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 Chapter 217: Accomplishing the Task

The lunch was over.

After parting ways with Long Zhengyu, Tang Xiu took Chen Wei to a nearby bank to change the 20 million check and gave 2 million to Chen Wei, who was hell-bent on refusing it.

After leaving the bank, the duo stood on the heavy traffic road as Tang Xiu asked while smiling, "Lunch is done, and we also got some money, so you can stay obediently in the hotel this afternoon, can't you? I'm afraid I have no time to stay with you since I have something to deal with."

"Where are you going?" Chen Wei asked.

"Do something important." Tang Xiu said.

Chen Wei hesitated before she finally nodded and said, "Well, go then! I'll just go back to the hotel myself. As for tonight... are you still gonna accompany me to dinner?"

"I can't. But if you can keep your word to stay in the hotel obediently, I will come over at noon tomorrow. Han Qingwu will come back to Star City tomorrow noon. So I'll say to her that I've done her errand and send you back to her." Tang Xiu said.

With a somewhat complex expression, Chen Wei replied, "You're anxious to send me to Han Qingwu, aren't you?"

"The two of you are good sisters, so naturally, I want you two to meet earlier." Tang Xiu said.

"If you don't stay with me, I'll stroll around myself." Chen Wei said.

Tang Xiu was surprised for a moment before he forced out a smile and shook his head.

The day passed quickly.

Chen Wei was as though a dog plaster as she didn't let Tang Xiu leave for whatever reason. Even at night, she didn't want Tang Xiu to go back to South Gate Town. She said she was afraid that something just like last night would occur again and wanted him to accompany her to the hotel. Tang Xiu was fuming with anger and almost knocked her out.

The noon of the next day.

Tang Xiu received a call from Han Qingwu when Chen Wei was wolfing down snacks and drinks as much as she wanted in the streets. After Han Qingwu arrived, Tang Xiu bluntly said, "Teacher Han, for this kind of annoying task, please don't bother to look for me again later. Well, since I've done my task, I'll go first."

Han Qingwu quickly pulled him. With an expression of being at a loss whether she had to cry or laugh, she said, "Tang Xiu, didn't you just accompanied Chen Wei for two days? How can you loath and be bitter like this? Did that girl harass you? I knew her personality. She does have indecent thoughts but she isn't evil and has no courage; she even had no boyfriend up until now."

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes, "Hmph, she's simply a big crook! Were it not for me making some ruckus back then, I'm afraid she would have had a go with a pretty lass in the hotel merrily."

Han Qingwu involuntarily laughed, "Hahaha, did that girl tell you she's bisexual? Ignore her rubbish talk! Her sexual orientation is normal."

Tang Xiu blankly stared for a moment. Looking at Chen Wei who was immersing herself in gorging out her snacks, he almost had the urge to tear her mouth. This woman's inner world was true as though a seabed of needles. He truly had been fooled by her thoroughly.

"I gotta go, bye!" said Tang Xiu as he strode away.

Han Qingwu looked at his back as she shook her head with a wry smile. Then, she sat down next to Chen Wei and said with a smile, "What did you do to make him look like as if he's been tortured?"

Chen Wei looked up, watching at the direction toward Tang Xiu's back who had just left. A touch reluctance flashed from her eyes as she concealed it by raising her hand in front of her forehead and caressing her long hair to the side. After that, she pretended to look calm when she spoke, "Hey, I'm not a vixen. How can I do things like that to him? I tell you, this student of yours is a marvel. He's simply a deity. Following him to drink and have meals even earned me some money. If it wasn't for him hitting and knocking me out, these days could be said as very great."

A strange expression was written all over Han Qingwu's face as she looked at Chen Wei. She suddenly felt a feeling as if the last two days for her were very splendid! However, her complexion flickered upon hearing that Tang Xiu hit her.

"Weiwei, did Tang Xiu hit and knock you out, for real?"

Chen Wei harrumphed and said, "Hmph, he did, and it was kinda heavy as well."

Han Qingwu asked, "Why?"

"He's just like the dog that bites Lu Dongbin, paying my good kindness with ill reward. It was very dangerous two nights ago. And out of my kindness and good intention..." Chen Wei said resentfully.

Along with her narration, Han Qingwu figured out the whole story. Despite being informed about it, she was also shocked by the story and was even unable to speak for quite a long while.

"You... you mean that Tang Xiu was the one who called the police to come to the pub, in order to make you go back to the hotel obediently and then found some people selling drugs there? And then he also tracked the following clues up to Caesar Grand Hotel? Which then the shootout happened and a lot of people died?"

"Yes. But it was more amazing in the reality version than the movies, though. So, that Tang kid didn't listen to my advice and was against it. Not only did he knock me out, he also went out and successfully became a hero. Fortunately, he was alright. Or else, it would have been me who had to take care of him, instead of the other way around."

A trace of envy appeared on Han Qingwu's face as she said, "You truly had splendid times. Had I known about it, I wouldn't have gone to Shanghai in the first place. Ah right. You just said that you also got some money when you were out with him, what do you mean by that?"

A bright smile suddenly surfaced on Chen Wei's face as she belched and said, "Nope, I can't tell you this one since I gave my word to him not to tell this to anyone. But I can tell you that your student is truly awesome. Even after living in the United States for so many years and also seeing a lot of gifted people, geniuses, clever individuals and devilish talents, there's no one who can compare to his fierceness. Just wait! In the future, he will absolutely exude a golden light all over his body, just like the dazzling deity in his war armor!"

"Pfft, hahaha..." Han Qingwu couldn't help laughing and then said with a smile, "Weiwei, the way you're speaking isn't describing a great man, but it's like you're describing a bridegroom! Tell me honestly, you took a liking to my student, didn't you?"

Chen Wei rubbed her belly and joked back, "I do have fallen for him. But if I marry him, then it means I have to follow him in calling you Teacher Han also!"

"Damn you..."


After laughing merrily for a while, Han Qingwu asked, "Weiwei, you haven't answered my question!"

Chen Wei stopped laughing and replied, "I can answer you about one topic. As for the other questions, you have to find that student of yours if you really wanna know."

"Which one?" Han Qingwu asked with doubt.

"It's about his awesomeness. So to speak, is the Long's Dining Hall a very high grade restaurant in Star City?" Chen Wei said.

Han Qingwu replied seriously, "It is. If it was said as the second, no others can be said as the first."

"Tang Xiu is a member of this Long's Dining Hall and even a VIP there. As for the rest, figure it out yourself!"

"Tang Xiu is a member of the Long's Dining Hall?"

Han Qingwu said with a look of disbelief, "Who are you joking to? Tang Xiu is only a student, and the situation of his family is not particularly good either. How could he get the Long's Dining Hall's membership? Weiwei, you must be joking with me."

Chen Wei raised two fingers, ascertaining it, "If I were to say a lie, may I won't marry anyone else but you in this entire life of mine."

"Hey! That's so damn indecent." Han Qingwu was amused and burst into laughter.

At Star City Airport.

After Tang Xiu bade farewell to Han Qingwu and Chen Wei, he took a cab and rushed here. Yesterday he had made an appointment with someone to go to Tianjin City to buy Wintertide Fluorite and Star Fragment Stone.

Since there were still nearly two hours before the flight took off, Tang Xiu casually looked for a café, drinking coffee while killing time. However, he inadvertently found a woman who was trying to be secretive. She was wearing a sun hat, big black sunglasses, black trench coat, and was quietly slipping into the café.

"Huh?" Tang Xiu's face suddenly flickered, he found that the woman looked very alike a famous female singer.

Zhang Xinya?

After entering the café, the woman looked around and glanced over toward the vacant seat next to Tang Xiu. Since the spot was located at the corner of the café, it was relatively remote and quiet.

"Miss, can I take your order?" A staffer asked politely.

A clear voice, as though a silver bell, came out of the woman's mouth, "One cup of Mocha, please. And thank you."

"Please wait a bit!" The staffer answered and then turned away.

Tang Xiu looked at her. She now took off her big sunglasses gently, which then made him immediately recognize her. She was indeed the popular singer in Asia who was moving toward the international stage, Zhang Xinya.

He wasn't a fan of hers. Although Zhang Xinya's facial features were indeed extremely beautiful, he only glanced at her twice before he lowered his head to take out his mobile phone. Recently, he just realized that it was very convenient to browse the Internet using a mobile phone. Not only was he able to read all kinds of news, but he can also search everything he wanted to know.

Ten minutes later.

When Tang Xiu was fiddling with his mobile, the silver bell's voice sounded again, "Sir, may I borrow your mobile phone? I need to make a phone call."

Tang Xiu looked up and saw that Zhang Xinya was carrying a cup of coffee as she approached and then sat down on the opposite sofa. After a moment of silence, Tang Xiu said indifferently, "If you want my cell number, I'm sorry; I can't give it to strangers. If you really want to answer a phone call, 100 yuan per minute."

"You..." Zhang said angrily, "I'm not interested in your cell number, I just want to borrow your mobile phone. You want to rip me off?"

"No, you're mistaken. My mobile is my personal belonging. There are many confidential things inside that need to be kept secret and are not for others to seen. If you want to borrow my mobile phone, you gotta pay for it. Do you think 100 yuan is too much?" Tang Xiu said.

"Your argument is preposterous. It's simply crooked. Your confidential things are useless to me. Besides, do you know who I am?" Zhang Xinya was incensed.

"Should I know you?" Tang Xiu asked back.

Astonished, Zhang Xinya said, "You really don't know me?"

Tang Xiu snapped humorlessly, "Are you going to use the phone or not? If not, then shut up."

Zhang Xinya couldn't utter any words. Ever since she was 18 and joined the entertainment industry, it had been six years since her name became famous. With her good singing voice and extremely beautiful looks, she had attracted a large number of fans; and she was confident that the children of several years old or the elderly in their 70s or 80s across the country, 99% of them would probably have seen her, either through the TV, Internet or even other media channels.

"Could it be that this chap just came out of the mountain region's ravine? But even if that's the case, as a man, he also ought to respond to such a very beautiful woman like me, no?"

Zhang Xinya also observed Tang Xiu just now. What made her astonished was that Tang Xiu's eyes were very clear, as though the eyes of a newborn child with no impurity in them; of which she had never seen from other men.