed and said, "Mhm, I think she has some, well, bad intentions in following you. She's a capable woman and her beauty isn't any worse than mine. But she's too false, a hypocrite."

Tang Xiu laughed involuntarily, "Hahaha, why do I feel like you're a concubine in a harem who's fighting for a favor?" Then, he continued, "Alright, I'll hang up the phone, I'm about to board my flight."

Zhang Xinya, who sat at the opposite side of Tang Xiu, could hear their conversation. She was keenly aware that her good sister had definitely fallen for Tang Xiu. It had been 7-8 years since she knew Ouyang Lulu, and it was her first time seeing Ouyang Lulu acting like a young spoiled girl when she talked with a man.

Upon seeing Tang Xiu hung up the phone, her curiosity toward Tang Xiu was piqued all of a sudden as she then asked enthusiastically, "Wow. I didn't expect that that proud sister of mine would even curl up her tail, she surely has a soft spot for you. Tang Xiu, what are you gonna do in Tianjin City? I also have to go there, but unfortunately, I lost my ID card and personal documents. Or else I could have gone there with you."

"I'd rather not, though. Your identity is way too piercing for the eyes. I'm a low profile person, and I have never liked to be stared at by people wherever I go!"

Zhang Xinya was utterly speechless. She really couldn't utter anything at all toward a rare marvel such as Tang Xiu.

"Alright, I've gotta board my flight, so I'll go first!" Tang Xiu stood up and said. After having said that, he took 200 yuan out of his wallet and put it on the table, "I've paid the bill for your coffee too. If we meet again in this life, do remember to pay your debt."


After seeing Tang Xiu's manner, Zhang Xinya was also quite grateful. She stood up and asked, "Can I ask you one last question?"

Tang Xiu said, "Ask!"

"I saw Chen Zhizhong's number in your mobile phone a moment ago. Are you very close to him?" Zhang Xinya said and asked.

"We're close!" Tang Xiu said.

Zhang Xinya hesitated and said, "Since you're very close to him, can you do me a favor? I have an urgent matter that I need to find him for. However, I'm unable to find him, since he seems to be very busy recently. Even if I make an appointment, I'll have to wait for many days."

"Didn't you say you know him? Just call him directly."

"I did call him, and he also picked up my call. But he said that he had no time at present." Zhang Xinya forced out a smile and said.

"Why do you want to see him?" Tang Xiu asked again.

"I know that he owns the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical which runs the Chinese herbal medicine business. I need a very valuable medicinal herb and am hoping to buy it from him. To be frank, my father contracted a strange disease, which exactly needs that kind of herb." Zhang Xinya said.

"What medicinal herb?" Tang Xiu asked.

"Lone Riverserpent." Zhang Xinya said.

Tang Xiu's face flickered, as he asked with astonishment, "This medicinal herb is the key ingredient to treat the Virtual Fire Deficiency disease. Did your father contracted this Virtual Fire Deficiency disease?"