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 Chapter 216: Sorted Out

Chen Wei whispered resentfully. She stood up to give Long Zhengyu a handshake and said with a smile, "Hello handsome. I'm Chen Wei. You can call me Weiwei."

"Hi too, Weiwei!"

Long Zhengyu and Chen Wei shook hands. However, his expression slightly flickered upon feeling that Chen Wei was using her small finger to scratch his palm.

Tang Xiu was keenly aware of Long Zhengyu's expression, he couldn't help but be amused and stared at Chen Wei as he said, "I tell you, you can never tease him! He has women all over Star City, they can't fit inside this box. Also, you'd better restrain yourself. And don't' mess around chasing men everywhere. You gotta be careful not to catch an STD later." [1]

"Tang Xiu, how can you undermine me like this? No matter what you say, we are friends that have shared trials and tribulations together, haven't we?" Chen Wei resentfully retorted.

"Uh, have we shared any hardships at all? When was that?" Tang Xiu said and surprised.

"Last night in the pub?! Also in the hotel?!" Chen Wei spoke forcefully with conviction.

Rolling his eyes, Tang Xiu snapped, "You call that sharing trials and tribulations? Bah! You old woman, your preposterous argument is truly crooked. Hey, Zhengyu, why on earth are you stunned for? If you don't want to eat with us and already had your lunch, just go take care of your own business!"

Long Zhengyu actually had his lunch already, and didn't plan to stay for a meal either. However, Chen Wei's nature and her relationship with Tang Xiu sparked his curiosity. Immediately, he pulled a chair and said with a smile after he sat down, "Did the both of you book a room in the hotel last night? Damn, you truly have good fortune Miss Weiwei. But you're also very unlucky!"

"Huh?" Chen Wei was puzzled and asked, "What do you mean?"

Long Zhengyu chuckled, "I'm saying that you have good fortune since I've never heard that Tang Xiu would prostrate himself under a woman's skirt. As for bad luck, you have so many love rivals. Moreover, each and every one of them is very extraordinary and outstanding. Some of them can even make my heart palpitate unceasingly."

"Ehh? He also has a woman he likes?" Chen Wei was flabbergasted, and said, "What joke is this? Aside from acting cool and his venomous vile tongue, how can any woman fall for him?"

"Speaking about that, it's also a coincidence. There's a very beautiful woman two boxes away from this room who's wishing to devote her life to him." Long Zhengyu chuckled.

"Where?" Chen Wei quickly asked.

"To the left side." Long Zhengyu answered.

Chen Wei got off her chair and quickly ran outside.

Upon seeing this, Tang Xiu immediately shouted, "Hey, where are you going? Don't mess around and create trouble. Come back and eat your meal quickly!"

However, Chen Wei simply ignored him. After leaving, she then ran to the left corridor.

Tang Xiu turned his head as he glared at Long Zhengyu and said, "What rubbish did you injected in her eh? That woman is a rare marvel. She just came back from abroad and arrived in Star City last night. Originally, she was to stay with her friend, but since her friend had something important to take care of, she entrusted her to me, wanting me to look after her for two days."

"Ugh." Long Zhengyu spoke with a weird tone, "Which friend of yours is she? To think that she even can make you act so meticulous like this?"

Tang Xiu reluctantly replied, "Ah, forget it. I'll tell you the truth! She's my third year's teacher in charge."

"Ah, so that's how it is!"

Long Zhengyu said with a smile, "You have an indifferent nature, if not cold and detached that is. Wanting to be your friend truly is difficult as reaching the sky, so I was really curious about someone who has the ability to even make you regard them as a friend! That reminds me, however. I heard that your teacher-in-charge is a very beautiful woman, yes?"

"Damn, you don't have anything else except beautiful women in your mind, do you?" Tang Xiu said.

Intentionally showing a loving look, Long Zhengyu said with a tender and soft voice, "I still have you in my eyes!"

"Fuck you!" Tang Xiu shivered down his spine and snapped with fright.

Inside another box.

Kang Xia was having lunch, accompanying several top brasses from the city authority, whereas Jack was throwing some Chinese jokes charmingly, teasing the several city leaders to burst into laughter. The wine in their glasses also reduced in a fast rate.

"I'm sorry Miss, you can't go in." An attendant's voice was heard.

Even when she was speaking, Chen Wei had already squeezed into the box. When her eyes looked at the people on the wine table, her sight finally landed on Kang Xia's face, as she immediately stared blankly afterward.

Beautiful! She's really gorgeous!

She had seen numerous beauties, but not even one of them could be compared with this woman! Even her good sister-Han Qingwu was slightly worse.

However, why would this super beauty look somewhat familiar?

Chen Wei shook her head. She didn't believe that Kang Xia would know Tang Xiu. After all, Tang Xiu, in front of Kang Xia, was just like a toad wanting to have a go at a swan.

However, she also wanted to confirm whether Long Zhengyu's words were true or not. So she asked, "Hello beautiful woman, might I ask whether you know Tang Xiu?"

On the other hand, upon seeing that a stranger suddenly broke into the box all of a sudden, Kang Xia herself was quite displeased and was about to question Chen Mei. However, upon hearing the inquiry from her out of the blue, she immediately stood up and waved to the attendant and asked back, "I do know him, and you are?"

"Are you sure you know him?" Chen Wei was surprised and then continued, "This Tang Xiu I'm speaking about is very young, less than 20, and just attended the CET!"

"The person you said and the one I know of, should be the same person," Kang Xia said with an ascertaining tone.

Astonished, Chen Wei said, "That means what Long Zhengyu said is true? Do you like Tang Xiu and is one of his pursuers?"

Kang Xia looked at Chen Wei with a strange expression. A few seconds silence later, she probed, "Did Tang Xiu listen Long Zhengyu's words and admit it?"

"Hmph, knowing that Tang Xiu chap who's always reluctant to admit anything, how can he confirm it?" Chen Wei said.

Kang Xia was secretly relieved. A smile crept up on her face. She then turned around, looking at the few city leaders on the table, and then said with a smile, "Gentlemen, I have a small private matter I have to deal with, so I'll have to leave you to your drink fist. Jack, please entertain these leaders well. If they don't enjoy their drinks to the full, I won't forgive you!"

"Understood, Madam!" Jack laughed.

Kang Xia let out a faint smile and left the box along with Chen Wei. After they were at the corridor outside, she asked, "Is Tang Xiu also here?"

"Yup! He's the one who brought me here!" Chen Wei nodded.

"Alright. I haven't introduced myself. I'm Kang Xia, the General Manager of Magnificent Tang Corporation. By the way, might I trouble you to take me to him?" Kang Xia said with a smile.

"Huh?" Chen Wei curiously replied, "Why do I feel like I have heard your name somewhere?"

"Well, my name sounds familiar to a lot of people since it's very common, to begin with." Kang Xia said with a smile.

Chen Wei shook her head to suppress the doubt in her eyes before she replied, "Let's go! I'll take you to see him. Long Zhengyu said there's a lot of beautiful women who like Tang Xiu and there's one of them in the box here. I didn't believe him at first. But after coming here, what he said is true. You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

"Thanks for the compliment!" Kang Xia said with a faint smile.

After they arrived at the box where Tang Xiu was in, Kang Xia saw that Tang Xiu was chatting with Long Zhengyu as she greeted with a smile, "Boss, I'm disturbing your lunch, am I?"

"I just heard from Zhengyu that you're drinking with several city leaders in the next box. How is it? You drank a lot?" Tang Xiu said with a smile.

"I still have some work in the afternoon so I only drank a little. Besides, it's Jack who's accompanying them." Kang Xia said with a smile.

Nodding, Tang Xiu said, "Gimme a few years and I guarantee that you won't have to entertain people in drinking parties to secure business deals for our company. It will be others who will beg to do that for us. In addition, if someone dares to disrespect you, you don't need to care about their faces and you can directly slap them. Anyone who dares to backstab us, you tell me and I'll fix them up."

"Having a Boss like you is so rewarding," Kang Xia said with a smile.

"Ehh? Wait, wait!"

Chen Wei walked to Kang Xia. Both of her hands stretched between Kang Xia and Tang Xiu as a look of disbelief was written all over her face, "Chief Kang, what did you just call him? Boss? You said you're the General Manager of Magnificent Tang Corporation, then that means he's the Big Boss of the company?"

"Yes! He's the Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation!" Kang Xia nodded with a smile.

As shocked as she was, Chen Wei looked at the two. After a moment of hesitation, she asked, "Then... how much assets do the Magnificent Tang Corporation have?"

"It's a business secret, so it's inconvenient to tell you." Kang Xia shook her head and said.

"You tell me!" Chen Wei's sight shifted toward Tang Xiu and shouted.

Tang Xiu didn't directly answer her question. But he looked at Kang Xia and asked, "That matter should be almost over, right? How much shares we got from it?"

"Well, it could be said so. After the finishing touch has been handled, we'll obtain the result soon. About the amount, it should be around four billion yuan after dividing it between everyone." Kang Xia answered.

With a satisfied look, Tang Xiu said, "Spending 200 million and earning 4 billion. It's worth it."

Chen Wei was flabbergasted as he watched the two. Her jaw dropped opened so wide that even a big goose egg could be stuffed into her mouth.

"You- you- Who are you exactly?" Chen Wei pointed at Tang Xiu.

"You are you, who are you?" Chen Wei didn't waited for Tang Xiu as she cried out.

"Didn't he just say it? He's the Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation. I even dare say that with the well-renowned Kang Xia working for him, the total assets of the company will be rising from a hundredfold to a thousand-fold in the future. Maybe they'll even surpass Bill Gate." Long Zhengyu answered her with a sour tone.

Chen Wei's eyes blinked. Her body suddenly shook as she almost fell to the floor. As shocked as she was, she looked at Kang Xia and involuntarily shouted, "Oh my God! I remember now! You're Kang Xia, the business genius from the Wall Street who shook the entire world, aren't you?"

Kang Xia said with a smile, "I dare not accept that my name has shaken the world, though. But I indeed came from Wall Street."

Chen Wei staggered, before she sat down on her original seat. She covered her chest with her hands and was speechless for a long period of time.

It was a great shock! She was shocked down to the core way too much today!

The shock this time was not because of Kang Xia at all, but it was because of Tang Xiu! Even in her dream she had never expected that the fellow who accompanied her this time, who ridiculed her with his sarcasm, turned out to have such a terrifying identity.

Who was Kang Xia? She was the most brilliant genius in the business world. An outstanding talent that numerous super consortiums wanted to hire. However, she actually returned back to her homeland and unexpectedly became Tang Xiu's subordinate.

That's right! Long Zhengyu had just said before that Kang Xia was interested in Tang Xiu? Was it true as well?

Chen Wei's reaction was somewhat ridiculous for Tang Xiu. However, he didn't say anything more due to the presence of Kang Xia and Long Zhengyu. Instead, he spoke to Kang Xia, "Anyways, if you don't have to entertain them anymore and have nothing left to do, you should go back and rest earlier!"

"I still have to return since it's not over yet. I left Jack as the host there to accompany them! It's not convenient for me to leave them for too long, so I'll go back there first!"

"Alright then!" Tang Xiu nodded.